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  1. skinnyLLegs

    2018 Wrap

    Another stellar year! You always manage to make the most of things and I’m sure next year will be no differant.
  2. skinnyLLegs

    Rehoboth Beach Marathon Training Week 12 – The Good Kind of Pain

    Great progress! If you could get a plate of cookies every week I bet you could build up to eating the whole plate at once!
  3. skinnyLLegs

    New gear. Running! 2:01:39.

    Great to see some progress with the knee. Glad your being smart with the return to running, it will pay off.
  4. skinnyLLegs


    I’ve rode my motorcycle at 145 miles per hour and I’ve listened to slow music late at night while just taking in the mood and the lyrics. I enjoy both, but the bugs hurt a lot worse at 145!
  5. skinnyLLegs

    Predicting Times

    Ahh...those wonderful mind games!
  6. skinnyLLegs

    August In Pictures & Loopfest 2019?

    I can't believe someone took a picture where you aren't smiling, I notice there isn't any proof!
  7. skinnyLLegs

    You may want to skip this one.

    May be volunteering with some organization like big brother would help. They say it makes you feel better to help others, last years boston marathon was one example.
  8. skinnyLLegs

    July Ramblings

    Thats a long time to be in da boot! Please heal quickly because I want to read about your adventures running up a very high mountain . Is your infection from the boot? When I had mine I got infection in my shin because I have a long bony shin and the boot was too short so it broke the skin. I wore a soccer shin guard in the boot to spread the pressure out after that.
  9. skinnyLLegs

    Into a New Unknown

    Wishing you success along the entire journey. The great thing is that your attempting something you realized you wanted to do. Many people say they have goals but thats as far as it goes.
  10. skinnyLLegs

    Self-diagnosis: Popliteus Injury

    That knee sure seems to be cursed! Hope it works itself out soon.
  11. skinnyLLegs

    Thelma & Louise 13.1 RR

    Congratulations! Very happy for you. Do any times under a new name qualify as a PR?
  12. skinnyLLegs

    It's time.

    Hope it turns around soon.
  13. skinnyLLegs

    Under the knife.

    Glad everything went fine. The squishy noise will go away before long, they flood the knee with water when operating. I thought they had left a melted ice pack in my bandages it was so noisy. As long as you don’t do anything to make it swell you’ll recover quickly.
  14. skinnyLLegs

    Marathon Goals by Billy Joel

    You just completed the most important part!! Now to just stay consistent with your training and you'll be golden....or blue and yellow anyway!
  15. skinnyLLegs

    Training Plan Week 1 of ? -Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want

    The perfect run by feel plan. Let the good times roll!