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  1. I cannot say that I’m always the most eloquent of writers. I cannot say that I’m much of anything a lot of the time, but when it’s just me and the path that lay ahead, I become a runner. In Minnesota, we usually receive good running weather for about 3 weeks of the year. When those weeks come, you take advantage and lace up the running shoes and enjoy the adventure. We’re having one of those weeks currently. It’s no surprise as the leaves are starting to change from the deep green of summer to yellows, oranges, reds and even purples before they turn to their dying colors of brown. I took my time at lunch today on my familiar 1.8-mile lunch loop. It usually is a 1.5-mile jaunt to the little nature preserve that is Wood Lake Nature Reserve. Since it is in Minnesota, you can be guaranteed that there’s a lake within 15 minutes of you in any direction. I take this path because it’s mostly unpaved. It takes you out of the city even though if you look to your right, you are exactly directly in the center. 20171011_114636.mp4 Today, as I was running I enjoyed some music. I don’t always wear headphones on my runs, but I find that it fuels my running and my sense to keep moving. When times are tough during very long runs, I could switch on the iPod and find a jam, a rhythm or even a lyric that can keep me moving. I don’t have much to report except that I’m edging closer to that 100-mile registration date. My heart is beating harder just in anticipation of the sign up. My brain is telling me that I’m crazy for even attempting such a fool-hearted goal. My heart is telling me that I’ve trained healthy for three years and now is the time. My brain is telling me that I’m chasing pipe dreams. My stomach is telling me to eat all the food. My heart is strong. My brain is prepared. My stomach is just a gluttonous pig. So, as I ran today for my 293rd day straight, I smiled. Today was a beautiful day to run much like every day. With the Autumn colors starting, I, too, am reminded that I can change. I will change every day’s goals to ensure that I make these huge goals that I set for myself. I only hope that I can see the beauty of those changes every day that I train. Run strong and never give up!
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