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  1. RunEatRalph

    The grass is always greener

    Some of the things you write seem like they are being pulled straight from my own head. You and I are definitely on the same path. Hopefully it leads to good runs in Rehoboth.
  2. RunEatRalph

    Baby steps.

    Hooray for miles! I need to do that workout too, honestly. I think I will.
  3. RunEatRalph

    ? Marathon Training Week 4 – The Decision

    Thanks! I figured that's a convenient way to keep a running diary. The GAP feature is awesome. A friend turned me onto the StravistiX Extension for google chrome. It provides SO much extra info for runs.
  4. RunEatRalph

    ? Marathon Training Week 4 – The Decision

    Is that what "rub some dirt on it" means?
  5. RunEatRalph

    ? Marathon Training Week 4 – The Decision

    Thanks! I'm trying. I have days where I feel like I'm there and others where I'm reminded that I'm not.
  6. RunEatRalph

    ? Marathon Training Week 4 – The Decision

    I ate SO MUCH DIRT CAKE. I don't like the worms though. I tried to dig them out.
  7. RunEatRalph

    Reflections of Joy

    Beautiful post. It really is.
  8. RunEatRalph

    ? Marathon Training Week 4 – The Decision

    It feels like Monday, but it’s Tuesday! That’s pretty nice. I feel like I’m a bit jet lagged, although we didn’t fly anywhere. We made a trip up to DC for a baseball game and had it was HOT. Soooooo hot. That combined with not getting home until 10pm was enough to wear me out. As you may or may not know, I’m 4 weeks into my marathon training and until recently I couldn’t even tell you which marathon I was training for…until now. Drum roll please… I have signed up for the Rehoboth Beach Marathon on December 8th! I ran this one last year, but it went pretty horribly (read about it here, if you dare). However, the race and course are awesome and you can’t beat the post-race fun (read about that here, it’s a more cheerful read). So now that we all know what I’m actually training for, let’s recap: Monday – Planned 3 miles/Actual 3 miles I ran these on the treadmill just before getting DESTROYED by a kettlebell workout. As of know, the runs are optional and the kettlebell workouts are not. I just think that short, easy runs are nice but not all that meaningful to my training. The kettlebells are definitely helping me feel stronger. I need that strength for the late miles more than I need a little extra volume. Tuesday – Planned 6 miles/Actual 6 miles I’m still having trouble finding my “easy” pace. I want to run 8:30 to 9:00 miles, but I always seem to end up near 8:00 pace. I think I’m a little less efficient when I’m slower and it doesn’t “feel” easy. My theory is that when I shorten up and reduce my turnover, it causes me to be on one leg for a little longer and that wears down my muscles a bit. Wednesday – Planned 3 miles/Actual 4 miles I ran one extra for my friends and I was glad to. The title of my run on Strava was “This one was JUST right”. My friends helped me pace that easy pace I was looking for and with their conversation it didn’t seem so awful. Also, there was coffee! This is pretty much us. Thursday – Planned 4 x Hill Repeats/Actual 4 x Hill Repeats I loved and hated these so much that I decided to write a post about hill repeats. I decided to look back to what hill repeats were like for me before my injury and I couldn’t find any in recent history. Going back to May of last year, they were pretty similar. That made me pretty happy. On a non-running topic, my co-workers also made me happy. They surprised me with office decor and dirt cake for my upcoming 40th (gulp) birthday. The REAL surprise is that it was 9 days early! Friday – Rest Day! I rested in the sense that I didn’t run or work out. Jen had our good friend and her college roommate Suzy in town from LA, so they ran off to Richmond in search of non-Mom type fun. I got the kids off to school and had a day with little Ben. Ben is my little buddy. I hate that he’s growing up so fast, but that’s the way life is. What can I say? The kid likes wristbands. Saturday – Planned 6 miles at MP/Actual 6 miles at MP Friday night lasted WAY longer than I’d hoped, but we were having so much fun plus Jen and Suzy don’t get a ton of time together and they needed a driver. I ended up getting my butt out of bed after <4 hours of sleep and going for it. That’s why running in groups is good. Accountability. I told myself that I don’t sleep well the night before a race anyway. Based on the conditions and my condition, I was pretty happy about this run. I averaged right around what my BQ pace needs to be. I’m keeping it around as a possibility. Sunday – Planned 13 miles/Actual 13 miles Another hot and miserable run to grind out. I’m just waiting on my Pegasus Turbos to make EVERYTHING better. We’re getting into long run territory where you HAVE to think about fuel/hydration/chafing etc. etc. and I’ve forgotten how to deal with all of that. It’ll come back to me one way or another. I’m proud of anyone that toughs out this time of year through so many awful runs. Fall is coming. We shall rejoice! I had trouble pacing again and ended up a little fast, but my heart rate stayed relatively under control. That means I’m getting in shape (I think). Week 4 is in the books. It was a 35 mile week (my highest in a year!). August was a 120 mile month. This is happening!!! When I tore my Achilles WAY back in December, I dreamed about getting back to this point. Here we are. Thanks go out to all of you that advised me, encouraged me and motivated me. You’re the best!
  9. RunEatRalph

