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  1. I like (auto) biographies. I remember as a kid checking out the biography on Helen Keller and Betsy Ross. Lately I've read biographies about Steve Jobs (one weird dude -- fruititarian -- never even knew that was a thing!), John DuPont in Foxcatcher (my brother was a wrestler so I found that somewhat interesting with all of the big wrestling names). So with the Covid-19 quarantine we've been catching some biographies on Netflix and/or Amazon Prime. We watched the Elton John movie, one on ZZ Top and one on Allen Iverson. A.I. when he played for the Philadelphia 76ers came off as super arrogant and unapproachable. His famous quote: "We talkin' 'bout practice...." made him look like he thought he was such a great player that he didn't need practice. In reality what had happened was that his best friend had just died and even though the 76ers had won the game the press was harping on A.I. about missing a practice or 2. The scene in the movie really made you understand that you can't possibly know what someone is going through and why we need to be slower to judge one another. Anyway I'm here to talk about practice! because apparently that's all I've got for the present moment. 3/22 Shamrock Half Marathon 4/4 Revel Mt Charleston Marathon 5/17 Sugarloaf Marathon ..... R.D.s have not yet made decision I switched my training mid cycle due to some calf issues. I thought maybe if I didn't try to back to back a long run and semi long run together it might help. At this point it is debatable, but I've got to say I really really like the speed work/ intervals in the RunCoach plan. The one I did this past week was a 2 mile warm up with 6 x 200 @ 7:02 with 200 m jogs; 2 miles @ 9:14; 1:30 jog; 6 x 200 @ 7:02; cool down of 1.5 miles. So flipping fun! The interval diversity keeps my brain engaged the whole time. It also helps that I'm crushing the paces: 200s - 6:20, 6:45, 6:44, 6:26, 6:28, 6:37; 2 miles - 8:57, 9:04; 200s - 6:32, 6:35, 6:38, 6:22, 6:32, 6:42. I didn't even realize that I was running into the wind until like the 7th 200. LOL Another one of the interval workouts included 800s. WU 2, 3 x 800 at 7:44 with 2:00 jogs; 30:00 minutes @ 9:14; 3 x 800 at 7:44; 1.5 CD. I did this workout at a school complex that has a lot of recreation fields and portapotties (very important! LOL). It was super windy but I managed the paces 800s @ 7:32, 7:27, 7:32; 3.3 miles @ 8:57, 9:03, 9:07; 800s @ 7:43, 7:26, 7:30. I'm curious about the purpose of the middle miles. (The 9:14 pace is approximately my everyday pace.) I'm going to guess that it is to teach you to keep running even when you feel fatigued. This past weekend my motivation for getting out and completing a long run was almost zilch. It was cold and windy. Mt Charleston had just been canceled a few days prior. I headed to a park that I could make a 2.5 mile loop with 1/2 being road and the other 1/2 being a trail. I had exactly 1 gel and 1 Honey Stinger waffle and 1 bottle of water. I set out with low expectations. Running out of the park and west on the road was nice, but the turn to head back to the park was brutal. Full on into the wind! Back into the park and a quick left onto the trail that goes around the lake. The trail is the same trail that my summer XC series runs on. Lots of little ups and downs. I ran relaxed and easy. Quick stop at the portapotty. After the 2nd loop I stopped at my car to eat 1/2 of the H.S. waffle and sip some water. After the 4th time around (10 miles) fatigue was setting in. Ate the other 1/2 of the waffle and a little bit of the gel. I told myself to get to 15 and I could stop -- after all all of those trail miles are harder than road miles.... At 15 I finished the rest of the gel and of course kicked my self back out and completed 2 more laps. The final lap on the trail went by so fast! I couldn't believe I had completed 20. Stoked (<== do people say that anymore??) beyond belief. When I checked my average time I was super happy! Thought for sure I had averaged 10:00s with all of the trail miles. Average = 9:39, 400' elevation gain (a lot for me! LOL) Yesterday I went for an "easy" 6 miles which of course somehow I managed to turn into a progression. It started out nice enough. I ran from our local park out onto the main road to a dirt road. I had trouble getting warmed up and feeling comfortable until all of a sudden a switch flipped. The first 3 miles were 9:13, 8:55, 8:56. When I turned around everything just started flowing -- 8:48, 8:39. I had 1 mile left back to my car which was blacktop (not dirt) so I decided to fartlek it. Run 2 poles or to a sign and then cruise, repeat for the final mile. The final mile came in at 8:05 and I felt phenomenal! A few of us are going to get together this Saturday (while social distancing) for a make up 13.1. ( We will have no problem social distancing -- one girl runs 13:00s, I run 8:45s- 9:15s, and the other guy I definitely know that is running is hoping to run 7:00s.) Shamrock is mailing everyone their swag so if I'm going to wear the shirt I'm at least going to run a virtual 13.1. Maybe I'll go for GMP? I'm not sure yet and there is no portapotty on the designed 13.1! Ugh! So that's all I've got -- a whole lot of practice! Sincerely, House of Stark
  2. ocrunnergirl

    Life During Wartime

    I’m already panicking and I’m not really yet that affected. I worry for my kids and their jobs - so far WFH. I worry for my parents who insist on coming back to NJ from Florida. My dad will be 84 and has had pneumonia several times. I’m worried for my tenants whose jobs depend on the service industry. I’ve got one marathon left on my calendar that hasn’t canceled. I’m almost wishing they’d just cancel. Breathe, breathe, breathe....
  3. ocrunnergirl

    Here's an Idea.

