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  1. Wonder what it will feel like. I'm not where I was physically or mentally the last time I ran it. Bet it looks different. I'm different. This feels harder than it should. This Loop was home once. They say you can never go home... And yet. The trees have matured, but I still recognize them. The roots are there, holding it all together. The view from the overlook still fills me up. @Keep Running Girl- your bloop about FB and how it killed the Loop (among other things) hit a spot with me. I was never a prolific blooper, but i read just about every one written for a number of years. I just couldn't do the FB thing, and was sad when so many folks left. I'm going to make a point to pop in a bit more, and maybe post some stories. Still running, still battling lower-leg issues, hate Covid in a way only a supply chain professional can, life goes on.
  2. OH, how I love to read about months like this... P.S- all the congrats, all the way around. P.P.S- YOUR SHOES! ♥️ Your bridemaids blue flowered dress! Your cake!
  4. Whenever I have a layoff- I keep reminding myself that after 20 years of running and injuries and lost mojo- I've done it all before. Lot fitness, some muscle tone- but I think you are right, the body does not forget.
  5. JFR is a way of life and I would like to see it on a t-shirt.
  6. gonna need a picture of that sweet baby in your next bloop!
  7. I'd report this guy to the gym ownership so fast his head would spin- that is NASTY.
  8. Good to see your bloop. JFR!
  9. tendons are the worst. *sigh* Glad yours is behaving again. Hope mine does soon.
  10. oh that sounds like so much fun!!!
  11. is it just me or do you have to log in to Wordpress to read your blog?
  12. I'm totally with you on the training plan. I follow them very loosely trying to avoid the self-hatred. On my calendar I only write the long-run mileage that I should be on that week and I always add in weeks to the schedule to assume I will not be having a good week here and there. I'm amazed at the type-A folks who live by those plans!
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