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  1. Dave

    Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

    It's always an adventure. Glad the foot mostly help up.
  2. Dave

    Marvelous March

    I know I'm excited for Boston. I'll FB message you this weekend and hopefully we can spend a few minutes. No book matches this time. Any of these you recommend?
  3. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 14

    Each week seems more and more of an exercise of the purest optimism. No PT this week since I'm in Idaho. Traveled over last weekend to save vacation days. Stayed the nights in Coralville, IA and Cheyenne, WY on the way. Could have easily made it to Laramie the second day but wanted to watched the Final Four games. UNC busted my pick for the winner, but I had Kansas, so I won both the family bracket challenge and took 3rd in the work game. That may be the first time I've won a bracket challenge. Things haven't worked out as smoothly as I planned here, but most of the important things got done. It started on the drive out. Ten miles on the road and the tarp I had on the load just in case it rained was torn by the wind and I had to take it off. Stop at the next Home Depot and get a replacement or trust the weather forecast that said it was going to be clear all the way across? Went with choice B to avoid the hour delay and because the only thing in the back that might be damaged by rain was an old loveseat that we'd considered not even bringing. Woke up the next morning in Iowa to a cold, hard rain. Don't recall ever driving Iowa in the early spring. I have to say it won't be on my "Really want to do this again" list. Normally I see the corn along the freeway and it's a beautiful, lush green. Makes me proud to live in a country that feeds much of the world. Most of the rest was just as scenic, but nearing the Wyoming-Idaho border south of Jackson, things got a little better. The previous renters in their apartment had left a washer but no dryer, so I figured it'd be easy to find one on FB Marketplace or Craigslist on the cheap. And it was, except most of them didn't mention whether they were gas or electric models. Needed gas. At last found one for $75 and brought Dad along to pick it up. I had $70 cash but figured to Venmo anyway. Apparently selling used furniture is the woman's business and she wouldn't do Venmo because of the new tax law. Fortunately, Dad had a fin in his wallet. I get the machine back to the apartment and discover that the attachment hose was too short by two inches to reach the gas line coming out of the wall. So, off to Home Depot where they only had a full installation kit with a four foot hose. Fine. Back for the install and there was just one inch of clearance between the dryer and the door. Close one. But it went in and works and they're set with that. The main piece of furniture they needed was a bed. I brought a Hollywood bedframe with me. Planned to get a box spring and mattress, or maybe a platform frame and just a mattress. My dad said he was replacing his mattress and they could have it for free. He also knew the guy where it came from and he could probably make me a deal on a platform frame. When I finished work that day and came up from the basement where my temporary office is, Dad was ready to go. Remember, he's 89 and while still pretty sharp, he's slowed down quite a bit since he ran a 3:40 at the 1979 Golden Spike Marathon. So instead of a quick run to a few thrift and furniture stores to see what I could get, it became an entire afternoon of going to one place to find it was only open on Friday and Saturday, another that was no longer in business, then having to search for him because he'd gone to the WinCo to buy some peanut clusters. In the end, we came up empty as the places that normally had what I wanted were out of the size I needed. I'd remembered stopping to use the restroom at a Walmart somewhere in Iowa that they had a platform frame for $140. That was about half what the furniture stores wanted for them. So plan B became dropping in on the local store and just getting one. To be sure, I went into Mrs. Dave's Walmart.com account and ordered it for pick up. Then the credit card she had on file wasn't working. No problem. I used mine. A few minutes later I received an email that my order was cancelled because of suspicious activity on the account. Called Mrs. Dave and she ordered it. All set. Until we got to Walmart and they had no record of the order. Checked the account and the third transaction had also been cancelled because of suspicious activity. Went inside and the shelf was empty. Found someone to check in the back but she couldn't check because they were unloading a truck. Wouldn't be done until 10pm. There "might" be one at the other store across town. So we went there to find the shelf also empty. Asked another guy to check the back room and after what seemed like 3-4 days he came back with what was apparently the only queen platform bedframe in the state of Idaho. Oy vey. We'd been trying to get SIL to attached the license plates to his car for the last couple of months to no avail. Turns out he likely wouldn't have been able to anyway, since they were missing a bolt from the real and he had no idea. It also attached differently than the front so that needed to be figured out with one trip to Walmart and another to O'Reilly's. When I removed the temporary sticker from the back window I noticed the expiration date. February 28. SMH. When they bought their second car, it only had one key. Next quest was to get a second one, plus another one of each so they'd have spares just in case. I don't remember being quite so inept in my 20s, but maybe I was. Anyway, since we were at Walmart for something else and they make keys in their auto area, I waited five minutes to ask about getting one. Bet you didn't know that a 2001 Civic has a chipped ignition key. The associate trying to help was particularly inept herself, and I took the advice of another guy who was waiting for something at the counter and went to the Ace Hardware store down the road. I gulped when he told me it was $90 for the key and then we'd have to program it to mate with the car. Maybe Mel's Lock & Key could do better. Fine, where is that? On the other side of town. Good thing Idaho Falls isn't a big town. Mel would do it for $80, including programming, but we needed to bring the car. We were in my truck. So we went back to the apartment, traded the truck for the car and came back. Geez o Pete. Yesterday I realized that the can of spray adhesive I spent $30 for at O'Reilly's ... I had an almost full can back in Michigan from when I'd replaced T-Rex's headliner. I knew I had this job on the list to do but didn't even think to bring the adhesive that I'd paid $25 for five years ago. Anyway, we were able to get the edges that were falling off reasonably well re-attached and they don't have it secured to the roof with thumbtacks (I kid you not). Met one of my brothers (Robert, the Ironman) for dinner and had a good talk. Took the kids out to Red Robin last night and tried to wrap up my visit with some life advice. Item one is to do the things that need to be done. It's been a year since the wedding and she just barely got her name changed on her SS card so she can now change her residency to Idaho and get a driver's license and register her car in the state. Anyway, I'll head back today as soon as I get through with work. Most of what I came here for got done, although not without what seemed like hiccups at every turn. Life's like that most of the time. Like running.
  4. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 13

