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  1. NavEng

    RR: Rehoboth Seashore Pikermi

    Nice comeback. Lots more in 19 I'm sure
  2. NavEng


    My running has been sucky. Everything in the lower legs has been hurting, so I took an off season after my October race. But I never wrote about Wineglass. No excuses. My company banned Loopsters at work, and that was usually my lunchtime activity. But I still could have made the effort. Anyways, Peg and I met in Corning to pace Aubree to a shiny new PR in the half. Unbeknownst to Peg, she was really pacing me. My pacing plan is usually to follow a person or group of people who look like they know what they are doing, then run as hard as I can at the end. So I was the biggest loser of a pacer when Peg asked what I had for a pace in the first mile. I had no idea. I had never paced anyone before, so it was fun running alongside Aubree as she crushed it despite her repeating that she couldn't do it. The 1:45 group was about a minute in front of us, and we were way ahead of pace. I decided that Peg was a much better pacer than that dude. A big kick by Aubree and Peg's primal scream finished a sprint down Market Street and more Wineglass Loop magic. 7:00 PR for Aubree. 6 days later was my season ending race. A 6 hour event at the local park. I had never done a fixed time race and it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable races I've run. You get a real sense of how the speedy runners suffer just as much as the mid packers. You get to run with people of all abilities as you pass people and get passed. I got 25+ miles on a fun little loop with a few little hills and some rocky paths. Not much since then. Just trying to get things feeling normal. Starting to ramp things heading toward the 50k in April. For those heading to Jersey on 4/28, you're welcome to stop by for a shakeout the day before.
  3. NavEng

    2018 Wrap

    Knee pain makes me the most nervous. It seems like every other pain is manageable. Awesome year! Keep making it fun in 2019!
  4. NavEng

    Marathon Training Reset: No Shamrock but New Jersey instead

    It will be fun following your marathon training. A busy winter ahead!
  5. NavEng

    Rehoboth Runparty #6!

    Awesome seeing you run so well. Congratulations!
  6. NavEng

    Letter to an Injured Runner

    It's good to see you doing what you love again.
  7. Glad you had the strength to make the tough decision. Lots of positive experiences, I'm sure, that you can carry over into the next adventure.
  8. NavEng

    NYC Ready!

    Thanks for writing this. Lots of important stuff to remember during recovery.
  9. NavEng

    The Second Annual Inaugural Irma Gerd 8 Mile Classic

    Added to my list of things not to do while sneezing. I have a feeling we'll be having the same argument when my grandma passes
  10. NavEng

    Switching gears: The glass is HALF full…

    Run it for fun, and halfs can be pretty fun! Who knows what magic can happen.
  11. NavEng

    Week 9

    fingers crossed.....
  12. NavEng

    Wake me up when September ends: September recap!

    Another blazing fast month. It'll be interesting to read about calves. I try to care for mine daily, but it always seem like they're a step away from disaster.
  13. NavEng

    Hinson Lake 24 Race Report: Get Your Banana Ready!

    I'm most proud of the hot pizza goal accomplishment. I have a much easier time understanding this than NYC.
  14. NavEng

    20 years

    Good for you for finding the strength when you needed it. I'm glad you found running and shared your story. Thanks!
  15. NavEng

    Feeling like a runner again.

    Looking good.