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  1. StinaQ

    Nothing to See Here

    I wasn’t kidding when I shared about the bra that threatens to dislocate my shoulder post workout. Last Saturday, I wore it because it was my last clean sports bra… When I went to take my shower…OMGoodness, I can't get this off. call it a draw-back to being a single mom perhaps… There I am with the darn thing halfway off, or me halfway out, but I can't get it above my shoulders. I thought I might have to call my 11 year old daughter: “Honey, help Mommy out of her bra.” But she's just entered that super private stage and I thought the image I saw in the mirror might scar her so I took a deep breath, contemplated my situation and inched the damn thing off. Left side up and inch, right side up an inch. Repeat till I was free. As I did so, I knew there would be a muscle somewhere in my back that would protest in a day or so. And it did. Maybe I should have cut myself out of it? My BF came over Sunday and tried to get my back to chill out. Lectured me about how I need to stretch more. I threw the offending bra away on Monday while folding laundry. I wasn’t able to sneeze for four whole days. Seriously. I would start to sneeze and the muscle just next to my left shoulder blade said “Oh, no you don’t B*$@#. I WILL put you on the floor.” and the sneeze just wouldn’t finish. I rejoiced on Thursday when I sneezed during Bell Choir. Ran yesterday and my angry muscle told me it was still holding a grudge but not so much that I wasn’t able to run for 30 minutes along the Ft. Ebey Bluff trail. Well, not so much run as hike/jog and a whopping 2 miles. UGH, I am so impatient to get back to where I was four years ago! So this week was not so good for the running because… back issue excuses and I’m just not as BA as some of you. Also, I need to stretch more. Pressing forward, next week will be better. A few pics from the trail run because it was a perfectly beautiful day to be running in a nearly empty state park.
  2. My appointment on Monday with the chiropractor got me nowhere because he had gone home sick just before I got there. Tuesday, he was still sick. I iced whenever I could manage at work. Monday and Tuesday I rowed and stationary biked at the gym. Yesterday and today I tried out the Zero Runner and used the elliptical. The Zero Runner required coordination and was pretty tricky for me to keep the proper form. But if I practice it might get better. But I don’t want to practice on that thing. The elliptical felt great, just to get that running like movement without having to think about it. No pain on either. Finally at lunchtime today I was able to get in to see the chiropractor. At this point I felt fairly confident it wasn’t a stress fracture, but it was good to get the reassurance from him. He checked it with a tuning fork and there was no pain. Poked and pressed around my foot and lower leg. Turns out It is a strain of my extensor longus (I think), the smallish muscle that runs from the shin down onto the top of the foot and connects to the toes. He pressed on the top tendon of that muscle (up on the shin) and surprise! It actually hurt there too. There is just more stuff there to take the pull so it didn’t hurt the way my foot did. It’s already healing well – he recommended moist heat and massage to help ease it out the rest of the way. I can run as long as it doesn’t hurt. I need to make sure I warm up REALLY well. Heel dips, lots of heel dips. Memphis is still on. (Well I haven’t actually run yet post foot issue – but as long as I don’t do anything stupid, I have a good chance of being ok to run.) I should have listened better to my foot. It felt better, but not pain free. I ran 3 miles on the treadmill after a long warmup. The miles hurt a little, but not a lot, so I figured I was ok. I went home, ate breakfast and went to work. Fine. Walking down the hallway this morning at work something "popped" in my foot and it is at least as bad as it was to start. Maybe worse. If I had listened to my foot and the voice in my head I would have stopped running when I started and given it another day or two. Now I'm out for at least another week I would think, and quite possibly longer. This is my fault. I know better. I was overeager. I'm paying the price.