    Guess we can always sit on the bus together...
  5. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 13

    Easy for you to say, Ms. Crossfit. 😋
  6. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 13

    First week of PT. Like always, it seems the first part of PT is a waste of time. Doc referred me to a different place than I usually go, so I don't get to see my favorite Amanda with the magic hands. This guy, Dalton, is pretty good though. He seems to know his stuff and was good at listening. Assorted tests to see where I'm weak and where things hurt under what conditions. The IT Band is all scrunched up in the spot that bothers me the most, but he found what appears to be the root cause. One of the upper attachment points between it and the gluteus. Probably a small tear that hasn't healed because 1) I'm old; 2) I'm diabetic; 3) I've tried to run through it; and 4) I sit all day and that position seems to not be good for it. So I've got a few of those immensely boring exercises and stretches to do for 6 or more weeks that will hopefully strengthen the surrounding areas while it finishes healing. Also, standing more during the day. Trip to Idaho starting this afternoon with a truckload of odds and ends for the kids' new apartment. I used to make fun of parents that did things like this for their adult children. But here I am. Be there all week, then get back for just a few days before the trip to Boston. Busy April. Recent books: Anxious People by Fredrik Backman - Do yourself a favor and go read this. TODAY. Becoming by Michelle Obama - Fascinating, enlightening. Phantoms by Dean Koontz - Fun one. The Broken Kingdoms by NK Jemisin - Well done fantasy. One of the few African American fantasy authors out there. Book 2 of the series. The Kingdom of Gods by NK Jemisin - Book 3 of the series. The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead - Mystery involving elevators. Didn't see that coming. All Systems Red by Martha Wells - Book 1 of a sci-fi multi volume series. Each book isn't long, but very entertaining. Artificial Condition by Martha Wells - Book 2. The House of Thunder by Dean Koontz - Gaslighting at it's finest. Three by Lars Kepler, my new favorite Scandinavian author - The Nightmare, The Fire Witness, and The Hypnotist. There are six more as soon as I can get to them.
  7. Dave

