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  1. I am doing the Flying Pig Half Marathon!! I hope you dig out of your Funk soon - hopefully the weather gets a little warmer and makes it easier to stick to a plan.
  2. Catawbagrl

    Change of Perspective

    Michigan and Ohio aren't that far apart It has been a roller coaster ride and combined with perimenopausal symptoms I have been a mess but things seem to be turning around. I hope you get to feeling better soon too!
  3. We had a rare 70 degree day in Ohio today - hard to believe it's February but I will be reminded quickly as they are calling for an icy mix on Thursday. So anyway, on this beautiful day I decided to take my bike out for the first outside ride of the year. What should have been a nice ride enjoying the beautiful weather turned into me almost in tears as I kept looking at my mph on my Garmin. I know it's the first ride and it's not going to be as good as they were in the Fall but it still really bummed me. I am pretty hard on myself and I make my running and riding not fun some times. I had been thinking about halfway through this ride that I am never going to beat Wanda - a rider in our club that I placed second to last year and really want to beat this year. Then if hit me - why I am I trying to beat Wanda on the bike and Stacey at the Half Marathon when I should really be focusing on being the best I can be because what if by just trying to beat them I am missing something bigger. What if I my best is so much better than just beating their times. What if I tried to be the best me. That's a hard one for me because it makes an easy goal to just try to beat someone and that can be motivating but trying to be the best you can be should be the ultimate goal. So I am trying to shift my focus to the things I can and should be doing to be a better runner and rider. If I can beat them while doing that great but if not, then I will know that I gave it my best and didn't settle to just try to beat someone but to get in the best shape I can. I have been dealing with aging parents, empty nesting, becoming a military mom (ugh) and injuries the past 9 months or so and have let myself sink into a bit of pity party but it's time to get a grip and start taking action. I hope to start getting on here and sharing my journey.
  4. Are you running the front or back 50? I am planning on running BR on a relay team. Would love to meet you there and cheer you on.
  5. I am considering running the Burning River front 50 myself but if not I will be part of a relay team. Would love to cheer you on!
  6. I don't know how military mom's of daughters do it.
  7. Catawbagrl

    First Snow/New House

    Congratulations!! I would love to come to check out the running and bakery
  8. Catawbagrl

    Flying Pig 2018!

    I am running the Half at the Pig next year. Hopefully we can at least meet
  9. Awesome news Auntie!! Congratulations to your sister!
  10. First I have to say THANKS for keeping the Loop alive. I had not been on much since April when I had a really miserable race at Toledo and finally admitted I needed to take some time off to let an injury heal. Since then life has been a roller coaster ride of emotion. My son enlisted in the Army about two weeks after he turned 18, just signed himself out of school (with a fake parent note) and enlisted. I thought I had talked him out of but I should have known - he is the most stubborn kid. He then graduated high school and left for basic training. Now I am a very emotional mama so between graduation and leaving for basic I have kept Kleenex in business, I am pretty sure they showed a pretty good profit because of me. To add to that, shortly after he left for Basic we found out my Dad has prostate cancer that has spread to his bones. He is 86 years old so it has been rough on him. He had surgery but at his age and health that is the extent of treatment. My running really suffered because I wanted to spend every minute I could with my son before he left because I knew things will never be the same and I am trying to help my parents as much as possible. All that to bring you up to speed in my little world. Now on to the race report. Our LRS revived a local race from the 70's called the Wooster Brick Run 25K. The race got it's name because of a paver company that used to make bricks and you got a brick as a prize. I got talked into running it by my running buddies - they know all they have to do is call me a wimp and I am going to sign up. So I signed up to the shock of my more sensible RB's, I really need to hang with them more, they aren't as fun but I probably wouldn't be injured. I have only had one long training run of 10 miles since April. Everything else has been 6 or less. I "ran" the Akron Half Marathon a couple weeks ago with a friend but barely beat my Toledo time. This is a very small race(54 participants), I knew probably 90% of them and that makes it so much more fun. I found the girl I promised to run it with but told her to feel free to leave me because I know it isn't going to be pretty and I have Columbus Half Marathon next weekend so I am not going to push it. We start off and there are 5 of us running together and it just feels like our regular Wednesday night run, the conversation is fun and the pace is very comfortable. After about 2 miles there is just 3 of us left together and I am so thankful that the two guys hung back with me. We hit the first aid station and I eat a chocolate donut hole because I didn't eat anything before the race because my stomach wasn't feeling good but I know I need to eat something so why not something chocolate. We re-fill our water bottles with the guys putting Nunn in the bottles to try. About a 1/4 mile later they are both getting sprayed from their water bottles because that stuff is fizzy - to funny. We make a turn and we see the monster hill ahead of us. Call me a wimp but I had decided before the race even started that I was walking this sucker. I am not in shape to run it. It is about 3/4 of a mile long and the first .4 is between 9 and 12% grade. Maybe next year but not this one. The guys walked it with me and we hit the aid station at the top for re-fills and some pretzels and M&M's. I am liking the easy pace because I can eat this stuff without worrying about getting sick. We roll on down the other side and across the street and into a little park. It has a short steep hill that I run to the base of and start walking. The guys are sticking with me and we are having a great time just running and chatting. Halfway up the hill my phone starts ringing - starts ringing with THAT ring tone!!! I am frantically trying to get my belt off, phone out and answered before it stops ringing. It is my son!!! Their company had lost phone privileges so I hadn't heard from him in 3 weeks and it's not like they get their phones that much - only when they phase up. I start crying as I hear his voice, you see there had been an accident on base and several recruits were killed and several more badly injured. His battalion page had posted that none of their recruits were involved but quite frankly I don't always believe the information we are given. He sounded a little shook up but he is ok and has passed everything so barring anything stupid will he graduate basic on 10/18. I try to keep walking slowly as I am talking because I notice that my RB's are not leaving me. They are up ahead but walking slowly. These calls are the fastest minutes of your life! I put my phone away and start running to catch up with my RB's feeling a whole lot lighter. I thanked them profusely for waiting for me - I really have the BEST running buddies in the world! The rest of the run is flat to downhill and we run/walk it as we feel. The extended walk break has allowed another running buddy to catch up and we all finish up together. 3:20 minutes - LOL so bad but hey it's a PR because that is the first time I have raced that distance. Here is the elevation chart from Garmin. Sorry, I don't know how to make that picture smaller, still learning the new Loop. Pretty decent hills but a lovely downhill. I certainly didn't mind the interruption mid-race to get to talk to my son and next week I will be in SC to give him a hug after he graduates! My running mileage is about half where it was last year but my cycling is more than double which is why I think I have been able to keep a decent amount of fitness. Next up is Columbus Half Marathon this weekend and I am hoping to get closer to my normal times. I know I don't have the training in running but I am hoping the cycling will help me have a decent race.
  11. Nice race! I will be running the Flying Pig Half also!!
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