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  1. That's what I was thinking. It fits what I'm doing anyway these days, taking it easy and enjoying the view
  2. Well done! I'm trying to figure out the best balance of exercising enough to stay healthy without overtaxing the immune system
  3. Thanks for doing what you do. Hopefully people learn from this is that the best way to avoid getting sick is to be healthy. Oh, and nice shirt!
  4. NavEng

    COVID-19 10K

    Definitely elite. Glad you guys are turning over to Spring. I ordered my trees from a nursery in MI and they may have the ground thawed out enough to ship them soon
  5. A year ago about this time I was having a new pain in the side of my knee. I was in the middle of the last race of the year - a 6 hour loop run - when it started. At first I thought, great, I broke my knee and all those “running is bad for your knees” people were right. Of course, I reported right to Dr Google and the online experts who told me that no, my knee wasn’t broken. Just IT band issues, which were a result of weak hips and glutes. So I had to focus a little more on all those things I should have been working on all along. It seemed like I could walk forever, but a couple miles into a
  6. Thanks for being an awesome person. I admire your strength in all you do. Your daughter is a lucky person.
  7. NavEng

    Another OG Loopster Bloop

    Hope you get a lot of skiing time in. Winter hit us hard early.
  8. Proud of you. Glad you got that feeling back!
  9. This is awesome. All the right attitude and all the hard work.
  10. NavEng

    The quest.

    Quite a dress adventure. I just keep telling myself the snowbuster worked
  11. Things are looking up for GDR! I’ll be following.
  12. NavEng

    "Workin' On A Mystery..."

    Good to see you doing what makes you happy. My IT band has slowed me to the point of not giving a crap about my 50k in April. I may hike the whole thing and love it. FL50’s may be in my future as well. It’s a good one.
  13. Mello Yellow and steady Eddie is the way to go. I’m having the bladder vs bottles debate with myself. I’m leaning bottles. Nice training run!
  14. NavEng

    Playtime is Over, Son.

    Weather apps don’t like runners. Mine has never said it is a good day to run. My 2 cents on bridges is that the ones that don’t move or make noises are the ones to be concerned about
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