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  1. StinaQ

    Nothing to See Here

    lol. Pluck, or no, I don't want those kinds of pictures on the interweb ;-)
  2. StinaQ

    Nothing to See Here

    I wasn’t kidding when I shared about the bra that threatens to dislocate my shoulder post workout. Last Saturday, I wore it because it was my last clean sports bra… When I went to take my shower…OMGoodness, I can't get this off. call it a draw-back to being a single mom perhaps… There I am with the darn thing halfway off, or me halfway out, but I can't get it above my shoulders. I thought I might have to call my 11 year old daughter: “Honey, help Mommy out of her bra.” But she's just entered that super private stage and I thought the image I saw in the mirror might scar her so I too
  3. SEEEEESTER! So glad to see you here. You have to share about all you did during your pregnancy. Truly, you are my running/climbing hero. Love you.
  4. I've been experimenting with my diet to get some of these issues under control. I'm vegetarian so a lot of the suggestions I have found weren't too hard to adopt- but what really made a difference was the month I successfully took refined sugar, coffee and wine out of my diet the second half of my cycle. (Seriously 14+ days of NO coffee ) The next cycle, I wasn't so good and was hit really hard again. As for running... I've taken the permission rest route for the first couple days. Best thing I can think of is talk to your diet and experiment with your diet 'cause certain
  5. StinaQ


    Doing finishing touches tonight when BF's boys carve their pumpkins (we were late with all of that this year) Will post the final picture.
  6. StinaQ


    On the plus side, this home was hidden in it's old location. The result of being one of the originals of the town and selling off the land around it for residential development. I haven't seen the new location, but imagine, it will do more justice to the beauty of a by-gone era.
  7. StinaQ


    This is how I pronounce it, but everyone who lives on Ely street pronounces it Ee-lee. Weirdo's.
  8. StinaQ

    my shirt

    We need a "love" option for posts like this. Definitely epic.
  9. StinaQ


    Pic from someone else of the house this morning enroute to Coupeville.
  10. StinaQ


    I went to bed Sunday night with visions of a great week of running and getting to the gym in my head. This would be the week I transitioned to taking Monday as a rest day and slipping a short run in Sunday after church instead of my traditional nap. But Monday night this happened: And because I can’t just carve a plain ol’ jackolantern, I was up till 11:00 pm meticulously carving the first line of Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue in D minor into my pumpkin. Tuesday morning, I just couldn’t. Blame it on the pumpkin, or the wine, or the late night. What was I thinking?
  11. StinaQ

    First Snow/New House

    Beautiful. I too love that porch.
  12. StinaQ

    Chasing Dreams

    Holy Cow! Those are unbelievable numbers! Chocolate makes everything better ;-)
  13. StinaQ

    Run now or you'll regret it

    Having to run in the morning has certainly been on the list of excuses for me. It's worth it to get it out of the way first thing... the rest of the day always seems so much more productive.
  14. StinaQ

    Weekly Wrap-up

    Lol. When the computer is up and running again passwords will be reset.
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