    Prairie Spirit 50k

    Who'd have thought running out and back in Kansas would sound so exciting?
  8. Dave

    Foot Update

    No recommendation here. But those toe/exercises I've found to actually be effective, so keep at it. PT always takes longer than seems reasonable.
  9. BTW, 8:48 is going to feel awfully slow. You know that, right?
  10. This is an easy one, since it's Boston. Early miles are going to be fast no matter what, so plan for it that way. First 10k at 8:48, 9:00s from there to the hills, then see what's left after Heartbreak. Hope to see you there that weekend. We'll be working bib pickup Sunday morning.
  11. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 12

    Apparently, I'm now on another break. Pain over the weekend post runs was so bad I decided to call a doc. My strategy of hoping things would get better if I just ran more - like I do. Every. Single. Time. - failed again. Who can understand these things, anyway? I found a sports med guy who came highly recommended, called the office Monday and asked for an appointment. "Sure! What's your birthdate?" "1-17-59." "Oh...sorry, sir, Dr. A. doesn't see patients your age." "Excuse me?" "Let me schedule you with our hip specialist, Dr. P." "Um, this is a sports injury and it's not my hip. It's my upper IT Band. I need a sports med specialist." "Yeah, well, Dr. P. is really good with older patients." "OK, fine." It wasn't fine, but I'm nothing if not a pushover. But our first conversation was going to be about running marathons, not arthritis. If he wants to give me a new hip, I'm outta there. As it happened, Dr. P. had an opening the next day, so I took my old hip and went to see him. I made it as clear as I could to Andy, the guy intaking me, that I wasn't some cranky old guy with a bad hip (OK, the cranky old guy part was true), but an athlete with an injury who needed to get back to running marathons. He seemed to get it, and assured me that Dr. P. was a good guy for me. They took some x-rays of my pelvic area, including the upper femur where the problem is, then I sat down to wait. It wasn't too long, so there was one in the plus column. Dr. P. was about 40, I'd guess. Tall, slim. Probably a basketball or volleyball player in his younger days. He payed attention when I told him my history and the fateful day last September at the Ragnar. We looked at my x-rays together and he showed me where there was some very slight narrowing in the right hip, but nothing that would explain any pain and certainly nothing for him to do anything with. He moved my leg around, pinpointing the upper IT Band spot that's at the root of this whole mess. Sadly, there's no magic bullet. I'm off the roads for six weeks now while I do another round of PT. This time focusing on the IT Band. Last time my back and hip were hurting so much I couldn't get there. In other news, four weeks on Metformin now for my blood glucose, and three weeks of testing every morning. I was averaging 142, with a low of 128 and a high of 160. This morning was 114. I went from once a day to twice last week, so maybe it's finally starting to work. The kids in Idaho are moving this week. They found a place for $300 less than the first place they were looking at, just a couple of miles from where they work. The previous tenants left their washer and dryer. The dryer wasn't working but they get to keep the washer. This also means I am driving out with a pickup load of furniture for them next weekend. Last time I had a long solo road trip was 2006 or 7, I think. This'll be great. Finally got around to rotating the tires on Mrs. Dave's CR-V. Stripped the threads on one of the lugs putting them back on. So that turned into a 2 hours job getting a new lug and nut and replacing them. I hate working on cars. So much. I also hate not running.
  12. Dave

    Foot Story

    The more I see these pics, the more they look like teeth.
  13. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 11

