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  1. Good luck! I didn't realize your race was so soon!
  2. ocrunnergirl

    It has been a while

    AT! Awesome!
  3. ocrunnergirl

    It's nice to be here again.

    WOW! You made it to 60 miles?? Impressive! You can go to the website I gave you and modify the pace band. I think there are options for slow start, even splits, slow finish, etc. Findmymarathon.com, I believe. Good luck!!
  4. ocrunnergirl

    Shirley Mae 5k

    I will look those up. I’ve got snapping and popping in my left side—stupid left side— and that’s the side with slight labrum tear. Doctor wants me to go see a surgeon about getting a few stitches to tack down tear??
  5. ocrunnergirl

    Shirley Mae 5k

    25 may be easy for you.... lol
  6. I need to get myself a stroller!! Great racing!
  7. ocrunnergirl

    Wednesdays are the Worst!

    60 miles! You go, Dave!!
  8. ocrunnergirl

    Shirley Mae 5k

  9. ❤️ All of your pictures on MarathonFoto were amazing! Thanks for letting me hang with you for 11 miles. I really contemplated DNSing but am glad I didn't. You'll get that 4:30. A cooler race perhaps?
  10. ocrunnergirl

    Remember Marshall?

    Marathonguide.com will give you a pace band based on the course you are running, time goal and race strategy. i put in 3:45 goal time and evenly paced. Here’s what it spit out for you. Good luck! You’ve done some decent training with everything that has been going on.
  11. Your daughter is beautiful! Congratulations! Poor T-Rex. Hope she took the news okay. My condolences to Mrs. Dave.
  12. Ankle is fine. Pelvis is not. 😩
  13. ocrunnergirl

    Last Squatch Standing

  14. You are such a rock star! Congrats on setting a new state AG race record.
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