    Running some hills, that's where I want to be!

    I do tend to "attack" the hills in most races. I'm just trying to get them over with sooner.
  10. RunEatRalph

    Running some hills, that's where I want to be!

    Yes! Striding out doesn't do much for hills.
  11. RunEatRalph

    Running some hills, that's where I want to be!

    I'll try the longer warmup next time. Thanks!
  12. RunEatRalph

    Running some hills, that's where I want to be!

    Good morning, my friends! I didn’t expect to post anything today, but this morning’s hill repeats inspired me a little so why not. If my title puts a song in your head, I’ve done my job. This was me, after 4 hill repeats. Feels good! Hills are in pretty much any run when you live in Lynchburg, VA. It’s actually known as “the hill city”. That being said, I generally don’t go out of my way to find them, or to repeat them. This training plan calls for hill repeats once every 3 weeks and that’s new to me. Hill repeats don’t take long at all. My total run was 3 miles and a mile of that was warmup and cooldown. You definitely work more muscles than typical runs though. I was A SWEATY MESS afterward and I couldn’t get cooled off. The shower didn’t take. This was me at work. What is that guy hiding? Now I’m not a running expert by any means, but I’ve been paying attention to what feels best for me when tackling a hill at high speed. High speed is all relative of course, so maybe “high effort” is a better term. Here are some thoughts about how best to take on them hills. Keep your eyes on the horizon – I think this helps with form. I feel like your weight should be shifted forward a little. I focus on staying rigid and keeping my core engaged. Run with your arms! – I KNOW we run with our legs, but when you pump those arms the legs will follow. It feels strong and badass too, so do it. Quick steps – Keep those feet light and the steps quick, like you’re running on hot coals. Shorten up your stride a bit if that helps. Run through your target – I remember being taught to punch through where you’re trying to hit and the same applies here. We have a natural tendency to let up a bit as we get close to what we perceive as the end, so you have to trick yourself a bit by making “the end” a little farther away. It works! Think about that high you’ll get – Just like the track, hills are tough. THERE WILL BE SUFFERING and you will likely enter the pain cave. However, our body rewards us with that sweet, sweet runner’s high when we finish. While you’re suffering, think about how great you’ll feel when it’s over! That’s all I’ve got for this one. Anybody have any hill running tips to add or any disagreements to what I’ve said? You won’t hurt my feelings at all if you do. We’re all out to be the best runners we can be. Quick question for Loopsters: I've been posting my weekly training stuff on my WordPress blog, but didn't know if you all would even want to read that much detail so I don't post it here. DO you want to read it? No biggie if you don't haha.
  13. RunEatRalph

    The Return

    We are on a very similar journey. Journey? Maybe I'll sing some of that while celebrating my next race completed. Your font selection makes me think you are writing a screenplay. I'm about to try them Turbos this week!
  14. RunEatRalph

    Week 2 Complete: not all weeks will be awesome

    You weren't far off on that tempo. You're starting out on a different kind of training plan than you've done before. There will be some adjustment, but you'll have better weeks. I'm sure of it.
  15. RunEatRalph

    I'm marathon training again!

    I honestly think you're going to crush Rehoboth. You are in your PRIME.