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  1. RunEatRalph

    I've missed you all

    Since I already follow you on Wordpress...hi.
  2. RunEatRalph

    Post Achilles Surgery Week ? – I Don’t Care Anymore :)

    Haha. Not yet. Richmond is always a possibility. Rehoboth seems to be a very popular choice. I have my eyes on something different this year and might run the Grand Slam at the Runner's World Festival.
  3. RunEatRalph

    Three weeks out

    1. No. Never. It is not music. 2. I would focus on being "not worst" and sweet talk my way into as many alliances as possible. 3. I ran the Virginia 10 miler twice as part of a 20 mile training run. The 2nd lap was during the race. I did not do well haha. Also, I hope you beat neon shirt guy in chip time too.
  4. RunEatRalph

    Nike Vaporfly 4% Review

    I'm really curious and might just give them a try when my current rotation of shoes finally starts to wear out. Running Shoes Guru made a good point that many of us scoff at the $250 price tag while spending much more than that on race entries, hotels and travel costs. If I think they'll help me PR and BQ, aren't they worth the $$$?
  5. RunEatRalph

    Four Lap Harmony

    5:48 is BAD. ASS. I love your description of your thoughts and the physical struggle of the race. We have a track series here during the summer and I need to get involved.
  6. Hello! Today should be my “Friday” Thursday but now it’s just a regular Thursday since I’ll be working tomorrow. That’s ok. The office is quiet and I can get things done. I’ve decided that there’s no longer a need to keep rambling on about my formerly torn but now almost good as new Achilles. Running is feeling more and more natural to me. PT is mostly about strengthening and is basically a workout now, although I still deal with the painful process of breaking up scar tissue (OUCH). I’m not officially cleared yet (there’s going to be a party when I am), but I’m pretty comfortable. I’m still limited in my total mileage, but I’d be limiting myself anyway just to be safe. I’m really pretty pleased about where I am right now. I’ve been mixing it up with some slower runs and some faster ones. I did run my first sub 7 minute mile this week. The warm weather is an added challenge, but since I didn’t run all winter it’s been a smoother transition. I’m still a sweaty mess (as usual). I was happy that I was able to keep my HR out of Zone 5. I’m starting to monitor heart rate more, since it’s a good indication of my fitness and level of effort. NERD. My watch says 6:57, but the bubble says 6:55. Believe whoever you want. I have my first race this Saturday at the D-Day Memorial in Bedford! I have promised that I won’t go “all out” quite yet, but I can run it hard. I’m a competitive guy, but I’m going to be smart about this one. I won’t be leading the pack this time and I might not medal, but I’m going to LOVE it. I ran back to back days this week for the first time since the injury. Everything felt great! I can run 4 miles on Saturday (I’ll add on after the race) and then I start my last week of structured running on Monday. After that, I should be officially cleared and can do WHATEVER I WANT. I don’t miss these days one bit. Thanks again to everyone that’s ever read, liked or commented on my weekly updates related to this injury. I’m looking forward to posting about better things. For those of you dealing with problems of your own, stay positive. There are people out there (even some you might never meet) that will support you and encourage you, and you never know who you might be helping by setting an example and giving them hope.
  7. RunEatRalph

    Post Achilles Surgery Week 20 – I’m High as a Kite and I Just Might…

    December? That sounds good. You coming down to Lynchburg?
  8. RunEatRalph

    Post Achilles Surgery Week 20 – I’m High as a Kite and I Just Might…

    Just in case the effect wore off, I figured I'd respond and give that worm a longer lifespan haha.
  9. RunEatRalph

