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Found 6 results

  1. eliz83

    WILFTB: "Arie is a wanka"

    Thankfully, the 22nd season of The Bachelor has concluded. Unthankfully, ABC has me so invested in the new Bachelorette that I'll be watching that damn show come spring. UGH. Can't. Escape. Send more wine. Here's what I learned from the last 5 (FIVE!) hours of this show: Don't date a man who dates 25 other women. Here is what I told my boyfriend he learned: If you're not sure, don't propose. If you propose, then want to end it with me, don't let ABC film it. If you blindside me and break my heart, leave when I ask you to leave. Don't linger, don't wander around like a hurt puppy, don't keep staring at me in hopes that I'm going to tell you everything is okay, JUST FRIGGEN LEAVE. If you decide to go back to the woman you broke up with to propose to me, don't propose to her 6 weeks later. BTW, BF said I didn't have anything to worry about. I said, good, then you don't either, LOLZ. Your Twitter feed: Me, too, Astrid.
  2. For the running-minded: I've been building my base back up and pleased to find that a month of Daily Burn workouts kept my fitness pretty in check. I notice that MJ feels better when I do some of the mobility associated with those videos, so trying to plug one of them in each week to keep her happy and agile. Most of my runs have been boring, easy runs, just to get the miles in, but on Valentine's Day, I decided to gift myself with a nice fartlek down by the river. The workout was an easy fartlek, 10-12 surges at 9:15 pace for 1 min, with 1 min jogs in between. During my warm-up, I debated on how many surges I could reasonably expect to do. At first, I thought maybe 8 would be a good idea before I realized I was probably selling myself short and then committed myself to 10. That would give me a nice, 20 minute workout. Also, it was freaking beautiful in KC that day, and the BF and I were sharing a heart shaped pizza later that evening, so I may as well really feel like I earned that delicious cheese and pepperoni pie. One of the things I really felt like I lost over the years was the art of internal pacing, especially as I've tried to challenge myself to go faster, rather than farther. So, when I looked back at my splits from this workout, I was not surprised that they were a bit all over the place, but also happy that I kept pushing my surges and wasn't slowing down. Towards the end, my jogs became partial walk breaks, but I know as I gain fitness that need to walk will go away. Also, notice how my runner math didn't workout and I ended up doing 11 surges, rather than 10. And I thought I was only capable of 8 that day! With 1 mile warmup and 1 mile cool down, I got in just under 4 miles. What a lovely Valentine to myself. For the reality TV minded: Seriously guys, this may be the last time I recap dating lessons. Sometimes, I feel like these characters are as bland as Wonder Bread. The finale is two weeks away and I can't wait to have my Monday nights back. This is opposed to my Wednesday nights with SURVIVOR, where I'm deeply sad I don't have that to watch when the season ends. I suppose that is why one show has been nominated for Emmys and the other has not. Anyway, here is what I've learned the past few weeks: Tell my boyfriend I usually friend zone guys the first 6 months I know them Be a manic pixie girl Stop talking, all he wants to do is make out If you get a rose, that means he sees a future with you Speak to him in French Food and love go hand in hand Eating fresh truffles shaved over homemade past is the way to live Taxidermy is like a relationship because it lasts forever Best Tweets: Byyyyeeee
  3. eliz83