  3. I envy those whose diagnosis has a name. Mine has several - and none. I had a CT scan done yesterday, and saw the doc today for the verdict. (note: I'm VERY pleased that this doc is so speedy and wasn't interested in wasting my time waiting weeks to find out.) It seems the bony overgrowth he'd seen on my xrays was not a stress fracture. I might prefer it had been. It's a bit of bone spur, and there seems to be indication of an old injury to the fibular sesamoid bone. It's inflamed (hence the sesamoiditis) and just generally not happy. He thinks, as do I, that my Newtons were at least a contributing factor, if not the main cause. This particular toe injury started in May. I'd been gradually resuming running after my ankle surgery, and realized my Sauconys were in bad shape, so I took the Newtons out for one run - a very short run. Shortly into that run the toe started hurting. I should have gone to the doc then, but I didn't have a foot doc at that time (the surgeon had moved away) and had SO many medical appointments scheduled this summer. I just couldn't bring myself to add another. But at least when I went to my health care provider I was referred to the best podiatrist in town - the head of the foot and ankle area of the med school. At various times he used all those words - arthritis, sesamoiditis, turf toe, and bone spur. The upshot, however, is that I have to get rid of the inflammation, and the best way to do that is not to push off with my toe in any sort of walking or running. Which means wearing a walking boot for 3-6 (probably 6) weeks. Can't take a single step without it. After that I may have to put a pad in my shoe to offload some of the stress on the sesamoids. I see him again in 3 weeks. Funny little things, the sesamoids. Tiny little bones embedded inside muscle, not connected to other bones. Surgery on them would be a last resort (I inquired about removing the bone spur) and would involve removing all or part of a sesamoid. But they do have a function and that would probably mess me up further. The doctor knows about my running and was talking about getting me back to it. He did say that when I get out of the boot I need to find a running shoe with mega cushioning in the forefoot. Hokas haven't fit me well in the past. Any other suggestions? Gotta say, spectating at the Marshall Marathon a second year in row just about killed me.
  4. I had another post started but things have changed. My 20 miler a week ago Saturday went great. Probably the most enjoyable 20 I’ve ever run. I got to run the whole thing with friends who each ran 6-8 miles with me so I had someone with me the whole time. The weather was cold and windy but felt good and I finished strong. This past week my runs all went great…until Friday. Maybe this is where it actually went bad though I thought I was ok at the time. Just about a mile from being done on Friday I slipped on a stick and twisted my RIGHT ankle slightly. I walked about a dozen steps, decided it would be a little sore, but it wasn’t feeling unstable so I ran the rest of the way home. I did put compression socks on, but it was only slightly sore by the end of the day. Saturday, I got up intending to run a cut back week of 12-14. Team in Training was doing a reunion run so we were all supposed to start running at the same time across the country with the shakeout group in NYC so we didn’t start until 8:30. Because I was running fewer miles I figured I’d aim to be a little closer to goal race pace. For the first 3.5 miles no problem. I felt good. Until I didn’t. At first it felt like a foot cramp in my LEFT foot (opposite foot of the ankle issue the day before), but it didn’t go away and then it got worse. I stopped running but I still had to walk back to my car. 2 miles. I made it, got in my car and wanted to go home and cry. Instead I drove out to my parents like I promised. I spent the rest of the day intermittently laying on the couch with my foot up and icing it, to doing a few things I had meant to help my parents out with. I probably shouldn’t have for the foot’s sake. Today it hurts about the same. I’m really afraid it’s a stress fracture. That will eliminate Memphis for sure. If it isn’t a stress fracture I might have time to heal depending on what it is. I haven’t cancelled my hotel reservation yet. It could be a soft tissue injury related to the stumble on Friday. Or it could be I’ve been training at a higher intensity just enough to cause a fracture. My foot has slight swelling (bad) on the top middle part of my foot, and there is a pretty specific point of pain to match (also bad), but right now I’m more comfortable in sock feet than I was in shoes all day, which seems odd for a stress fracture. Since I took off my shoes I can walk fairly normally, but I took a dose of Advil so that makes a difference. I also can get up on my toes without an increase in pain, which seems like shouldn’t be true if I had a stress fracture. Flexing my toes hurts some, but at the moment less than yesterday, even when I had taken the Advil then. I already had a chiropractor appointment scheduled for tomorrow, so I will have a clearer idea after that. No deferrals for Memphis. If it’s something truly terrible and Austin also gets knocked out at least TNT will let me transfer my fundraising to another event. Running is the best thing I’ve got going in my life. No kids, no husband to fill my time and distract me (or hug me). Most of my friends are either runners or so busy with their own families I never see them. I don’t enjoy my job although I love my coworkers. If I’m going to be out for a while I will need to find something to fill the giant hole running will leave. Cross training will do some of that (assuming I’m allowed), but I need to find something enjoyable. (Yes, I need to be doing something with a job search, but first I need to figure out what I’m looking for.) But Izzie will be there for me...
