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About Me

  1. Like many runners, fall is my favorite time of year to log miles. Temperatures are friendly, there’s no longer daily thunderstorms and tornado warnings in Atlanta, and with the holidays coming up there are plenty of calories around to fuel runs. Additionally, goal races have passed and there’s no stress to nail workouts or pressure to make it 16 miles instead of 14.5. It’s just fun to crunch leaves and not drown in sweat and have a social life again. Like a Friendsgiving celebration, for instance. Which was two Saturdays ago. The night before the Atlanta Lab Rescue 5k in fact, where I had an a
  2. eliz83

    Thelma & Louise 13.1 RR

    ... and I bet you local folks thought I was doing the Hospital Hill Half Marathon ... So that 13.1 that I was training for? It was the Thelma & Louise Half Marathon, a classic, run-with-your-best-girl, ladies only race set in the rugged cliffs of Moab, Utah. This race was an excuse for a girls trip with one of my closest friends. She's must faster than I am (former 400 m hurdler, that one), but she is the type that abides by the "run with", as opposed to "run at the same time" rule. In this race, it was especially fun to have a person that you run right beside every step. As Mo
  3. eliz83

    Three weeks out

    On the last check-in, I had just finished a streak of post-surgery mileage PRs, which meant I had a cutback week coming up. And the timing was perfect for that, because I was freaking tired. Basically all my runs during cutback week were for time and not mileage, because, again, TIRED. I finally perked up when I met the BF for lunch at his favorite Korean place and I got beef. Ahhhhh. Red meat. Iron. <---- probs why I was so tired. That Saturday was the annual Corporate Challenge 5K. Some of you are familiar with corporate challenges, no? It's a spring/summer event put on by som
  4. Gonzo Runner

    The Crescendo

    For most of my childhood, my parents drove old cars. My mother had a 1985 Mercury Grand Marquis Colony Park station wagon, in fecal brown with some sort of plastic stick-on faux wood paneling veneer. This car was an absolute horrific creation whose very existence should have gotten at least 50 people at the Ford Motor Company fired and potentially jailed, from whomever named the damn thing to its entire engineering team. Assuming any engineers actually worked on it, that is. I remember before it hit 85,000 miles it had gone through three engines, two transmissions, and two exhaust systems. And
  5. amarie2009

    Austin Marathon RR

    I finally finished marathon #7! It took 3 tries. It was a long time coming and it was hard. It took 3 days before I felt mostly normal again. By Wednesday I could stand up and sit down without whimpering or using my arms. Stairs were no longer to be feared, but walking down was still uncomfortable. The massage at the chiropractor hurt so good, and I felt a lot better after. I didn’t run at all until yesterday, and my legs still felt all those marathon miles when I did. Tomorrow I’ll go back to running before work. Travel down to Austin went well, all the St. Louis Team in Training people
  6. MaineJoe

