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  1. StinaQ

    Comeback 2022 - weeks 21-22

    I love that your helmet was as old as your bike. Glad you didn't need the helmet to do its job before you replaced it. You need a proper bike. I'm going through bloops and coming late to the conversations, but while you work through the things to get back to running, a good bike is a joy. Meanwhile, I have a lovely bike I treated myself to for mother's day 6 years ago... But too many kids to cart around with me during errand running and a dog who didn't grow as big as expected... So I'm not sure she'd be able to keep up with a bike ride. Feels good to be coming back though. Thanks for reminding me that Loopville still exists.
  2. StinaQ

    Comeback 2022 - week 23

    You definitely need a bike that fits you and not the 13 yo you bought it for in 99.
  3. I didn't expect this to happen. Maybe I hoped a little, but I didn't think it was possible. Maybe it was just a fluke. Today, only two weeks and exactly 5 runs into this training for my first 5k in overtwo years, the 40 yo Mom outran the teen. We are still doing intervals of running and walking, but we are going for 20 minutes this week and running 2 blocks with a recovery of one block walking. About ten minutes in, Mookie stopped running two blocks. My legs were feeling extra tired today but I pushed through, finished the two blocks and turned around to walk back to her. She was feeling nauseous. Ah yes. Nausea. Trying to figure out if a body wants a snack before or after a run. Working through the initial tantrums our bodies throw when we first begin to push them to go further and get stronger. For me, I get nauseous during strength training if I don't have a small snack beforehand. Short runs are best done on an empty stomach. Long runs... well, we aren't there yet. Maybe Friday I'll suggest she have a piece of toast before our run. We finished the run with me running two blocks and doubling back to meet her during my recovery walk. She ran, walked, walked and then ran a little more. Back at the house while I worked through the preventative stretching our bodies demand, Mookie shared that her ears hurt too. This too, I am familiar with and the reason that I often wear ear covers even when it isn't particularly cold outside. It's been warm enough lately to skip the ear covers for myself, but it's another thing to suggest for our next run. Nausea, ear pain, tired muscles that beg us to stop, why do we even stick with this process long enough for it to feel enjoyable for more than 30 minutes? (Her nausea/ear pain etc. all went away within an hour of finishing the run) I suppose I can be grateful that I know what lies on the other side of the difficult startup. I remember what it was like to run 10 miles for the simple pleasure of the meditative drumming out of all the days aggravations. I assure Mookie that this will get easier. It feels more challenging to run around the neighborhood because its not a flat track. Tomorrow morning I am scheduled to take Bobby and Bean to the gym. Planet Fitness rolled out the welcome mat for high schoolers this summer with a free pass for ages 14-17. It was the final nudge I needed to return to the gym again. My next run with Mookie will be on Friday. Maybe she'll bounce back and be able to keep up with or pass me again.
  4. StinaQ

    Nothing to See Here

    lol. Pluck, or no, I don't want those kinds of pictures on the interweb ;-)
  5. StinaQ

    Nothing to See Here

    I wasn’t kidding when I shared about the bra that threatens to dislocate my shoulder post workout. Last Saturday, I wore it because it was my last clean sports bra… When I went to take my shower…OMGoodness, I can't get this off. call it a draw-back to being a single mom perhaps… There I am with the darn thing halfway off, or me halfway out, but I can't get it above my shoulders. I thought I might have to call my 11 year old daughter: “Honey, help Mommy out of her bra.” But she's just entered that super private stage and I thought the image I saw in the mirror might scar her so I took a deep breath, contemplated my situation and inched the damn thing off. Left side up and inch, right side up an inch. Repeat till I was free. As I did so, I knew there would be a muscle somewhere in my back that would protest in a day or so. And it did. Maybe I should have cut myself out of it? My BF came over Sunday and tried to get my back to chill out. Lectured me about how I need to stretch more. I threw the offending bra away on Monday while folding laundry. I wasn’t able to sneeze for four whole days. Seriously. I would start to sneeze and the muscle just next to my left shoulder blade said “Oh, no you don’t B*$@#. I WILL put you on the floor.” and the sneeze just wouldn’t finish. I rejoiced on Thursday when I sneezed during Bell Choir. Ran yesterday and my angry muscle told me it was still holding a grudge but not so much that I wasn’t able to run for 30 minutes along the Ft. Ebey Bluff trail. Well, not so much run as hike/jog and a whopping 2 miles. UGH, I am so impatient to get back to where I was four years ago! So this week was not so good for the running because… back issue excuses and I’m just not as BA as some of you. Also, I need to stretch more. Pressing forward, next week will be better. A few pics from the trail run because it was a perfectly beautiful day to be running in a nearly empty state park.
  6. SEEEEESTER! So glad to see you here. You have to share about all you did during your pregnancy. Truly, you are my running/climbing hero. Love you.
  7. I've been experimenting with my diet to get some of these issues under control. I'm vegetarian so a lot of the suggestions I have found weren't too hard to adopt- but what really made a difference was the month I successfully took refined sugar, coffee and wine out of my diet the second half of my cycle. (Seriously 14+ days of NO coffee ) The next cycle, I wasn't so good and was hit really hard again. As for running... I've taken the permission rest route for the first couple days. Best thing I can think of is talk to your diet and experiment with your diet 'cause certain foods really can exacerbate the issue.
  8. StinaQ


