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  1. That's a great running photo! I'm not sure what to suggest re: capstone project. Maybe some sort of look into best type of diet to reduce inflammation from long runs? Good luck!
  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for your hip to be 100% soon! I've just started getting on my bike again this spring. Love it but am easing back into it because it aggravates my hamstring when I go crazy. Alice Network -- A++
  3. How did you ever make it through 16 x 400s and not have to stop? Kids need handbooks when they are born and every one that comes out has it's own damn set of rules!
  4. It was actually a lot of fun (other than the rain and that just adds to the story.) Thanks to the whole race committee because it gave me something to focus on other than Covid-19.
  5. I was trying to catch Dave & Bangle so there was no way I was quitting.
  6. What a beautiful view! The squatapalooza was a lot of fun! When in prison you’ve got to pop-a-squat, drop it like it’s hot... Lol Agreed about all of the preachy signs but I guess it does give some food for thought.
  7. You kicked butt this weekend. I am surprised my AG%s beat you.
  8. It was a rough week last week. Sigh. Somehow Bangle’s post asking if people were willing to state their goals for the weekend’s Loopster virtual challenge caught me by surprise. What day is it? Can’t be the end of the month?? I kind of brushed it aside. And then I saw that Dave had run his 10k on Friday. WTH? It’s not this weekend, but apparently it was? Yet Friday I did nothing except some leg strengthening— 3:00 wall sits, 30 Bulgarian split squats, 30 squats, 30 pushups, 30 chair dips and some planks. If I had it to do over I would’ve done 30 burpees to follow Barbara’s race rules. SATURDAY: Saturday morning came and I was super sloth like. I was thinking about a course for the 10k portion of Dave’s challenge but couldn’t figure out where to run it. Dave and Brad had both been challenging each other and I wanted to see how close I could get to them. So I was thinking trails? No. Neighborhood? Meh. And then I thought Bike path! And I changed like lightning and headed out the door. I parked and saw a couple of people and thought about running on the street rather than the path but decided against that since it can get busy. I started my 1st mile with no warm up. I thought I’d just ease into the pace. I was wearing my Hoka Rincons. They seem to be a little firmer than my NB Beacons. My calves and shins were protesting a bit as the 1st mile came in at 8:29. So much for easing into it... The sun was out and I got warm fast even though I was wearing shorts. I paused my Garmin for 55 seconds to take my shirt off and tie it around my waist. The second mile clocked in at an 8:06. Oh dear. Things were getting tough but I know this bike path and the 3.1 turnaround is just before the major traffic light. I convinced myself to keep going telling myself it would be easier on the way back. Mile 3 - 8:15 Hi guy in full mask and PPE shield... I made the turn and headed back towards my car. I was flying until I realized the wind was now hitting me straight on...for the love of God... mile 4 - 8:23. I’m working and cruising. Trying to keep my breathing controlled and keep my feet going. Thankfully at the intersections I didn’t have any cars to stop for. Mile 5 - 8:20. Okay 1.2 more miles. I decided to start fartlek-ing. Run one light post fast, 2 slow. I am close to losing my cookies. Maybe 1 fast, 3 slow...no, 2 is good. Mile 6 - 8:09. And the last 2 tenths - 8:06. Final time 51:20 Age graded 10k: 70.1% -- 43:16 SUNDAY: Sunday when I woke up it was raining. Yuck. I checked the radar and it looked like if I held off until 9:00 I would miss the rain. I ate. Checked the wind - gusts to 25 mph. Ugh!! I didn’t want to push this run until Monday because I wanted my miles for the week to be 40+. I decided to run on the trails and through the neighborhood hoping the trees on the trail would block some of the wind. Got dressed - capris, tank, wind breaker biking jacket with rear pocket. (Best invention EVER!! - phone goes in back pocket so it’s not constantly hitting your stomach.) Grabbed 1 Gu but didn’t have any fluid because my handheld was elsewhere. Set out from my house. The 1st mile was all road. I felt good— much better than I thought after the fast 10k. Mile 1 - 9:29. The next ~1.5 miles were on the trails. I decided that I was going to run/walk- 1 mile/1 minute. The trail is awesome. I saw a few people, said hello and made a wide berth. Mile 2 - 9:17. In the 3rd mile I entered the back of my neighborhood and felt the brute strength of the wind coming out of the north. Mile 3 - 9:23. I ran a few of the roads but then was quickly back up on the trails of the high power lines. No idea why but I can run these really well. Up, down, up, down and into the next