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  1. Training is all any of us got so hopefully misery loves company as the saying goes.
  2. I think all of us can relate to the ups and downs of life and how it impacts our running, our lives, our friendships, etc. Nothing will be the same as it once was because we're all different people from one year to the next and that's a good thing. Growth and development are good things. Get out there and run and embrace life.
  3. TreeGirl

    Runs in the Time of Corona

    It all just feels weird right now. You explained a lot of it really well.
  4. TreeGirl

    Attempting A Return...

    Holy mackeral you've been dealing with a lot. I'm glad you're here and we'll support you no matter how smoothly it goes as you run more and fix your motivator. 😁
  5. TreeGirl

    COVID-19 10K

    Woke up this morning at 5 am and fell back to sleep till nearly 8 am. Raining, cold, windy outside. No reason to bound out of bed, that's for certain. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do today for my COVID-19 entry. I had proclaimed a 10K as my intention but in standard fashion for myself, I questioned my abilities and desires. I messaged and texted with 4 different friends this morning to catch up and wait out the mist and rain that was supposed to stop around 10 am. It did and I got myself ready, still not ready to commit to a distance or pace or goal. I'll just putz along for a f
  6. TreeGirl


    I sympathize with hanging things... in my 1910 house, it's a roll of the dice where the studs are and with the plaster and lathe, you can't use a stud finder accurately. Chris is putting off installing a shelf in the kitchen to put the microwave because of the headache it brings. Congrats to TRex on what she accomplished this past year! Wonderful!
  7. TreeGirl

    Happy New Year!

    Congrats on finishing a good decade on a high note! And your comment about being the cherry on the sundae really made my day when I read it on my bloop! Such a great analogy!👍
  8. Adding to my own post from a week ago.... I do like making resolutions but for me it's just more about what goals I want to set for myself. Like you, I don't get too hung up on regret if something doesn't work like I plan. 1. Continue going to therapy at least 1 time per month. 2. Take care of myself FIRST because without my health and happiness, everything will fall apart. (see #1) I'm thrilled to read you found someone you're crazy about. 🥰
  9. TreeGirl

    You Are Enough

    We always think of the coming year with what we need to do more of, get better at, etc. Aren't we just telling ourselves we didn't do life well enough this year? We weren't successful enough this year? Think about what you did this past year. You ran, maybe you did some strength work, maybe you went to yoga, maybe you learned to meditate. You juggled the needs of your job, kids, school, parents, loved ones, neighbors, etc. You did enough. You are enough. Think about the coming year differently. What did you really enjoy that you want to do more of in 2020? What were you successful
  10. Love hearing all the trails you enjoyed! Snowshoeing really is an incredible cardio workout in the winter when snow gets deep.
  11. So many germs going around this season. I hope the GI stuff settles down for you! And the hammy too
  12. TreeGirl

    I said I'd be back.

    Depends on if you can get them on sale.. between $40-50 seems the average. Takes AAA batteries which I hate but I can get rechargeable batteries for it.
  13. TreeGirl

    Jolly Holly 5K

    You ROCK, girlfriend. 😎
  14. TreeGirl

    swartkoppies slowly

    OMG!!! A giraffe!!!! I love them so much. I've seen them in a zoo but never in the wild. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your incredible adventure.!
  15. TreeGirl

    I said I'd be back.

    Winter came early to northern Michigan and I'm already tired of running on snowy surfaces but I'll endure. This morning was 10 minute warm up, 10-20 minutes at medium effort, 10 minute cool down. The whole run was me struggling to find footing and not getting run over by big plow trucks clearing city streets. I wave at them regularly to show my appreciation and hopefully build some compassion to not flatten me. I need one of those Noxgear vests that I see in FB ads constantly. I better budget that for myself for my January birthday. I wear a headlamp w/flashing red lights and reflective
  16. TreeGirl


    Wow. That sucks on so many levels. I'm really sorry. 😨
  17. So many good hearted people out there.
  18. Great job out there and congrats on becoming an Ultra Runner!
  19. Some of the most amazing humans I call my friends I met through the Loop. Some I've still never met in person (KRG!) and some I've even vacationed to go see (Moose and Countess FiFi!). Life has been "interesting" the past 2 years but I have nothing epic to post pics of and most of you are friends with me on FB and/or follow me on IG so you see the high points. My big win for 2019 was a trip with hubby Chris to northern Arizona where we did all the tourist hot spots. He loved the Grand Canyon and I did as well but my bucket list check off was the Petrified Forest and that's my feature
  20. TreeGirl

    A Tale of Two (Races)

    I'm lucky to know you, I'm proud as hell of what you've accomplished this year, and can't imagine what the next 10 years holds for you.
  21. Damn it. I wish your back was better. I need to send you a private note now and then and keep up better.
  22. Hang in there girlfriend - you shall endure. And I'm here for you 💚
  23. It was worth logging in to see the pictures. I bet I've seen them on your IG posts but still love to see them over and over and over... I must come visit soon.......🥰
  24. TreeGirl

    Baby steps.

    I wish I could offer some great inspiration and a vision of perfect running in the future. Seeing my boyfriend go through 2 surgeries in 3 years and the rehab process from the back surgery in February has opened my eyes to how difficult rehab can be and how long it can take. As slowly as I now recover from any injury of any degree has me living in fear of any potential injuries needing surgery because I'll set slowness records in rehab. Those 3x10 strength sets look perfect. I need to add those to my morning repertoire.
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