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  1. Carissa Liebowitz

    Confronting the fear

    "I would never burn my tongue when taking a big gulp of coffee." <----yes, please! Excited to see you be brave!
  2. Carissa Liebowitz

    Questions and thoughts of a seasoned and confused runner

    I just read "The Happy Runner" and so much of what you wrote hits on running for a long time, running as we age, and remembering the why of running. I've enjoyed reading your bloops FWIW. If it brings you joy (and inspires along the way!), who cares what anyone else thinks?
  3. Carissa Liebowitz

    The Fatigue Chronicles

    Looks like the training is indeed working!
  4. Carissa Liebowitz

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results

    You do you chica!!!
  5. Carissa Liebowitz

    any demons ?

    I'm reading that exact book right now. I don't expect it to have all of the answers, but I do think it will be one I reference later on. And yes, your dog definitely could be Addie's cousin!
  6. Carissa Liebowitz

    Back in the Race

    Yay! A Bangle RR!! Thanks for the affirmation that 10ks are scary! 😂😂
  7. Carissa Liebowitz

    Ralston Creek 13.1 Race Report

    Congrats on a great race! Love that pic of you with the mountains in the background.
  8. Carissa Liebowitz

    Super Bowl LIII. Snowbuster?

    Yeah, the NFL 100-year was the best commercial IMO. I also liked the failed Alexa one, but mostly because it had a Boston Terrier in it.
  9. Carissa Liebowitz

    Boston - Weeks 3-5

    I have watched the Nike Breaking2 documentary at least 4 times now. Kipchoge is magic.
  10. Carissa Liebowitz

    She's Got the Rhythm

    OMG, that view from the spin studio is stunning.
  11. Carissa Liebowitz

    Boston - Weeks 3-5

    Aside from running easy miles when I don't really care too much about pace, it is really hard for me to do workouts with other people. I really enjoy the social aspect of running with others, but it's far too easy to run too fast or too slow and then it's not productive for me. And I am glad other runners watch and re-watch marathons while running on the TM. 😂
  12. Carissa Liebowitz

    Embracing the Struggle: January in Review

    I'm rooting for you Sara!
  13. Carissa Liebowitz

    QC Returns to the Trails: Mountain Mist 50K Race Report

    My first hydration vest was an Orange Mud and I liked having bottles because they are faster to fill and easier to clean. The only downside was the sloshy noise and overall capacity. But soft flasks during a well-supported race seem to be a good solution. I'll keep my bladder vest for warmer days though.
  14. Carissa Liebowitz

    The Park

    Even though I'm not a morning person, this is why I like getting to the office early in the morning. The stark contrast of the quiet hours of a place normally full of activity is often underappreciated. Great post, as always.