  5. The past two weeks my right knee has started hurting, on the inside portion right at the top of the tibia . Hurt while walking and sensitive to the touch. Did some icing and Ibuprofen while hoping it was just an inflamed tendon or something while knowing all along the familiar symptoms were that of an unhappy meniscus . The same knee as my 2015 miniscus surgery. Today I go in for the MRI. The first surgery went really well with no lasting effects from it whatsoever so it isn’t real invasive as far as surgery’s go but just the fact that this will most likely happen again is worrisome to me. This past month has been minimal running just the marathon on the first then a 10K trail race and then a five mile trail run and a 5 miler on the street. My ankles were quite tired after the trail race because it was such an uneven surface but otherwise I don’t believe this is running related. What I do believe is its a result of sliding stacks of boxes of a cart all day at work whith a bit of a sideways motion which could be a lot of twisting pressure for long legs. So I guess I’m out of action for awhile running wise, although I should be able to continue working on my hip strengh like I have been this month so far. I’m just hoping it isn’t a big tear and I don’t believe it is since there isn’t any catching in the joint. But another injury really does chaff my .........!!!!
  6. In my last bloop I was feeling like I was finally getting off the DL. I ran 19.5 miles one week and then boom 💥! Where’s that exploding hot dog when you need it? My whole hamstring was inflamed—top to bottom. Sigh. Last week I tried to play nice with it. A 2 mile run, 3 miles ellipticaling and weights. Finally it has started to feel better this week. I ellipticaled 3 on Tuesday and ran 3 yesterday followed by 2 more on the elliptical. I promised myself just weights today. By the time I got home from work I really didn’t feel like hitting the gym but had no excuse not to. Changed and headed out. Did a 10 minute warm up on the bike and then hit the machines. Hamstring curl, leg extensions, glute press, abductor/adductor machine and then the leg press machine. Next up was arms. That stupid chest row machine I hate so much. I tried a new “machine” where you lay on the bench at a 45 degree angle and lift the bar to your chest. Hard but doable. Then I finally got the courage to do bench presses at the gym. I copied a girl who had just finished. Bench just the bar first and then add weight. I’m cracking myself up because all I could add on each side was 7.5 lbs! Seriously?? What kind of 🏋️ weightlifter girl am I? (My friend later told me with the bar that’s 60 lbs.) So now I’m feeling pretty happy that I came to the gym. Workout is going well. I’m jamming to my AC/DC playlist. Life is good. I’m moving on to my favorite machine - the lat pull down- when one of the trainers stops me. I have to pull out my ear phones. He makes note that we’re both wearing pink shirts. He’s always really nice to me and I see him a lot. Tells me I’m doing a great job. Today he wants something from me. Says he’s running a Fit-X class for breast cancer awareness and tells me it would really help him if I join. I try to bow out pointing to my hamstring. “Trying to do no evil.” “We’ll modify anything you have an issue with.” Gah! Cue up the Sucker for Pain song. Push up, squat, burpee, thrusters, toe taps, TRX, running, core, boxing, biking. You name it, we did it. So now I’m laying here on the floor. A gelatinous pile of very tired muscles. Don’t ask me to do one more squat or one more plank or lift one more barbell. I really thought I was safe. I was wearing headphones.
  7. doug in co

    limping along

    Glad to find the loopsters again, I was missing y'all.. was doug in co on the old loop, signed up with Google here so now you know my real name.. be kind ;-) My brother just invited me onto Strava, joined but not sure what I'm going to do there, given that I don't own any GPS devices other than my phone (with Gaia GPS, a wonderful topo map app). Guess the manual logging will have to do.. Also, the R calf muscle that got torn for no apparent reason six weeks ago, and re-torn on the bike ? which has never stressed my calf muscles before, is not healing at all. I'm beginning to think it may be sciatica-related, though there is a tender spot which wouldn't be there if it was purely nerve pain. So I just dunno, and carry on swimming. Got my 100 yard time down to 1:04 without a dive, think I can go sub-1 with a dive and a bit of focus.. In other news I'm now fully asthmatic, had a 36-hour attack starting while in the wilds of WY, ended up in the ER with IV ports in both arms, got a cat scan since the doc thought it might be a blood clot in the lung. The good news is no blood clot, the bad news is now it's not just exercise-induced asthma but can happen anytime. The allergy tests all came back negative, as I said to the nurse, this is the only time I've been glad to score 0s across the board. However it's a bit of a puzzle what triggered the attack. Was going to ramble some more but I'm due on a conference call/webex with Hong Kong, gotta go. MFT (more fun tomorrow).
