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  1. I am doing the Flying Pig Half Marathon!! I hope you dig out of your Funk soon - hopefully the weather gets a little warmer and makes it easier to stick to a plan.
  2. Catawbagrl

    Change of Perspective

    Michigan and Ohio aren't that far apart It has been a roller coaster ride and combined with perimenopausal symptoms I have been a mess but things seem to be turning around. I hope you get to feeling better soon too!
  3. We had a rare 70 degree day in Ohio today - hard to believe it's February but I will be reminded quickly as they are calling for an icy mix on Thursday. So anyway, on this beautiful day I decided to take my bike out for the first outside ride of the year. What should have been a nice ride enjoying the beautiful weather turned into me almost in tears as I kept looking at my mph on my Garmin. I know it's the first ride and it's not going to be as good as they were in the Fall but it still really bummed me. I am pretty hard on myself and I make my running and riding not fun some times. I ha
  4. Are you running the front or back 50? I am planning on running BR on a relay team. Would love to meet you there and cheer you on.
  5. I am considering running the Burning River front 50 myself but if not I will be part of a relay team. Would love to cheer you on!
  6. I don't know how military mom's of daughters do it.
  7. Catawbagrl

    First Snow/New House

    Congratulations!! I would love to come to check out the running and bakery
  8. Catawbagrl

    Flying Pig 2018!

    I am running the Half at the Pig next year. Hopefully we can at least meet
  9. Awesome news Auntie!! Congratulations to your sister!
  10. First I have to say THANKS for keeping the Loop alive. I had not been on much since April when I had a really miserable race at Toledo and finally admitted I needed to take some time off to let an injury heal. Since then life has been a roller coaster ride of emotion. My son enlisted in the Army about two weeks after he turned 18, just signed himself out of school (with a fake parent note) and enlisted. I thought I had talked him out of but I should have known - he is the most stubborn kid. He then graduated high school and left for basic training. Now I am a very emotional mama so betwee
  11. Nice race! I will be running the Flying Pig Half also!!
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