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About Me

  1. My first race ever, the one that got me hooked, was my local Turkey Trot in Prospect Park. I've run it every year since even when I couldn't run it and, I know I say this about every race, it's my favorite race of the year. 2011 - My first race. I had been running for about four months. I did a one week "taper" leading up to the race because that's a thing that runners do before a race, right? I wore cotton yoga pants and a new thermal Craft shirt I had bought for the occasion because it was in the 50's and that's cold, right? They messed up the chip timing for the race and had me as
  2. Hi there friend, why the long face? Are you feeling a little down? Unhappy with your job? Having financial troubles? The news cycle making you want to gouge your eyes out and self immolate? We’ve all been there. Today’s world is full of stress and fear and depressing goings on every single day; it’s easy to feel hopeless. Luckily, you don’t have to face the challenges of living in this world alone. There’s a group of people just like you, fighting their way through life one day at a time. How do they do it, you ask? Well, allow me introduce you to the Church of the Hungover Angry Run(TM).
  3. Hello Loopland! Its been a hot minute since I've written a bloop and with the recent location change I figured it was good time to come back and say hello! A lot has happened in my world since the last time I visited Loopville (although I've been lurking about reading and have certainly kept up with some of you via Facebook land). I stopped blooping because life got busy and of course there were the Loop issues... ahem... but mostly I just didn't have time to write. I'm not sure my life is really any less busy at this point, but it is definitely different, and in many ways, better. While ev
  4. Stewmanji

    Taking it back

    There's not much to this blog, but this letter. Whenever I have a fight with running, I find this picture of a letter written by a local boy in Minnesota to a RD of one of my favorite Spring Races called Zumbro. I'm hoping that you, too, can find some joy in the youngsters joy of trail running, and perhaps find a little motivation when times are down that when you are running, you have an opportunity to be young at heart.
  5. StinaQ


    I went to bed Sunday night with visions of a great week of running and getting to the gym in my head. This would be the week I transitioned to taking Monday as a rest day and slipping a short run in Sunday after church instead of my traditional nap. But Monday night this happened: And because I can’t just carve a plain ol’ jackolantern, I was up till 11:00 pm meticulously carving the first line of Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue in D minor into my pumpkin. Tuesday morning, I just couldn’t. Blame it on the pumpkin, or the wine, or the late night. What was I thinking?
  6. Keep Running Girl

    Dear Running,

    I love you but I need a break. We’ve been spending an awful lot of time together over the last few months and I find myself drained and in need of some Elizabeth time. I don’t want you to think that this has anything to do with you or with our relationship. I still love you and I’m still going to take you to that big event this weekend just like I promised. It’s just that after that, I need some time on my own. If I’m being honest, it feels like back in 2015. We had gone through our longest race ever together and I think after that we started up again too quickly. Do you rem
  7. Or rather, the smells while running. Not of running. During my long run on Saturday—14 miles with the last 4 at MPish—my mind wandered to a gazillion different topics. One of those was thinking about the weird and awful odors that I’ve come across while running. This thread was sparked, almost literally, from running next to someone smoking a cigarette while waiting at a bus station. Am I the only runner who holds my breath when running next to a smoker? Save me from the cloud of lung cancer! And also, it sometimes triggers a coughing attack for me. But what else is terrible to inhale w
  8. So this year has been filled with starts and stops... Run 3 or 4 days in a week and then nada for two or three weeks. I just could never get back into that groove. Sure there were some injuries I guess, but a few years ago I would have run through most of that. Some of it was new aches and pains that come with a 50 year old body I suppose, but also I found myself 20 pounds heavier than I was after my last marathon (Chicago '14) and I needed to get back in running shape to really start enjoying running again. September was a month of travel for work, and I decided to not just pack my ru
  9. Speet63

    In and out

    It was unseasonably warm yesterday. It was also breezy. Running in and out of the sun was nice. I was very warm until I was cool. Don't worry I didn't stay cool. I'm still a dork.
  10. TreeGirl

    Autumnal Images!

