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About Me

  1. eliz83

    September Recap

    Total mileage: 76.0Not as high as I had hoped it would be. Had a few days where I just wasn't feeling great, and I'm a firm believer in quality over quantity, so some days became easy days or running for time days, which always means I lose some mileage. The silver lining is I hit a beautifully round number without even trying!I'm putting a hold on marathon training. Still planning on doing a half marathon that I signed up for in mid-October, but there's enough flux in life right now that being able to have the mental capacity to do the 16-20 mile runs just isn't there. I'm okay with it. If I'
  2. eliz83

    The psmPR Streak

    When last I checked in, I was entering month 2 of 13.1 training. I set some big goals for myself for this month, and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised at how well I'm doing. Before I got MJ fixed, this is about the time of training where the wheels would fall off and everything would go to shit. Loopsters, everything is far from shit. Week 5 was a week where I didn't get my 4th run in, but got in an hour endurance spin session (whew!), 2 strength training sessions, and had two nice mid-week runs. Sunday's long run was post-poned because we had a freak snap of winter cold. Why
  3. onthebusrunning

    The Sword

    It’s Tuesday morning. Steely, gray clouds lord over the sky and mute the dawn. Rain spatters my sunglasses, an optimistic addition to my attire. But none of that matters. I pull my hands from my knees and inhale deeply to slow my heart rate. Sixty seconds left, I whisper audibly to no one in particular. Hands on hips now, I ease over to what had been the finish line of my ninth 800-meter repeat, and now marks the start line of my tenth and final. Eight hundred meters. A half mile. That’s all that separates me from my taper. Since the half marathon roughly five weeks ago, I circled five ke
  4. onthebusrunning

    The Dam Buster

    I’ve been middling. Quietly putting in the miles with zealot-like devotion. The fatigue has accumulated. The miles have piled up. The calendar days have marched on toward the inevitable. When is it going to happen? I’ve wondered. The “it” in question is that magical moment, that elevation to a higher plane. The one where all the training pieces finally fit together and, though there’s more fitness to be had, you get a glimpse of what you’re becoming. The week following my tune-up half, I expected heavy legs shackled by fatigue. But on an optional 10x200m session three days post-race,
  5. My lungs heaved. My shoulders strained. My breath came in ragged gasps. I was wrung out but I churned on. When I cleared the stop sign, my watch buzzed marking the seventh mile repeat. “6:09.” Fuck. Rather than the exclamation point I had hoped for with this workout, I left it with more of a question mark – the questions being what happened? What was that? Why? You see, I was supposed to run 7x1 mile starting at 5:40 and working down to 5:30 (reference 6:09 above). The workout had been a bear from the start. And though I recognized the pile of adversities stacked against me (lack of
  6. amarie2009

    Race day is Sunday

    The marathon is Sunday! Forecast for Austin looks ok. Low 47, High 67, chance of rain. It’s going to feel warm compared to what I’ve been running in but should be manageable. Hopefully it doesn’t rain but I’ve run a marathon in similar conditions before (Alaska was steady, moderate rain for the first 13 miles and a bit cooler.) It was soggy, but fine. I’m more nervous than I’ve been for a race in a while, but it’s been more than a year and a half since I completed a marathon. I’m nervous about the travel too. It’s been more than 3 years I think since I’ve flown and that makes me nervous t
  7. I know it's already February, and some people might think that the ship has sailed on end-of-year bloops. But hopefully none of those people are here, and if they are, they're free to move along. Maybe my bloops just like to be fashionably late? So. 2017. In retrospect, this year was really focused on race experiences more than goal times. I started out the year in questionable fashion, battling a nasty bout of piriformis syndrome in January and February after not quitting a long run when I should have because finishing that run would mean breaking 60 miles/week for the first time. In re
  8. amarie2009

    20 done

    I’m tired. Like really tired. Falling asleep ½ hour early every night and almost falling asleep at work tired. (Good thing I’m not an air traffic controller or a surgeon). Afraid at moments it’s an oncoming flu, but so far so good. I’ve never been more germophobic. I ran my one and only 20 miler for this training cycle on Saturday. It went well enough – I finished at a fair pace for me, but the IT band grumbled slightly again in the last 2 miles. This happened when I ran 15 a couple weeks ago. My 18 miler in between was fine. I’m working the MRTYL routine and core work and foam rolling hoping
  9. The weather has been colder than normal this winter. Still not much snow, but wind chill advisories have kept me inside more often than usual. Tomorrow will be another really cold morning – I haven’t decided if I will face the cold or head to the gym. Training for the Austin marathon is going well, but I am behind where I would like to be. There isn’t much I can do about it – with the foot injury at the end of last year I just don’t have the time to get the long runs I’d like to get done. The good news is as long as things continue as they are I will be able to complete the marathon, but I wil
  10. amarie2009

