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  1. You are an inspiring aunt, chica!
  2. Save it. I'll be back to hike or run a trail race. I'm so lame. I packed my Dave Pi Pie eating headband hat to wear for my NYC 1/2 but didn't wear it. You may have to rescind my Muskrat 2020 mug.
  3. ocrunnergirl

    Look! I'm Running!

    Those are some nice paces!
  4. If by sketchy training you mean different but still good then I guess I’ll agree.
  5. https://ocrunnergirl.wordpress.com/2019/03/19/united-airlines-nyc-1-2-marathon/ or united-airlines-nyc-1-2-marathon
  6. Those are some great runs!! 21 in training...wow! So happy it’s all coming together. BTW we had a glimmer of spring last week so I’m hoping for great weather for you.
  7. ocrunnergirl

    The quest.

    I think you should have put up a picture of the dress on the Loop facebook page and we could have all hit up our local JCP's for Mrs. Dave. Being a parent of the bride or groom is tough spot. Picking a dress is hard!
  8. Glad you found your happy!! Please be careful with that foot!! You and I both have had too much time on the DL. Can’t wait to read about your experience in the GDR!
  9. Great recap, Dave! Tinkbot Jr. really does steal the show. ❤️
  10. ocrunnergirl

    A return to the Loop!

    Congratulations!! Can’t wait to read about your return to running!
  11. ocrunnergirl

    Snow Busted

    I would say your mojo has come back in full force! Great lesson about not stopping your watch during the long run. A lesson I should learn from you. Good luck with the marathon!
  12. I've been fighting agreeing with the "old body" thing for a while, but now I'm going to have to totally agree with this. I'm so over it.
  13. I love watching other people's workout videos!
  14. No special category needed. Totally just a sarcastic entrance so i could say I did something. LOL. Aren't I always in my own "special" category??
  15. Your training has been great! Lots of fun following you on Strava. Glad you blooped! Work can wait! Lol.
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