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Found 6 results

  1. NOTE: This is an updated revision of a bloop written eight years ago. Because of all the specialized running jargon, I felt it would be a fitting celebration of the Looptionary painstakingly constructed by Dave et al for our new Loop. 1. To train properly, you must do intervals, tempo runs, hill repeats, maintenance runs, ladders, fartleks, yassos, and recovery runs. LSD will definitely help, but just say "no" to junk miles. On rest days, do some XT, isometrics, and plyometrics. 2. Three weeks before the big race, savor the taper, flex your flexibility, stretch your hams, and load a few carbos. 3. On race day, wear a tech shirt, split shorts, and Hoka Hoka One Ones. Protect your privates with Under Armor. Wear an old brimmed hat with a few holes for ventilation. The holes are also quite handy for storing stuff! 4. Remember to apply sunblock, chapstick, Body Glide, and Udder Creme for safe measure. 5. Attach your chip, pin on your bib, check the batteries in your heart rate monitor, calibrate your Garmin, adjust your I-pod, put some GU and Gatorade in your fuel belt. 6. For superior race results, do not pronate, supinate, urinate, or defecate. 7. Try to get a BQ, or at least a PR, shoot for negative splits, draft when you can, steer clear of the wall, remember to kick, never be a DNF or DQ, and please don't bonk! 8. Avoid stress fractures, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, side stitches, runner's knee, blood blisters, and runner's trots. 9. After your race, always take an ice bath ASAP, followed by a hot bath. Then alternate Biofreeze and Tiger Balm as needed. Alleviate with Aleve. 10. If you get ITBS, remember RICE, roll it with a roller, and call a PT. 11. There's a cheap trick for dealing with piriformis or gluteal pain. (HINT: It's also good for a cheap thrill.) Sit on a tennis ball and swivel your hips in a circular motion to experience quick relief. CAUTION: Do not position ball near any body orifices unless wearing at least one layer of clothing. Best to avoid use in areas where anyone can hear you or observe your facial expression. 12. If you come in last and lose your ass, fix it fast with Butt Paste! 13. ALWAYS HAVE FUN! Affectionately, SeniorRunner P.S. Kindly post your race report on Loopsters.org, and BTW, make it PDQ! ...and you can never have too much Butt Paste!
  2. meowmom

    I'm me, what can I say?

    The 'Lounge' option disappeared - is this going to be considered the NRR spot?? Only one way to find out, eh? So if the end of The Loop on RW felt like the last day of summer camp, it seems fitting that this fresh start in the 'new' Loop should feel like the first few days of a new school year. Everyone is all excited to see each other, catching up on what we all did over the summer break, checking out who is wearing the latest new fashions... I was never one to be in just one clique in high school, or college for that matter - I kind of got along with pretty much everyone. Thank god social media wasn't a thing back then though. Kids could be mean enough in person, I don't envy the youth of today having to deal with cyber bullying and the such. So imagine my surprise when I realize my reaction to having been unfriended on FB - by a few people - all of which were/are Loopsters. At first I was all like . But then I was all pffffffffffft - whatevs. It's kind of embarrassing though - I'm approaching the big five-oh soon, and I feel like I've reverted back to being a teenager and my feelings are all hurt 'cuz I didn't get a Valentine from everyone in class. Now, don't get me wrong - I know I've never met a majority of you, and those I have met in person were way back at the first Philly LoopFest and it was only for a few hours. So you really don't know me from Adam. But I guess when I dropped out of sight after my mom passed away and my feet issues stopped me from running, the fact that I wasn't contributing led to that click of the button. I know there were times when my only posts were on the negative side, but hey - it's what I was going through at the time. I'm not one of those people who only shares the 'unicorn pooping sunshine' stuff in life. That's not real life. Not mine anyways. (p.s. - who else now thinks we need a unicorn-pooping-sunshine emoji?!?) I don't want others to feel like they can't be real with me. If you're having a shitty day, say it. It won't rain on my parade. Sometimes a good old fashioned rant is necessary. And it doesn't necessarily mean that I'm looking for any response. I don't need to be coddled. And sometimes, quiet is just as good. Maybe sitting by myself in the cafeteria and reading a book during lunch is just what I need at the particular time. It doesn't mean that you have to try to come over and cheer me up, but it also doesn't mean that I want to be avoided or not be friends any more. Maybe I'm just being childish - WAH - someone unfriended me - boo hoo. And if so, then so be it. But who doesn't feel that way now and again? I'm just one of those people who says it out loud. By now that shouldn't surprise most of you. Old age = less filter and less given about it. (Holy moly - the emojis are big enough that I don't even need my glasses to see 'em!) And now I have no idea where in the heck I was going with this whole thing. What can I say - I'm blonde and I'm not getting any younger. I guess what I'm trying to say (besides thanks for hanging in there if you read this far) is that I'm not going anywhere. I may not comment, etc. on every little thing, and I can't guarantee I won't disappear from time to time. But I'm also not going to apologize for it and I'm certainly not going to let myself feel offended (anymore) if someone decides to 'pull the trigger' because of it. With that being said - can I sit with you guys at lunch today?
