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  1. Stephen

    Marshall University Marathon 2018 Race Report - My First Marathon.

    Awesome job, a 50 second positive split is basically even in the marathon. I highly recommend attempting the workouts in the heat/humidity, they will suck and you will not run very fast but you get a huge benefit once the weather cools off. Good luck with the carmel training!
  2. Stephen

    August is like the Sunday of Summer

    Nice month! I really hope you’re right about summer because it’s been brutal in August. My friend and I have been constantly repeating our mantra of “we’re going to be so fast when it cools off.” It’s unclear how delusional we are yet
  3. Stephen

    Things Just Got Real -Marathon Training Week 1, Day 1

    Good luck and enjoy the journey through the cycle. December marathons are where it's at.
  4. Nice run all thing considered. Every marathon is a learning experience and builds upon the last. See you at CIM?
  5. Stephen

    Post Achilles Surgery Week ? – I Don’t Care Anymore :)

    Congrats on the comeback, be careful not to overdo it in the excitement initially.
  6. Stephen

    Four Lap Harmony

    Great post and awesome time, 5:48 is legit!
  7. Stephen

    Nevertheless, she persisted: March in review

    Nice month! Are those Vaporflys I spy?!?
  8. Stephen

    Austin Marathon RR

    Awesome job on the race and even more so on raising money for a good cause!
  9. Stephen

    Post Achilles Surgery Week 8 – Freeeeeeeeeeedommmmmmm!

    Good for you, keep at the rehab. I don't know how I feel about the pic of the dashboard whilst doing 60 though...
  10. Stephen

    Recovery, Not Resolutions: January in Review

    Don’t feel ashamed about the Vaporflys, they’re incredible! You have a good outlook about Houston, it could be worse, my friend ran 2:19:55 missing the male OTQ time by 56 seconds (10th overall). To make it worse, he didn’t have any fuel during the race because his coach missed their meet points in the race almost certainly costing him a OTQ time and cash.
  11. Stephen

    A Baker's Dozen

    I’m in
  12. Stephen

    20 done

    I'd like to donate but I dont think the link worked, at least I dont see it.
  13. Stephen

    It Rained

    This is a great piece, thank you. I agree with you on the guilt of personal achievements/happiness in these times but I would say the world needs all the positivity it can get right now, dont ever hesitate to add yours.
  14. Stephen

    On the bus...

    Good luck and enjoy the journey. I hope to only be about 10 minutes behind you to the finish.
  15. Stephen


    Holy heck yes! Every time i get any kind of ache in my feet I panick and throw the kitchen sink at them