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  1. Ugh. May we all remember this post. Wishing you a very speedy recovery.
  2. Running Nutz

    Hi. I still run.

    all the good stuff!!!!
  3. Running Nutz

    an accidental 10k

    " I'm getting slower faster than I can train harder." --- this made me laugh, so true and so well said!
  4. Happy Birthday-- from a fellow 3x'er who feels like I ALWAYS finish fourth in the ag!
  5. I love her hair in a bob! happy September, love your updates.
  6. 100th in 100 on 100. I mean, shouldn't there be a special prize for this?
  7. I wear a ballcap and never raise my head off of level so that I cannot stare and obsess about the top of the hill. I pick out cracks in the pavement (or rocks on the trail) a dozen feet or so ahead and keep shifting my gaze up as I move forward. Weird? Maybe.
  8. grooming the lady bits for optimal running is a bloop all in itself. Diagnosis: Lower-leg tendonitis. Treatment: Aleve.
  9. what a great way to celebrate a friend's birthday!!!
  10. Running Nutz

    The Amazing Amanda.

    This is great news!! I need to Google popliteus now. I've never heard of it.
  11. I love vacay running, these are great tips. Some major cities have running tours- while in San Antonio I joined River City Run for a 3'ish mile run that highlighted key historical/cultural stops. It was a blast and a great way to get my bearings and plan out our day.
  12. Yep, sand-bagging is def better than tea-bagging. Carry on.
  13. oh a change in routine is sooooo good for you! Your trail looks absolutely lovely.
  14. Running Nutz

    Knee 4, Dave 1

    *sigh* Stupid, stupid knee.
  15. I think I would really like using a HB tracking device but just haven't taken the plunge yet- much closer to doing so after reading this bloop though.
  16. Running Nutz


    looks like the BEST RUNNING BUDDY EVER!!!! Certainly in the running for the cutest... So happy for your comeback runs!
  17. oh, that looks so fun!!!
  18. YAY- a Peg update! "You know what I want, for a change? I want to run a marathon with no pressure, no expectations. I want to run 26.2 miles and actually enjoy it regardless of the time and pace. I want to experience it. I want to RUN IT, not race it. So I’m going to. Because it’s just running and I can do what I want with running." - From years of reading your bloops, my general impression is that, mentally- this might be one of the biggest challenges you've given yourself yet.
  19. Running Nutz

    RR - Donate Life 5K

    Oh, you are BADASS!!!!! Great, great bloop.
  20. Running Nutz

    Into a New Unknown

  21. I feel like this might be one of those times where you are asking, but really you already know what you are going to do?
  22. Running Nutz

    For a Moment

    when we are all on our deathbeds, we will not be wishing we were answering emails or watching the news. We will be thinking about all the fabulous miles we ran and how much our pups loved us.
  23. Running Nutz

    Progress, of a sort.

    Husband LOVES to go to the drive-in for a double header, but in the summer the second movie doesn't start till after 11:30. Yeah, no chance I'm making it through that one IF i even survive the first.
  24. Running Nutz

    July Ramblings

    Oh, the trails need to watch out for you once you are back...
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