    Good news and bad news this week. Good news is that I ran three days this week. 3 miles each, with a little break to walk half way. How'd it go? So-so. Limped through the first half mile with pain about a third of the way down the right femur. All the pain as started to concentrate there. What does that mean? Sort of numbs up after that. Then hurts to touch the rest of the time, when I walk up stairs, and when I twist it. Thinking about an ortho consult. In the meantime, walked 3 miles yesterday instead of running. No limping, but the pain the rest of the day was the same. Anything else going on? Not really. Kids may not be moving until May, so the urgency to get out there is less. Still, if I didn't need to get out to see Dad I don't think I'd go. Doesn't really make economic sense. I'd rather be talking about running.
  14. Dave

    Foot Story

    If it's not one thing, it's another, right? I thought MN right away, although that doesn't mean I'm ready to go into podiatry. Best of luck getting this all straightened out.
  15. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 10

    Guess who ran this week? I did a mile both Friday after posting and Saturday. Boy, am I out of shape. Not a hundred yards out on that first run I was huffing and puffing. Sucked it up and finished, then remembered that I donated blood earlier in the week. I don't bounce back as quickly from that as I used to, either. Saturday was better. This week I extended to 2 miles per day. For the first 3 I walked a little before turning around, but yesterday kept going all the way. I feel like such a noob. You start wherever you are, though, and that's where I am. Not wearing a watch yet, so am only guessing at 10 minute miles. Pain-wise, I give the leg a B-. The hip seems OK at the pedestrian pace I'm going. What I used to call the upper ITB that I'm now sort of wondering is a femur issue (stress reaction or even a fracture? - may need to ask about x-rays or a bone scan if it continues to linger) is a C. I feel something but it doesn't seem to get worse over the mile or two I've done so far, nor does it bother me the rest of the night. If I can add miles and it stays like this, then I'll accept it as me being old and keep on. Right knee was a little sore after the 2-milers, which may have been either age or the insert that Amanda put in that shoe. I took it out to see if it gets better. The ribs bother me a little when I'm sitting and working, but mostly those are OK now. In another concession to my diabetes diagnosis, we bought a glucose meter on Saturday and I've been doing the finger poke every morning. So far, I've measured a little sweet at 160, 146, 142, 136, 151, and 122. This after taking metformin for two weeks. Giving it another couple of weeks to get down under 100 and then upping the dose. Could be worse, I know. I sure miss pie. And Butterfingers. The new SIL got hired at the post office in Idaho Falls. That means the kids now both have permanent full-time jobs in the same place. So they'll be leaving their little studio and getting a bigger place. Mrs. Dave says this means I'll be making a visit to help them move. Not that they have more than two Civics full of anything to move. I do need to see my dad (he turns 90 this year). We have several items of furniture in the basement she want's me to take with me. Trouble with that is that renting a U-Haul would cost more than just having them buy new stuff. Still working on options for that. Boston coming up. DS2 is running and we'll be there. In fact, we signed up to volunteer at packet pickup Sunday morning. No idea where we'll be exactly, but feel free to come find us. Speaking in church this weekend. Obviously I'll be using analogies based on running marathons.
  16. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 9

    Not likely. It's not isolated to gluten and there are no other similar symptoms.
  17. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 9

