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Found 10 results

  1. StinaQ

    Nothing to See Here

    I wasn’t kidding when I shared about the bra that threatens to dislocate my shoulder post workout. Last Saturday, I wore it because it was my last clean sports bra… When I went to take my shower…OMGoodness, I can't get this off. call it a draw-back to being a single mom perhaps… There I am with the darn thing halfway off, or me halfway out, but I can't get it above my shoulders. I thought I might have to call my 11 year old daughter: “Honey, help Mommy out of her bra.” But she's just entered that super private stage and I thought the image I saw in the mirror might scar her so I too
  2. My appointment on Monday with the chiropractor got me nowhere because he had gone home sick just before I got there. Tuesday, he was still sick. I iced whenever I could manage at work. Monday and Tuesday I rowed and stationary biked at the gym. Yesterday and today I tried out the Zero Runner and used the elliptical. The Zero Runner required coordination and was pretty tricky for me to keep the proper form. But if I practice it might get better. But I don’t want to practice on that thing. The elliptical felt great, just to get that running like movement without having to think about it. No pain
  3. I envy those whose diagnosis has a name. Mine has several - and none. I had a CT scan done yesterday, and saw the doc today for the verdict. (note: I'm VERY pleased that this doc is so speedy and wasn't interested in wasting my time waiting weeks to find out.) It seems the bony overgrowth he'd seen on my xrays was not a stress fracture. I might prefer it had been. It's a bit of bone spur, and there seems to be indication of an old injury to the fibular sesamoid bone. It's inflamed (hence the sesamoiditis) and just generally not happy. He thinks, as do I, that my Newtons were at least
  4. I had another post started but things have changed. My 20 miler a week ago Saturday went great. Probably the most enjoyable 20 I’ve ever run. I got to run the whole thing with friends who each ran 6-8 miles with me so I had someone with me the whole time. The weather was cold and windy but felt good and I finished strong. This past week my runs all went great…until Friday. Maybe this is where it actually went bad though I thought I was ok at the time. Just about a mile from being done on Friday I slipped on a stick and twisted my RIGHT ankle slightly. I walked about a dozen steps, decided it w
  5. The past two weeks my right knee has started hurting, on the inside portion right at the top of the tibia . Hurt while walking and sensitive to the touch. Did some icing and Ibuprofen while hoping it was just an inflamed tendon or something while knowing all along the familiar symptoms were that of an unhappy meniscus . The same knee as my 2015 miniscus surgery. Today I go in for the MRI. The first surgery went really well with no lasting effects from it whatsoever so it isn’t real invasive as far as surgery’s go but just the fact that this will most likely happen again is worrisome t
  6. In my last bloop I was feeling like I was finally getting off the DL. I ran 19.5 miles one week and then boom 💥! Where’s that exploding hot dog when you need it? My whole hamstring was inflamed—top to bottom. Sigh. Last week I tried to play nice with it. A 2 mile run, 3 miles ellipticaling and weights. Finally it has started to feel better this week. I ellipticaled 3 on Tuesday and ran 3 yesterday followed by 2 more on the elliptical. I promised myself just weights today. By the time I got home from work I really didn’t feel like hitting the gym but had no excuse not to. Ch
  7. doug in co

    limping along

    Glad to find the loopsters again, I was missing y'all.. was doug in co on the old loop, signed up with Google here so now you know my real name.. be kind ;-) My brother just invited me onto Strava, joined but not sure what I'm going to do there, given that I don't own any GPS devices other than my phone (with Gaia GPS, a wonderful topo map app). Guess the manual logging will have to do.. Also, the R calf muscle that got torn for no apparent reason six weeks ago, and re-torn on the bike ? which has never stressed my calf muscles before, is not healing at all. I'm beginning to think it m
  8. So picture this - you walk in to your sports chiro's office for your weekly torture session appointment and find him sitting at his desk, feet propped up on his table, sipping a Red Bull and grinning at you like The Cheshire Cat... I kid you not. Dude looked positively giddy. Like - mad scientist giddy. I sorta, kinda wanted to turn right around and run out, but I didn't. I mean - duh - I can't run! But this guy is pulling out all the stops to get me back to it, so I took a deep breath, repeated my 'safe word' in my head and soldiered on in... We went through the normal rundown of
  9. I'm starting to think I should get the prize for the longest injury. Here's my timetable: November 2015 - pikermi PR January 2016 - hyper colleague insisted on helping me move stage equipment that he didn't know how to move (I was accustomed to moving it by myself and didn't need anyone being a "gentleman.") Result - sprained ankle. March 2016 - Sprained ankle healed. Feral cat momma and kittens acquired and moved indoors, necessitating many trips up and down stairs. Ran a bit, but sinus infection prevented full return. May 2016 - began running again in earnest, but very sl
  10. Chicago is my home town....I was born in that city and I go back at least once a year. Chicago has been one of my bucket list marathons for some time now; however, it turns out it is just not meant to be for me. At least not for me this year. This all started about the first week of August when I was innocently changing weights on a barbell to do a little Les Mills Body Pump. I was bent over moving a weight bench and stayed in that position to put on the 10 lbs weights on each side of the bar. I went to stand up and nope...couldn't do it. I just couldn't stand up. I have never fel
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