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  1. LOL! This gave me stress just from reading. You say you love running new routes in new places. It totally scares the living daylights out of me. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
  2. ocrunnergirl

    New floors! (NRR)

    Floors look good. Sorry about the foot. So frustrating.
  3. Yippee! Great news!
  4. Fantastic racing, Sara! frustrating about the course not being well marked and marshalled. I need to work on my "race intoxication" rather than race fear.
  5. Definitely would have hired someone and gone for a run ....
  6. That was classic and still makes me laugh!
  7. All the yes for the outdoor dining/drinking being the only form of entertainment. I’m actually okay with this. Lol
  8. Awww thanks! Have your mountains opened back up?
  9. I don't believe I said bragging anywhere. It just ended up that a whole lot of events collided with each other. Pretty happy my body survived. LOL
  10. I bet you could do the higher volume especially if you mix in different types of working out. i will definitely cutback after the 2 marathons.
  11. Thanks! I need the luck with my racing nerves. Lol
  12. Haha! Thanks! I’m having fun.
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