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  1. Stephen

    Six Weeks to Boston

    Boston IS coming and it's going to be awesome.
  2. Stephen

    Grinding it Out

    When was the last time you did intervals shorter than 1K? I find being flat can feel a lot like exhaustion and weariness.
  3. Stephen

    The Fatigue Chronicles

    It's really cool to see fitness develop over the course of a cycle, pretty amazing how quickly sometimes. Also, I'm a big fan of counting down to the taper instead of the race.... may have started doing that myself in the past week or two.
  4. Good mentality. If you’re not enjoying it and it’s causing anxiety/stress then what’s the point? Doing marathons isn’t objectively better than any other distance, some people are just snobs and have over-glorified the distance. Run what you want the way you want and enjoy life.
  5. Stephen

    Boston - Weeks 3-5

    Thanks and the feeling is mutual.
  6. Stephen

    Boston - Weeks 3-5

    He is incredible. Also, i love that documentary. I still laugh every time at the part where Tadese realizes how important drinking water is for a marathon.
  7. Stephen

    Boston - Weeks 3-5

    I rewatched Boston recently too... that was not nearly as motivating as Berlin was 🥶
  8. Great month! Kudos to you on having the willpower to pull the plug and back off at the end of the month. Being patient is really hard sometimes but not being so gets all of us in trouble so often. Still lots of time until June, erring on the side of caution is very smart.
  9. Stephen

    Boston - Weeks 3-5

    Well, I guess I've missed a few weeks... (I have no idea how to control the picture size) January 14-20 Monday 10.1 miles in 1:17 After the hard long run on the previous Saturday I was expecting my legs to feel like garbage, was pleasantly surprised after 3-4 miles to find my legs feeling good and stride was smooth. As I've been doing on all my easy days lately I ran by HR and made sure to keep my HR under 150. Happy with where my easy paces lately, starting to feel really fit. Tuesday 3.2 mile WU in 28:12 + 4.2 miles of 16 x 400 wi
  10. Nice job on a top 5 finish! Good luck to your friend. Sub-3 at his age is legit!
  11. Stephen

    Boston - Week 2

    I'm not sure, I think I like them but I'm also using regular compression socks and all the other rolling / fun stuff. I dont think they're not working which is the main reason I'm still using + convenience in our work gym. I just go down and bring my laptop and work while I sit there for 20-30 minutes.
  12. I like the idea of racing at least once a month. I've got the first 5 or 6 months covered so far this year, maybe I'll go for the full 12 too.
  13. Stephen

    Boston - Week 2

    I agree. I'm not sure I actually like doubles, they've always felt like something I should be doing if I want to keep getting faster. The flip side, is doubles definitely make you cross the line of feeling like you are always running to the point it becomes a chore. I think I've decided to maximize single runs and see where that takes me.
  14. Stephen

    Boston - Week 2

    January 7 - January 13 Monday 8.1 miles in 1:03 - A very early morning run before work due to having a full work calendar of meetings today. Legs felt surprisingly good after the big workout on Saturday and LR on Sunday. Cruised around on the hills by our house and stretched out the legs with a moderate last mile. Tuesday 8.2 miles in 1:01 - Weirdly warm January day in the 60's, I was feeling good and had a frustrating meeting prior to running so ended up running slightly quicker than normal for an easy day. Luckily I didn't go that overboard and kept my
  15. Stephen

    2019 & Boston Week 1

    By 3-1/2 minutes!
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