    Doing finishing touches tonight when BF's boys carve their pumpkins (we were late with all of that this year) Will post the final picture.
  9. StinaQ


    On the plus side, this home was hidden in it's old location. The result of being one of the originals of the town and selling off the land around it for residential development. I haven't seen the new location, but imagine, it will do more justice to the beauty of a by-gone era.
  10. StinaQ


    This is how I pronounce it, but everyone who lives on Ely street pronounces it Ee-lee. Weirdo's.
  11. StinaQ

    my shirt

    We need a "love" option for posts like this. Definitely epic.
  12. StinaQ


    Pic from someone else of the house this morning enroute to Coupeville.
  13. StinaQ


    I went to bed Sunday night with visions of a great week of running and getting to the gym in my head. This would be the week I transitioned to taking Monday as a rest day and slipping a short run in Sunday after church instead of my traditional nap. But Monday night this happened: And because I can’t just carve a plain ol’ jackolantern, I was up till 11:00 pm meticulously carving the first line of Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue in D minor into my pumpkin. Tuesday morning, I just couldn’t. Blame it on the pumpkin, or the wine, or the late night. What was I thinking? Tuesday this happened: When my alarm went off Wednesday morning, I seriously contemplated running after choir practice. I certainly didn’t want to get out of bed. Why am I so tired? When BF came by with his boys and asked how my morning went, I told him “meh” and that no matter what, I had to run after choir or I wouldn’t be getting the runs (and mileage) in that I planned for the week. On the way home after choir last night I spotted this: This house was once the Presbyterian parsonage. More recently owned by the wife of the man who’s retirement made it possible for me to have my current job. I texted him a picture of the house and told him it missed them so much it decided to up and leave. Someone has purchased the house and a plot of land to move it to in Coupeville. Last night, after weeks of prep work, the big move happened. The guys told me it would begin its journey down to the water at 10:00pm. (why go through such an expense is beyond me, but it is a very cool house.) Snapped some pictures and continued my run. Must have left my Garmin on after my last run because it was dead before I even left the house. Mileage? I’ll check later. I am reluctant to bring Beau for runs because with his less than stellar leash manners I’m sure will spell injury over time, (I know. I’m not the greatest dog owner) I brought him last night because night runs give me more hebejeebies than morning runs and I figured I’ve been at this for a few months and am probably strong enough to keep good form. Glad I brought him ‘cause he did great. Maybe I’m able to run just fast enough that he doesn’t feel I’m slowing him down any more. Instead of heading straight home after seeing the house all ready to go, I jagged across Midway and ran down to Ely. Tell me loop, how does one pronounce Ely? The locals have an unexpected pronunciation which makes me feel a little nutty because I AM a local but apparently don’t say it right. Decided to run up hwy 20 till it meets Midway again. Then a disturbing feeling told me that…. Who thought zippers on sports bras were a good idea? I desperately need some new gear. My initial attempt to rescue the southbound zipper was too late. It continued down as I stopped running… and a feeling of sudden freedom told me it had come entirely undone. Ack! Night time but sporadic traffic on a well lit road. I told Beau it looked like we were walking from there. Bummer ‘cause I knew I was about a mile from home and really didn’t intend to be out longer than 40 minutes. I started to cut through the dark patch of trees where the farmers market is held every summer and decided I had enough “privacy” to fix my wardrobe malfunction. Why do I even have this stupid bra? Oh, right. Because without leaving the island the options at Big5 are: A: no fasteners at all, so you have to wrestle yourself in and out of the darn thing and nearly dislocate a shoulder post workout not to mention the time I nearly had to call for help from the fitting room because I thought I was stuck. B: Zipper fronted idiocity. Maybe I should just go on Amazon or visit the Enell website and order something better ‘cause having to stop mid-run to re-secure the girls is beyond ridiculous. Wardrobe *ahem* fixed, I picked up the pace again and ran the rest of the way including ALL THE WAY UP THE HILL FROM MIDWAY TO O’LEARY LIKE IT WAS ALMOST NOTHING! The night run was actually pretty nice. Beau appreciated the outing. I hope to wake up and run Friday, but maybe my body has decided it just doesn’t want to get up in the morning. I’m turning into a night owl? Who knows. As I drank my water and video-chatted with BF, I told him about the house moving at 10:00. Looked at the time 9:50. Heard the kids still awake because they didn’t have to get up in the morning for parent teacher conferences. Told them to load up in the car. I wouldn’t tell them what we were doing. They wanted a hint. “How did my favorite house get here?” “It came on a boat” Mookie replied. This house was moved here from Seattle by Mr. Patton when they were putting in I-5. Slotted for demolition, he bought it and a few others super cheap and had them shipped to Whidbey on barges. If I won the lottery, this would be my forever after home. They were all confused. Why was my house being moved again? “It’s not.” We arrived at the playhouse parking lot just in time to catch this: Mookie said it was just like the movie "UP" minus the balloons. Night runs aren’t so bad.
  14. StinaQ

    First Snow/New House

    Beautiful. I too love that porch.
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