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  1. Hey, I was looking to contact Cliff about something and saw he answered this post. I must have missed it when you wrote (in July). Sorry about that, because I love to see anyone new to the group writing and adding another voice. I feel like there are mostly crickets here lately. Anyway, hope you are still here and hope you come back regularly, even if it's only to comment.

  2. I've been having the same thoughts, Cliff. I'd keep checking in to see if anyone had posted, but haven't been able to push myself to write anything myself.

    I'm no prophet, but this really does seem like the end. This is much more than a seasonal dip. Covid? No races, no group runs. No doubt the pandemic isn't helping. Looks like the days of our community blogging site are over. It was inevitable, really, without someone (myself included) to generate interesting content and - even more important - find a regular infusion of new blood. There's nothing like new runners to keep things going.

    I could drop in on Loopville and take a poll there. But even that FB group hasn't had much going on lately.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you.

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  3. On 11/22/2017 at 1:58 PM, garbanzo a gogo said:

    no, it was that dave schultz guy, who at the time was using the kevin knabe pseudonym. he was bitter because i had mailed him an expired peanut butter sandwich. HE killed my posts and created an endless series of aliases to attack me. I wonder whatever happened to him.

    i wish we would lose that leaderboard thing too. same thing. why does everything have to be a contest?

    I heard he's in jail. (btw, that sandwich was delicious)

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  4. 45 minutes ago, Cliff said:

    Sounds like we'll be moving to a single category.

    Not sure how it worked at RW, but these are similar categories that they used.  I "borrowed" them from RW.

    There were no categories in the Loop. Early on, when there was a full time moderator, there was a "right side" and a "left side". By default, everything went on the left side. The most popular blogs (based on number of views) were "promoted" to the right side. Some people didn't like that because it created (in their minds) an elite class. Most people liked it because it was easier to find the blogs they liked, and the more popular ones stayed on the front page longer. We don't have enough traffic (yet) for this to be an issue.

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  5. I think we'd have to do an actual survey of international results over the past few years and look at some real data. (perhaps you have, Gonzo)  It may just be that we have a few winners that are grabbing headlines. Or that there are more female reporters who are covering them more?

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  6. Don't know quite enough of your running background for any of this to be really accurate, but here are some thoughts.

    35 lbs. is a significant amount of weight, so yes, just getting down there would do a lot (will also help with those sore knees). Don't know that you need a specific training plan, but you can find many out there if you're really motivated in that direction (lots of websites and training apps to choose from). Your weekly mileage is pretty good  for 5/10K racing. I'd increase 5-10/week, building up over the next 4-6 weeks. After that I'd add an interval session once a week to increase your speed. Between that and your weight loss, taking a minute per mile off your 10K time is quite possible. (here's where I'm also supposed to encourage strength/cross training, but whatever).

    You can go to https://www.mcmillanrunning.com/ or a similar site and get info on appropriate training paces.

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  7. I run. Despite what your PT and chiropractor say, the numbers show most running injuries are a result of a) shoes, or b) too much speed and/or mileage (ramping up too quickly). If you're careful about the second and smart about the first, you're more than likely to be fine.

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