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Found 4 results

  1. atombuddy

    The Cross Country Fix

    We all know what fall means: football, a crazy-quilt of leaves, winking jack o’ lanterns, and pumpkin-spiced everything. But to those of us lucky enough to have discovered it in school, fall also means cross country. Cross country is what happened when someone said, “Hey, I’m tired of racing in circles! Let’s run over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house and back.” Cross country is what turns an individual sport into a team effort, with its attendant bonding experiences. I discovered the sport early in high school and continued through my freshman year in college, when m
  2. Advice wanted! I really miss not having a running event on the calendar. And I was mourning the fact that I probably won't have one there for a long while yet... until I remembered that autumn is the start of the holidays and therefore the wonky little local races that are perfectly acceptable to run/walk in. So how feasible do you think a Turkey Trot is for a 32wk pregnant lady? Good idea for motivation to keep me active or just asking to be disappointed again if I don't feel up to it by that point? NRR: I was talked into taking a weekly basic drawing class by a much more socia
  3. Gonzo Runner

    Damn the Torpedoes

    I wrote a draft of this a couple weeks ago, but never got around to proof-reading or editing or posting it. Given what I titled this and why, when I heard the news about Tom Petty today, made me want to get back to it. Which may have been a mistake on taper brain. Sorry Tom, you deserve way better than being associated with this sloppy thing. Also,I realized I put a race report not in the race report folder. Oops. A lot of people say they perform best under pressure, when the stakes are highest. Most of them are full of shit and are either stroking their own egos or justifying procrastin
  4. I've decided to make it doubly confusing by 1) posting here for the first time in a while and 2) by changing my username. Oops. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I made christine.eliz way back when I was super new to running and didn't feel like having a weirdo handle as I dipped my toes into this community. Now that I know how strange you all are I have no problem with it! It might help that @tinkbot is also my Instagram handle so feel free to follow me if you want periodic reminders of who I am. So what's been going on? I know I posted in Loopville that DH and I are expecting our first child - a girl! - in Ja
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