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  1. For me to run as fast as you do, it would have to be a bit more physical than that. 😂
  2. Hey Loopsters! It's been a while, but I wrote this one because I had an epiphany (?) of sorts. I don't want to overshare with weekly updates and whatnot, but I thought this one might be useful to somebody out there. Hey, hey hey! After last Sunday’s half marathon (read about it here, if you like), I’ve had some thoughts about how it went and what I might have learned from it. There are lessons to be learned from so many races that we run, both the good and the bad (probably the ugly too). I’ll share these thoughts with you runners out there and hope that they help. Running Sha
  3. "There is a huge difference between actual injury pain and just being uncomfortable. We spend most our lives in comfort. Heating & air-conditioning. Full bellies. Overstuffed chairs. For millennia, we survived as a species without these things. And don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my creature comforts. But, I do think that there is some merit in the primal feeling of scraping the bottom of your physical ability." YES.
  4. Your positive attitude will go a long way! I love your plan to embrace science.
  5. Hello, hello, hello! Here we are already into the last week of January. Time is flying by, so we’ll probably all be singing Christmas songs again before we know it. I’ve been posting for several weeks about how happy I am to not be training for anything and that I’m enjoying running just to run. Welp, time’s up. At 13 weeks to go until Kentucky Derby, it’s time I start to do a little more than just run for fun. I still haven’t decided how I’m going to treat this race, but I want options. This means I need to get myself up at uncomfortable paces again. The track is SO miserable in the wint
  6. RunEatRalph

    And so it Begins...

    It was definitely nonsense! 😀
  7. RunEatRalph

    And so it Begins...

    Not much better than a small airport, as long as it has a bar.
  8. I wasn't sure about reading a car-related death post, but this was AMAZINGLY good. You have a gift. I hope Nissan hooks you up.
  9. Sounds pretty awesome. Anything that can make someone positively blog about the dreadmill must be good.
  10. RunEatRalph

    And so it Begins...

    I'm pretty excited about the relay and YES a Loop team would be awesome. I didn't think about the fact that it's on Boston weekend. That might be a great consolation for those that don't get their BQs.
  11. RunEatRalph

    And so it Begins...

    I wrote this at the end of last week, but I figured why not try to recruit some Loopsters to join me for some races. Happy Friday (Saturday now, but still happy), friends! It’s been a long week, but it’s SO CLOSE to being time to move into the good part. My week has been action packed in every way. Work has been busy (not such a bad thing) with lots of excitement going on. Jen and I are plotting our family vacation this year and are working between Myrtle Beach or DisneyWorld. It ain’t cheap haha. I’ve managed to run 4 days so far this week and plan on running a semi-long one
  12. That was exactly the message that I was trying to convey! I love the thought of stoking the competitive fire. My running buddies are trying to bring it out of me all the time. It's coming for sure. I want to at least hold out a month or two haha.
  13. RunEatRalph


    I know exactly how you feel. I hope feeling normal comes soon.
  14. RunEatRalph

    Looking Ahead to 2019

    Good luck with all of your 2019 goals! 2018 in pictures looked pretty great.
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