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  1. Speet63

    It's a tight fit.

    TWSS. I got home from work yesterday just as my two youngest children were arriving home from school. I had time to squeeze in a short run before fixing them something to eat before their soccer obligations. My son had a game and my youngest daughter had practice. I told my kids that I was going for a short run and that "dinner would be served when I returned." My run felt sort of labored and I seemed to be breathing harder than normal. I ASSume that it's because I was running with more effort than normal. You know the whole "assume" saying. Since running is based on effort (you can only run as fast as you can run) and I don't wear a watch I'll just go with the harder effort theory. I had time after my run to fix some food and have a small bite to eat. My oldest daughter drove her sister to practice and I drove my son to his game. I got to the soccer complex and realized that I'd left my chair in the other car (fwp). That was the longest hour and a half I've experienced in a while outside of a Friday afternoon at work. My knees were very tired, stiff and sore at the end of the game. I know people who love to be constantly doing stuff and going from place to place all day, every day but I don't like that at all. I'm a big fan of #relaxation. I survived and managed to have energy enough to drink a #beer before going to bed. P.S.: Pumpkin pie P.P.S.: Today's asshats were the parents at the soccer game that yell all game at the kids, the plays, the refs, the coaches. It's AYSO folks, relax.
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