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Nothing yet.

Monday's test run was not bad. Quieter at the hip and the ITB. Even better, not much extra pain after. Second round of PT on Wednesday worked on a few strengthening exercises, then John did a few things. Told me to run. ITB was fine but the hip hurt moderately. Then later that night and most of the next day it was back to the same old pain.  Patience, I guess. Put together the IKEA bed with the storage drawers underneath. Those are still empty since we haven't decided what to put


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December 5

Saw PT on Friday. Right side of my hip is out of whack. He moved it around some and gave me some different things to so that should strengthen the area. Going back 2-3 times a week through the end of the year. Said I could try running on it, but I didn't get around to it yesterday. Plus, while the ITB felt better, the hip hurt more than it has in a while - no doubt from the work he did. In any case, I wasn't motivated to try without a day of not hurting first. So, I'll go out tomorrow for a


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Hello. Yeah, it's been awhile...not much - how 'bout you?

Now that song will be stuck in my head the rest of the day... I'm still alive.  I'm here.  I'm...well...I'm struggling.  Again.  Seems like always, lately.  A while back, my wife and I decided that we are getting divorced after 24 years of marriage.  Not really a surprise...we've been in separate bedrooms for pretty much 4 years now.  Our youngest is a junior in high school, and the other two are out of high school.  So, yeah...it's time.  I guess.  I've been working two jobs for over a yea

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No Nonsense November

November 2021 in review!   Total mileage for the month:  256.2 Nov. 1-7:  75.3 Nov. 8-14:  18.4 (I took 5 days off without an injury, believe it or not!) Nov. 15-21:  66.3 Nov. 22-28:  72.6 Nov. 29-Dec. 5: projected at 76 Meeting Des Linden Races: Nov. 7: Bass Pro Marathon in 2:54:26 for 2nd overal


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PPTC Turkey Trot 2021 - update - I found the 2011 pics!

This past Thursday was a very special holiday for me.  It was THE Turkey Trot, the race of the beginning and the ending, my forever benchmark, the only race that I have successfully streaked, and my first love. The Turkey Trot, a four miler held each Thanksgiving morning, was my very first race back in 2011.  I never thought I could be a runner before I crossed that finish line.  I had started running that July and running (without stopping!!!) for FIVE MILES(!!!) felt like the biggest achi

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...haven't run this Loop in a while...

Wonder what it will feel like.   I'm not where I was physically or mentally the last time I ran it. Bet it looks different.  I'm different.   This feels harder than it should.  This Loop was home once.  They say you can never go home... And yet.  The trees have matured, but I still recognize them.  The roots are there, holding it all together.  The view from the overlook still fills me up.  @Keep Running Girl- your bloop about FB and how it killed the Loop (among other t

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Thanksgiving can also be a non-running holiday.

Holidays are a little different this year. No kids. No family. No travel. Mrs. Dave worked. Me, home alone all day. Spent the morning getting out most of the Christmas decorations. In the afternoon and evening I did something I’ve never ever done on Thanksgiving Day before. Watched all three of the NFL games on TV. This tradition started in 1920. In 1934, Detroit became the host city of the annual event, joined by Dallas in 1966. In 2006, the league added a third (prime time) game, although


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Busy week. New shoes. Two years. ETA Goddammit!

So I haven’t been posting much this week. (I know, I know, I wasn’t posting for years before this) I had good reason though!  Erika has been dealing with a lot lately and I decided to make her an elf hat for Christmas to cheer her up.  So most of my free time was spent crocheting instead of blooping but the hat is coming out pretty well! I have another few hats in the works, too.  I’m thinking of making myself one in green and white with red trim.  I thought it looked Christmasy but E

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More ouch.

It's moving around some, so I think that's good. If one thing were broken, that would be the only thing that hurts, right? Last few days the pain at the iliac crest has settled down. I ran a couple of miles on Saturday. IT band hurt. Hip hurt. Groin hurt. Finished. After that run I decided to keep the appointment I have with the doc on Friday. Don't really know what he can tell me that I don't already know. Maybe it's wishful thinking. Despite all the stretches and exercises I've


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I put on real clothes and did things (pics)

I had my cousins wedding on Friday night. It was the first real event I’ve been to since before the pandemic started. Everyone had to show proof of vaccination or a negative test to attend and it felt almost normal.     The event was at an aquarium so maybe normal isn’t the right word.   It was also the first time Erika met my extended family and she seemed to take it in stride. Or at least she hasn’t run away screaming yet. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s a little uns

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Where are they now?