    RR Millinocket

    Last week was the third annual Millinocket Marathon and Half and it was festive as ever. The race has gone from 50 runners, to 550, to more than 1,000 this year. The event was created to benefit a community hit hard by a mill closing. It is a free race. The timers donate their time. The community comes out in droves to support the race. The library and the economic development group have taken in thousands of dollars in donations over the last three years. Hotels are full. A would-be quiet December day in Northern Maine is filled with activity and runners contributing to the local businesses.
  7. Marine Corps Marathon 2017 But there are times in our lives when we need to tilt at windmills, times when the scale of the quest frightens us, focuses us, and motivates us to stretch higher than before. The fact that we’ll more than likely fail is largely the point. (Jonathan Beverly, Runners World) This was my 3rd time running the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) and my 8th marathon. Getting a BQ back in January put me in an interesting place for this marathon. I wasn’t worried about my finishing time and that meant I could just race
  8. The last 24 hours have given me a few of minutes to revisit The Loop. It has been fun to read the stories to see what people have been up to. The lurking made me a bit guilty for not submitting anything so here are some thoughts on things since I last posted. Baconator- Being in Maine, I'm glad we'll still be able to share our weather-related challenges, a measurement of the most dedicated or foolish among us. Running in Maine, it is close to my heart. The weather has been kind thus far, but I've begun my daily peek at the forecast for the Dec. 9 Millinocket Marathon and Half. I'm signed
  9. “Bro, this $h!t hurts.” The quote above, from a random runner next to me as we ran passed the Philadelphia Zoo on Saturday kind of summed it up. I’ve run the Philadelphia Marathon or Half Marathon(which used to just be the first half of the marathon), 3 or 4 times. They’ve recently changed the courses but they still follow the same basic pattern. Start by the Art Museum, through Center City, down along the Delaware River, back thorough Center City, across the Schuylkill River to University City, little bit of Fairmount Park, along the Schuylkill, then finish back by the Art Museum.
  10. Signing up for a race where I could run both the 5K & 10K, AND get pie at the finish was a no-brainer for me. I’ve never run two races in the same day before. I’ve only ever run races two days in a row like, the VA Beach Shamrock Whale challenge – 8K & 26.2. By the way, the VA Beach Shamrock races may just be my favorite races EVER. It’s always so well organized, you’re almost guaranteed a PR, the swag is amazing, I always end up running with good friends, and there’s beer at the finish. All really good stuff! I hope to run there many more times in the future. It’ll always hold a speci
  11. I was waiting on my professional photos from this race to post this, but 2 weeks later I've decided I might be waiting until my next race so here it is! This race was November 5, and I am now 2 weeks out from my big goal race marathon at CIM. The Short: Based on the crap weather (72*, dew point of 70*, 15-25 mph south wind), my goal for this race shifted from aiming for a solid time to running it at goal marathon pace (6:17). I also cut out the small taper for it, running 70 miles for the week instead of the planned 61, because there wasn't any reason to sacrifice marathon training
  12. (It wouldn't let me edit, so I'm just re-posting this to add photos.) Sometimes I sign up for a race, and then make a vacation out of it. Examples are Boston, New York, Loopfests. Other times I schedule a vacation, and then look for a race to add to it. The point here is to have fun, explore new places and add a little running spice to an already good trip. If it fits into the training plan to race it hard, well, that's a bonus. So this was the latter. Sure, I had hoped to race hard, and made some goals, yadda, yadda. But once I got there, the running gods gave me plent
  13. Cliff

    Mt. Washington

    I have a fascination with Mt. Washington. I've done the Mt. Washington century 5 or 6 times, and the hill run twice. Rode my bike up it once. Here is something I posted elsewhere June 24, 2016. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last Saturday I ran up the Mt Washington auto road. In July I will do a cycling century riding around it, then in August I will ride my bike up the auto road. Here are a few details of the run. ---------------------------------------------------- So, admittedly I was
  14. Sometimes I sign up for a race, and then make a vacation out of it. Examples are Boston, New York, Loopfests. Other times I schedule a vacation, and then look for a race to add to it. The point here is to have fun, explore new places and add a little running spice to an already good trip. If it fits into the training plan to race it hard, well, that's a bonus. So this was the latter. Sure, I had hoped to race hard, and made some goals, yadda, yadda. But once I got there, the running gods gave me plenty of reasons to shift gears and drop the pretense and just enjoy the race for what i
  15. The first day after I ran 115 miles at Hinson Lake, I slothed like I had never before. My body ached from head to toe and though the brain fog seemed less intense than the prior year, it was still there. I lazed around the house, soaked my feet in an Epsom salt bath, snacked, and rested. I didn't actually feel any hungrier than normal - it is strange how sometimes I feel ravenous after a race and other times, it seems to have no effect. Needless to say, running was out of the question for a few days. I was determined to be a little smarter about recovery this time around. The itch
  16. “Keep your sunglasses on, I want to take a selfie.” The Wife looked at me with a skeptically raised eyebrow. “A selfie? Since when do you take selfies?” “Well-” I said “-this is a big trip, and I know you like to take the occasional selfie, so I thought you might want one.” “Why the sunglasses? This isn’t for some stupid Blues Brothers joke you’re going to make that no one is going to get is it?” “...” “Yeah, I thought so, no selfie.” I spent the rest of our ride on the Plane Train (1. this is its official name, and 2. it’
  17. I’m not really sure how to explain New York. Let me go back. 2015 I had to defer. It hurt. A lot. I devoted to day to being there for someone I was sort of in a complicated situation with. His race blew up and I supported him through a five and a half hour finish. It hurt not racing. There were a lot of emotions with him too. I was honestly afraid the race would always be associated with this going forward. 2016 I ran the first 16 before a planned drop. I tried to wave at my friend from the 59th St Bridge to cheer him up. I was grateful that fivestarks had chose
  18. Slow_Running