    Post Achilles Surgery Week 20 – I’m High as a Kite and I Just Might…

    I can't WAIT to lose the surgery titles haha. The song lyrics will last forever. :)
  10. OK Loopsters, I wrote this late last week and once again I've slacked in sharing it with the Loop. Please forgive me. I hope you'll read it anyway. I have other posts since the last, but I don't want to unload them all at once. If you want to know more about weeks 17-19, look here. Happy Friday! Yes, I know it’s Thursday but it’s a Friday for me. I swear I’m not trying to rub it in everyone’s faces even though that’s EXACTLY what I seem to be doing. My bad. This week is my first official week where I get to run miles, as opposed to minutes. Tuesday was the first day of running miles since December 13th, I’ll always remember that date. At first, I wanted to run with people and kind of celebrate but then I decided that I just kind of wanted to be alone in the dark. Running has felt a little strange, but I think my form stayed pretty normal. My “baby calf” (that’s what I’ve named my weakened calf on the injured side) held up okay for the first mile but started to tire a little in the 2nd. My lungs haven’t felt the strain of distance running in quite sometime and that’s noticeable. None of that matters. I RAN 2 MILES. I really was that excited. I need to rewind a bit. On Saturday, there was a wedding! A great wedding at that. My friends Michael and Brooke (both runners) tied the knot and several of the running buddies were there to celebrate the day. I think we did a pretty great job of it. Runners are good, fun people. Robbie and I went Rocky IV. My darling wife (a non-runner, soccer player type) did a pretty good job of putting up with us. I think she had a good time too. We even danced (horribly, me at least). These pictures capture us well, I think. Okay, back to the running stuff. So last week, I said that I hoped to run with friends and have some coffee. Well, I did. Missed this more than I can say. This was a great run. Even my non-runner (soon to be runner) work buddy Cody aka Lil Code showed up. 3 miles was the longest he’d ever run and he did GREAT. I really didn’t have any trouble getting 3 miles done and even picked it up to a about a 6:40/mile pace for the last quarter mile or so. I got that sweet, sweet runner’s high. My baby calf is a little sore now, but it’s nowhere near my repaired tendon and feels completely like muscle fatigue. I look at it as feeding that baby calf until it grows into a strong bull. I mustered up the energy to train at lunch time and do some strength training. I still need to get these glutes firing! Well, that’s it for this week. Soon enough, I won’t be titling my posts with post Achilles surgery anything. I’ll have to get more creative. Hope you all have a great weekend, whenever it may start.
  11. RunEatRalph


    Being careful is the right move, that I'm sure of. I wish I had some wisdom for your situation. I can only imagine how difficult that is. I guess I'd say to give her the distance she seems to desire and be there when you're needed.
  12. RunEatRalph

    April in review: Just keep showing up!

    Your workouts are no joke. I suppose that's how one gets so blazing fast.
  13. RunEatRalph

    Well, that didn't go as well as I'd hoped.

    I'm sorry, Dave. You deserve the best. I hope you find the magic cure somewhere, and soon.
  14. RunEatRalph

    Post Achilles Surgery Week 16.5 - The One Where I Ran!!!

    I have a pic of that too. S&M equestrianism is a hobby of mine.
  15. Hello! This week’s title isn’t from a song and it isn’t from a movie. It doesn’t matter, BECAUSE I RAN!!!! It was only 4×1 minute intervals, but it was a runner’s high to the nth power! Pure joy. We’ll get to more of that, but I’ll also take the time to recap my week. Thursday night was the home opener for our hometown high A baseball team, the Lynchburg Hillcats. I was very happy to attend the game. I froze my butt off, but there isn’t much prettier than a ball park on a home opener. Friday, I ran 2 miles on an Alter G treadmill. It’s basically a treadmill with an isolated chamber below the waist that pressurizes to “lift you up” and reduce your effective body weight. If you’d like a better description, I posted about it last week (read here). That was a great experience, but I won’t be needing the Alter G anymore. On Saturday, I ran walked the Point of Honor 5k. My good friend and runemy Jeremy walked with me. Jeremy brought donuts, so we ate more than we burned off during the 5k. We stuck to Olympic race-walking rules and never once had both feet off of the ground. Jeremy managed to edge me out by 1 second. I think he meant to do that! The girls dominated, both the race AND the picture. It was really great to be out with the running community of Lynchburg again in a race environment. Walking wasn’t SO bad. Luckily, this might be the only race that I have to walk because….I RAN TODAY. We also went out for a little post race gathering, where there was beer, trash talk and plans for the running future. The tough guy look is for you, Preston Evans. So that covers most of the week, but I saved the best part for last. Today I had a physical therapy appointment and THEY LET ME RUN! I’m using a TruForm treadmill, which unlike most treadmills, doesn’t have a motor. You have to power it yourself like a hamster would. The good part is that it sort of forces you to run more with your glutes and hamstrings. The bad part is that it sort of forces you to run more with your glutes and hamstrings. img_3644 Share 0 0:00 / 0:17 HDEnable HD Quality Enable HD Quality Enable Fullscreen Mode Did I mention that I RAN?! I was allowed 4×1 minute intervals (as I said earlier), but they felt SO GOOD. I really didn’t struggle much at all with the fact that I had a torn achilles. Everything felt very natural. I managed to speed up to around a 7:00 mile pace and it felt great! It’s been 16 weeks, 4 days and now about 19 hours since the injury occurred. I’ve been staying positive and working hard all to build up to today. I’m as happy as I’ve been in a long time. I have so many people to thank (and God too). So many friends (both “real life” and “internet”) have said things to inspire me and to keep me focused. I thank you all so much. I don’t want to get all sappy, but you all mean a lot to me. My physical therapists have been amazing too. They inspired confidence and trust and they have been tough on me when I need it. I’m not done working yet. I have a 5 phase plan that started today and if all goes well, I’ll be through it in 2 weeks. Then I get to really run, but with mileage limitations. Based on today, I KNOW I’m going to crush what’s left to be done and get fully cleared for takeoff. Maybe I’ll see you at the next race.