  3. RunSplendidly

    Still running

    Man, I don't even remember the last time I blooped. For the last 6 months or so I haven't been able to get onto the loop anymore so I'm super excited about this new platform. I know I've been quiet on Loopville, too, but that doesn't mean I haven't been running. This year has been all about picking up speed for me. After my first ever age group win at a 5k in February (27:38min) and DH finally starting to run again more regularly, I had the idea to improve my 5k time this year to sub 25min. What followed were many track and hill sessions with some of the other more ambitious runners from my new running club. Then DH suggested to run the Michigan Ragnar relay in September and we worked up to running 5 times a week on a training plan I put together for us. It worked well for me but unfortunately he's been having ITB issues that ended up causing him not to be able to finish the race. I have some aches and pains in my left hip also but foam rolling has been keeping it in check so far. The end of October is typically when I start getting back into yoga more regularly because there isn't so much to do on the farm. I expect that the yoga and foam rolling will take care of my ITB. Anyway the relay race was awesome for me and DH wants to sign up for another one next year to make up for this one. We are looking at the Bourbon Chase in Kentucky. As for the 5k goal, I had another race in August and was down to 26:35min there. I am signed up for a 5k on November 11th and just found out that that race actually has pacers so I'm planning on gluing myself to the 8min pacer. I'm not sure that I can reach sub 25 there but a 25:xx time should be possible. Stay tuned. In September I finished a 5k race (not really 5k, the race was maybe 2.9 miles long) that was set up by my employer as first overall female and won $65 towards a race entry of my choice so I signed up for the Gazelle Girl half in Grand Rapids in April. My current PR is 2:28:xx, set at the Loopphest in Philadelphia last year. I initially thought about training for a time goal of sub 2:10 hours for the Gazelle Girl but as I was doing some research yesterday I found out that with a sub 26min 5k time it should be realistic to train for sub 2 hours (of course only if you put in the necessary training miles). Now I'm super excited about this and have the training plan already printed out and ready to go even though training for that will only start on January 29th. So overall I'm amazed by how much impact the miles and the speedwork have had on my speed. I no longer feel slow (of course I still am but that's completely besides the point ) Oh, and by the way I missed you. All of you.
  4. I'm sitting in my garage hoping someone will stop and buy the stuff I have in my driveway. It's one of those neighborhood wide garage sales or else we wouldn't have bothered. It was supposed to start at 7am, but the creepers were out at 6:15. I was too, running my 3.1 mile loop while trying to stay in heart rate zone 3. I downloaded some workouts from Garmin Connect that are based on heart rate to see how that feels. Today was 45 minutes of hills in zone 3. The tough part of this is having to practically sprint downhill and almost walk uphill. A Nintendo DS with a slightly scratched screen sold for $5. Nice Hispanic guy picked that up for a kid I'm sure. A grandfather was doing some Christmas gift shopping and bought the Rapunzel tower for $4. Usually I only have to watch out for the paper delivery guy on my early morning runs, but the folks hoping to be the first at the sales were creeping around while I tried to obey my Garmin's 'be be be boo' (HR too low) or 'be be be beep' (too high) warnings. I was careful because I knew the driver's eyes were looking at driveways and not for ninja runners. A lady bought two lap trays for her first grade class. I feel bad taking even a quarter each from a school teacher. Two X-Box games went for one dollar each. We found those at a college dorm when helping my sister-in-law move out. The zone 3 workout translated into a 7:30 pace for 6 miles. My run ended with an easy cool down mile. Then I started getting the stuff out to sell. My wife says I sell things too cheaply. I feel like most garage sale shoppers are not rolling in the dough and are out for a bargain. I don't want to disappoint.