  8. So picture this - you walk in to your sports chiro's office for your weekly torture session appointment and find him sitting at his desk, feet propped up on his table, sipping a Red Bull and grinning at you like The Cheshire Cat... I kid you not. Dude looked positively giddy. Like - mad scientist giddy. I sorta, kinda wanted to turn right around and run out, but I didn't. I mean - duh - I can't run! But this guy is pulling out all the stops to get me back to it, so I took a deep breath, repeated my 'safe word' in my head and soldiered on in... We went through the normal rundown of how things have felt since last week's session (he's still holding his sacred Red Bull can, feet still propped up on the table) I told him I feel bad because I still don't feel like anything has changed all that much. My feet are certainly not as achy as they have been throughout this entire ordeal, but then again, they're haven't gotten any worse since I started coming to him. He said that that was totally okay - I may not feel like anything is getting better right now, but (again with that mischievous grin) he can. He put the can down, popped out of his chair with a clap of his hands and wiggled his instruments of torture fingers in the air as if he were preparing to play the piano. As he was starting the manipulation on my right foot, he said things are definitely moving around easier and he can feel that the 5th metatarsal bone of my right foot isn't at such a crooked angle any more. I tried to utter something like "yay!", but truth be told, I was gripping the table for dear life. If I had opened my mouth to say anything, I would have sounded like Steve Carell's character in The 40 Year-Old Virgin during the scene where he's getting his chest waxed. So I just tried to keep doing my deep breathing as he dug his thumbs into those little bits of fascia in between the bones in my forefoot. I relaxed a bit as he started moving my toes around and cracking them. The *pop* of each release seemed to tickle him to no end. The left foot manipulation didn't hurt as much, so I could at least hold up my end of conversation and I even managed to ask a few questions about additional things I can do at home. And if it was normal that I had been having some lower back twinges here and there - especially on my right side. Someday I will learn to stop asking questions. For the next 5 or so minutes, I was flipped onto my right side, those damn thumbs were digging into the side of my hip while my leg was simultaneously bent and flexed this way, that way, down, around........... FLIP to the other side, repeat. But that wasn't the end. Oooohhhh no. THEN came the back and neck cracking. I can't even... The flashbacks alone are making my *shudder*. I fully expected to crumble on to the floor in a heap when I put my feet on the ground. But surprisingly enough, when I stood up, I felt like I was 6 feet tall and light as a feather. Go figure. The lower right quadrant of my back still doesn't feel quite right today, but it doesn't feel any worse either. And today is the third day in a row that I haven't felt like I needed to strap my feet with the Kinesio Tape, so I guess that crazy f*cker is right... For now, I'm scheduled in the books to continue these weekly 'happy hours' until Thanksgiving, but still taking it week by week to see how things continue to progress. Once he feels the metatarsal bones are back where they should be, he's thinking of fitting me for inserts as a maintenance tool to keep everything where it should be when I start running again. I smile every time I replay that sentence in my head. WHEN I START RUNNING AGAIN!!! I reminded him that I'll be turning the big five-oh next month and asked if he could fit me for anything else to keep other areas 'where they should be' as well... He gave me a big bear hug and told me to go home and enjoy a glass of wine. So I went home, I popped a Tom Petty CD in to muh stereo (dudes - I don't know about y'all, but am still grieving his loss - along with Bowie and Prince, Tom Petty has been a major contributor to the soundtrack of my life... *sniff* *sniff*), propped up my feet on the coffee table, and sipped my glass of wine with my very own Cheshire Cat grin on my face...
  9. I'm starting to think I should get the prize for the longest injury. Here's my timetable: November 2015 - pikermi PR January 2016 - hyper colleague insisted on helping me move stage equipment that he didn't know how to move (I was accustomed to moving it by myself and didn't need anyone being a "gentleman.") Result - sprained ankle. March 2016 - Sprained ankle healed. Feral cat momma and kittens acquired and moved indoors, necessitating many trips up and down stairs. Ran a bit, but sinus infection prevented full return. May 2016 - began running again in earnest, but very slowly and gradually. June 2016 - peroneal tendons began popping painfully, the week before a long-planned anniversary hiking trip. Usual podiatrist not available, so cold-called and got an appointment with another. There may have been a reason this one had an opening. I was diagnosed (correctly) with peroneal subluxation. Prescribed "conservative treatment" (incorrectly.) That meant one month in a cast, one month of PT, and one more month of rest and prescription NSAID. The more medical journal articles I read, the more I saw the phrases "high failure rate" and "rarely successful" in relation to conservative treatment of peroneal subluxation. But I think insurance requires trying it before an MRI is allowed. I'd happily have paid for an MRI myself. September 2016 - finally allowed to have MRI, which of course showed that I'd had a tear of a peroneal tendon all this time. Wasted summer. October 13 2016 - surgery to repair tendon. Surgeon blithely said I'd be back to running in 6-8 weeks. End of November 2016 - finally started PT - still on