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  1. TreeGirl

    Past, Present, Future

    It's been a blast looking at all the pictures on the Loop Anniversary page tonight. Reminds me of so many friends and friendships and how lucky I am to have met so many incredible runner. Several of you have become some of my closest friends. Marshall 2013 was the launch for me to meet so many cool people. The above is from 2013 at the Marshall University Marathon event in Huntington WV. I met Senior Runner for the first time and we quickly realized we're both crazy amateur horticulturists and naturalists and had plenty to talk about while the others ran. We were both there as a cheering section due to injuries. Fiona (Countess FiFi), me, Mike Cannon (Colonel Cupcake), and Emileigh Morrison. Then I went to Shamrock in 2014 just 3 months later - I totally failed to bring a costume! I'm not good at costume runs because odd clothing that rubs or flops or fits awkwardly is my demise when I run. I was fortunate enough to be Chef Ed's sous chef for that event and got to cook with him in the kitchen for everyone. That's the past but still the present with so many great people. The present brings me few opportunities for Loopmeets because of my budget, my priorities, and the fact I loathe road races. Unfortunately, trail races for Loopmeets are few and far between and even further of a drive from my house in northern Michigan. The future is never a given and as far as I can see ahead of me, I think my trail race in the fall will be my last long race over a half marathon distance for a good long time. I won't say forever because you just never know. I hope I get a chance to run with a few of you in the near future - the nostalgia makes the heart grow lonely for running friends.
  2. TreeGirl

    Another of Dave's Great Western Adventures

    Love the siding color! My vote is to paint the fence the same color as the trim - white.
  3. TreeGirl

    On the Cheap

    3D printed course! Love that! I'm terrible at pinning bibs on. It also takes me 3 tries to get my magnetic name tag on straight when I go to meetings for work. You seem to be a pro at finding $30 races. You're my kind of trail runner.
  4. TreeGirl

    The One Run Training Plan (TM)

    I'm happy for you to see you've taken up running a bit again! I hope you continue to find joy in some miles.
  5. TreeGirl

    Feet in Grass!

    Neither can we.... we're all so sick of it.
  6. TreeGirl

    Feet in Grass!

    First, let me apologize if my last post seemed depressing. I typed it with positivity in my head and heart and didn't realize it may not have been interpreted that way. But the changes I'm going through aren't earth shattering and as long as I can continue to be active and fit, I'm very happy! Thanks to the change in Michigan law in 2015, I don't have to have a doctors referral to see a physical therapist. I'm going at 3:30 to meet with them, do some forms, and get a plan together for a solid routine of strength exercises to keep my lower back as healthy as possible. When I injured my back I didn't have an insurance plan that covered PT and didn't get any post injury treatment. I'm glad I can go now. I was going to go to the gym after I meet with PT and packed my bag to do that and then.... left it at home. Home is 27 miles away. Grrrrrr.... And we're getting freezing rain. The rain is ending by noon apparently so I'm going to just run outside at home if it's not too icy, do some strength work with what I have available and make the best of it. 40F and 10mph winds is the evening forecast and I can handle that. Last night I felt stabile enough in my hips and lower back to try a slow run for 30 minutes. 13 minute per mile pace so it was definitely easy paced. My back felt great! I even took my shoes and socks off and did a couple light strides in the exposed grass in my yard when I was done. I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity before the snowpocolypse comes tomorrow and stays till Monday. Only 10" expected at my house, luckily. I'm just on the leading edge of the really high totals. 20" for my parents and up to 30" for my boyfriend. Now, go for a walk in the grass or the sand - it feels great!
  7. TreeGirl

    never turn your back on a champagne cork

    I agree with Dave.
  8. TreeGirl

    Pain of Foolishness

    You need to work with someone who can help you with your form. It's not easy and there are key things to keep this from happening. A weak core will cause your hips to arch on overhead lifts.
  9. TreeGirl

    Pain of Foolishness

  10. TreeGirl

    Pain of Foolishness

    I have a bulging disc in my lower back (did it in my 30's, I'm 47 now) and when I do foolish things like holding things over my head for too long (which causes my back to arch) it gets really ticked off and makes me miserable. I can't stand upright, can't walk normally, etc. when it gets angry at me. And when it gets angry it's totally justified because I know better. Things got ugly on Friday and then compounded on Saturday and by Sunday I was mostly incapacitated. Monday I had a very candid discussion with my chiropractor and we both agreed that I need to stop CrossFit immediately. The overhead loaded weights and certain other activities in CrossFit aren't helpful to my disc. I want to be healthy and fit and ACTIVE long term so it's time for a change again. Luckily, running has never bothered my bulging disc so I can keep doing that. It never hurts to run once the disc goes back to it's happy place. I'll be starting yoga up again along with some metabolic conditioning (HIIT training) and doing some strength training that is geared to my speed and my limitations. Going to try spin class too. That should be "interesting". Strength training must be a big component in my life to support the disc in my back. I also have a bulging disc in my neck that has been very quite since I started strength training. No more numbness down my left arm! Getting old isn't easy. I'm paying for the foolish things I did in my 20's and 30's. I hope to get another 15-20 years out of my spine before it needs any medical attention but I need to be really smart in what I choose to do if that is actually going to be the case. Someday, I will have to hang up my running shoes and just walk and hike and I'm o.k. with that. We'll see how many more years I can keep running, though! Speaking of which, I should be able to run by the weekend. Just in time for yet another spring snow storm to drop 10-12" of wet heavy snow on my town. (CrossFit is a ton of fun and this is no indication that anyone will get hurt doing their workouts. Just be sure to acknowledge any limitations you have from past injuries.)
  11. TreeGirl

    Nearly a month into 13.1 Training

    Not training for anything at the moment... will kick that off starting in June. Would like to run trails but they're buried in the snow still. I'm not a fan of half marathons. I like the 10K and the 15K. My 25K was fun last summer, too. No clue what my beef is with the half marathon distance.
  12. TreeGirl

    The Sword

    My hopes are with you to crush your goal!
  13. TreeGirl

    Giving it a go

    I really wish that crocus rule applied up here. 10" coming for my yard this weekend. I need to get stocked up on wine and Downton Abbey DVD's.
  14. TreeGirl

    Well, that didn't go as well as I'd hoped.

    This just sucks. So sorry. I'm busy painting too... next up is my bathroom. The weather forecast for us this weekend is the stuff of nightmares. 10-24" depending on where you are in the storm path.
  15. TreeGirl

    Rejected Twice.

    It's all basically private insurance. We have no government plans except for really poor people and/or very elderly. Many of us get our health insurance plans through a group to keep cost down and those groups are normally through our jobs. I am part of a large group for employees of my state agency so my plan is very good and I pay monthly fees but what I pay is quite minimal compared to what my employer pays for me to have insurance.