    I prefer the word autumn over fall. I'm odd that way. I'm odd in lots of ways. Go figure. Autumn running conditions in northern Michigan can be dicey and moody. One day it may be a nice day and the next is horizontal rain and wind and in the 40's. Well, not this year! It's been one glorious day after another with incredible colors and blue sunny skies. I guess it's our "dessert before dinner" because they are predicting a LOT of snow for us this winter. We'll go from glorious color to solid white soon I'm sure. I decided to run at lunch time today since it's Sunday and I had a fu
  11. I cannot say that I’m always the most eloquent of writers. I cannot say that I’m much of anything a lot of the time, but when it’s just me and the path that lay ahead, I become a runner. In Minnesota, we usually receive good running weather for about 3 weeks of the year. When those weeks come, you take advantage and lace up the running shoes and enjoy the adventure. We’re having one of those weeks currently. It’s no surprise as the leaves are starting to change from the deep green of summer to yellows, oranges, reds and even purples before they turn to their dying colors o
  12. Hi all, It has been a long year for me. My Menieres got the upper hand till I saw my specialist. He put me on a strong diuretic ,and I didn't want to push my luck running till I got everything straight. May was a stressful month for my dad and younger brother. Older brother committed a crime, and he fled. He was on local news every night that week. He was caught,and is waiting to be taken to a secure treatment facility. I spent a lot of time helping Dad around the house when I wasn't working. I didn't even ride the good bike on the trail that I liked. Had an Aunt that was diagnose with
  13. Speet63

    It's a tight fit.

    TWSS. I got home from work yesterday just as my two youngest children were arriving home from school. I had time to squeeze in a short run before fixing them something to eat before their soccer obligations. My son had a game and my youngest daughter had practice. I told my kids that I was going for a short run and that "dinner would be served when I returned." My run felt sort of labored and I seemed to be breathing harder than normal. I ASSume that it's because I was running with more effort than normal. You know the whole "assume" saying. Since running is based on effort (you can only
  14. Woke Late. Ran Anyway. Because it never feels good to give in to the excuses. Running an hour late means more traffic. Lots. And the drivers don’t expect to see a runner, or anyone on the sidewalk that they should try not to run over. Stupid driver. Three deer crossing Midway. I was really sure the third one was going to be hit by the 411 Island Transit. Flashed my flashlight at him. Probably wasn’t necessary. He probably saw the deer. Probably thought I was trying to flag him down instead of waiting for at the bus stop. Stupid runner. The deer, all three of them cros
  15. The disadvantage of coming of age in the early ‘70s is that there was no such thing as a professional runner. We were amateurs, every one of us. Now, I know what you’re thinking: But seriously, AB, were you actually good enough to run professionally? And of course, that question is completely beside the point. Back then, Steve Prefontaine was tending bar in Eugene, Oregon, when he wasn’t breaking every American record. And as for me, I was…well, never mind. But those days are long gone, and consequently, a great injustice is being rectified. That’s right: I’ve turned pro. It all
  16. StinaQ

    A few lessons

    Earlier this week, the kids said they wanted to run with me today. I planned to take my 3-4 miles to the track. When my BF’s oldest son expressed interest, his little brother jumped on board as well. This morning the girls backed out. They wanted to play with the toys ex brought over yesterday. 3 weeks since Bobby’s birthday party, two missed weekends and he drops by in the middle of my piano lesson to bring them presents but can’t afford a place to live or his other obligations He left at the end of the lesson and I asked him to not drop by before 5:00 on Tuesdays and Fridays becau
  17. SandiBeach