crutches. PT lasted till... End of April 2017 - when my insurance benefit ran out. I could walk fine, and run a little. PTs had watched me run, analyzed my gait, and given me exercises to correct imbalances in my hips and strengthen my toes and the other ankle. Ankle still bigger than the other one, and stiff, but perfectly trustworthy. I was the owner of two pairs of custom orthotics. May 2017 - began a return to running. Very slowly and gradually - starting with intervals of one minute running, one minute walking. June 2017 - pulled out my Newtons and did an interval run. After about the 4th interval I realized my big toe was hurting. I thought it was just a fleeting pain, but it has hurt off and on ever since when weightbearing. Two of my podiatrists have moved away, and a third one is not in my current medical practice, so I need a new one. My primary physician knew of my problem, so I thought I could get a referral by phone, but no - I have to go for a referral to the walk-in (no pun intended) clinic - which has very limited hours, all of which are times I teach. I'm planning to cancel teaching next week to get there, and hopefully I won't have to wait a month for the appointment. I suspect sesamoiditis. My chiropractor suspects a bunion, my massage therapist turf toe. I wonder how fixable it will be since the main problem is that the ankle is still swollen and stiff. Over the course of the last year and a half I've gained a good bit of weight. For months my husband was doing all the shopping, and while I was in the cast and also after the surgery friends brought high-calorie meals, plus there might have been some comfort eating, too. I can walk and do the elliptical - but not for very long. I do ride a stationary bike, but even that starts to bother me after half an hour. Swimming is not my choice of exercise because I don't like soaking my violin callouses. But I know the extra weight is not helping the injury. I've tried not to post about this - really, it's no fun posting about non-running. I'd love to hear some happy stories about folks who have survived long injuries and returned successfully to running! I know it's going to be a long way back.
  10. Chicago is my home town....I was born in that city and I go back at least once a year. Chicago has been one of my bucket list marathons for some time now; however, it turns out it is just not meant to be for me. At least not for me this year. This all started about the first week of August when I was innocently changing weights on a barbell to do a little Les Mills Body Pump. I was bent over moving a weight bench and stayed in that position to put on the 10 lbs weights on each side of the bar. I went to stand up and nope...couldn't do it. I just couldn't stand up. I have never felt that way before....I ended up having to go to the emergency room, getting a shot and had to say off my feet for two weeks. Okay, two weeks suck, but all it does was take me out of the running to trying to get a PR at Chicago. Two weeks later I was back on the road. I was running for about two weeks and then Hurricane Harvey hit Southern Texas. For those of you that don't know, I am a Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force, stationed in Fort Worth, TX. As the Command Chief of the 136 Airlift Wing, we are Air National Guardsmen that are responsible to help take care of Texans when the Governor needs us. I spent 21 straight days working 14-16 hour days helping coordinate rescue and relief efforts. While this was happening I was getting up at 0400 to ensure I at least got in 5-7 miles before I went into work. It was tired, but I wanted to at least have miles on my legs to run Chicago. I actually had a 1/2 marathon in Dayton, OH (Air Force Marathon/Half Marathon) on September 16 as part of a team event. I was a last minute add on because one of the team had to drop. I ran a respectable 1:42 and we did well as a team. I flew home on the 17th, went to church with the family, watched a little football and then decided to go for a bike ride....HUGE MISTAKE. I have decided to start training for triathlons, something different to do as I enter into my 50s. I borrowed a road bike, shoes, helmet, the whole package. This is the first time I even was on a bike that had clip in pedals. For those of you who have been on these you probably know what happened next. I didn't even get one evolution around on the bike, lost my balance and fell to my left. I couldn't get out of the clips in time. I tried to brace my fall by putting my arms out...Doing so lead to a large amount of pain. Pain like I have never felt before in my life. Long story long....I ended up going to the emergency room (second time in about 6 weeks) and was told I had a compressed radial head that actually led to a brake. I broke my elbow on my right arm. I also sprained my left wrist. I went for a follow up appointment two days later and I did ask my doctor if I could still run the Chicago Marathon. This is what he stated "I would like you to consider taking up smoking"!!!! Huh?...What? Why would you suggest that, I asked. His response was priceless...Because taking up smoking is just about as stupid as running a marathon in your condition. Point taken (even though I think I could still have ran). I was lucky enough to be able to defer my entry to 2018 (The cut off was the 19th) and am looking forward to running in my home town next year. The good news is that I did not need surgery and I am still able to spin a little on an indoor bike. I also get to do some brisk walking and lower body exercises. So for those of you who do give me "Kudos" on Starva, you see that I am not running much. It is not because I do not want to run, but rather just can't do it. I don't want to jeopardize anything getting in the way of me running Boston next April! Dr. Ed
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