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  1. Brian

    Dumb Jokes Floating Around

    There are benefits to having ignoramous associates to force feed you their absence of tasteful diplomacy (current company excluded of course).
  2. Here’s a bunch of stupid stuff that’s been going around. Hope this creates a laugh or two.
  3. Brian

    When Will I See You Again?

    Multiple distance challenge? I'm guessing a 5k on Friday and a 10k on Sunday could count? You might stay busy making all those medals...
  4. Brian

    March Covid-19 Pikermi RR

    Very nice effort, all conditions considered. runningwarehouse.com is a good source for gels and nutrition items. I got a restock this week in 2 days... That old discount code from the old Loop expired though.
  5. Brian

    COVID-19 10K

    Elite? Impressive!
  6. Brian

    Attempting A Return...

    Thanks everyone for the kind words. I'm no hero or martyr, it was simply luck (be it good and/or bad). I don't even remember anything that happened. It is truly a "shit happens" event that I'd try to forget if that was even necessary. Anyway, thank you.
  7. Brian

    Attempting A Return...

    Hi I will keep it short since my previous attempted returns have fizzled out. In the Fall of 2018 I developed meningitis which somehow developed into encephalitis. From what I understand that is a swelling at the brain stem and limits brain function. I had a 9% chance to live and was in quarantine (before it became cool) for a few weeks. I recovered enough to become cognizant in about five months. It took over a year to feel "normal" again. My job was supervision of 30-40 employees and my employer got nervous that they could become liable if I made incorrect decisions. So t
  8. Brian

    Not yet.

    I've been on the same watch for too long. As long as I do the sequence the same every time, no problems. Anticipating the day it's dead I've done some new watch shopping. Garmin Fenix is likely the replacement. HR monitor is on the back of the face, not super accurate, but always a reference. But $500ish, difficult to pull the trigger until absolutely necessary.
  9. Make DNS mean Did Not Stop! Good luck!
  10. Brian

    Muskrat 2020

    Did you continue with the active release thing? What are your thoughts on that technique now that you've been through it?
  11. Brian

    Muskrat 2020

    Was the Yogi bear event the one that injured your hamstring? Good read, by the way.
  12. "projecting an air of unattainability" Nice.
  13. Brian

    Saving more. Running less.

    Speaking of surprisingly gross household items... Last weekend I removed old sliding glass bath doors for rod and curtain. I'm not one to type "omg", but the black stuff involved there was nauseating. My other bathroom had full length glass that I was suddenly motivated to remove. Following removal, I tilted those causing a copious amount of black water to pour out. (omg)
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