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  1. Dave

    My Year in Running - 2021

    Most impressive stat here is ZERO injuries! Here's looking forward to another great year.
  2. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 3

    Walking continues to be non-painful. Also did a couple of sessions of the other stuff, which also didn't hurt. Two wins. There was some minor pain in a couple of places during a couple of movements. The pain in my right side is SLOWLY getting better. Have I not mentioned this? While the ITB and hip were at their worst, there was also some real tightness that developed higher up and towards the front. Then one night at church I was throwing a frisbee with some kids I work with. Reached up to catch it with my right hand and felt a rip in what I think is an intercostal muscle. Ouch. It's not been the same since (two months now). Mostly it's good unless I'm sitting down. Mrs. Dave walked me through the symptoms with a NP friend of hers and ruled out anything really serious, but I have to say I'm pretty tired of this one, too. Time spent with my hobbies. I appears my hobbies include just working on things. For a couple of years now I've put up with the door lock actuator not working on Abby. That just means I have to manually lock or unlock the driver's door instead of using the button. Finally decided to see how much one would cost and was surprised it was only $12 on Amazon. When it came I consulted YouTube and discovered it was a fair complicated job involving disconnecting a half dozen clips from connecting rods, removing the window track and door latch mechanism. Yipes. Turned into a 4 hour operation, going back and forth between the garage and my laptop, making sure I did everything correctly. And, of course, because I'm a little klutzy around cars and not a professional mechanic, and because it was pretty cold in the garage (note I wouldn't have even tried this outside), I broke one of the clips and cracked the inner door trim panel. Figures. So now my little $12 part replacement is costing me another almost $400. Won't disrupt my retirement plans, but still. New door came on Wednesday. It will stay inside until it's a little warmer. Still waiting for the replacement clip. I've wired the connection to hold it until I that comes on Monday. Le sigh... When I remodeled the family room I installed some crown molding. Made some mistakes on it and haven't been happy to look at it lately, so I finally decided to just take it down. Going to be messy in there for a bit. Thought of a couple of other ways to fix or cover up my previous errors but haven't found anything that would do what I want. Can't replace just the sections I don't like because - as usual - they don't sell the same crown molding anywhere. Recent books. Nothing great. Some Dean Koontz: Mr. Murder, Intensity, False Memory, The Husband, Ashley Bell; Lee Child: The Sentinel, Better Off Dead; Brandon Sanderson: Edgedancer, Tara Westover: Educated, David Duchovny: Truly Like Lightning. Those last two are good but I worry about their portrayal of my religion since they involve fringe/fundamentalist individuals that are pretty far outside not just current practice but also accepted beliefs. The first is a memoire that does a good job of presenting the differences as aberrant, I think. The second, since it's a novel, seems to play fast and loose with those areas without making a distinction between them. Hope no one uses these to inform their perspective on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. TV Series. The Wheel of Time, The Expanse, Britannia, Carnival Row, all three NCIS's, Magnum PI, The Book of Boba Fett, Hawkeye. Doctor Who (Season 6) Movies. Spider-man: No Way Home. Yep, that's it. A ton of not very good ones streaming on various platforms, watched just to have something on. Enjoyed my 63rd birthday on Monday without a run to celebrate this year. I did take the day off work and spent it with Mrs. Dave. We went to Spider-man and generally took it easy. Despite the fact that most of my days are like that now, it was nice doing it together. And it's sure fun watching this big guy growing up.
  3. In the spirit of things not going according to plan... Since the three runs last week went well enough, I decided to try extended the mile treadmill test with 1/2 mile of easy running to 1-1/2. Didn't work. The next three days my hip hurt. What's worse, it hurt in a place that I'm pretty sure wasn't a place that indicated a strained or sore IT Band or anything else muscular. This time it was right in the outside of the joint. The place I'd expect to have something seriously wrong with a (on Monday) 63 year old hip with a couple dozen thousand miles on it. Not that I ever expected my hip to go out enough to end my running career. Nor do I know enough to say that that's what happened. Anyway, what it means for now is that I've taken the rest of this week off and am questioning whether to try again before the end of January. For now, I'm watching plenty of movies and shows on Disney+ and Prime Video, plus football on the weekends. OK, I'd be doing that regardless of my running status. But it does suck not to run.
  4. March 2009. My first post on the old Loop. First comment of encouragement by Sara.🥰
  5. Dave