    Syracuse Half

    "The Syracuse Half Marathon? OK." That was the response to some running friends in my LRG when one suggested that we put together a group to run this race. It fell 3 weeks before Rehoboth so it fit perfectly. I've always felt that nothing prepares me for racing a half better than racing a half, so the timing was right. I'd like to race Rehoboth, as long as the weather and surface cooperates - part of the race is on trails so that's a factor. This was my first trip to Syracuse, NY. It's a 2.5 hour drive from my house, not exactly what you want before a race. I didn't think sit
  19. SandiBeach

    10K goal race

    It's about time that I updated everyone on how my goal 10K race went on 11/4/17. Since returning from the mini vacation running trip, life has thrown a few curve-balls at me, but nothing bad. THANK YOU to everyone who provided comments on pacing strategy, I appreciated reading them all!!!! It was the 10K with the Wine and Dine Half in Disney World. Nothing like a nice trip to Florida just when temperatures start to drop up here in the mid-Atlantic! The weather was beautiful for hanging out with my family (who mostly live just next door to Disney), but slightly humid for racing. It was
  20. Trail running really started one summer when I just couldn't stand running on hot pavement through hot air while the hot sun beat down on me. Even though my closest trail system was on top of a mountain with no cell service I felt I had little choice and OH SO CAREFULLY trained myself to run on trails. I was terrified of rolling an ankle and breaking something as the sun set, my DH (non-runner) would never find me in time and the healthy population of black bears would have me as a substantial meal. I split my time between the trails and roads depending on time of day, mileage and we
  21. Riggers

    I'm Seeing Gold

    My daughter left for the TX State Championship XC Meet on Thursday. I made the 7 hour drive on Friday after watching my 8 year old in her 3rd grade play. This year I was really prepared for the trip before it crept up on me. I ordered books for the kids and I found these Saucony XC cleats on sale on Amazon for $21.99 before the race. All of which arrived on Wednesday! I'm really glad my daughter liked the Saucony cleats. When they came in I wasn't even sure if there were going to be shoes in that box it was so light. The races start with 6A @ 8 am on Saturday morning and it's every bit as exci
  22. TL;DR: Wineglass Marathon was amazing! I ran my most consistent race and got a PR by nearly 6 minutes. Parents and Loopsters made it extra-special. 10/10, would run again. The parents and I arrived in Corning, NY, late Friday afternoon. We checked into our hotel and met up with Liz and Peg for a drink and bite to eat nearby. It’s always great to catch up with Loopsters, and it was fun for my parents to meet some of the people that I talk about so much. It had been a long day of driving from Massachusetts, so we called it a night pretty early. Saturday morning started out with a short
  23. I think the last race report I did on the old loop was either Chicago 2014 or maybe even Boston 2013... Anyway, that's about the time I kinda started losing the old running mojo. It was a slow decent into lethargy. I ran 6 races in 2014, including two 1/2's, and the Chicago Marathon in a steady 3:31 which was actually my 'easiest' marathon ever. I felt great the whole way through, and ran basically 7:50-8:10 splits for every mile. I was in excellent shape, but not running for any particular goal any more. Maybe it was not tough enough? I don't have any races logged for 20
  24. First I have to say THANKS for keeping the Loop alive. I had not been on much since April when I had a really miserable race at Toledo and finally admitted I needed to take some time off to let an injury heal. Since then life has been a roller coaster ride of emotion. My son enlisted in the Army about two weeks after he turned 18, just signed himself out of school (with a fake parent note) and enlisted. I thought I had talked him out of but I should have known - he is the most stubborn kid. He then graduated high school and left for basic training. Now I am a very emotional mama so betwee
  25. Riggers


    There are no hills where I live. None. I am going to have to break out the treadmill and practice on incline because hills apparently take some experience. I ran the Howl-O-Ween Dog Run/Walk in Lubbock. There aren't a whole lot of hills in Lubbock either; however, they manage to find them for the few runs they have there each year. It was also freezing. Any recommendations on how to keep my toes from turning into ice and breaking off inside my socks? I really thought racing would help me to beat my practice time but no... First four miles of 10k the other day were 38:08.7. I was ove
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