  5. I considered starting out with a big nostalgia piece about the death of the Loop on Runner's World Online. But I figure I've written enough nostalgia-themed blogs over the years that it would be sort of redundant. On top of that, last week sort of snuck up on us all (thanks so much, RW). When I got the note from Cliff about hosting us on a new site, I jumped aboard that train as fast as I could. The smart thing might have been to do a bunch of research and have discussions with various Loopsters and then come to a consensus on something. Don't think any additional explanation is necessary. Everyone knows my history when it comes to doing the smart thing. At any rate, here we are in the "new" Loop, with our very own domain name no less. At the very least we have a place for our blogs to go and we can keep our community alive. We also have control over our destiny. We can evolve and grow as we think best, and that's really what any human being (runner or not) wants, isn't it? So, let's keep what we've always had - love, support, positivity - and add some creative energy around our new home, making it bigger and better than it was before. Pass the word to old and new runners friends about where we are and what we do. I'm looking forward to seeing some fun stuff. Not from me, of course because I'm boring, but most of you are, so get busy. Got to figure out how to do pics and video and other interesting stuff. And one more shout out to Cliff for hosting. Whether this is your hobby or side business or your full time gig, your work is greatly appreciated. (everyone show Cliff some Loop Love) You should write something by way of introduction. I doubt any of us know much about you. I saw you're a cyclist more than a runner (which is OK, I guess). Hey, so I guess at this point I'll get on with a report on my latest adventure. This was a short weekend at my DS2's in Louisville. He's had a rough several months and needed some serious support. We'd have had him come up to the house, but it seemed a better idea for me to go there. I took off work early on Friday, and Abby and I made the drive down I-75. Funny that whenever I drive now I think about Loopsters, mentally waving as I zip by anywhere near someone's home base. There's RunningLoopy around Dayton, RunnerGuyMark in Findlay, Lawrenceaa in Cincinnati/Florence (I think she moved to the other side of the river). I also like to try and hook up with Loopsters in my destination city, but there was no time for that this weekend. There was always the chance I'd randomly run into one. Scoff if you like, but it's happened before, in Louisville. I literally almost ran into n2runningbad (a.k.a. Dean) early one morning on 3rd Street. Anyway, this was almost the best drive I've ever had on I-75. Through Ohio, it's always under construction. No idea why. This time I only lost a half hour going through Cincinnati. Until I got near Louisville, where there was a big accident a few miles to the east of town, exactly in my way. I hopped off the freeway and called DS2 and he guided me in on the back streets. That still took quite a bit of extra time, but at least it was a pretty drive through the suburbs. I don't get to L'ville often enough to avoid feeling mostly lost whenever I go there. And Siri has pretty much ruined the sense of direction I used to be so proud of having. In total the drive took me an hour longer than normal. Should have driven through Indiana. By the time I got to the apartment it was almost 7pm, so we ate and watched a movie (Equilibrium - a 2002 dystopian treatment starring Christian Bale, sort of 1984/Fahrenheit 451 on a budget), then planned the rest of the weekend. That was going to consist mostly of putting his apartment in order. Did you know neatness is one of the first casualties of depression? True story. I can't even tell you. The work was cathartic as well as profitable. We got a crap-ton of things straightened up, cleaned up and tossed out. We also had plenty of time to talk through a lot of things. Things you can't really talk about over the phone effectively. I can't fix everything that's happening in his life, but I can be there and share a few things I've learned from stumbling my way through my own messed up version. I got up early for my ten miler while DS2 slept in. The weather was heavenly. Clear, calm, 50-ish. The sun was just about to come up behind me. It's about a mile on a bike path across the street to some quiet neighborhoods and two good sized parks (Seneca and Cherokee). L'ville is kind of hilly. I worried about that. I haven't felt great since I started running again a few weeks ago. I worried about that, too, but I tried to make myself slow way down and just enjoy the run whatever the pace. I think I figured out