    Can't say I ran this week. Although, it was nice enough on Wednesday that I walked for 3 miles. Doesn't sound like much, but as far as I'm concerned, this year that's progress and progress is a win. Don't know if it's the metformin, but been having serious gut pain lately, especially after eating. Last night we made pizza and I could only eat a few bites before I felt more than full. That's right. Me, who believes the only good pizza is an eaten pizza. A man who regularly eats an entire Little Caesar's in one sitting. If there's pizza to be seen, there's pizza to be eaten. It's a mortal sin to leave pizza on the table. I'm that guy. Couldn't eat another bite. Not as bad today. We have this cute little holiday seat cover that's been showing some wear. A couple of the grommets have disappeared. Last week I decided it was time for a new project and have chosen to replace the little guy. Mrs. Dave decided that I should make one for all the kids. So I have to make 4 more. Until she decides that she wants to give one to someone else. It's coming along fairly well. Ready for the stitching, which will be the hard part. Not my best skill. After a year of coaxing I finally convinced Mrs. Dave to replace her computer. Hers has been a problem child for over a year. Noisy (fan) and so, so slow. She's thanking me now. Going to try another run this afternoon. Maybe a mile. It's scary. Remember when I wrote that anything less than 4 miles was hardly worth the effort. Those were good times. When we did the bedroom a few months ago we found some lamps we liked so much we wanted a set like them for the living room. Only they weren't available anywhere. Until last week when I thought I'd try looking again. Now the living room is done except for the walls because we (I mean Mrs. Dave) can't decide what we want there. They asked me to speak in church next week. Of course, I'm talking about how running marathons are like life. Frankly, because it is and people should understand that. When I do start running again for real, I'll be writing every day again, at least until the finish of my next marathon. Like the old days, except there's no big group of vocal supporters here like the old days. Just a few and you're almost all silent. I forgive you.
  18. We've diverged so much in our reading. Zero matches again. Also, zero matches in running, but I'm trying not to be jealous. You are really killing it, Sara.
  19. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 8

    Some days I feel like I should switch the title of these to "My Post-Running Life." Did a couple of hour walks on the TM this week. Both OK. Started taking metformin for my blood sugar. Still working out the best time to take it. Common side effect is stomach upset, which I'm having. Yesterday was sunny and beautiful. Seemed like a good afternoon to take my walk outdoors. Didn't count on the wind or how miserable it is to be cold when walking. Funny how I could run and run and run in temps as low as 0F. I bundled up reasonably well, considering it was almost 30. But as soon as I turned the corner and walked into the wind ... yuck. Went another few hundred yards before deciding that my minimum walking temp is much, much higher than my minimum running temp. Came home and did some weights, which I hate. Hip is sore today. Not giving up yet.
  20. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 7

    Back home from Seattle. Thoughts: Spending a week in the PNW is great and terrible. Working three time zones away from normal means a 4 AM start. Also means my eyelids are drooping at 8 PM. Eating lunch at breakfast time, ready for dinner at 2 PM. Remote work means 8 days away from home with only 2 days of vacation times used. GS is 5-1/2 months. Don't often see a little one as happy and self-entertaining as this kid. He's 18 pounds already. I think our 4 were all a year old before they weighed that much. Mrs. Dave bought her mother a shower chair for her birthday in October. Even with the rest of the family within 20 minutes of her apartment, I assembled it while we were there. Walked for a half hour with GS one day. I was ready to stop half way because he's so heavy. Walked an hour another day. No issues even on the Seattle hills. DD1/SIL had a 2K piece puzzle started. Spent most of my free time putting it together. Probably 60% or so done when we left. Had CT scan with contrast this morning, looking into why my gut feels stuffed and stretched all the time. One more thing. Walked an hour on the treadmill last night. ITB a little sore after and walking up the stairs. Calling progress on the hip/ITB today as "marginally improved." Ribs are still sore when I'm sitting down. These Winter Olympics are equal parts farce, tragedy, and outrage. China is the absolute worst place for this event and I hope they NEVER get the chance to host another.
  21. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 6