    2022 Comeback - Week 1

    Three runs last week. 1/2 mile each. These are all walks on the treadmill. Monday and Wednesday I did 1/4 jogs twice with a mile total. Friday I walked 1/4, jogged 1/2 and then walked another 1/4. How did they go? Not terrible. The two areas I'm watching closely of course are the right hip and upper IT Band. Only the tiniest niggle in either for all three sessions. I hesitate to call these workouts. Even better, nothing post session to speak of in either place. Trying to think of what else happened last week and I'm coming up empty. Things have really slowed down in the life of Dave so far this year. I should try to enjoy it as much as I can, since who knows what's going to happen this afternoon or the rest of the year.
  6. Dave

    Hello, 2022.

    Another year put to bed. No, not put to bed – killed, slain. Happily relegated to memory where only the good remains. In short, it was another in the years (plural now) of Covid-19. Wearing masks when leaving the house. Not leaving the house very much. Not running much (less than 500 miles) with two major injuries – one in the spring and one in the fall, so yeah, the two best times to be running. If I’m being honest, there was a lot of good in 2021 for me and mine. Continued gas savings from commuting daily from the kitchen to the dining room office. No trying not to doze off in meetings that I have to sit through, only partially invested in the subject. T-Rex finished school, passed her certification exam and got her first job as a medical assistant. She got married. All three of those we had considered miracles just a couple of years ago. Big Mac had a big baby boy. Turns out the hemophilia carrier testing they’d done when she was 10 was wrong – she’s a carrier, and little Theo is a hemophiliac. While that was a bummer, they qualified as part of a study for a bleed prevention medication that will give him more of a normal life than any hemophiliac has ever had – at no cost to them (saving upwards of a million $$). The Conman was informed that his rent was increasing 24%, then after a month of scrambling to find a new place, was informed that he could re-up for another year lease with no increase whatsoever. And, OBTW, here’s an 18% raise at work, you’re welcome. He’s even had a couple of interviews for jobs that would double his current income, as well as keep him eligible for his student loan debt reduction program. No job yet, but progress and experience. Dr. L and his girls are loving the Texas life. He interviewed for a promotion and has the inside track for it (no guarantee or news on that so far, though). We were able to visit in October (a visit that was delayed from May) and re-establish a physical relationship with our three granddaughters. Last visit with Amanda at Team Rehab was on Thursday. She discovered that my right leg is 2 centimeters shorter than my left. This might explain the hip issue. Over the years, compensating for the difference has finally stressed things to the point that I had to stop. Permanently? Probably not, thank heavens. At almost 63 (in two weeks!) and with so many miles on it, I need to give the area some rest (which I’m doing), and maybe a little bit of technical assistance. To start I have an insert that will take up some of the slack on the right side. Once again, fingers crossed, this will let me get back running soon. Maybe never as much or as fast as I’d like, but enough to keep going after the other 30 states I need to do. The last test run I did was crappy. The run itself wasn’t terrible (other than I’m now officially 100% out of shape), but once again the aftermath of pain was unacceptable. I’d also been having residual pain issues after most of the strengthening exercises they’d given me. So I stopped those, too. Just stretching and less of that as well. I walked 6 miles on Wednesday, at it was OK, although my lower back and right knee weren’t 100% on board with it and let me know on Thursday morning that it was a little too much. Mile and a half yesterday – that seems to have been acceptable. Snow coming in this afternoon and tonight and I can still walk in snow so I’ll do some more of that. After I get the blower prepped for clearing things off tomorrow and take down the outside Christmas lights before the storm. I’d done pretty well with my diet for most of the year, getting my a1c down from 6.8 (diabetic) to 6.2 (PRE-diabetic) until December, because of all the holiday treats. I was supposed to get checked again this past week, but didn’t make it. It’s a number that gives an average of the previous three months, and I’m a little scared of where it’s going to be this time. 2022. The only running goal I have is to get running again. Anything beyond that will wait until I’m actually doing that. So I’ll call two more marathons a dream instead of a goal today.
  7. Dave


