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  1. Scott

    Keeping my hand in

    Not a running post, but running adjacent. I should be at the Millrose Games today, but I'm not, and I'm thinking about last year's Millrose, which was probably our last big day out before everything shut down. Allyson Felix was there. Donavan Brazier set an 800m men's US indoor record. Ajee Wilson set an 800m women's US indoor record. Elle Purrier set a women's USA indoor mile record. People were getting excited about Tokyo. After the meet ended, we hightailed it over to Coogan's to get a table before the runners started to trickle in. My brother-in-law, Jim, who has followed track a
  2. Scott

    not running & being

    "I hate it when they say I'm aging gracefully. I fight it every day. I guess they never see." --the prophet Berg
  3. Scott

    Birthday Silliness

    Fantastic. Happy birthday!
  4. Year of the Monkey and Mere Christianity on the same list is making my head spin (in a good way). I had checked out a 1000-page, stream-of-consciousness book called Ducks, Newburyport before COVID, thinking that I would have to renew it a few times before I could finish. And then our local PL shut down. I finished it today. Best wishes to you and Nugget for a good recovery.
  5. Scott

    Fauxnwood 5k

    Thanks! I haven't considered it, but if it were a Tim Horton's, I would do it every week.
  6. Scott

    Fauxnwood 5k

    Thanks! We appear to be healthy going into week 4 of staying at home., so I'm optimistic. I hope all's well down there with you.
  7. Scott

    Fauxnwood 5k

    Who would have guessed that a simple 2020 goal of running a race a month could be so easily disrupted by anything other than injury or lack of interest? I'm not on Loopville, anymore (nothing personal, Loopville), but I had been thinking about running my own races, and with March coming to a close, I had to decide. Saturday was rainy, so no go. Sunday I had a 7 mile progression run that I wanted to do just to get out the house for awhile. Monday's are usually 3 miles and hill sprints, so I planned, weather permitting, to substitute a timed 5k for that. There's a local October race, the F
  8. Scott

    Here's an Idea.

    I was thinking along the same lines, except I would run a 5k, and not a half. My 2020 goal to run a race every month has been shut down unless I somehow make myself run a 5k for time in March. This would help motivate me. I'm in.
  9. Scott

    Graceful....As Ever...

    Ouch! Your fall looks like it was way worse than mine. But if I had to choose between that and 21 miles on a treadmill, I might choose the fall.
  10. Scott

    Decision Made, Plans Laid

    My family spends time in Rangeley, ME, just south of Eustis, every summer. Lots of memories have been made in that part of the state, so I'm envious of you. Good places to eat in Rangeley and Oquossoc, if you have time to sightsee. Good luck with the training.
  11. Scott

    Going backwards or upside down

    We could have used you for a group photo on the beach! It's not easy fitting 7 people into a selfie when the person with the longest arms is blind as a bat, and the best selfie taker is the shortest person. And did you hear that Gov. Murphy ran the race? Not definite on my next race, but it will probably be a St. Patty's run of some type. I'm also eyeing the Cherry Blossom 10K in Newark on April 5, but it's Palm Sunday, so I'll have to see.
  12. Since the 2018 NYC marathon, besides enjoying not having to train for a marathon, I've been evaluating what I want to get from running as I head for the back half of my 50s. I came to running late, but I've been at it now for 12 years or so, and I would like to keep at it for as long as possible, even as PRs feel more distant and I can practically sense my speed slipping away with every run. These thoughts, as well as worries about aging parents and my oldest child's college preparations, made 2019 an off-and-on year for running. I ran one race, and other than that, the highlight of the runnin
  13. Scott

    Working hard

    I'm impressed that you can train, work and go to school. No wonder you're tired. I hope it all goes well.
  14. Scott


    T-Rex passing her exams makes me happy. That, along with your mileage PR, is a good way to end a decade. Happy New Year!
  15. Scott


    I was the victim of accidental cheating in a local 5k when course marshals posted to keep runners from making a right turn were directing them to turn right. I told them as I ran past that they were sending people the wrong way, and they said they weren't. Then I told the lonely marshall standing at the correct right turn that the runners were being sent down the wrong street. From that point on it was basically me and another runner about 50 yards ahead of me for the half mile stretch before we rejoined the pack to the finish. The shortcut runners probably shaved 3-5 minutes off their times.
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