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  1. So many miles! You are going to be well prepared! Great picture of T-Rex! Where is that taken?
  2. ocrunnergirl

    trail walking

    Beautiful pictures! You're still running so it's all good news!
  3. Fun race! Good luck this semester.
  4. ocrunnergirl


    Isn't it sacrilege to only go 6 miles on 7 mile road? Just seems wrong. Glad everything is feeling better.
  5. ocrunnergirl

    Reviewing August

    Albani may need to pick you up next year! I'm not ready for summer to get over. Have a great school year!
  6. I'm not sure I will ever have another stretch of great running again. 2015-2017 was the bomb. Thanks for running with me. I do think I would have been a little bit afraid running that last leg alone since there really weren't many other runners around!
  7. Good seeing you too! Good luck in the marathon!
  8. We had to make it fun so you would be captain next year! LOL. Good luck on the GMATs!
  9. Are you trying to say me arms are as big as your skinnyLLegs??
  10. Yes, it’s definitely the perfect length! Wake up in your bed, run some miles, sleep in your bed. No overnight van sleeping FTW!
  11. Being on our team would’ve been good training for you!
  12. Most of my running has been on the trails too! Awww your poor pup. We had to put ours to sleep this past November. (A golden retriever who couldn’t stand up anymore.) Looks like a fun vacation! I love the comment about how strong your wife is!
  13. Congratulations on another successful semester! My husband said he never wanted to read another book after completing his masters. Light at the end of the tunnel!! Keep up the hard work!
  14. ocrunnergirl

    Don't know what this is.

    I’m with AMarie— probably just an off day. Sometimes our mind convinced us that we aren’t feeling it that day. After following REs training I’m a firm believer in the slow miles. All miles are better than none...unless you are in pain.
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