    Hello All! I have to confess, I’ve been a lurker for YEARS (probably somewhere around 2012), and enjoyed every minute of reading about the ups and downs of your running adventures. I lack confidence in my writing ability and meeting new people, but I thought with the new format, I would try to come out of the creepy lurking shadows and at least let you all know that I exist. I was quite crushed when I read that RW was removing the loop, and I’m not much of a “Facebooker,” so that wasn’t going to be an option for me even if I introduced myself before the end. I tried to read a few other
  18. Well, that was embarrassing. I signed onto the new Loop on Saturday night, shortly after enjoying one adult beverage. It was fairly simple. Just fill in all the fields, upload a picture, press enter -- then OMG -- I SPELLED MY FREAKING SCREEN NAME WRONG. COMPLUSIVE? Really? You, the English major, the writer, the proofreader can't put the letters in the right order? What the hell is wrong with you? Determined to fix things before anyone noticed, I started toggling and googling like a madwoman. But in the end it became clear that only the administrator could solve the problem. It took
  19. TreeGirl

    Back in the Saddle

    I've been severely lacking in miles in September as I dealt with the stress of the house purchase and then having to pack up my life and move to my parents until I actually close on the house or the deal goes dead and I have to find a new rental. No idea why I always give running the short end of the stick when I'm stressed because it's probably what I need most. I plan to get back to it tonight after my work day wraps up. I'm at our State capitol office this week and next week for special meetings but I stay at the same hotel I always do and have a great running path behind the hotel. I'v
  20. The Marshall University Marathon is my home course. I've run the half multiple times, hosted the very first ever official Loopfest (we called that one Loopsterfest) in my home, and I'm on the marathon planning committee. Last year I couldn't run because I had had my ankle surgery three weeks prior, but I dragged a folding chair and the official Loop cowbell to the side of the 5K and cheered on TO, who had dropped in to run it, then I drove to a spot along the marathon course and cheered on various friends running it. I just knew I would be running Marshall again this year. That is not to
  21. Howdy Loopsters!!! Wow, this is so easy! Thanks Dave for getting this going. You da best! So let's see. I did my first 100k last month. Woodstock. Everything that could go right did go right. It was so easy and I stayed positive the whole time! Weird! Anyways, I took a few weeks off, then ran a few, then had eyeball surgery last Friday. I just ran my first post-op run. It was kinda hard! On my run I saw the two neighborhood zebras that make appearances at a little horsey paddock once in a while. They must be babysitting. Zebrasitting? I didnt have my phone, so since ther
  22. I’ll do the best I can to not drone on forever. 1. Decided to run a marathon For the first time. 2. Signed up for Wineglass in Corning where all the awesomeness recently took place. 3. Trained through a 15 miler in spring 4. Realized I’m insane, I hate racing, always have hated racing, hate any mile over 13, planned to drop to the half at Wineglass, can’t drop down - half is full, decided I’d still go and cheer, I’m good at cheering. 5. Find house of my dreams, proceed to purchase it, issues complicated things, things get expensive, closing delayed, plan to close on
  23. MeganKate


    Well hello there new Loop. MK here. I was a regular around the old Loop parts oohhh 5+ years ago... but that was seriously a lifetime ago. I'm sure I'm more likely an unfamiliar face nowadays than a familiar one, but I'm hoping to get back at it. Although, as much as I'd like to contribute more often, I will probably be sticking more so to a lurker status, as running has taken a huge backseat to life. Right now, this is my current status: He won't let me put him down, but I'm learning he's totally fine with me typing while holding him. #MomLife, am I right?
  24. Hey also just a note saying I'm here... I'm still running, although slowly. Hoping to get back to racing in 2018. I'll try to check in more often on the new Loop - - Thanks Dave for all you do!
  25. Quick note to say I’m here, I’m running, and I’m hopefully settled into my new house the weekend of October 14th. I’ll try to get a full update posted before then but no promises. All my stuff is in boxes at my parents home and I’m living in their basement till I close on the new house on the 12th. They live well off the beaten path so staying connected is hit and miss. Thanks to everyone for getting this new site rolling! New house picture included in this post. 😎 Brenda
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