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  1. TreeGirl

    I said I'd be back.

    Winter came early to northern Michigan and I'm already tired of running on snowy surfaces but I'll endure. This morning was 10 minute warm up, 10-20 minutes at medium effort, 10 minute cool down. The whole run was me struggling to find footing and not getting run over by big plow trucks clearing city streets. I wave at them regularly to show my appreciation and hopefully build some compassion to not flatten me. I need one of those Noxgear vests that I see in FB ads constantly. I better budget that for myself for my January birthday. I wear a headlamp w/flashing red lights and reflective vest but it's amazing how distracted people are at 6 am in a small town. This weekend I have a 45 minute run on the training plan tomorrow morning, a ski wax clinic (free!) and plan to x-c ski some on Saturday and Sunday if conditions are decent. I'm looking forward to the weekend, especially the sleeping in part! I also have to make raspberry jam for Christmas gifts and help Chris paint some Christmas crafts for gifts that he's been working on in the basement. It should be a fun weekend. I'll be 49 in January and I'm laying my plans to get ready for an incredible start to my 50th year in 2021. Much fun will be had and I have to be ready! Trail running, hiking, skiing, camping, adventures galore! A couple of you noted from my last update that Chris is my hubby and he is. No memo was missed - I promise! We didn't announce it. We went to the local courthouse and did a simple private ceremony and then told our families. We've both been married before - no need for a fuss. We just want to live happily together and we are. We married in April and this is us on our honeymoon in Arizona in September seeing Pueblo ruins.
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