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  1. PegLeg

    Runs in the Time of Corona

    I don't get any sense of stigma or "shame" around here from people being out and about for the purpose of exercise and fresh air. In fact, people are doing it much more than ever.... families taking their restless kids out, couples walking together. I think as long as distance is maintained, it's such a good thing for your immune system! Nothing is helped by people getting haggard and weak and driving each other crazy.
  2. Boy, I wasn’t sure about this whole racing thing. I’ve been enjoying my leisurely solo jaunts around the block, the almost daily meanderings around the little suburban maze of my immediate ‘hood with the kids and Tucker, and proclaiming myself not a slave to any dangling carrots. Tucker is our 4 month old Shih-Tzu/Bichon Frise puppy, btw. Part of the family. Beloved by all of us. Not excluding yours truly who was very slow and grudging to commit to getting a dog (if I wanted more creatures to depend on me I would have had more children!) but now sees this white furball of barely 7 pounds
  3. PegLeg

    Clouds and more clouds.

    Our winter has been mild in terms of snow and cold, but endlessly dreary. So little sun. I LOVED The Man in the High Castle. Keep watching it. A lot of "weirdness" in the second season gets explained by subsequent seasons. It ended a little abruptly and awkwardly, I thought, but I guess there's no way to end a show like that in a satisfactory way.
  4. It occurred to me as I was driving an ambulance, my hands trembling from the rapid descent after a spike in adrenaline: I enjoy my job because it’s a lot like running and racing. Just a bit prior, I was on my knees in a crowded, semi-lit living room, surrounded by 3 firefighters, 2 paramedics, and 1 other EMT with the same title as myself… hovering over the exposed chest of a male in his 60s who was sprawled supine on the floor. My palms were face down over his sternum just above the xiphoid process, where beneath lay that precious pump of the human body: the heart. A heart that had stopp
  5. PegLeg

    A Tale of Two (Races)

    I have officially become a Loopster MIA. I’m not even lurking lately *hangs head in shame* both here and on Loopville. To be fair, what used to be the Loop is now like an empty ballroom after a big party… the majority of the people have disappeared for sleep, Uber, bigger parties elsewhere, or waking up on a friend’s couch without pants on, not remembering how they got there. Except for Dave lingering to drink a little more cake and punch and Gwen requesting one more song from the DJ and Sara dancing to it despite having run 3 marathons in the last week... Okay so maybe I lurk a LITTLE he
  6. PegLeg

    When Ya Know

    “When ya know, ya know... ya know?" That was Crush, the sea turtle, in Finding Nemo. And that’s me, veering into a whole new career choice. Most of you know my background, growing up in what is a glorified (by some) cult. For the first 24 years of my life, few of my decisions were my own. As an Amish person, first, which took away most of the experiences and choices of what we consider normal coming-of-age, and secondly, as a woman, which limited or eliminated them further. What you wore, where you went, who you could hang out with, whether you got an education or not (8th grade
  7. Aw, running with kids is the best... Aunt of the Year award!
  8. I couldn't agree more. One thing I really noticed with my first long-term injury versus some other layoffs (injuries or otherwise) since is that the longer I'm running, the quicker I come back. And stressing over how slow and out of shape I am coming back actually seems to hinder the process of getting it back. Its a heckuva lot to ask for us Type As, buuuuuut if I can manage to zen everything down as much as possible, the comeback is better AND faster. My husband always adds, "and women" to the "memory like an elephant" thing.
  9. Sandbagging' since 2009, LOL. You'll have a great race, go knock it out of the park. And enjoy!
  10. "...goin wherever it leads..." Geez, it’s been awhile. Last time I blooped was what, well before Wineglass? Yep. I went to Corning and ran a half marathon with Aubree and Tim (it’s been so long that I have no idea what the loop names are anymore) and had a great time pacing with Tim for Aubree’s sub- 1:45. Some belated pics, because I know how much everyone loves to see #raceface. I also ran a 5k with Juliet, who is a tiny little bundle of running awesomeness... She was so determined to run a sub-30 5k. And she did. She was crying for the last quarter mile, she
  11. At this point, I'm just hoping to keep up!
  12. HA! Nope, 40 isn't old. I just like giving my friends a hard time about getting old if they are older than me... or if they require 20 minutes of loosening up before a race....
  13. Years ago on Loopville, someone (I think it was Corc) posted a link to an article written by Lauren Fleshman. It was about the difference between male and female runners/athletes and accepting that difference. I thought of that article again this weekend. Read it here! https://www.runnersworld.com/runners-stories/a20793927/i-run-like-a-girl/ It's not just insightful and interesting, it's hilarious. Seriously. Stop reading my bloop right now and go read it and then come back (or not). And I remembered that article and looked it up because I ran my worst 5k in four years, and instead
  14. There was just so much to love about Buffalo… except the 26.2 miles themselves. The city is small enough to be welcoming, big enough to be an adventure. Packet pickup and expo was organized, there were plenty of porta-potties, the marathon jacket was sweet, the medal was big enough to eat a small entrée off it, the spectators were fabulous with their garden hoses, buckets of ice and orange slices. And the course was pleasantly diverse without being too challenging. But Memorial Day weekend, 2018, was the first scorcher of the year, coming on the heels of the coldest, snowiest winter on r
  15. Mile repeats. I remember the first time I did the workout-- 3 x 1- and decided they are in the most cruel and unusual sweet spot between the hard, fast intensity of short workouts and controlled, eternal, grueling challenge of long workouts. I still decide that after every mile repeats session. ‘Imma gonna make you hurt’, I told him via text. ‘I ain’t scared’, he texted back. Though he admitted later to some apprehension leading up to it, and I admitted also to not being sure how to pace him. Which means we led into the first interval way too fast. I tend to do that. When
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