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  1. HotPinkSneakers

    Table Rock Trail Challenge

    Super cool! Congrats on your 19 loops!
  2. HotPinkSneakers

    Self-diagnosis: Popliteus Injury

    Blowing a tire on a bridge is one of my bigger driving fears! Glad Mac was ok! Fingers crossed that another couple weeks does the trick for your knee. Enough already with this injury business!
  3. HotPinkSneakers

    Thelma & Louise 13.1 RR

    OMG there's so much to love about all of this!!! Congrats on an awesome race and big PR - looks like an absolutely spectacular place for a girls' trip! And huge congrats on your engagement!!
  4. HotPinkSneakers


    You're so wise 😉 Sounds like you've got a great perspective on this latest change of direction, and I have no doubt that you'll come back from this stronger both physically and mentally!
  5. HotPinkSneakers

    Ten years down

    Beautiful pacing! Congrats on your run-i-versary!
  6. HotPinkSneakers

    I’ll Happily Take This PW

    What a cool idea for a race! I've never heard of anything like that, but I'm excited to hear how it goes for you!
  7. HotPinkSneakers

    Mt. Evans Ascent Race Report

    That's an amazing accomplishment! Congrats on your finish! And yeah, pain during downhills is pretty classic runner's knee; mind didn't bother me at all on uphills but the slightest decline could trigger it. From what I've read, the patellar strap is more for patellar tendinitis rather than patello-femoral syndrome/patella mis-tracking. Have you tried taping specifically for patello-femoral pain syndrome? This video shows the type of taping that I had to do, which I found really effective:
  8. HotPinkSneakers

    Under the knife.

    "Ho hum" is pretty much the best reaction to surgery you can hope for I think! I'm glad it was entirely boring and routine. Hopefully those first running steps can happen soon!
  9. HotPinkSneakers

    The Bridge Challenge

    I love this so much!! Congrats to both you and Jim - everyone was a winner that day!
  10. HotPinkSneakers

    Piling Up the Hay in the Barn

    Bangle has a copyright on the Bangle Pump finish line post, but that doesn't stop me from copying that either 😋
  11. HotPinkSneakers

    Piling Up the Hay in the Barn

    Maybe it was my invisible plane that made the flying look effortless 😉
  12. HotPinkSneakers

    San Diego RnR Half RR

    Ugh, I totally get that frustration. But you absolutely will get there! 70s and sunny is plenty hot enough to affect your performance, even if that's weather you're used to. I bet on a cool, dry day you would have nailed that sub-2:00. Maybe a new race that you don't have as much baggage with would be a good mental boost for you, and a cooler climate and/or shadier course would make a big difference. You got this!
  13. HotPinkSneakers

    Piling Up the Hay in the Barn

    Haha yeah, maybe I should also do a trail run as my shakeout! And/or have Zam there as my lucky charm 😉
  14. HotPinkSneakers

    Piling Up the Hay in the Barn

    Exactly! Keeping the road divided would have been such a simple solution! But this was the inaugural year for this race, so I guess some hiccups were inevitable. The race organizer did at least seem very receptive to my feedback about this on the Facebook page, especially when a bunch of other women piled on with agreement 😛
  15. HotPinkSneakers

    Marathon Goals by Billy Joel

    YAAASSSSSSSS!!!!! This is gonna be a great summer of watching you get after it! I agree with the others above: NYC is not a difficult course elevation-wise. And even if it is a windy day, you turn often enough that you won't be going into a headwind for all *that* long. My biggest challenge with NYC was the other runners and getting boxed in (and the hot firefighters I needed to high-five #fucktangents), but at your target pace it'll be so much less crowded. And there's just nothing in the world like the energy you get from a bazillion screaming spectators!