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  1.      The Vermont 100 on 100 is my favorite race so you're probably wondering why it's taken 4+ weeks to post a RR.  Me too, but no excuses, right.  In case you're new around here, 100 on 100 is a 100 mile relay race on Route 100 in Vermont.  This was the 4th year a Loop team has entered.  This year was my 3rd time running this relay.  It's such a fun day of running and spending time with friends I don't see often enough.  Throw in the weekend trip to Vermont and it's a getaway, race and mini-Loopfest all rolled into one fun weekend.

         100 on 100 fell on the same weekend when I had 18 miles on the calendar so OCrunnergirl wisely "volunteered" me for an 18 mile leg.  Perfect!  I must have hit the tangents because Garmin says it added up to only 17.8 miles, but who's counting.  

         The weekend started shortly after lunch when I simply could not wait any longer to get the party started.  I left the office to start the drive to Killington, VT where KRG had found a nice roomy condo to rent.  I'm terrified by open spaces, which is how Vermont can be described, but soon enough Siri had guided me to the condo tucked into the side of Killington mountain.  Soon all members of the team arrived and we made our way to a restaurant for dinner and drinks.  

         The alarm went off way too early the next morning.  We had about an hour drive to Stowe, Vermont where we would check in and start the race.  Apple Pie expertly guided us to Stowe where we checked in and helped him get ready for the first leg.  After that we drove onto Rt. 100 to decorate the van and cheer on our team members.  Here is a pic of the van after some light rain washed away some of the paint.  I don't have the pic after KRG and Jschneid fixed the damage, but here is the partially fixed van.


         Jschneid was the next runner.  We made him cross the road and stop to get into a picture at Ben & Jerry's.  He didn't seem to mind and didn't even pause his watch.


         Vermont has a lot of mountains and streams.  The obligatory waterfall pic:


         For the rest of the day we alternated between running, eating, and cheering for the rest of the team.  About 15 hours later we crossed the finish line where a buffet dinner and beer were waiting.  Nice way to end the day.


         The medal was different this year.  I like it.  


         After eating and drinking we made our way back to the condo where Ben & Jerry's ice cream was waiting.  A few of us stayed up late talking and catching up, but soon exhaustion was too much and everyone made their way to bed.  We went out for a big breakfast the next morning and then left to make the drive back home to reality.  These kinds of weekends go by way too fast.  

         We're trying to put together 2 teams for next year.  Think about it, but be warned:  You will want to keep coming back.

         I'm in taper mode now.  Marathon #5 is 10/7.  Breaking 4:00 has been a barrier for me.  Training was solid for a sub-4 on the last two attempts.  One was slowed by the killer weather at Philly Loopphest 2 and last year was slowed by a back strain.  I feel under trained speed-wise this time but am still shooting for that 3:59.  Now the goal is out there so I'm accountable.