    Didn't try the run last Saturday. I can't remember why and today I can only assume that it was because I hurt more than usual. Instead, Mrs. Dave and I binged the first season of Reacher. Working from Seattle the last half of this week and the first half of next. This is our Christmas trip that we postponed because airfare was stoopid at Christmas. I might also say I'm psychic because (if you remember) the weather after the holiday would have really messed up our return flight. Operating from the PST zone does mean I go to bed early and am up at 4AM, but it's a small price to pay for hanging out with Big Mac and her bruiser of a son. 5-1/2 months and he's 18 lbs. Took him for a walk the other day with one of those wrap around carriers and I was struggling a little bit by the time we made it back to the apartment. He's one of those incredibly happy babies, which makes it a real joy to be around him. DS2 is coming up from Tacoma tonight for dinner and tomorrow for the game (go, Rams!). We drove north last night for a couple of hours with Mrs. Dave's family. I remember hiding in a corner of the room the first time I met them because they filled the room with loud and boisterous chatter. Had no idea people could talk so much. And how could they hear any conversation with all the other loud conversations happening at the same time? That part still baffles me after nearly 40 years. All the results from the endocrinologist came back and she called me on Tuesday just as we were boarding the plane. When I reluctantly cut her off, she said I should call the office on Wednesday and have a nurse review her notes. Turns out, she had nothing to say. I'd gone seeking answers. Turns out she wasn't interested in looking into it. Just confirmed the diagnosis and told me to follow up with my PCP. Deciding now the point at which I give up and just accept it or find another endo who might care. On the plus side, our deductible for the year is already met, so everything for the rest of 2022 is free. Maybe I'll think some more about that nose job.
  22. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 5

    More boulders in the middle of the highway. The ribs were so bad that I went in to see the doc again. She didn't think there was anything other than sore ribs, but ordered 2 sets of X-rays to make sure. The first set was clean but the second showed a "nodular opacity projecting over the right fourth posterior rib." Might just be a spec on the film. It also might be a "pulmonary nodule," which may or may not be important or something serious. In either case, it's not related to the pain in my side. Having a CT scan on Monday to see what it shows. The ribs bother me much more than the hip, although that's still not 100%. I can feel it when I walk up stairs or sit for too long. I may try to run a little tomorrow. While I was at the doc last week I had the a1c checked again. Last time it had dropped from 6.8 in May to 6.2, below the diabetic threshold (6.5). This time it was 7.5. He recommended taking metformin. But Mrs. Dave and I want more answers before we go there. Like, how does a guy who doesn't smoke, drink or consume alcohol, avoids sugar and runs 6 days a week (current hip issue aside) have diabetes? I also have none of the symptoms that I'm supposed to have if I'm diabetic. Met with an endocrinologist this morning. Took her through all my risk factors (none), family history (none), and my symptoms (none). Urine and blood samples. Blood sugar is high. Not crazy high like I've seen with friends who are diabetic (all of them seriously overweight, btw), but unmistakably over the line (134 - below 100 is normal). Taking one pill a day is a small price to pay to get it back down, but ... why? Am I just a freak? Kids bought me a fun puzzle for my birthday. It was a couple of weeks late, so it's like having two birthdays. Less pieces than I normally do, but the shape of the pieces made it really interesting to put together. And I love Frederic Remington's work. Run a mile for me.
  23. Dave

    Jumpin' January

    So very excited for the Boston pro selection. Mrs. Dave and I will be there to see DS1 running his first Boston. Maybe we'll have a chance to touch base for a few minutes. I expect you'll be pretty busy that weekend.
  24. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 4

    Discouragement. No progress on the hip pain. Obviously the longer this goes on the more I'm inclined to thinking it's something pretty serious. Career ending? Maybe. As it happens I know an ortho who specializes in hips. Unfortunately, while he's a friend he also lives in Blanding, UT and just had his own knee replaced. So I'm waiting a little farther into his recovery before I bug him for free advice. Over three months on the intercostal pain. Like the hip, the longer this thing lingers the more I worry that it's more than just a pulled muscle. Wasn't it just last winter when I relished running in sub-freezing temps and snow? Maybe that the the year before. Now I sit inside the house and look at the blanket of white and listen to Alexa tell me that, "Right now, it's 19 degrees. Tonight, expect a low of 2 degrees," and I'm not even interested in testing what the wind chill would feel like on my face for a double digit run. Not that I could run more than a mile right now anyway. Walked an hour twice this week. Monday and Wednesday. Skipped today because the hip was overly sore after Wednesday and the ribs are bothering me a fair amount today.
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