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  1. I recently read my Top 5 Running Highlights of 2017 when searching for my yearly mileage history list. I was correct when I noted in that post that 2017 would be hard to top! My 2018 running wasn't quite what I wanted, but I have a lot to be thankful for. My Instagram Top 9 wasn't far off! My Highlights Were: With 3,047 miles, I ran my highest yearly mileage ever, surpassing my 2017 mileage by 4 miles (the 2017 mileage was a huge yearly mileage PR). I had 8 weeks of mileage in the 80s, which before this year I had only done for 1 week
  2. Sometimes it’s difficult to know whether to toe the line or DNS. It can be even harder to know when a DNF would be the best call. I now know I should have made the first choice about the Indy Women’s Half Marathon, but if I had to start the race again I would have made the second choice, pride and other considerations aside. But I’m getting ahead of myself... Expo fun After I PRed at the Plaza 10K at the beginning of the month, I felt really good about trying for a half PR in Indy. Typically I don’t have to slow down much from a 10K to a half
  3. This guy is the source of my misery. I think I hate him. Hello and happy hump day to you! My July running results are in and I finished with 96 miles, down 1 mile from June. Why didn’t I run 4 more and get an even 100?! I started August off with a 6 mile run that included 4 pretty fast miles. The splits were 7:21, 7:13. 7:19 and 7:17. I’m happy with those times, but a little unhappy with just how hard I had to work to get them. Back in November, I was dropping 10 mile tempos at slightly better paces than today’s and with relative ease. Yes, the weather was substantially better, bu
  4. Hello and good morning! I didn’t plan on posting anything today, but I have stuff on the brain and I need advice. My post title song will probably be in my head (and your heads) all day now. I hope I don’t sing it where I can be heard. The reason for today’s title is related to where I am with my Achilles recovery and my relationship with running. I’m having good days and I’m having bad ones. I have runs where I feel almost normal and there’s pep in my step and no limit to how many miles I feel like I can run. I also have runs where I look down at my watch and say, “that can’t be rig
  5. OK Loopsters, I wrote this late last week and once again I've slacked in sharing it with the Loop. Please forgive me. I hope you'll read it anyway. I have other posts since the last, but I don't want to unload them all at once. If you want to know more about weeks 17-19, look here. Happy Friday! Yes, I know it’s Thursday but it’s a Friday for me. I swear I’m not trying to rub it in everyone’s faces even though that’s EXACTLY what I seem to be doing. My bad. This week is my first official week where I get to run miles, as opposed to minutes. Tuesday was the first day of running miles
  6. Hello! This week’s title isn’t from a song and it isn’t from a movie. It doesn’t matter, BECAUSE I RAN!!!! It was only 4×1 minute intervals, but it was a runner’s high to the nth power! Pure joy. We’ll get to more of that, but I’ll also take the time to recap my week. Thursday night was the home opener for our hometown high A baseball team, the Lynchburg Hillcats. I was very happy to attend the game. I froze my butt off, but there isn’t much prettier than a ball park on a home opener. Friday, I ran 2 miles on an Alter G treadmill. It’s basically a treadmill with an isolated
  7. Sooooooo, I'll admit that I've been slacking in my Loop posts. I write my blog on https://runeatralph.wordpress.com/ and I sometimes neglect putting them here right away and then I don't want to bombard the Loops with WEEKS worth of injury talk all at once. So, if you'd like to read more, now you know where to go. Happy Friday, everyone! I know all Fridays are good Fridays, but this Friday is an especially Good Friday. Last week’s post title was a quote from the movie Rocky IV, but nobody responded. That’s too bad, because the prize was an ice cream cake. Well, better luck next tim
  8. Good morning! The title of this week’s post comes from a song (of course) that always has me thinking back to my Navy deployment days. It was quite popular overseas. This shirt should have at least one check mark now. The title of this week’s post is relevant because it’s about how I’m feeling right now. My PT is going very well. I think so. My PTs think so too. I’m able to do a few more things this week. I’m lifting weights more often. I’m rowing. I hit the pool. I even started using kettlebells for the last 2 weeks. I’m seriously getting my butt kicked with just basic ket
  9. Good morning! Today’s title is a tougher song from one of my favorite bands, maybe even my FAVORITE band. There will be some serious kudos for whoever comes up with it and I might even send a prize. WARNING: It might be something I find around the house. It’s been quite an eventful week. Driving is pretty much normal now, so Lynchburg no longer needs to live in fear.
  10. Hello! I can’t believe it’s been 8 weeks. As you know, I’ve tried to stay optimistic and most of the time I have been. There have been long days and frustrations here and there, but for the most part I’ve done my best to find little goals and keep my head up. Two shoes! The little goals and milestones are nice, but today I hit a BIG ONE. I said bye bye bye to the boot…permanently. I didn’t really throw the boot away, because #1 that would be a waste of I don’t even know how much money I paid for that thing. Secondly, I might have bad days or setbacks and need it again
  11. I’m starting this post at night, which isn’t my usual thing but my wife is having a girl’s night tonight and I’m just kind of sitting here alone so why not. I’ve been extremely optimistic for these first several weeks since my injury. That’s mainly because optimism seems to be embedded in my DNA, but also because I’m a firm believer that an optimistic healer is a fast healer. With January came many runners setting many goals. So many of you are committing to races and getting ready. So many of you are looking great while doing it. You’re crushing your training runs, you’re setting PR
  12. Good morning! I wrote this one almost 2 weeks ago and forgot to post it here. I blame my work computer. Why can't it be loopsters.org friendly??? I titled last week’s post with a “Week 5” in it, then quickly realized that it had in fact only been 4 weeks. That was a temporary bummer. That happens to me every once in a while on a run where I somehow think I’ve run more miles than I have. That can be a bit of a mental obstacle. On the other hand, it’s awesome when you have less miles left than you think you do. I took out yet another heel insert to stretch out the tendon and only
  13. I forgot to put this up right away, so it's a little dated (like a week) but sadly most of it still applies. Hello! I’m so excited to post this and I just couldn’t wait until Saturday/Sunday when I usually update my recovery. However, I had my first appointment with the surgeon since the surgery way back on December 16th. I’ve been doing what I can in the gym at least 3 days a week. I started doing a little TRX, which is pretty hard on the core muscles. They are engaged most of the time while my feet are suspended in the straps. Hard. Work. I’m STILL hitting that armbike! Soon enough
  14. This week’s title inspiration is too easy. I think there’s more than one right answer as to where it comes from. After last week’s post, I wasn’t sure I was going to write about my progress every week. I didn’t think I’d have enough to write about. I wasn’t sure how motivated I’d be either. This Achilles recovery is a lot like a marathon itself. If I start thinking about how many weeks I have to go, it’s going to take forever. I have to take it one week at a time. I have to set little goals and find little things to be excited about. This week there has been some progress and with th
  15. Happy Friday! My watch told me it’s Friday, but I had no idea. First, name the band/song that inspired my post title and you get a prize. The prize isn’t an actual thing of course, it’s in the form of a tip of my cap and some kudos (not the delicious treat from my past, but “props” as the kids used to say). a It’s been 2 whole weeks since I had surgery on my busted Achilles tendon. 2 long, slow, restless, weeks. We can talk about the good news first. I was looked at on Tuesday and things look good so far. I finally got my sling/cast taken off and sutures taken out. I can kinda, sorta wa
  16. amarie2009