    Thank Mrs. Dave from all of us!
  4. ocrunnergirl


    Fun weekend except for the getting sick thing. Glad a few Loopsters got to race before the shutdown. Stay healthy.
  5. The heart pizza is amazing! Nice month in training! Do whatever makes you happy. Some of my favorite workouts have been just like your Tornado workout. varying the different exercises keeps my mind occupied.
  6. ocrunnergirl


    Ugh! Sorry about the injury. If you haven't read the Alice Network I think you'd enjoy it.
  7. ocrunnergirl

    Decision Made, Plans Laid

    See you there!
  8. Wasn't bad compared to trying to run in the 30 mph winds.
  9. It's so ridiculous, right?? That woman -- Jeannie Rice -- who's going after the 70+ marathon PR says she stays off of the trails because it's too much of a risk for tripping and getting hurt. I'm over here thinking I can trip on ANY surface! Football pads may be in my future! 😅
  10. Great about Sugarloaf. Don't plan on running with me. The uphill from miles 5 - 8 scares me. Working on my hill game but not sure about a climb that goes on for 3 miles.
  11. ocrunnergirl

    Closing in

    178 miles with your FT job and grad school is amazing! I'm not sure how you do it all! BTW I love your cat pictures! So adorable.
  12. I did the Winter Warrior challenge as usual in January. Every day outside for at least 3 miles. I was “smart” - if it was supposed to be an off day from running then I walked the 3 miles. The weather wasn’t too terrible- a few days of feels like 17* but for the most part 30* and above. 200 running miles - OMG - where’d that come from? February — The local running group decided to have it’s first streak month to keep everyone moving through the winter. This streak was slightly different than WW— you just had to move - run/walk/skip - at least one mile per day - inside or outside. I quickly transitioned over to the treadmill on the days where the weather stunk. Ie. Every.dayum.friday!! Otherwise known as long run day. Seriously one day I had 18 miles on tap and it was so windy that it blew a 30’ tree onto my apartment building. My favorite— WTH —- run was one where I ran 6 x uphill bridge repeats. It was super windy and my legs were super tired. I wasn’t sure what to expect except I expected myself to at least try the workout. As I was running to the bridge as a warmup my legs felt light and peppy. Weird, I thought, as I battled the headwind. The uphills were hard as they usually are. I would take a breath and then flow back down. On the run back to my car the wind felt like it was pushing me back to my car. The whole run I averaged an 8:20 which NEVER happens! I also ran my longest training run ever on the treadmill. I ran 21 miles as a progression run and felt like I could have run another 5.2 that day. I stopped in the locker room to stretch and a girl/young lady approached me. Told me she had pointed me out to her boyfriend and said that I was a beast. So focused. Totally made my day. After the 21 miler I ran a 5 on Saturday and then a 5k “race” on Sunday. I had no intentions of racing. I was just there to support a friend in the Run 4 Autism. My calves let it be known that they needed a few days off. I was annoyed, but really how could I be? In August/September I was lucky to run 25 miles a week and since November this was the first time I had had to take a break. I sat my butt down for 3 whole days....practically killed me. Saw Scott aka Mr. Andante at the Run 4 Autism so that was nice. Also had a great turn out from our local running group. In the last week of February I got to run in the Poconos in Pennsylvania and in Florida: On my very last long run of the month I was back in NJ. I decided to run a route that one of the ladies from the local run group showed me. I did add on wherever possible — behind the school, around the shopping center, around the local college, through the hospital parking lot. I needed ~18. I thought I would get 5 miles and then circle back to my house for water and another gel (I had brought 1.) By the time I got to the gym which is across the street from the hospital I was at 9. Yippee! I just had to turn around and retrace my steps. And that’s when it happened...as I was crossing the busy intersection on a green light I caught my foot on....IDK. I went down hard. A lady hopped out of her car so fast to ask if I was okay. I had tried to jump up and brush it off but she was lightning fast!! I assured her I was fine. As I trotted up the hill away from the “tripcident” I kept saying, “I’m fine.”, “ Ow!”, “I’m fine.”,”Ow!” I stopped in the hospital parking lot and started pulling up my capris and then decided not to look. I mean really why bother? I was the farthest from home I could possibly be. If I had stopped it wasn’t like I wasn’t going to finish my run. Yes, I am that stubborn. I woke up the next day and felt like I’d been in a prize fight. My left shoulder hurt, my left hip was bruised and my left knee hurt to go down stairs...but I could still run!! Lol February: 184 miles with another 14-16 walking and some stationary biking. We are in the process of moving. I’m not entirely sure we will completely move but I finally got my stationary bike out to where I am living! Yay!! Lots of 30 minute recovery rides!! Say a prayer for an uneventful March.
  13. ocrunnergirl

    January Recap

    Ugh! Then that is aggravating!
  14. ocrunnergirl

    January Recap

    That's a shame about Orange Theory. I've heard people get great results from their classes. We don't have one close to me or else I'd give it a try. Just a thought -- couldn't you opt out of their texts?
  15. If they need a 2:00 - 2:30 pacer next year I'm in! LOL Looks like a great time!
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