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    By NCAthlete,

    Hey all! I haven't posted here since December (gasp!) but I've been blogging. I like the changes that seem to have been made on the site!

    I thought that I could just post on my WordPress blog and be fine, but I miss comments and feedback from you all! I've been up to a lot and in case you don't follow Loopville on FB, here's gist of what's happened since December:

    • My first and second trainings for the Denali team were a success and I made the team! Woohoo!
    • I ran the North Face Endurance Challenge D.C. 50K with Abby! If you haven't read that blog, you HAVE to! I got some great pictures out of it too.
    • I've joined a new gym and have been going consistently now for a couple weeks. Gotta get strong!
    • The next Denali team training is Mt. Baker, in Washington by Mt. Rainier, the week of July 4th! We'd planned to climb Rainier but didn't get approved for a permit in time. Bummer.
    • I'm running the Colfax HalfMarathon on Sunday with My Team Triumph - Rocky Mtn Chapter
    • I've been reading a ton of running and adventure books lately!
      • Scott Jurek's book, North, was outstanding!
      • Denali's Howl - horrific but a good read
      • Into Thin Air - also horrific but well written
      • Denali's West Buttress - great tips on the route we plan to take
      • Currently reading Charlie Engle's book, Running Man - I couldn't put it down last night
      • I've ordered:
        • Dean Karnazes's new book, The Road to Sparta
        • The New Alpinism (plus training log)
        • A Woman's Place Is at the Top

    Do you have any running/adventure book suggestions?

    That's about it for now. I promise I start posting here again. Have a great weekend and good luck if you're racing!