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  1. Cancer doesn't stand a chance against a badass like you!! Wishing you all the best in your treatment and a speedy recovery! Hugs!!
  2. HotPinkSneakers

    New MF Goals

    I love everything about this!! Can't wait to see you take down some big goals in the next year!
  3. I was super surprised that you stopped at 22.5 miles and didn't go for the marathon, but I'm so glad that you played it smart and stayed healthy! NYC is gonna be OSOM!! Yay warm pizza!
  4. The fact that you're going to run a 100-mile race doesn't mean it's NOT ludicrous to do it... I totally know what you mean about the summer rain! I'm really sad that we haven't had much good rain at all this summer; just the hot sticky humidity, and then thunderstorms only when I'm *not* running 😕 I can only think of 1 or 2 good rainy runs in the last few months. Sigh. What do you think of the Peg Turbos?? Roger's become quite the Nike pusher lately... But I love my VF4%'s so that does make me curious about Nike's other performance shoes.
  5. OMG Jules!!! What a champ! I LOVE that picture of the two of you running together - she is so your tiny twin right down to the running form! Talk about a natural!
  6. Nap rooms?!?! That sounds amazing!! I'm so excited that you're doing the full this year! IMO, the first half of the full course is like 1000% prettier than the half course, and is the main reason that I keep doing the full! There's a kinda-long out-and-back stretch along the main road which is meh, but the sections on boardwalks through the wetlands make it so worth it! Four months to go!!
  7. I mean, how many marathons can possibly be held on December 8th...? Higdon was my first too! And my second through eighth or so too; definitely a solid foundation to build on. For what it's worth re: cross-training, the Hansons coaches are very into adding strength-based cross-training on the hard run days, so that your easy days are truly easy. So if it were me, I'd see about doing the kettlebell thing on Thursdays after your harder workouts, and keeping the rest days and easy run days really easy. Otherwise, you can run the risk of working too hard on what's supposed to be an easy day, and not having enough in the tank for high-quality hard workouts. Just my $0.02. Good luck!!
  8. Hahaha it must be an American thing!
  9. Running happy is what makes it all worth it for me! If it doesn't make me smile, why bother? Thanks so much!
  10. Haha I certainly did! My most exciting purchase was a pair of Bean Boots (finally!)! And the Freeport store has the "lace bar" where you can get custom laces for your new boots, so now my rainy day footwear sports bright rainbow laces and I LOVE them!
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