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  1. Time to fly, my friend.
  2. Even a perfect day isn't perfect, is it? You really did work your tail off and deserve the win. Congrats.
  3. Dave

    Just so you know...

    442 miles on the bike in August. Did long rides of 20, 30, 40 and 50 miles. 50 felt like it was enough. Don't know if I'll go farther than that, unless someone dares me or challenges me. I can never resist either of those. Except for doing a triathlon. Or bungy jumping. As for running, I did all the simple exercises I found. Most of them I've done before from time to time. This time I was much more consistent. Wasn't until the end of 4 weeks that I stopped feeling the pain in the IT band and tightness in the hip. Waited another week to try a run. That was this week, in fact. Two miles on Monday. Two miles on Wednesday. Both took about 18:30. Hopped on the wheels for 40 more minutes so I could call it an hour's worth of cardio. Not in running shape at all, but mildly pleased with the pace after the time off. Doesn't feel great, but fingers crossed that will come again, too. Planning 3 days each for a while. No timetable. I'll stop if it hurts. Days without running I bike about an hour or so. On the old wheels that used to get me 11 miles or so if I pushed it. Now it's closer to 14 and not as hard. Fancy that. Dropped another couple of pounds. One more week before Mrs. Dave and I take the European tour to celebrate our 40th anniversary (last month on the 28th). 10 days. France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland. What else is new? Not much I guess.
  4. Because it's done. Met with the superstar marathoner guy as scheduled. Thought about editing the last entry to update. Then thought about adding another post about how it went. Considered saying a final goodbye to the Loop. Finally decided I needed more time to process things before I could put anything down. Anyway, here we go. The visit was a total disappointment. I won't say he just blew me off, but he sort of just blew me off. The basic message was, "You'll old now and have to do more than just go out and run. Look up some ITB exercises on the web and call me in a month." I agreed and I'm doing them but I'm not happy. Side leg raises, clamshells, hip thrusts (not as fun as it sounds), side hip bridges, pistol squat, hip hikes, side shuffle (with resistance band). Easy stuff, except for the pistol (one legged) squat, which stresses the spot in my ITB that's been the issue since September. Not running. And so there will be no comeback this year, certainly no marathon. After another month of zero running miles we'll see what's happening and if I can put in some miles on the legs again. On the bright side, I do enjoy the riding. The wheel upgrade was definitely needed and certainly worth the $450 I invested. I don't feel any envy about skipping the $X,XXX+ price tag for a Trek or Specialized or one of those other higher end machines, either. Busting out 10-15-even 20 miles any day of the week with no DOMS is nice. Longer rides means more miles, means more scenery to see. Butt's a little sore. Spent $20 for a handlebar phone mount and started using a set of airpods that my dad gave me a few months ago. Someone gave them to him and he didn't use them. I sure miss not training for a marathon, though. I miss the long Saturday morning runs. I miss the hard, long intervals, mile repeats, Yassos. I miss thresholds. I dearly miss Tempo Tuesdays. I miss researching races and putting travel plans together. I miss spending those weekends away with Mrs. Dave, visiting a new town or city. I miss expos. I miss new t-shirts. I miss new shoe day. I miss a lot of things.
  5. Yikes! Another two weeks slipping by without my noticing. With some limited progress, and today I have the long anticipated appointment with the marathon running doctor. As time goes by, everything seems to be getting SLOWLY better anyway, so I'm now worried that there won't be enough pain for him to help me. Two weeks ago I ran 2 miles twice. Last week I ran 2 miles on Friday and 4 miles on Saturday. At 2-1/2 miles, I was able to feel the spot in the ITBand twinge a little. Made me wonder if two days in a row running wasn't a good idea. Besides that, the run was hard because it's more miles than I've run in nine months. Assuming doc doesn't restrict me today, I'll go back to 2 milers for this week and monitor things. No doubt I'll have some more exercises to work on again. Road trip last weekend. Youngest granddaughter was baptized. We watched airline fares for several months with this event upcoming, and it just made no sense to pay that much. So we took a couple of days off and drove to Dallas. Mrs. Dave and I love a good road trip. Stayed the first night in Paducah, KY, home of the National Quilt Museum. Next day we had lunch at a Subway in Hope, AR, birthplace of William Jefferson Clinton. No idea if he ever ate there. On the way back we drove through Mississippi and Alabama since Mrs. Dave hadn't been to either of those two states. Now we both have just Alaska to complete visiting all 50. Been saving that to go along with my Alaska marathon. News on the (inspired by ocrunnergirl, of course) cycling front. New wheels. No commas in the price tag, as promised. Had buddy who's into this cycling thing offer to tune it up for me. Figure that saved me $100 or so. Anyway. the first few rides have gone well. Seat's not quite as comfortable as the old one. Faster by 40%, though, and that's fun. Replaced the tires on the old bike and am trying to talk Mrs. Dave into joining me for at least some neighborhood cruising. I'll let you know if she decides to upgrade and be serious about it. Last month Got a matched set of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. It's been many, many years since I've read them and it's a real treat. Good literature is so enjoyable. Some books I've read I find myself thinking, "I should write a book. I could do this." I try not to read too many of those. Life's too short to read bad books. Went to the Tigers game on Saturday. It was bad. Next year they'll be good, for sure.
  6. Dave