An incomplete and unordered list of people I still miss, think about, worry about, or am just nosy about who I didn’t have on FB or didn’t post often: Gonzo (who used to lurk and I hope sees this and gets inspired to post!) Roger (Jagger and I run) John Wayne ChocTop Bob! - I can’t remember his loop name The running monk Wasatch Runner   There’s more.  Everyday I feel like I think of someone and wonder about them.  I wish I could go back and read old

Site question

Is there a way to get to the topics section or whatever it was called, from the mobile site?  Like there was a place that worked a little like a forum here, wasn’t there?     If I go to the add button up at the top right, I can create a new topic but I don’t know how I can get there to see it after.  What am I missing?  

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Running Friends are the Best Friends

Even if you’ve never met. I had just gotten home from a long day at the office. Another day, another 86 cents.  Old hurts and old dramas were bubbling to the surface on the family group text.  Me, always being a woman of opinions, had thoughts on the subject.  The day was weighing on me. It was my partner’s late night and the house felt dark.  I poured a glass of wine and called my best friend.  He is going through some stuff and has been looking for a fight.  My tether was short, I ha

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Who do I blame now?

I owe an update. Minus any musings on missing mojo. Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up. The week after doing the Michigan Road Ragnar, I came up lame with what felt like something messed up with my right hip. Right on top of the iliac crest. Such an odd place. Never had this before. At the same time there was the issue with my right IT Band. Had that before a few times. Certainly they were related. And maybe they are. Anyway, I was stopped cold. After a coup


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A Few of My Favorite Things - Thanksgiving Edition

The past year while being horrendous was also one of my best years. I finally feel like I can be me and not be judged for not fitting into some mold.  I feel accepted. In no particular order here are a few of my favorite things: I love lifting and CrossFitting. I love that CrossFit embraces all ages in their advertising.  I love doing Murph with my son.   I love having fun on my bike with friends. I love that my body is s


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A girl walks into a gym…

There’s no punchline.  I just needed a title.  Bear with me, I haven’t been writing regularly in years and I am a bit out of practice. So I started going to the gym again.  It’s in the building next door and usually Erika and I are the only ones there.  They have everything I need except for an ab swing and ab twistie machine which I can make do without. The gym is a little easier for me mentally these days.  Running is hard.  And depressing.  I gained a ton of weight and it is slowing

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Tap, tap, tap... Is this thing on?

Hey guys!  Long time no see!  What's going on around here? This place seems quieter than I remember but I remember mostly my heyday here which, I think was a few years after everyone else's heyday, but it was still pretty damn good.  That was back when the world made more sense.  I wasn't on Facebook, yet, and Instagram was barely a twinkle in it's daddy's eye.  I cherished this place (well not this *exact* place but the old this place) because it seemed to avoid the all of the ills of the

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This, too, shall pass.

Have to believe that. The rest seems to be helping (ever so slowly) the ITB pain when I run. Went out for a walk night before last and tried a few jogging steps, just to see. After 3-4 I could feel it pull a little bit. Keeping an eye on it. Higher up - above the right hip and a little to the rear - things are getting worse. It's not exactly in the spot where I think it must be a kidney stone. Not exactly as painful as the kidney stone I had ten years ago (that's something you don't re

Mohawk Towpath Byway Duathlon

Feels like forever since I ran a race thanks to Covid so I jumped when I had the opportunity to team up for this race.  The race consists of a 2 mile running leg, 18 miles on the bike, and another 2 mile running leg.  One of my RBs (J) who cycles frequently was interested in teaming up for the race so I was glad to take the running legs.  The duathlon is a fund raiser for the group that maintains the Byway.  Three other RBs from my LRG were there to volunteer so there were familiar faces around.


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Ran twice this week. 4 miles on Tuesday and just over 3 yesterday. They both sucked. Yesterday was the worse of the two and it convinced me that I can't run anymore right now. I may drop in later with an update.


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No miles this week.

Which not to say that I ran zero miles. As it happened, I ran .39 miles. Went out for 6 last Tuesday. The Monday after Ragnar and the ITBand, I just felt like I needed another day. So that 6 was so-so, probably because it was warmer than it had been on the weekend. Maybe I was still recovering from Ragnar. After I showered my back started bothering me. Not the whole back, just the lower right quadrant. Almost where I'd feel a kidney stone, but that would be crazy. Actually, not so


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