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  1. TreeGirl

    Baby steps.

    I wish I could offer some great inspiration and a vision of perfect running in the future. Seeing my boyfriend go through 2 surgeries in 3 years and the rehab process from the back surgery in February has opened my eyes to how difficult rehab can be and how long it can take. As slowly as I now recover from any injury of any degree has me living in fear of any potential injuries needing surgery because I'll set slowness records in rehab. Those 3x10 strength sets look perfect. I need to add those to my morning repertoire.
  2. TreeGirl


    Great PR but nasty toe! I hope if doesn't last long.
  3. TreeGirl

    Perfect Trail Run

    Luckily it's totally invisible from inside the bathroom because it's accessible from the basement with a ladder up to the access area. Kinda nice that I don't have to tear apart and repair the interior stuff. Well, I hope not.....
  4. TreeGirl

    Perfect Trail Run

    I never said I knew what I was doing! I just said I'm going to do it. LOL!
  5. TreeGirl

    Perfect Trail Run

    KRG said "we need a bloop"! Alrighty then..... Running is going well. Slow but well. I still can't accept I'll never be even slightly speedy. I'm mediocre middle to back of the pack. I had a great trail run last week though! The picture below is a grove of hemlock trees. I had to walk through here just to soak it all in. Truly breathtaking. I did the loop and then turned around and doubled back. It was glorious. Low 50's, no bugs, no people, slight breeze. Best conditions possible. It's about 6 miles from my house and there's another 2 mile loop on the other side of the parking lot I can do to add miles as I like. There really is a heck of a hill in there - it's not a mistake on the elevation! I'm working on ramping up long runs to train for a trail race in October. My colleague and running friend Trish and I are planning to get together next weekend for running and brunch! We've officially become "those people" who consider 6 miles to be a "short run". 😱 I'm the green bubbles... the fact she can do 12 miles on trails in 2 hours just cracks me up. I can't even do 12 miles in 2 hours on the flattest pavement there is! So I'm running for time and she's running for miles. Works for me! We have a ton of great looping trails between my house and hers so it won't be hard to train and go to brunch this summer. In other non-running news: Boyfriends back surgery: recovery is going very, very well. Slow but no road blocks and no set backs. He is having to move houses from one rental to another but same landlord and that has caused a huge level of stress and confusion. So much so that he has to live with me for 6 weeks or until the electric cooperative installs a new service pole at the other rental or live in his camper next to the current rental because the landlord came back from California and wanted his house back. And this is why you get a lease. 😠 Small town country folk and no lease so no ability to control the situation. Best friend Kristin had her final round of chemo for breast cancer on Tuesday and is suffering pretty badly as I type this. It's a horrible feeling when you literally can do nothing but be there to send stupid/funny texts in an effort to distract her from the misery she's in. Her hair is all gone and the chemo slammed her into full menopause symptoms. Hot flashes, chemo, and no hair. She tried a wig but prefers her baseball caps except for people staring at her sideways all the time. She starts radiation therapy next month on June 10th I think. She said it'll be easy. None of this is easy but I'm supporting her and staying positive no matter what. My house is awesome. I have projects, lots of projects, on the to-do list for summer. This weekend is "find what is leaking in the plumbing leading to the shower". This requires a ladder from the basement to the plumbing access area behind the shower. Removing insulation and drywall to get to the shower plumbing, etc. I called a plumber who said he'd be out this week. I've called back to follow up. Of course, no return calls. My measly shower issue is being trumped by big plumbing projects now that the building season is fully underway. Necessity is the mother of invention. I won't invent anything but I'm sure going to figure out what the heck is actually going on behind that wall because I sure won't wait around while it rots the wood even further that it's been dripping on all winter.
  6. Wait - What's the stretch that fixes everything??? I must know!!! I sure hope you caught the PF soon enough..... 😡
  7. Holy smokes... I followed along on FB and IG but didn't know it was as bad as all that. Gee whiz. I hope your knee improves vastly and quickly because you deserve a good run after all that. My weekend? I worked a boy scout event so they could get their forestry badges and we all got poured on outside for 6 hours Saturday. Sunday I nearly dropped dead moving stuff for my boyfriend who can't move anything yet due to back surgery recovery. At this rate, I'll need surgery by the time he's healed up. And I need a doggone vacation so bad it's crazy. But I can run and I am grateful. I have a wonderful home of my own and I'm grateful. I'm healthy and have wonderful people in my life so I'm grateful.
  8. Gorgeous scenery for sure! Wow. Sorry you lost your mojo out there at mile 17. I know it's happened to me before in similar fashion. You finished and you're healthy and as a bonus, like you said, your recovery was easier!
  9. How fantastic! That's a speedy comeback. 😳
  10. TreeGirl

    I Landed on My Head.

    I watched someone do this right in front of me in a trail race about 10 years ago. I can still hear the thud in my head when he landed nearly chest first on the trail and knocked all the wind out of him. He had some nasty gashes on his knees too from the rocks. I'm so glad you ended up finishing and no stitches were required!! I really hate mud when I'm running so kudos for suffering through that as well.
  11. I'm just so happy for you and that was a perfect PR. Not expected, poor weather conditions, people with pissy attitudes... way to kill it!! Makes me mad I was stuck off the grid all weekend and missed all this excitement and couldn't even congratulate you in a timely manner.
  12. TreeGirl

    Past, Present, Future

    It's been a blast looking at all the pictures on the Loop Anniversary page tonight. Reminds me of so many friends and friendships and how lucky I am to have met so many incredible runner. Several of you have become some of my closest friends. Marshall 2013 was the launch for me to meet so many cool people. The above is from 2013 at the Marshall University Marathon event in Huntington WV. I met Senior Runner for the first time and we quickly realized we're both crazy amateur horticulturists and naturalists and had plenty to talk about while the others ran. We were both there as a cheering section due to injuries. Fiona (Countess FiFi), me, Mike Cannon (Colonel Cupcake), and Emileigh Morrison. Then I went to Shamrock in 2014 just 3 months later - I totally failed to bring a costume! I'm not good at costume runs because odd clothing that rubs or flops or fits awkwardly is my demise when I run. I was fortunate enough to be Chef Ed's sous chef for that event and got to cook with him in the kitchen for everyone. That's the past but still the present with so many great people. The present brings me few opportunities for Loopmeets because of my budget, my priorities, and the fact I loathe road races. Unfortunately, trail races for Loopmeets are few and far between and even further of a drive from my house in northern Michigan. The future is never a given and as far as I can see ahead of me, I think my trail race in the fall will be my last long race over a half marathon distance for a good long time. I won't say forever because you just never know. I hope I get a chance to run with a few of you in the near future - the nostalgia makes the heart grow lonely for running friends.
  13. Love the siding color! My vote is to paint the fence the same color as the trim - white.
  14. TreeGirl

    On the Cheap

    3D printed course! Love that! I'm terrible at pinning bibs on. It also takes me 3 tries to get my magnetic name tag on straight when I go to meetings for work. You seem to be a pro at finding $30 races. You're my kind of trail runner.
  15. I'm happy for you to see you've taken up running a bit again! I hope you continue to find joy in some miles.
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