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  1. Carissa Liebowitz

    And the hits keep coming...

    Ugh, so sorry about your car! While it is exciting to get something new, it sucks to have to go about it this way. But heeeeey, the running is going well, so yippee for that!!!
  2. Carissa Liebowitz

    Never Too Late for a Turkey Trot Report

    I just got the NYC Marathon record book in the mail on Saturday and realized I needed to be in the 60-64 year old category to get an AG placing with the time I ran.
  3. Carissa Liebowitz

    Starting to Get Cold

    Great job in getting out there in the cold temps!
  4. Carissa Liebowitz

    Boston - Week 2

    I've tried the boots a few times and really like them myself. Maybe they work? Maybe they just feel good to sit down and do nothing for a short while? I was listening to some podcast explain how stuff like the boots, hyperbaric chambers, massage, etc. often feel useful to runners because it forces them to relax and lower their heart rates. Like the Vaporflys though, I don't care if it's all just in my head and there is no science - if it works, it works!
  5. Carissa Liebowitz

    Just get both feet out the door - or so they say

    Running a race every month is such a good way to stay on top of training - especially if you just make them a part of your training plan.
  6. Carissa Liebowitz

    Boston - Week 2

    A very solid training week! The question of doubles makes me think about a discussion I was having with another runner this weekend. I was explaining how having a coach and being "forced" to do speed work has been a good challenge for me. Going to run for 3 hours? Love it and can't wait to do it! 20 minutes of speed work during a 1 hour of running? Haaaaaalp. I dunno, maybe you like doubles? Of course, doubles only make sense if they are doing something for you fitness-wise. Anyway, this was more of just a rambling about how it's sometimes a double-edged sword to do things we have a love/hate relationship with in running. Blah, blah, blah.... 🙄
  7. Carissa Liebowitz

    And done.

    Nice cadence you got there!
  8. Carissa Liebowitz

    Getting Personal

    Preach! I'm turning 37 in April and it's amazing to me how many people are so flippant about asking. Why I don't have kids is between me and my husband. Kthxbai. In a kind-of-the-same-but-not-really-the-same, people always ask oh, does your husband run too? I know it's a "normal" thing to ask like the kid topic, but it definitely can be a sensitive topic depending on my mood.
  9. Carissa Liebowitz

    January ramblings

    Thanks! Excited to be excited. 🙌
  10. Carissa Liebowitz

    January ramblings

    I'd like to just go back and be 33 forever.
  11. Carissa Liebowitz

    January ramblings

    Thankfully, we both survived, right? 😉
  12. Carissa Liebowitz

    January ramblings

    Man, I wish I had more vacay time this year to get out west! But, if you are still in DEN in 2020, I would love to come visit.
  13. Carissa Liebowitz

    January ramblings

    Wow. Things are a complete 180 from July 2018. When I look back and read some of my posts, it’s strange to be future me, feeling something completely different. It makes me wish I was better at handling the ups and downs better. One of my favorite poems is “If” by Rudyard Kipling and one of my favorite lines is if you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same. I’d like to think that outwardly, I kept my cool about it all. (Maybe, maybe not?) And on certain days, I guess I was inwardly okay too. But there were certainly many, many days that I was incredibly frustrated and felt like my body had failed me. After 5-6 weeks of running, I did start to feel normal-ish again. And after 3 months, I felt like I was where I was about 4 years ago in my training. Which is pretty exciting when you think about how quickly it came back in the grand scheme of things. FOREVER when you are in the throngs of it, but time gives you perspective on pretty much everything. Now that it has been close to 6 months, I still feel creaks here and there. It’s not perfect, but there are more good runs than bad and the speed that I worked so hard to build is coming back. Perhaps it’s the confidence of having a coach or it’s the confidence of being benched. Maybe it’s the confidence of YOLO as I reach closer to 40 side of my 30s. And maybe it’s the fitness I had all along, but it was buried under my own self-doubt. Either way, I’ve hit some sub-6 paces in workouts over the past couple of months and it feels pretty darn good. I ran a sub-20 min 5k during a workout Tuesday - something that seems impossible to race, but oddly reasonable in the middle of a training session. I’m training for things that are basically the opposite of speed though so my weekends are long, slow treks filled full of vert and lately, mud. I’m not worried about hitting X pace with my speed because everything is done on effort and time. It shouldn’t be any surprise that once you remove the governor of pacing yourself by a watch, magic can happen. My legs are getting stronger, my balance is better, and I can feel the transitioning happening. I’m a long ways still from those big mileage weeks of 2017, but I’m trusting my coach to steer me in the direction of success. And success at this point is a solid finish at GDR, a respectable Boston Marathon, and getting home from the Everest Marathon in one piece.
  14. Carissa Liebowitz

    The case of the missing tablet.

    Glad you are feeling marathon-ready-ish! That is quite a crazy tale of your tablet - especially weird that the other business is near you. I was hoping you were going to find it in your luggage.
  15. Carissa Liebowitz

    Working off those biscuits

    Awww, it's so good to get family time and just enjoy the holidays if you can. Glad you had a race (& friends) to get you jump-started into the next training cycle.