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  1. Running Nutz

    Just get both feet out the door - or so they say

    two time in the last 20 years I got those two feet out the door- then ran 10 yards and promptly walked this ass right back inside to hold down the couch. Sometimes you can't force it.
  2. Running Nutz

    January ramblings

    Very happy for you, and excited to see all the good things coming!
  3. Running Nutz

    The week in running and cooking with Shalane

    So in my heart I want to make new stuff, but I get so frustrated when I spring for an $$$ ingredient and end up not liking the outcome. Kudos to you for giving it a whirl and incorporating cheap/easier to find ingredients! Perhaps I will pull out a cookbook tonight and plan a few new meals.
  4. Running Nutz

    2019 & Boston Week 1

    I really want to try these!!
  5. Running Nutz

    2018 Reflections and 2019 Goals

    I love all your goals- but really like this and might try to do it too- but maybe 10 and 2 ! Happy 2019!
  6. Running Nutz

    2018 Running Highlights

    Me too. Happy 2019, can't wait to read more!
  7. Running Nutz


    yay 2019!!!
  8. Running Nutz

    Building Mileage & Perspective: December 2018

    love the socks- happy new year!!!
  9. Running Nutz

    Peace out 2018, ready to #doepicshit in 2019!

    Happy new year!!! Question: Do your doctors have you eating, supplementing or doing anything different to try to avoid stress reactions?
  10. Running Nutz

    2018 Wrap

    if I remember correctly, i think you had an epic running year in 2017... so maybe you were due for a down year... and still a BQ and mileage PR. Not too shabby.
  11. Running Nutz

    Shamrock Marathon Training Week 4: Rehoboth 13.1 Race Report!

    that dude has on the best ugly sweater, ever! Great race, thanks for the report.
  12. Running Nutz

    Rehoboth Beach Marathon Recap and Happy Anniversary, My Achilles

    Is that a sparkly tutu you are wearing in that picture?
  13. Running Nutz

    RR: Rehoboth Seashore Pikermi

    double-digit run- done. Thanks for posting your RR!
  14. Running Nutz

    Shamrock Marathon Training: Week 3 - Time for Rehoboth!

    I need some badass-fucking -shark Mondays in my life. Have fun and GET AFTER IT in DE!!!!
  15. Running Nutz

    November Rain: November Recap

    your dad has a movie screen in his car. ! Have a fabulous holiday season!!!