    WILFTB: Love the Splatter

    So sorry I'm behind on WILFTBs and sorry for those who only care about running-related stuff. I am running and that will become more exciting as the days get longer. Right now I'm just kinda getting the legs and Mary Jane re-acquainted with running so we can attack 13.1 training. I did have a nice impromptu fartlek sesh over the weekend while I was visiting a friend in Northern Arizona. The weather forecast and RW What to Wear "app" had me packing shorts and a tank but then a cold snap changed everything so I either was going to easy run in shorts and a t-shirt at 55* and windy (I need LS or capris for that weather) or speed it up a bit and be warmer. My path was a short little path around a park across the street from my friend's home. After about a mile warm-up, I just pushed the part that was mostly straight and jogged the rest for 5 rounds, which turned out to be an equi-distant run hard/jog for each turn. My pace splits looked like this: 1. 7:27 2. 8:09 3. 8:21 4. 8:15 5. 8:15 I'm actually surprised I was pretty close, other than the first one, because I totes did it by feel and totes felt like I was slowing down with each round. Got in a total of 3.1 miles for a quick, yet satisfying workout. Then I went to feed wild burros in a neighboring town. WILFTB Things are heating up and the insecurities are coming out as the numbers get smaller and the women develop feelings for The Bachelor because literally he's the only person or thing they are allowed to talk or think about. Also, did you know that being in the middle of the Everglades is pure nature? Because being in the middle of nature could apparently be something else .... Anyway, as a followup to the last post (which BTW, thanks to you all, I "won" January 11; that date is my brother's birthday, my work anniversary and now my "winning" day. woot), the cat innuendos are apparently weird if the guy is allergic to cats, going to bed early and wearing cardigans is NBD, and the ameteur wrestling thing could be a real way to get a guy. Here's what I learned the last two weeks: When there are only 14 other girlfriends, it's hard to believe because that number is SO small Spy on his date with binoculars Parasailing is a good date because it's about letting go and seeing where the wind takes you Drink your pee for him Travel with a taxidermy duckling Always play a damsel in distress, even when he says he wants an independent woman Find bowling sexy Smell like a bowling ball Drink your coffee with coconut milk (that will impress him) A crazy alligator is a reminder that love is scary but can also be an adventure If you get mad at your boyfriend one time you evidently aren't a good match for him Tweets of the last two weeks:
  4. After November's turkey trot, it got sorta cold, and I wanted to shake up my workout routine, so I told running we should take a break and devoted myself to fully following Daily Burn's Tactical Bodyweight Training program. It's an every day program, but structured so it's 2 days of hard workouts followed by 2 days of recovery so the daily thing isn't that bad. I actually really enjoyed just waking up and walking down to my basement to workout. It makes me want to get a treadmill, kettlebells and a TRX set up and forego the gym for all of eternity. In any case, with the new year, it's been time to start running again, just to get a base going before we work into half marathon training. So, I've gotten in a few runs when it's been nice outside, otherwise, I whip out my good ol' community center pass and hop on the treadmill. Easy runs have been ticking off at the 12:00 range, and I'm hoping by the time spring hits, I can work that down a little. Since the half will be at around 4,000 feet, I won't have a time goal, just an enjoy and have fun goal. Then, I think, I'll go back into 5K training. I really enjoyed it and I know now to just go with what you enjoy. Speaking of things I enjoy .... I must admit, I didn't really enjoy this week's episode of The Bachelor. I fear the lead is too self aware and too introverted to carry this, so it's up to the women to entertain us and I guess they just aren't quite comfortable enough in front of the cameras. Nevertheless, there are a few lessons I've been trying to test in my relationship (I'll let you know how it goes ...). become an amateur wrestler make lots of cat innuendos got to bed early and wear cardigans the stats for surviving a car crash in a convertible are staggeringly low on the 3rd date, you'd better let him in (your heart) or he's gone. Actually, you're gone. amazing has been replaced by smitten Fashion takeaway: spaghetti straps are back in (really???) Only two Tweets of the week:
  5. It's week two, the ladies are gushing and already are showing cracks in their ability to watch the object of their affection date other women, and all I feel I really learned is that every star in the night sky is like a twinkling tax reduction, but I figured that would make a boring blog, so here's a few more "lessons" for you: Try to talk to him while you are riding on the back of his motorcycle. It will surely be deep and meaningful, because he can totally hear you, right? LET HIM SPOIL ME!!!!!!! Talk with his other girlfriends about how pillowy his lips are. Let him take me to meet his parents on the first date .... or is this the second date? Second date, sorry. Wear a race suit. It's sexy. Sweatpants are the best. <---okay, actually very true When he shoulder dances, it's a good thing. Fashion takeway: Always have a fur on yourself. Tweets of the week:
  6. Folks, it's that time of year and that means Janu-Arie has begun and there are 29 ladies and 1 bachelor that ABC is desperately trying to convince you is both very eligible and dating on national television for the right reasons. So, basically he's there because his racing career never took off like his dad's did and being a realtor in Arizona isn't getting as many ladies sliding into his DM's these days. There's a big difference in this year's What I Learned from The Bachelor series, because I'm no longer a single lady trying to navigate the world of dating! I've been happily swept off my feet (and he his), but eight months into this relationship, I'm sure there's still lots to learn, so this year I'm taking tips on how to keep my man happy. Let's dive in, shall we? 1. Be totally cool with him dating 28 other women. 2. Shower him with gifts, like elephant cuff links, a little wiener, a bumper sticker that says "nice butt", a gratitude rock and Mardis Gras beads. 3. Hair down, boobs out. 4. Show up on our first date in a classic convertible or a formula 1 race car. (SHIT! too late for this one) 5. Just assume everything with him is gonna be good. 6. Declare a peck on the lips THE BEST KISS EVER!!!!!!! 7. Feed him. 8. Give him a pedicure. It will make him think you are wild. Fashion takeaway: Cutout dresses will get me roses Tweets of the week
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