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  1. My life has slowly been changing since 2012 when I was in pure Ironman training, and everything I did was on the road. It's tough to describe where most of you may have stopped hearing from me, but as a quick summary, I finished Ironman Wisconsin in 2012. After that, I went through a huge depression with a job that was not only not challenging me, but also, left me feeling like every day was the worst day ever. Anyways, I found the trails to be my outlet. By 2014, I decided that I wanted to complete a 100 mile race. I entered the Leadville 100 lottery, and I was denied. I took this as an opportunity to work backwards and work up to that distance slowly. By 2015, I ran Superior 50 in Lutsen, MN. The SHT (Superior Hiking Trail) gave me all I could handle that year, and I realized my decision to take a step backwards was the correct one. Since then, I've completed three more 50 mile races, and four 50k's. The trails have claimed me. They call to me. I dream about them. I get nervous about not being out there. I also made a pact on December 22, 2016, to continue into a streak until I complete that 100 mile race. I have spoken to my better half, and she has fed me with confidence that we're ready to attack this huge distance. I haven't announced it to anyone but the Loop currently. I have spoken to my coaches about it, and they've all given me the feeling that I'm on track to do this. Here's me once again announcing my bid for 100 miles on foot. Next year, I'm going to sign up for two different 100 milers in the Minnesota area in hopes to bat 500. It's scary! But I've often been heard saying if it doesn't scare the s*** out of you, it's not worth doing. Anyways, the two races are Zumbro 100 (in April) and Superior 100 (in September). Superior is a lottery, so there's no guarantee I'll get in, so if very well only be a single bid next year as well. Zumbro will be six, 16.7 mile loops. Superior has my heart and is 103.3 miles of point to point running in some of the most technical trails I've ever attacked. I have a few Loopsters in mind to ask to pace and crew me, but I haven't even asked them yet. Anyways, I'll leave it there for now. Hopefully, I post before I click that entry button in November. As always, run strong and never give up!
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