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  1. Scott


    T-Rex passing her exams makes me happy. That, along with your mileage PR, is a good way to end a decade. Happy New Year!
  2. Scott


    I was the victim of accidental cheating in a local 5k when course marshals posted to keep runners from making a right turn were directing them to turn right. I told them as I ran past that they were sending people the wrong way, and they said they weren't. Then I told the lonely marshall standing at the correct right turn that the runners were being sent down the wrong street. From that point on it was basically me and another runner about 50 yards ahead of me for the half mile stretch before we rejoined the pack to the finish. The shortcut runners probably shaved 3-5 minutes off their times. I finished 4th in my AG with a time of 25 something, which shows how thin the field was. Looking at the times ahead of me, I should certainly have finished 3rd, and possibly 2nd. Those times were close enough to mine that I would have seen the runners if they had been on the correct course. I didn't make a stink because it was a small charity fundraiser and the marshals were kind enough to volunteer to be out there, but still, they could have at least been instructed on where to direct the runners.
  3. Scott

    Must. Keep. Writing.

    I'm still here. Still reading. Still enjoying the stories. But I have deactivated my Facebook account for the time being, which takes me out of the Loop. I have hopes of adding more here, but after I ran the NYC marathon last year, I found that I had very little to say about both it and running in general, although I was pleased to share a post-race meal with some Loopsters. I'm kind of back to where I was pre-Loop a decade ago: going out for 3-6 mile runs, tracing routes that I've run countless times in all seasons, and trying to figure out what I want from this activity as I get older. I guess I'll always be a left-sider. 😉
  4. Maybe avoid Madonna for the time being. Or forever. Go T-Rex!
  5. Love that voice. And enjoy the "time off".
  6. When I think about marathon training, I often hear in my head this Maria Bamford bit on what she calls "violent optimism": "My husband and I were talking about Diana Nyad. She swam from Cuba to Florida; a 1,000 miles; open water; without a shark cage. He said, 'Oh, man, I could never do that!'” "I said, 'Yes, you could!' "'Maria, she was an Olympic swimmer! She attempted five times! She almost died twice! I’m not a good swimmer! ... I also really don’t want to do it.' " Many times, I really don't want to do it.
  7. Scott

    any demons ?

    No love for Sebastian Cabot's It ain't me babe? I like the quote. I've been zooming out a lot this year on a lot of things. For the most part, I'm happy about it.
  8. I'm training for NJ, but haven't decided yet. I hit a funk (caught well and truly between worries about my children and the increasing mortality of the older people in my life), and skipped 3 of my runs last week. I'm back at it, though, and yeah, sometimes it's just a matter of getting both feet out the door.
  9. Scott

    RR: Rehoboth Seashore Pikermi

    Looks like a good race to me, especially so soon after your injury. Looking forward to what next year brings.
  10. I"m happy I had a chance to meet up with (and meet) you. Another great race and RR. You make it look so easy, but we know how much work you put into it. Congrats, again.
  11. Good race! I really liked B'klyn, too. Especially Greenpoint, which kind of surprised me with its enthusiasm.
  12. Sorry that you're not where you would have liked to have been at the starting line, but I think you'll find that slice of heaven somewhere in the experience. And many times when I'm in the frozen foods section of a grocery store, I think, "You could melt all this stuff."
  13. You had the self-awareness to recognize that something wasn't right, and made a difficult choice. It sounds like a good decision. And your letter to the group is gracious, positive, and to-the-point. On to 2019!
  14. I like MichaelV's ideas. I was going to suggest limit yourself to 3 runs/week so that you can think about things other than your next run, and you will always have a 2-day break somewhere in the week.
  15. Scott

    Ready or not, here I come

    Here's hoping you don't see me during the race. Safe travels.
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