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    ordinary mortals triathlon

    Guess we aren't done with covid yet. Son, daughter, son-in-law, grandson, granddaughter all have had it in the last few weeks. I may have been exposed to granddaughter last weekend. Ought to see symptoms today or tomorrow if it was enough of a viral load to get me, too. Planning second booster next week.

    Weather like we've had lately, I wish I cared less about people seeing my gut. I'd be running shirtless for sure.

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    Comeback 2022 - weeks 25-26

    21 hours ago, ocrunnergirl said:

    I get no credit for helping your comeback?? Cross Train, Cross Train, Cross Train.... lol! Happy to read that things are coming back.

    And biking doesn't have to be easier than running. My 8 miles that I ran on Saturday were WAY easier than the 40 miles that I rode on Sunday.

    You're so insecure, G. Of course I blame you for my new XT habit. I've always figured that running is 4-5 times harder than biking, so 8=40 sounds about right, everything else being equal.

    Comeback 2022 - week 24

    On 6/28/2022 at 11:20 AM, LurkerInChief said:

    So how is the body after work all day and 10 miles on the bike?

    Riding a bike is easy peasy. Suppose I could push harder, but my HR seems to be in about the right zone most of the time, so... 

    The Lucky One

    Really appreciate this right now, since I'm not able to run and just hoping to get back on the roads at least once more before I hang up the Hoka's for good.

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    I'm guessing there'd be more about the diamond hunting if you'd found any big ones.

    The word "marvelous" always makes me think of Billy Crystal.  


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    Comeback 2022 - week 20

    17 hours ago, ocrunnergirl said:

    Why would you eat 2 donuts when you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes? That doesn’t make sense? 

    Try swimming or biking for the summer. Maybe a different activity will  help keep your mind off of running.

    I'm just barely over the line for the diagnosis, and am insulin resistant as opposed to not producing enough insulin, so a donut or two on occasion is fine. I'm not going to go into a coma. Frankly, it seems like there should be another term to separate it from Type 2 diabetes, but that's another rant. And don't miss my point - there seems to be no correlation to my diet/exercise with the glucose numbers. This week I had a swing from 142 (not good) to 116 (pretty good) on consecutive days with the exact same menu and activity level. Not to mention I have ZERO of the symptoms tat are supposed to accompany high glucose numbers. Still looking for answers.

    We've had the conversation about XT before. I have looked into borrowing a bike this year, so you can be smug about that if you like. 😜

  1. What a wild ride! You look great in all those pics, though. THRE CODE ABBYS? That's nuts.

    Sorry I missed you with everything else going on. DS really smoked the course and we were scrambling all morning, trying to keep up with him. Maybe this ITB will heal and I can join you next year.

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    Marvelous March

    I know I'm excited for Boston. I'll FB message you this weekend and hopefully we can spend a few minutes.

    No book matches this time. Any of these you recommend?

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    Comeback 2022 - week 13

    12 hours ago, doug in co said:

    loved the NK Jemisin and Martha Wells books.. 

    at last test, my a1c was 5.6 instead of 5.7, magically I'm no longer pre-diabetic.. though come to think of it, we've been doing the Orthodox fast for Lent this year, maybe all the vegetables helped. (no meat, fish, dairy or eggs, wine and oil allowed on weekends only). 

    came out of twice-weekly PT for six months recently. The knee is holding up, the shoulder has now broken down with a new rotator cuff problem. I've been trying an app we get free through work, Hinge Health. It seems to be more for sedentary office workers with chronic pain though, hasn't been helpful. Back to PT I guess. 
    My wife worked at the church for a decade or so, told me that the older parishioners seemed to spend much of their day just getting to all the doctor appointments. Here I go 😉 CT scan tomorrow, lung function test next week, dermatologist after that, have to fit in PT somehow around earning a living.. 

    Guess we can always sit on the bus together...

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    Comeback 2022 - week 13

    On 4/1/2022 at 11:05 AM, ocrunnergirl said:

    That drive is going to be a lot of sitting for someone who is not supposed to do a lot of sitting.

    I get that PT exercises can be boring but if they are going to get you back running why not look at them in a favorable light? 

    Easy for you to say, Ms. Crossfit. 😋

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    Foot Update

    No recommendation here. But those toe/exercises I've found to actually be effective, so keep at it. PT always takes longer than seems reasonable.

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