what's up with my slowness lately. Three things. First, I was overtrained for SFO and it's taking a long time to recover fully. My legs have just felt dead on so many runs. Secondly, I started this comeback (from the foot) with slightly longer runs than I normally do after a layoff. What I've done in the past is run two miles/day for a week, then three, then four, with a slightly longer Saturday (6 days running per week). This time I'm doing less days (4-5) but longer runs. And of course it was still too hot and humid for human survival. I was frustrated with my 9:30-10:00 miles on these runs, but I think I'm finally starting to chill on that. There's no reason to think I can run 8:00s right now. So, with ten hilly miles ahead of me, I started out nice and easy. Holy moly, how nice it is to run when it's not 90 degrees! Kept the pace reigned in, slow and steady. There were walkers, runners and cyclists ALL OVER THE PLACE. There were also two 5Ks going on in different parts of Cherokee Park. Not everyone waved or nodded, but overall it was a friendly runner morning. I passed some people, got passed by others. My route was opposite both races I saw, so there was no confusion there. Remember when I was mistaken for the pikermi leader that one time? There was a half mile past the park I had to run to get my mileage in. Beautiful old neighborhood with big homes next to the park. There was serious Code Abby event. My stomach had been rumbling off and on for a couple of miles, but Cherokee doesn't have much in the way of comfort stations. I knew there was a little play area - Willow Park - with facilities ahead and thought I could make it there (of course you never really know). Locked! Out of desperation I poked my head in the door of a building guard at a swanky high-rise condominium building. The guy inside took pity on me and buzzed me into the lobby, and not a moment too soon. I'll spare you the details, but just say that five miles from your starting point is no place for gastrointestinal issues. Relieved, I set Hal up to take me back to my starting point. With all the winding back and forth along my route I was afraid of missing a turn on my way back and adding mileage that I wasn't ready for. Turned out there was only one spot where I was unsure which turn to take (or not take, actually, I think). About half way back was when I realized that except for the pitstop at the condo building I hadn't had to stop or walk once, even climbing the hills in Cherokee. Ten miles. Yeah, I'm still a little slow - 9:38 pace with a few around 10:00 even - but it was a smooth, comfortable run that I actually enjoyed. It's been a while since I had one of those. The rest of the weekend went pretty well. I think DS2 got as much as I was able to give him, and hopefully he'll continue to improve. That's what I got for today. Except for geeking out on the Loopsters at Wineglass a little bit. But those are their stories to tell.
  6. Yesterday, my husband Bruce challenged me to a 1-mile race this coming weekend. Bruce has a completely crushed meniscus in one knee that prevents him from running, but he might be able to last for a mile. Me? I've been slacking big time. Since nasal surgery back at the end of March, I have had a chronic cough that makes it hard to breathe when I run, and if I try to run more than 3 miles, some nagging injury crops up. So I've been doing threesies for the past few months, maybe 2 or 3 times a week. I was starting to think I would never race again, and I'm okay with that. I'm 63 years old, after all. You might think I would have an easy time racing a non-runner, but Bruce is no ordinary man (and I would say that even if he weren't my husband, I swear I would!). Bruce is 6'2" tall, and most of his height is in his legs, which are superhero long. And he works out on a NordicTrak every single morning for 50 minutes, so the muscles in his legs are like he's a professional tennis player or something. I don't know if he has issued this challenge to renew my enthusiasm for running, or if he just thinks it might be fun. We play board games and cards, and he hates losing, so I think he plans to win. And he probably will, because I have never been a sprinter. And I have already won at things I did not even realize were a competition until it was too late to lose, so I think I really should just let him win. Not sure I can actually do that. I'm pretty competitive too. But my easy threesie pace has been around 11:00 mm, which is pathetically slow. It might not be slow for a newbie, but it is embarrassingly slow for me. And yet, I'm okay with that, because . . . whatever, at least I'm running a little. I think even if I lose, I win. Stay tuned . . .
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