    Pseudo Running

    Well, if you are a part of Loopville on facebook you already know – no marathon for me next weekend. After a foolish attempt at running on the treadmill 2 weeks ago (is that ONLY two weeks ago, three since I originally hurt myself? It feels like forever.) I set myself back to the beginning and I haven’t really run since. I’ve churned and churned away on the elliptical and gotten my “miles” in for Austin in February, but no actual running. Until a few days ago it still hurt some to walk, it wasn’t until Thanksgiving I even felt tempted to try running, because I knew it wouldn’t work. I had give
  11. I think my best answers are: ...worked late, completed my second run of the day, then helped my daughter with homework, prepared and ate dinner, and did other random things at home, then quickly it was 9:00 p.m. I went to bed wearing the clothes I'd run in, and then the next morning I woke up and ran in them again! ...almost ran 3 times in a day. I had a double, and ran my second run at lunch, but all of my days were running together and I forgot I'd run it. I got dressed to run after work, and then saw my lunch run laundry and double checked Strava to ensure that I was in fact do
  12. If you didn’t read my last bitchy post, good for you. I can tell you that I was whining about the fact that I hadn’t ran in almost a week, and blah blah blah. I wasn’t expecting much out of my run last night. I hadn’t felt good all day, had been stressed about a job interview that I had that day, and was thinking it was going to be a very uncomfortable run. I wasn’t sure how far I was going to run and was just going to see how I felt and go from there. I got home from work, changed, and headed out at about 5pm. It was getting cold quick so I put on wintry clothes so I wouldn’t get co
  13. This weekend’s good, bad, and ugly: Good, dare I say great, was Saturday morning. My twins (10), daughter (4), and I ran the By the Bay 3K in Pacific Grove. This is held the day before the Half Marathon formerly known as the Big Sur Half. In typical Wirz fashion, we were running almost late, so my wife dropped the runners off at the tent to get our bibs at 7:40am, while the non-runners (her and Son #3) found a parking spot. The gun was at 8:00am. Bibs pinned, and we made it to the starting line between the national anthem and the start. The twins found a spot at the start, and Lil
  14. “I bought these shoes in 2004” says the man working out behind me yesterday. What the what?? I started seeing a personal trainer over 2 years ago at the local gym. DS had just turned 2 and I was finally getting over some very painful back pain caused by picking him up. He was 9.5 lbs at birth so not your average child. The severe pain was a reminder that my core closely resembled a pile of spaghetti; apparently, having a baby—especially a hulk-sized baby—does quite a number on the body. In the process of joining the gym, they set you up with a “free training session” that is really
  15. This training cycle was, let's say, interesting. It didn't go as planned but at least I have the volume. The miles are in and my big toenail finally bit the dust, just in time for the last +20 miler today. I tried to hang on to it, but it decided to part ways in bloody fashion Friday night. The divorce was not amicable. Oh well, if one doesn't need a toe to run, one certainly doesn't need a toenail. The 21 miler went off without a hitch; now I wait and eat for the next 3 weeks before I give it a shot at CIM. So long toenail, damn jerk.
  16. Men, be warned. Lots of lady business up in here. Let's talk about periods and running. Specifically, the lack of running while on my period. I generally feel like death the first two days and it marginally gets better after that, but I want to run during my period instead of taking a one-week break every five weeks or so. I'm also extremely, extremely tired that week and I try to keep my iron levels up because of the bleeding. Today was my first shot at that and it didn't go so well. Everything hurt and my legs were tight, so RBFF and I walked for two miles (because we are on the sa
  17. October 2017 in review! Total mileage for the month: 323.6 - my biggest month ever! In comparison, I did: January - 261, February - 212, March - 203, April - 219, May - 249, June - 205, July - 275, August - 301, September - 271. Oct. 2-8: 70.1 Oct. 9-15: 77.1 - a volume-focused week (only a tiny workout) Oct. 16-22: 71.6 Oct. 23-29: 76.6 - my sixth week in the 70s! Oct. 30-Nov. 5: projected at 65 - a cut-back week with a half marathon race at the end October 1st family photo...if only I'd worn a blue skirt
  18. SandiBeach

    Last Check-in!