    In almost every way. Love, politics, covid, social media, Ukraine, China...
  8. Dave


    What a crazy world we live in. My heart feels both happy and sad for you.
  9. Dave

    Just one mile

    Never nervous unless it's an injury-caused break. Maybe because I've had so many of both. Best of luck getting up to another half this spring.
  10. For those of you who are still here, even if you never write anything. You're the reason I keep coming back, regardless of how boring my writing is anymore.
  11. Dave

    Enough is enough

    GET THE HELL OUT THE DOOR AND RUN, LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Dave

    Enough is enough

    Imagine me in your head, saying, "Get out there, LIz!"
  13. Dave

    2021 in Review

    That's what I love about you - always looking on the bright side. And committed to cross training.
  14. Dave

    2021 in Review

    Suppose it's safe to post my mileage for December and the full year of 2021. I decided after my last test that I'm nowhere near getting back to a regular schedule, let alone training for anything. 4 miles for December. 581 for the year, most of that was in January-February and then another decent stretch in June-September. Couple of highlights: running double digits in early September in the PNW. Checked off the Ragnar from the bucket list. Welcomed Theo (GS#1) to the world. Visited the GD's in Dallas. Saw T-Rex graduate, get married and get her first job. Got the floors done. Didn't get sick. Saved a ton of money on gas by continuing my commute to the dining room for work. Amanda's been working really hard on what's wrong with me. I can't remember the specifics, but basically I'm all messed up on the left side. Which I knew of course, but not precisely the bio-mechanics involved. She keeps trying to get the pieces around my hip and lower back to release, but it's slow work. Can't help but assume that every time I go out for a couple of miles to see how things are that I'm setting things back again. So, we'll see if my 63rd year is better than my 62nd has been, running wise. Already for Christmas here. Presents under the tree for the two of us. All the others out and delivered to their respective destinations south and west. Oreos dipped, bagged and ready for delivery. Merry Christmas, boys and girls (and whatever else you choose - I'm not one to judge).
  15. Dave

    Nothing yet.

    Monday's test run was not bad. Quieter at the hip and the ITB. Even better, not much extra pain after. Second round of PT on Wednesday worked on a few strengthening exercises, then John did a few things. Told me to run. ITB was fine but the hip hurt moderately. Then later that night and most of the next day it was back to the same old pain. Patience, I guess. Put together the IKEA bed with the storage drawers underneath. Those are still empty since we haven't decided what to put in there. Stuff from the random closets and dressers in the spare bedrooms (ha! all the bedrooms are spare now, aren't they?). Surprised at how sturdy these things are. Although I did break one of the locking pieces. Fortunately, I've collected all sorts of bits and pieces of things over the years and just happened to have exactly what I needed to replace it. Cosmetically a little different, but since it's not visible, who cares? PT again today.
  16. Dave

    December 5

    Saw PT on Friday. Right side of my hip is out of whack. He moved it around some and gave me some different things to so that should strengthen the area. Going back 2-3 times a week through the end of the year. Said I could try running on it, but I didn't get around to it yesterday. Plus, while the ITB felt better, the hip hurt more than it has in a while - no doubt from the work he did. In any case, I wasn't motivated to try without a day of not hurting first. So, I'll go out tomorrow for a couple and see what happens. What I did do yesterday was begin an IKEA project. We've had the same bedroom furniture for 25-ish years. At the time we bought it, we were in a tight cash situation, so it wasn't much. It was in fact a set of used hotel dressers and nightstands from an outlet place that has since gone out of business. But they served the purpose. In those 25 years I've repaired them several times as parts of the runners or drawers or something else broke along the way. Not to mention the cheap veneer was showing its age. We've looked on and off for over a year now and finally found something we liked that wasn't for people willing to take a second mortgage on their house or in several tax brackets above us. Finished the nightstands and one dresser. Back was sore by the time I was done (that seems to happen more often than it used to), but the hip had settled down, so that was good news. Trying to not feel guilty about having a license plate with "IRUN262" on it. It's been 2 years now since my last marathon, and it's likely to be at least another 5-6 months before I can reasonably expect to run my next. Christmas decorations are up. Most of the presents are bought. This is early for me. I'm usually a "week of" buyer. I'll leave you with a gratuitous cute picture of my grandson. This is Theo.
  17. You forgot to mention your car troubles. Those have always made even good times seem bad, so they especially kill when the rest of your life is on a rough road (see what I did there?). One step at a time, Loopy. We're here for you.
  18. Dave

