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  1. I’ve always loved camping. Particularly backpacking. Putting everything you need to survive on your back and walking into the wilderness for days or weeks at a time is tremendously freeing. You’re no longer bound by calendars and emails and due dates; when your next food and shelter are not guaranteed the volume on those alarms and LED notifications is turned down considerably. And few things bring me the same joy as the horrified look on the faces of people I encounter after walking out of the woods, my unwashed state being evident to them long before they make visual contact. It’s actually o
  2. This is my story of pregnancy loss. For any women who have experienced this, I want to give you a heads up in case this brings up unexpected emotions. Total miles: 16 Number of races: 1 Number of pregnancy losses: 1 September 18th We hadn't expected any of this. We figured it would take a good 6 months to get pregnant, but it happened after only two. I don't think I'll ever forget the morning I first took a pregnancy test, and then took another one because I couldn't believe my eyes. I don't think I'll ever forget the sleepy 'holy shit' look on my husband's face when I woke him u
  3. So sorry I'm behind on WILFTBs and sorry for those who only care about running-related stuff. I am running and that will become more exciting as the days get longer. Right now I'm just kinda getting the legs and Mary Jane re-acquainted with running so we can attack 13.1 training. I did have a nice impromptu fartlek sesh over the weekend while I was visiting a friend in Northern Arizona. The weather forecast and RW What to Wear "app" had me packing shorts and a tank but then a cold snap changed everything so I either was going to easy run in shorts and a t-shirt at 55* and windy (I need LS or c
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