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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a need for all the categories? When I look at the joint, I want to see the latest posts. I never go on to look at specific categories. "hmmmmm. Wonder if anyone has posted about blah blah today?" I just look to see what's up. I'm sure anyone who posts here regularly knows the pain of posting a glorious post, only to be knocked off by someone posting in the same category two minutes later. Yes, you can still see the headlines in the list, but it becomes much harder to find. Is it possible to ditch the categories altogether and just go back to a chronological listing of everything like we had at the old joint? Then I could just scroll down and easily see everything. Example: my dumb muskrat post on nov. 7 is still on the first screen (I CAN'T KILL IT OUT BECAUSE YOU CAN'T EDIT POSTS AFTER A COUPLE OF DAYS DAMMIT!!!!!) while any post in rambling is lucky to last half a day. That seems silly. Having the newest posts on the first page might attract more occasional viewers, giving the rightful impression of how much new stuff there is. If you were a casual viewer, you wouldn't realize there might be 5 posts about 5k/10K race reports filed in the last 10 minutes, they're just kicked off by the newest one. Seems like the topic thing is a fine idea for forums, but isn't really what the Loop is about. The Loop is people, and not pigeonholed topics. I can't imagine anyone using this place to say "hmmmm. wonder if anyone has posted about injuries today?" It's more "hmmmm. wonder what everyone is up to, regardless of topic?" There are generally a handful of posts each day. Listing them without category would allow them all to show up. I don't even know if it's possible to do that. It would just make me happy. And isn't that what we're all on the planet for? p.s. example the one i'm filing in, gear, hasn't been used since speet's initial trial post back in the mid-1980s. and yet that post has been on the front page since. Speaking of gear, I like the Garmin 235 a lot. I guess the HRM isn't great for sudden bursts of speed, but it gives a fairly accurate read and saves you the torture of the dreaded changing of that stupid battery in the chest strap.
  2. Speet63


    The categories sorting is just another step to take. I still miss the old RW two column style. What about my happiness?
  3. Speet63

    Giving this a try.

    I'm giving this a try. I'm not running as much as I used to run. I no longer consider myself a "runner." I run when time allows and I feel like running. I try to run one "longish" run per week. I do not enter races anymore and I don't follow a training plan. There's much more to my life than running now. I stopped "blooping" a while back because all I do is run when I'm running. Most of the things that happen when I run are forgotten by the time I stop running. I'm going to try to post something once in a while on this site to see if I can get back into the swing of remembering anything that happens on my run. Wish me luck.
  4. Hi loop group! I'm a 57yo male. After a layoff of 27 years, I've gotten back into running. My progress has greatly exceeded my expectations! I never ran a course longer than 5 miles in my previous running life. Was working up to longer distances when I injured a ligament when I was 30. PT sessions were prescribed on two occasions, but neither solved the problem. Then life, career and kids got in the way, so I never tried to rehab the injury after those two PT attempts. Maybe 10 times over the years I tried running, but each time, like clockwork, the crippling pain kicks in after approx 3 minutes at even the easiest pace. Last spring, on a whim, I bought a Futuro knee stabilizer and tried some running. It worked like magic! It worked like a miracle! No pain, no matter what pace, no matter what distance! I was dumbfounded. Wish I had thought to try this thing decades ago! Just to see if it was the stabilizer or if my ligament repaired itself, I have tried running without it a few times this year. Sure enough the pain returns (albeit after a much longer time and to a lesser degree of pain). So I continue with the stabilizer - and I'm more than happy to do so. The great news is I have been running about 50 miles/week, which is so much further than I expected to be at this point. I run an 8 mile road course about 5 or 6 times a week. I've got my pace for that course down to 8 minutes (only on a very cool day). On weekends I have made it 18 miles (2hr 49min). I'd run further if my schedule allowed (hard to carve out 4-5 hours on a weekend morning with so much to do around the house!) I hope to enter the bay state half marathon (Lowell, MA) in 3 weeks, although I'm now I'm thinking I might try the full version of the same race (!) With cold weather around the corner I am wondering if anyone can advise me on running pants .... compression fit? loose fit? material? I'm worried about chaffing of my inner thighs, given the distances I've been running. For my top I'm using a Nike dry-fit, which has worked out much better than the other shirts I tried.
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