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  1. I wish I was going to be there this year to see this! I also really want to do the full, but we usually do that weekend as a weekend to visit our Maryland family, so the half works out better timing-wise. Excited to follow your training for Rehoboth and Denali!
  2. I'm so excited you'll be at Maine Coast. I'm currently trying to get my butt back in gear after a crazy week of work/and a weird weekend forced me to bail out on my long run last weekend. Also, I am seriously jealous about you running the Dingle marathon...That was my favorite place while we were there, I was so bummed when I found out the marathon happened a week before we got there. Maybe I'll force DH to go back sooner than we had planned so I can race it. Sounds like training is going well, keep it up!
  3. Never done that one. It's in July, and for some reason (the running gods hate half marathons?) it always ends up being one of the hottest days of the summer up here.
  4. Beach to Beacon is a great race. They just updated the way you register for the race, making it a queue-type system, but you have to be online at 6 or 7 a.m. RIGHT when registration opens. I love it. It all kind of depends on how far you want to run. I LOVE the MDI Marathon/Half Marathon, they are hilly but the island is home to Acadia National Park, so it's gorgeous. The Maine Coast Marathon/Half Marathon are great too. Or, if you're going for shorter and trails are your thing, a local running club puts on an awesome series at Bradbury Mountain - a 6, 9, and 12 miler all at different ti
  5. Seriously! "What'd I ever do to you wind?" Where in Maine? I did not know that!
  6. Who wants to run a 10 mile race in the middle of winter on the ocean in Maine?...Apparently me, and about 1,000 of my friends. I grew up in Maine, have lived here my entire life other than a brief four-year stint in New Hampshire for college, but that doesn't mean I greatly enjoy running outside in the winter. It's cold, it's dark, it's icy, and living out in the boonies means there's virtually no shoulder to run on. But... Marathon training started last week, so I had to get a long run in to kick things off, and this 10-miler was the perfect motivation...back when I signed up
  7. I'm not sure I'd trust the race day average for the Vermont Marathon. Memorial Day weekend round these parts can get quite warm. But I've heard only good things about the race too. I was supposed to run it a couple of years ago, but that plan was derailed by injury. I'd give a plug for the Maine Coast Marathon on May 13. HotPinkSneakers and I are both running it! I did it last year, and, provided the weather is good, it's a fast course.
  8. Definitely wish it could have been longer, with the in-laws down there too, things always get a little wonky. So great to meet you! Congrats on your finish, even when it hurt!
  9. Thanks! Good to see you too! Hopefully I can get back again this year, or maybe next...depends how vacation time shakes out.
  10. I've been doing OrangeTheory classes and a HIIT-style class at a different gym. M, W, F at the HIIT class and usually T, Th, Sat, at Orange Theory. Great to see you!
  11. You too! Looks like we'll all have to be in the same place at the same time again, so we can chat more!
  12. Merry (belated) Christmas, Happy (belated) Hanukkah, and Happy New Year! As usual, I'm late the the party with this bloop. I meant to do it right after getting home from Rehoboth, but work got crazy and I didn't have time to bloop from my desk so it just didn't happen. DH and I made the long drive down to Delaware the Thursday before the race - it's about 8.5 hours from our house to the hotel in Rehoboth. Two years ago we used a Hanukkah visit with DH's mom (who lives in Baltimore) as an excuse to go to my first Loopfest, and I had so much fun we did it all again this year. We met
  13. I thought so too, but I don't know if I could have stomached it at the time. I had a handful (or two) when I got home.
  14. The babe with the power... For some reason my whole life, my sister and I have had a strange obsession with the movie The Labyrinth our whole lives - Bowie is dreamy. Random, I know, but it fits in with my 2017 MDI Marathon experience because I added "Magic Dance" to my playlist for the race. As I mentioned in my race preview, I wasn't feeling super confident in my training going into this race. It had even come to the point where I was telling myself, "if you don't finish, it's okay, you can rationalize it with the training..." Regardless, I got up on race morning and felt pretty go
  15. croninamber

    Be Uncomfortable

    Congratulations! I understand the torn up feet, mine will be fine for a whole training cycle and then race day... Boom, blisters! I'm so proud you embraced the "Be uncomfortable"-ness of the run. This weekend I'll be embracing Maddon's "Try not to suck" for my race. My team's out so, "Go Cubs, Go!"
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