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  1. ocrunnergirl

    I tried a Tri

    Either that or just a bit insane
  2. ocrunnergirl

    I tried a Tri

    It was a lot of fun
  3. ocrunnergirl

    I tried a Tri

    I had signed up for 2 triathlons in 2020 .... hence I am now signed up for 2 triathlons in 2021. The first one is on 8/7 and is an olympic distance - swim 1 mile, bike 22 miles and run 10k. The other one is a half Ironman - swim 1.2, bike 55, run 13.1. My training has been ALL over the place with the one constant being CrossFit. 😅 Running has been pretty much shut down since Jim Thorpe in May due to a calf strain. I've slowly started adding in a very few miles. Swimming has been pretty good. I'm not the best swimmer but I'm also not the worst. It is pretty darn relaxing! I did my 1st
  4. ocrunnergirl

    Would you rather...

    Thanks for taking me on your trip ... through pictures! Looks like a great vacation. I'm with Sara re: strength training. Definitely think your calves and hamstrings need some specific strength work. Weighted calf raises off stairs, Romanian deadlifts, regular deadlifts, swiss ball hamstring curls, hamstring slides with val slides, etc.
  5. ocrunnergirl


    I'm going with I'm not hurt. I was just overzealous and needed some down time.
  6. Way to go!! All of the races! The right job will come along. Just be patient.
  7. ocrunnergirl


    At 20 miles you are double to triple my weekly mileage at the moment.
  8. ocrunnergirl


    You are running again?? This is great news!
  9. I feel a bit like your twin. I bought a Trek Domane last year after someone ran in to me on my old Trek. I bought a used NordicTrack 1750 from someone at the start of Covid. I don't use iFit much for running but the TM allowed me to train all winter long through the snow and ice. Good luck with the sub 25:00!
  10. ocrunnergirl


    Hamstring stretches before you run - put foot on a chair and with a straight back lean into it. Calf stretches on the stairs. Stretch a tiny bit before every run. The cold weather may have made your muscles tight too. Oh and HYDRATE.
  11. ocrunnergirl

    1st 5K in Forever

    So happy for you, TreeGirl! Tell Moose I said hi!
  12. ocrunnergirl

    Last Covid Era Entry

    I can't love this enough! What a great way to spend your Covid time. Way to go, Coach!
  13. Great race, Sara! Awesome that you and Lauren worked together.
  14. Not bad? Lol. PR and 3rd OA - I’m ecstatic.
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