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  1. Holy smokes! That's a lot of books! I'll have to save these for my next read, although I have a ton on my shelf I haven't read yet.
  2. Hey Loopsters! In my last Bloop, I wrote about my time in Bermuda and how I was looking forward to so many future adventures, such as pacing in Vermont (cancelled) and Alaska (cancelled), running my first marathon in 3 years (Illinois Marathon - postponed to October, but with no date released at this time) and then Grandma's Marathon (cancelled). Enjoying teaching (teaching online for the rest of the school year, which is particularly challenging with band), looking forward to a nice weekend with DH in Kalamazoo (cancelled) at the end of May. Many Lemons, right? Here's the brig
  3. Hey gang! I say yes quite a bit when I should probably say no to commitments. Buuuut, when the opportunity came up to pace Zooma Bermuda, I said yes. Zooma is an all-women's race series and they hired OnPace out of the Green Bay area to pace their races. I paced Zooma Great Lakes in Wisconsin in 2018 and 2019 with them and can't say enough wonderful things about them. They're also helping me with some more adventures later this year. I flew in Saturday afternoon and left early Monday morning. I could talk about flights, how uncomfortable I was at LGA, and all that, but that's not wha
  4. Ehhh - not a free trip to Bermuda, but it's a free race while in Bermuda!
  5. I'm also here because the garbanzo'd one told me to. My year has been going pretty well. I finished my masters degree! I ran 8 half marathons this year. I paced 3 of them, and successfully paced 1 of them. I am now up to 68 lifetime pikermis! I haven't run a full marathon since 2016, but I am currently signed up for 2 (Illinois Marathon and Grandma's Marathon) and am in the lottery for Chicago and New York, where I will win -$500ish in entry fees if I get both. Ouch. Is anyone else signed up for a late April marathon who would want to be an accountability buddy? Back to the pac
  6. Unless Snap, Crackle, and Pop make a triumphant return...
  7. Thanks for all the love on my last bloop! I just dropped to the half for Flying Pig. No way around it, I didn't train. Bright side is that I will have more time to eat Holtman's Donuts after the race and I can add another state to my completed half marathons. I've been grappling with this decision for the last couple weeks, and even though I won't get a finisher's jacket, I just want to enjoy my Flying Pig race. I'm in charge of a Women's Couch-to-5k running group here and we have 105 ladies signed up. Last week and today the weather sucks, but otherwise it's great! Half mar
  8. Hey Loop! It's been a while. Last year I got burned out on running. 2017 was the first year since 2010 where I hadn't completed a marathon. I started a 6-day-a-week kickboxing and resistance training program after winning a 10-week session at a silent auction from a 5k, and about week 6, I found out I actually liked it. The miles because fewer and fewer, with the occasional 5k. But I'm also broke as a joke, so I volunteered a bunch as well to keep my FOMO at bay. I signed up for the Flying Pig Marathon (#14) and wrote a training plan in my calendar. Then January and February happened
  9. I'm doing the marathon there! Let's hang out!
  10. This is my first post on the new Loop! Woot woot! While I'm sad the other one left, it was nice to see so many people sharing their appreciation of each other. Love you all! The last marathon I ran was 2016 Grandma's Marathon, where it was black flagged, hot AF, and I got the worst sunburn of my life and had to put medical grade burn cream on it. I had signed up for Kalamazoo Marathon in May, but I didn't go. I hadn't trained in the least and I just didn't want to. I was sick of traveling here, there, and everywhere. I can't wrap my mind around running more than 13 miles. So, I took the s
  11. You're one of my favorites, Speet. Please keep bloopin'!
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