    Just to warn you, there is a lot of pre-race rambling for the second half of this post, mostly myself talking to me trying to figure out a pacing strategy. This is my last training check-in before my goal race. Over the past two weeks my training has been: Sunday (10/22/17)- another beautiful day! Couldn’t skip out on another beautiful beach day with my Mom. We’re weird, “beach day with my Mom” = walk/jogging 15-20 miles all around a shore town. Monday – rest day, legs were feeling the “beach day” Tuesday – 10 min w/u, 2x2miles at 6:58 min/mile with 10 min between at 8
  19. Good Morning Loop! Last Monday (10/16/17) marked 6 months till Boston. As I wrote in my Injury update, I am a bit broken. Physically....Yes....Mentally...Never!!!! I was told on September 17th that I cannot run for at least 6 weeks because of a broken elbow. Well, I haven't really followed that advice. How could I? Running is not just something I do. Running is part of my lifestyle. I can't just bike (that is what led to this problem in the first place). I can't just get on a stationary bike (it is okay for a once a week adventure). I can work on my core and lower body; howev
  20. I wasn't as sore as I expected to be from running the Cheyenne Mountain Run two Saturdays ago. I took the following Sunday off to rest and had a tempo scheduled for Monday, but decided to take another day off just to make sure. Tuesday morning, I ran the 4 mile @ 8:50 tempo run but ran faster than that, and the run totaled 6 miles. I had no issues and felt pretty good. Since I had taken two rest days in a row, I decided to run 6 easy trail miles on Wednesday. For starters, my stomach had been feeling a little wonky all day and I wasn't looking forward to the run. Then when I began r
  21. Riggers

    Weekly Training

    So, I didn't do nearly enough miles this week. Wednesday- sore knees. Walked 1 mile. Thursday- walked 1 mile in a.m. Then did 2 - 1 mile repeats in p.m. (8:47, 8:59) Friday- rest Saturday- 4 mile race (40:34) Sunday - celebrated daughter's bday Monday-jogged/walked 5k (37:53) Tuesday- second ever completion of a 10k!! Was pretty consistent with last week's jog. 3 seconds faster on 5k, and 9 seconds on the 10k. This week: Last week:
  22. StinaQ

    Weekly Wrap-up

    Came home to enter the weeks runs and found that while I was at work last night Bobby and Bean had been on my computer. Credit where it's due: they didn't lie to me. Even told me they were on our to look for Halloween costume ideas. Thing is, now my computer isn't turning on. Aren't phones amazing? This week's running wrap-up: Tuesday: 3 miles (dead battery no stats) Friday: 3 miles 34:39 Saturday: 4 miles 50:42 1- 11:39 2- 12:02. The second half was a return from the waterfront so a lot of uphill. I walked/ran. 3- 13:17 4
  23. Run now or you'll regret it. The words that finally got me out of bed. Late. No rain. No wind to speak of. But I really really didn’t want to get up yesterday morning. When I heard the girl’s alarm go off, I started thinking about when I could run later in the afternoon. Lets see. I’m going on a field trip with Mookie. I can run after the field trip. Wait, no. Can’t count on that because we might get back right at the end of the day. I can run before Bell Choir. No again. I have Bobob until my BF gets done with work. Run after Bell Choir? Yeah,
  24. amarie2009

    Intimidating 18

    At what point does a distance start to get intimidating? For me right now I think it seems to be about 18 miles. Up to 13 I do all the time, even when I’m not training for anything I will run around 10-12 miles every weekend. It’s always nice to be ready to run a half at any time. 14, 15, 16 seem like only a tiny bit more – no big deal. But 18? 18 miles took me 3.5 hours this past weekend. 18 requires serious planning. I need make sure I have enough gus, water, sports drink etc. I know I need to think more carefully about what I do the day before. A lot can go wrong in 18 miles. You want to ma
  25. temmett

    I Must Be Tapering...

    First it was the left knee. Then the left quad. Followed by the right hamstring and you get the picture... I'm not actually injured and I'm not usually bothered by the taper. It has been three years since I was truly in good enough shape to set real goals for a race, let alone, a marathon. I want to believe I am ready to achieve the time I have set for myself but the doubt keeps popping up. And now the 10-Day forecast is available and I will be stalking it daily. I used the Bourbon Chase a week and a half ago as a gauge on my fitness. I averaged at the top end of my goal pace at Bou
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