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  1. N2runningbad a.k.a. Dean


    You're back. So glad to see the pic and it's good to know everything is fine. So how much longer before you can go on the road with T.O. and I?
  2. Dave that was a good day. To be out running and get to see you. What are the chances? If we just had done a photo opt.
  3. I'll be 60 this month and after going back and re-reading my post that should have been that I ran a 3:07 in June. Chicago is where I ran my 2:59:52 ten days before my 57th birthday. Would love to run a bit faster still.
  4. I ran a 2:07 at Grandma's in June. A bit disappointed but I'll do better at Monumental. Runners make the BEST Friends!
  5. Well this has been quite awhile. Early next month I'll be running my 3rd marathon this year and my first in a new age group. The course record for my new age group was set last year with a 3:15. That's my goal is to break that and keep all of us old guys honest!! It's good to see a bunch of the old group here. Runners make the BEST friends!
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