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  1. skinnyLLegs

    I tried a Tri

    I swear, I don't know how you do all this! Must be an Olympic level mental game! 😊
  2. skinnyLLegs


    You've got this! Really, you do!
  3. Wow, you are setting records for workouts in a week! Congratulations on your win and being able to eat enough food to keep up with all the calories your burning 🔥
  4. skinnyLLegs

    Covid Virus Run

    Great job, eh.
  5. Your doing great on your streaks lately....running streak...falling streak...and didn't you just move last year? I think your falling is especially improving though, its practically like you didn't even get injured 😁🤞
  6. Way to go Gwen! You’ve been having some great experiences , and 2 place!!!!!!!
  7. Great looking group! Good thing that band didnt have to go around your biceps or it would have bounced of!! Lol!
  8. skinnyLLegs

    The quest.

    Don’t look now but there is a dress ad at the bottom of the comments.
  9. Going from your workout to church has me picturing you in one of those pews that has the step(?) you kneel down onto and Gwen is kneeling down repeatedly so she can get 10 reps in!! Its all about making the best of opportunity right?
  10. Once again a great job of hosting Dave!
  11. skinnyLLegs

    2018 Wrap

    Another stellar year! You always manage to make the most of things and I’m sure next year will be no differant.
  12. Great progress! If you could get a plate of cookies every week I bet you could build up to eating the whole plate at once!
  13. Great to see some progress with the knee. Glad your being smart with the return to running, it will pay off.
  14. skinnyLLegs


    I’ve rode my motorcycle at 145 miles per hour and I’ve listened to slow music late at night while just taking in the mood and the lyrics. I enjoy both, but the bugs hurt a lot worse at 145!
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