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  1. Hello! I can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks. As you know, I’ve tried to stay optimistic and most of the time I have been. There have been long days and frustrations here and there, but for the most part I’ve done my best to find little goals and keep my head up. Two shoes! The little goals and milestones are nice, but today I hit a BIG ONE. I said bye bye bye to the boot…permanently. I didn’t really throw the boot away, because #1 that would be a waste of I don’t even know how much money I paid for that thing. Secondly, I might have bad days or setbacks and need it again. It’s going out to the car. Happy to see this view again. Speaking of the car….I drove today!!! I really missed driving. I’ve been like a 14 year old for the last 8 weeks. I needed rides everywhere. Thank you to everyone that shuttled me around. Of course this was the first place I went. It was a free coffee too! I tested out my driving ability before work by going out for a cup of coffee. Some of my running buddies were awesome enough to go for a run early enough to meet with me for coffee! I really do have some great people in my life. Speaking of great people in my life, I’m especially happy that my poor wife can quit having to change her life and schedule around to get me where I need (or want) to be. I took some ridicule from co-workers for this chair. I bought a kneeling chair! These things are supposed to help with posture and help keep your back right and your core engaged. I brought it in to use at work and so far I love it. My co-workers did not, but that’s ok. I’ll be laughing when they’re all hunched over (not really, maybe). I had an unexpected PT appointment today (my 2nd one for the week). Somebody canceled and I got squeezed in. I really can’t do much right now. We do some easy bike riding, some balancing and some sliding around on a towel with one foot. I also get a calf/Achilles rub down. Even that part hurts. I’m happy to get to work though. Every day of PT is another day closer to getting on a treadmill. To top everything off, today is my “Friday” Thursday (I have every other Friday off). Life is pretty good right about now.
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