neighborhood. Mile 4 - 9:13. After the high power lines I cruised down the sidewalk and around a loop before climbing back up the hill. The wind hit me in the face and I was dying. Mile 5 - 9:02. I tried to add on as many little loops as I could even though this meant I kept going north into the stupid wind. I headed south in my last final push to get to 6.55 before I retraced my steps and from out of nowhere it started pouring on me again!! For the 2nd time this week! F-me!! Lol! Mile 6 - 9:13. I took my one Gu and spread it out over the next few miles. I was WAY TOO committed at this point to give up because of the POURING rain. My only concern was my phone. I looked everywhere for some sort of plastic bag. At ~ mile 7 I found a Yellow Pages book by someone’s mailbox in a plastic bag. I paused my Garmin, dumped the phone book and wrapped up my phone. Phew! I then picked up the Yellow Pages and tossed it into the mail box with the rest of their mail. (Less than a minute) Mile 7 - 8:58. I was psyched because not only was I on the back side of the 13.1 but the wind was now more at my back than the front. I retraced the exact same steps - cul-de-sacs, loops, power lines, the T at the end of my neighborhood. 9:07, 8:51, 9:06. As I entered back onto the trails I calculated that I could still go sub 2. I was moving well but was definitely getting tired. The power lines flew by, as well as the graffiti-ed concrete tubes and the downhill section at the back. Ugh!! People are on my favorite little pitter, patter path. No worries. The trail stewards recently cleared other sections so I flew down a hill that I normally don’t run and then had to immediately climb back up. Mile 11 came in at 9:27. Oh boy! I was cutting it close to sub 2! Made the “on the fly” decision that I needed to exit the park and use the roads for the last push. Unfortunately now I was headed back into the wind. I was still run walking but started to cut off a few seconds of the walk part. Mile 12 - 8:56. As I entered back into my neighborhood I was dying a little. I needed to add on a little to get the full 13.1. I just wanted to cry. I was pushing and so relieved when I got to the little downhill and could turn towards my house with the wind at my back. Mile 13 - 8:48, .1 at 8:55 Final time - 1:59:43 Age graded 1/2 marathon: 65.04% -- 1:40:14 I am pleased with the time but also a bit disappointed. My Shamrock 1/2 Marathon packet came the day before and the pace is exactly what I wanted to run as a GMP for that race. I am disappointed that the pace felt that hard but maybe I shouldn’t be given the hard 10k, the trails and the wind. I celebrated with a beer after I was done. (Not 4 like the # of beer tickets on my Shamrock bib!!) I was pretty much toast for the rest of the day. MONDAY: This morning I woke up and felt surprisingly good. I stretched out some tight spots. Did a few warm up squats while brushing my teeth. It was stupidly cold again today with the wind— feels like 38*. Capris, tank, windbreaker. But I forgot!! I had to do my 30 burpees for Barbara’s challenge before heading out. I went down to my basement. Started the timer on my phone. I’ve done burpees before and know breaking them into sets of 10 with mini 10 second breaks works well. I unfortunately didn’t take off my windbreaker before starting so in between 10 and 20 I had to strip off my jacket. Dumb! Anyways 30 in 2 minutes 37 seconds. I had 6 miles on my “training schedule “. (Not sure what I’m training for...) Brenda’s 5k with 10 squats every mile was a perfect recovery race. I set out to do part of the same course I did the day before. Warm up of 1.1 miles on the road. I assumed since this was TreeGirl’s race that she’d want it run on the trails amongst the trees. Happy to oblige. My legs were feeling way better than they should’ve been and my running was smooth. The 10 squats at each mile gave my lungs a nice break. I stopped at the end to get a few pictures of the “Nature Preserve” (ie. Former gravel pit. Whatever it is I love it!) I forced myself to do 2 more miles to complete 6 for the day. Thanks, Race Directors! It was a great weekend!
  9. ocrunnergirl

    Racing in a Costume

    Love it!! Best Grandpa around!
  10. Maybe some hip loosening exercises would help? I found this to be SUPER helpful. https://my.yogaforrunnershq.com/yoga-for-runners-challenge-day-2-live/
  11. Great challenge, Dave! From your Strava that climb on your 1st half of the 10k looked nasty. Great times on a fun virtual weekend.
  12. Heat always is tough! And having no race on the horizon.
  13. I’ve used it in training before (years ago) but never at a race. I think it would work really well however! (If you could make yourself walk in the 1st few miles with everyone blazing by!)
  14. Thanks! I didn’t handle the cancellation of Revel too well. I may have had a liquid dinner... 😂
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