    No Nonsense November

    Even with the week off, it looks like you're running enough to make up for me not running at all. And once again no reading overlap. Crazy.
  19. Undue? Not a chance. I have no race streak for any race anywhere. I remember the year of the boot! Talk about dedication.
  20. Thanks for dropping by. I can't seem to leave myself, so it's nice to not be the only one left, hoping I don't have to turn out the lights.
  21. Holidays are a little different this year. No kids. No family. No travel. Mrs. Dave worked. Me, home alone all day. Spent the morning getting out most of the Christmas decorations. In the afternoon and evening I did something I’ve never ever done on Thanksgiving Day before. Watched all three of the NFL games on TV. This tradition started in 1920. In 1934, Detroit became the host city of the annual event, joined by Dallas in 1966. In 2006, the league added a third (prime time) game, although it has no designated annual host team. Always in the past I’ve been able to watch a little of one or two of the games, sometimes a little of all three. But travel, guests, family, baking, roasting and the other Thanksgiving traditions have edged out football spectating for me. Some years I cared about that more than others. Something I didn’t do at all this year was … wait for it … you guessed: run. At all. For so many years I found or organized and played a few hours of football myself. Turkey Bowl tradition. Often, I’d run the 3-1/2 miles from the house to where we played, then run home after. Even if I drove, there was still a fair amount of running involved because that’s how I play. Then I started to lose training time to the once a year football action. Seems like every year I’d miss at least the first part of December in recovery. Not that December is always a great time to run. Still. So I officially retired from Turkey Bowl games. Sucks getting old. And speaking of running, there hasn’t been much of that lately of course. Think I wrote about the two test runs I’ve done in the last couple of weeks. The first was terrible, the second was better. Dropped in to see the doc again last Friday. He recommended PT and commiserated with me about getting into my 60’s and being betrayed by my body. He’s just a few years behind me and also a runner. He’s BQ’d a couple of times, but never by enough to make the cutoff. Did I mention our dilemma with our insurance deductible? Such a pain to reach the end of the year and still be paying a ton of out-of-pocket for anything health related. What I get for being generally healthy. Better than the alternative. And PT isn’t cheap. We have a friend who’s a massage therapist so I went to see her instead and had her focus on the ITB. Man! That hurt. She’s a tiny filipina woman and you wouldn’t think she could hurt you. You’d be wrong. Anyway, going out for another test run in the morning tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  22. Mrs. Dave worked yesterday so I did something I've NEVER done before. Watched all three NFL games. Don't judge me. 🤪
  23. True, if you're eligible you have to.
  24. Dave

    More ouch.

    That was my favorite Dave, too. Gotta find him somehow.
  25. Dave

    More ouch.

    It's moving around some, so I think that's good. If one thing were broken, that would be the only thing that hurts, right? Last few days the pain at the iliac crest has settled down. I ran a couple of miles on Saturday. IT band hurt. Hip hurt. Groin hurt. Finished. After that run I decided to keep the appointment I have with the doc on Friday. Don't really know what he can tell me that I don't already know. Maybe it's wishful thinking. Despite all the stretches and exercises I've been doing (except for the two days after I pulled an intercostal), all I'm getting is more pain in my lower back. I'm too old for this. Tried another 2 mile test today at lunch. It actually went better than Saturday. The only part that hurt was the ITB. That has me slightly encouraged but I'll still go on Friday and see if doc can offer anything besides what I'm already doing. Maybe some PT on the ITB and lower back. Finished the rear brakes on Abby. Replaced the broken hood release cable. Replaced the grommet for the hood prop bar. Noticed that Mrs. Dave's car was pulling a little to the left after doing her rear brakes. Guess that caliper will have to be replaced. That'll be a job for Friday, since she needs it for work on Saturday. Got an email from my sister yesterday morning. Dad had emergency gall bladder surgery. I talked to him last night and he was in good spirits.
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