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  1. ocrunnergirl

    May (yes, May) in Review

    Your wedding photos are beautiful!! I love the ones of your husband and groomsmen! Hilarious! Congratulations! And congratulations on your recognition award! What a fabulous month! (so many exclamation points but I feel they are all deserved. Lol)
  2. ocrunnergirl

    Keep showing up

    I’m tempted to run the AC 1/2. Nice flat race as long as the weather is good. Good job running any hard miles. I’ve been able to do some intervals but anything looking like a tempo is a no go.
  3. ocrunnergirl

    Summer Sucks.

    Agreed that summer sucks. The heat and humidity this week for us is supposed to be record setting....oh joy... So I wrote out what I think your training is: Monday- Tempo, Tuesday - EZ, Wed -- Intervals, Thursday -- Med. Long Run, Friday -- EZ, Saturday -- LR with miles at pace. If I'm understanding your plan isnt that too many hard days?? Tempo, Intervals, MLR AND LR WITH PACE miles? 4 out of the 6 days look pretty hard to me. I went on line to look at Hanson Advanced and Higdon Advanced and it seems like you are combining all the hard of both plans. Maybe back off some speed since the summer heat isn't going anywhere? Just my $.02. If I've learned anything from watching all of RE's PRs the past ccouple of years it's the value of the 1-2 minute over GP runs. Build aerobic capacity.
  4. ocrunnergirl

    Week Five Already.

    Nice to see you running so well! Keep it up!
  5. AG of 73%! Amazing! And I’m glad Michael V up there gave you the “sugar-coated” version of the East Coast weather. My head nearly baked off during last Saturday’s run. 🤯
  6. ocrunnergirl

    I have more time than money

    Agreed! It's virtually impossible to slow down once the feet get moving fast. Well at least until you/I blow up! 💀
  7. I love love love this!! I was right there with you! Hanging on and gasping to find out what happened. Welcome back!!
  8. Owwww!!! Great job, Chris!
  9. ocrunnergirl

    That Went Well

    Several comments: 1) Tempos - I feel like I haven’t run one of those in forever! Nice work. 2) I did 4 x 400s last week (with jet lag) and ran 1:52s consistently. No idea if that’s good or bad. Was happy with the effort. You must’ve found your groove on the last few at low 1:40s 3) I don’t think you ever mentioned what race you were training for??
  10. Sorry the race didn’t go as planned but 4:20 is respectable. Call it a training run for your next one? Your race pictures are fantastic!!
  11. Good luck! I didn't realize your race was so soon!
  12. ocrunnergirl

    It has been a while

    AT! Awesome!
  13. ocrunnergirl

    It's nice to be here again.

    WOW! You made it to 60 miles?? Impressive! You can go to the website I gave you and modify the pace band. I think there are options for slow start, even splits, slow finish, etc. Findmymarathon.com, I believe. Good luck!!
  14. ocrunnergirl

    Shirley Mae 5k

    I will look those up. I’ve got snapping and popping in my left side—stupid left side— and that’s the side with slight labrum tear. Doctor wants me to go see a surgeon about getting a few stitches to tack down tear??
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