    Back at it

    Over a month since I wrote! I wasn’t even back to running at that point…The good news is – I am now! I’ve run up to 8 miles. Last Saturday was supposed to be 10 but with fresh snow on the ground, my coach didn’t want me to do more, and since she was actually running with me, I couldn’t “cheat” and run more. I’ve been released to return to normal training by the Chiropractor, but that still means increasing my miles carefully. Hopefully I’ll actually be able to do 10-12 on Saturday, but the bad news is I’ve caught a stomach bug. Last night I felt pretty gross until my stomach expelled my dinner
  17. doug in co

    almost running again

    Thought I'd torn my calf muscle in August and stopped running to do rehab, prehab, stretching and strengthening, none of which had any effect by the end of October. A doctor friend at church mentioned he'd had endless calf muscle pulls and tears, all of which turned out to be caused by a back problem and the sciatic nerve malfunctioning. My sciatica has been going on since 2006 approximately, so I tend to just ignore that pain among the many others, which perhaps is not sensible. Next step was to foam roll everything every day and lie upon the Sacro Wedgy, which is about as much fun as it
  18. amarie2009

    Pseudo Running

    Well, if you are a part of Loopville on facebook you already know – no marathon for me next weekend. After a foolish attempt at running on the treadmill 2 weeks ago (is that ONLY two weeks ago, three since I originally hurt myself? It feels like forever.) I set myself back to the beginning and I haven’t really run since. I’ve churned and churned away on the elliptical and gotten my “miles” in for Austin in February, but no actual running. Until a few days ago it still hurt some to walk, it wasn’t until Thanksgiving I even felt tempted to try running, because I knew it wouldn’t work. I had give
  19. Jeff C.


    A long time ago… The four of us huddle in the dorm room, lights low, a single candle burns on the coffee table. The candle sits in a mountain of wax covering what was simply a Budweiser bottle just a few hours ago. Each of us digs at the candle, at the wax-mound with glowing hot paperclips. Heat the paperclip in the flickering flame, sculpt the wax; heat, sculpt, repeat. We’re stoned silly. And profoundly drunk—yet hyper-aware, attuned to our surroundings. Deafening music rattles the room. Screaming guitars, pounding bass. Each note dissected and analyzed. Our sharpened senses regist
  20. Hello again Loopsters! This is my first bloop in the loop reborn. It doesn’t look like I’ll manage to increase my writing on the new loop. But I’ll try…and try to be more interesting. (But this bloop doesn’t really accomplish that. More of a stream of consciousness about my recent training, and minor issues I’ve had) I am getting into the main part of training for St. Jude Memphis marathon. I’d love to go sub 4:30. That’s been my goal for how long now? It’s been more than a year since I completed a marathon. I’m feeling good but there’s been a couple set backs. A little mo
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