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  1. Brian

    Not yet.

    I've been on the same watch for too long. As long as I do the sequence the same every time, no problems. Anticipating the day it's dead I've done some new watch shopping. Garmin Fenix is likely the replacement. HR monitor is on the back of the face, not super accurate, but always a reference. But $500ish, difficult to pull the trigger until absolutely necessary.
  2. Make DNS mean Did Not Stop! Good luck!
  3. Brian

    Muskrat 2020

    Did you continue with the active release thing? What are your thoughts on that technique now that you've been through it?
  4. Brian

    Muskrat 2020

    Was the Yogi bear event the one that injured your hamstring? Good read, by the way.
  5. "projecting an air of unattainability" Nice.
  6. Brian

    Saving more. Running less.

    Speaking of surprisingly gross household items... Last weekend I removed old sliding glass bath doors for rod and curtain. I'm not one to type "omg", but the black stuff involved there was nauseating. My other bathroom had full length glass that I was suddenly motivated to remove. Following removal, I tilted those causing a copious amount of black water to pour out. (omg)
  7. Brian

    Winter Running Gear & Tips

    Excellent post! I've been glued to the treadmill this winter in fear of injury. I was successful with screw shoes last winter, but just haven't wanted to bear the elements yet. Frozen eyelashes is tempting.
  8. Brian

    A new year, a new(ish) me?

    If you run, you're a runner. No truer words. I buy shoes without trying them on consistently. I use running warehouse. They send you them 2nd day air and include a prepaid return label, no questions asked. Also, The Loop has a 15% discount that still works if anyone forgot. I use it still. Good luck with the squishy stuff. I call it winter coat.
  9. The beer stein run has to be the highlight!
  10. Brian

    2018. NBD.

    Is following a pikermi training plan possible if you change the weekly long run to a distance you prefer? I haven't looked at those plans in a bit but I remember the advanced ones seem to add more days, not more distance. And don't ask what I've been binge watching. I'd have to turn in my man card.
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