    Race Week by Sea and by Land

    Ready for a 5K is a mental thing.
  7. Dave

    ordinary mortals triathlon

    Guess we aren't done with covid yet. Son, daughter, son-in-law, grandson, granddaughter all have had it in the last few weeks. I may have been exposed to granddaughter last weekend. Ought to see symptoms today or tomorrow if it was enough of a viral load to get me, too. Planning second booster next week. Weather like we've had lately, I wish I cared less about people seeing my gut. I'd be running shirtless for sure.
  8. So ambitious. Good for you. I'm down to marathon weight even though I'm not training much lately (as mentioned ad nauseum in all my posts), thanks to drastically reducing sugar and carbs. Eliminating sugar wasn't too hard, but cutting carbs is killer. After 4 months, it's habit enough that I don't need to track anymore.
  9. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - weeks 25-26

    You're so insecure, G. Of course I blame you for my new XT habit. I've always figured that running is 4-5 times harder than biking, so 8=40 sounds about right, everything else being equal.
  10. Missed that week, however that happened. Ran again this week (Wednesday) for two miles. Biked after for 8. Total about an hour of work. The bike kept the ITB/hip/etc. nice and loose. No residual tightness or pain. I may be onto something here. Always scoffed at the pro football/basketball players who pedaled on a stationary bike on the sidelines/bench while they waited to get back into the game. I'll stop scoffing now and will be combining this run/ride thing from here on out. At least when the weather permits two wheels. Since I've been looking into cycles, everywhere I go on the net is filled with adds for them. Nothing with a comma in the price. I'm not "getting into" cycling. I'm just looking for a way to get back to running. Spent the last weekend in UT for the 45th year HS reunion. Crazy where they found all those old people. From what I've heard over the years, we're an unusually tight group as far as graduating classes go. It was a big class (585 - don't ask why that's a number I still remember). We've had something every five years since 1982. I remember being voted most likely to never get married ... the week before our wedding. Ha. Anyway, this year there were 65 in attendance, including several who haven't come before. Maybe we're starting to wonder how many chances we'll have. We lost at least two more this year. Made sure to schedule a lunch date with Kevin and Misti - two of the OG Loopsters. Such great people. Happy to see them and hear that they're doing well. Awesome memories. Another test today for this side pain. Probably just old guy can't heal stuff, but best to be sure. Then an appointment to donate blood. That'll probably nix the ride this afternoon, but who knows? Riding is SO much easier than running. Maybe I can still go for a few miles. Long one tomorrow.
  11. Fascinating, despite the fact that I knew less than half of what you said.
  12. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 24

    Riding a bike is easy peasy. Suppose I could push harder, but my HR seems to be in about the right zone most of the time, so...
  13. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 24

    I have to look at my last entry every time to make sure I get the week number right. That's not because I'm old is it? Spent most of last week walking through the woods with 150 teenagers for a church youth conference. Done this before, doing a fairly lax re-enactment of what's know as the handcart pioneer trek. In 1856-60, Brigham Young came up with a brilliant plan to have several thousand of the poorest converts to the LDS faith from Europe (mostly England and Denmark) just walk to Utah from Omaha. That's an oversimplification, of course. Feel free to ask or do some research for more precise details if you're inclined. The point is, they really wanted to be together with the rest of the church and were willing to do just about anything to get there. Every year, congregations all over the US (maybe other countries, too, but I have no experience with that), take their youth out for a few days to lug their camping gear around and talk about those walkers and the personal sacrifices they made for their religion. The few days out of town are pretty tame by comparison, but taking phones and showers away for 3 days is a tough row for these kids to hoe. They did awesome. Anyway, for me it just meant getting a little stinky and not running or riding the first half of the week. Was on my feet most of the time but only walked about 12 miles (estimated). Adventures in cycling. Six miles on Thursday when I got back - trip to UPS for an Amazon return. 12 on Friday - trip to the dry cleaners that Mrs. Dave likes to use. Don't ask me why we can't go to the one just down the street. 20 on Saturday - helped a family move into their new home, then made a wide swing on Hines Drive. Trying to wave, smile, and/or nod to people when I ride so I'm not one of those guys. Still thinking about upgrading the wheels. Still in a quandary about the cost. Cheap used one could give me unforeseen issues since I've no idea what kind of shape it would be in. Used cars I can evaluate, used bikes not so much. Not at all ready to commit anything with a comma in the price tag. Was able to talk to a friend who rides yesterday about it and he had some recommendations. Don't think I mentioned that when I took Abby to my Wednesday activity with the church kids - we were doing a little auto education - one of them broke the handle to the hood release cable. Replaced that on Thursday with a new one. Changed lugs and the valve cover gasket on Mrs. Dave's CR-V. First try wasn't quite right and there was a leak. Second time worked, but accidentally grounded the cable from the alternator to the case and lost power. Turned out I blew part of what's called a multifuse block. $15 but the closest one was 22 miles away. This was on Saturday about lunchtime and she had Abby at work. 44 miles was a little too ambitious a bike ride for me, so I ordered one from Amazon and waited another day. Then I missed one wiring and one hose connection while putting it all back together and so of course the car ran worse than before. My ineptness is a big reason I hate working on cars. Fortunately, I have friends who are better at this than I am and one of them bailed me out. Wednesday is a travel day. Utah for the 45 year HS reunion (that's 1977 if you don't care to do the math). I'll work for the mornings and early afternoons Thursday and Friday, then come back on the 4th. Almost a week gone using just one day of vacation. Nice. But flying Spirit, so just a backpack and 7 hours in the Las Vegas airport to get there. This morning, I ran (you read that right) two miles. Slow, of course. ITB seemed OK. Trochanter was almost good. Got a little sore for most of the rest of the morning, but not terrible. We'll see what it's like after working all day and 10 miles on the bike.
  14. Dave

    Runs with Mookie Week 2 Run 2

    Happy thoughts.
  15. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 23

    I'm going to keep calling a comeback until I get officially shut down. Decision on that may not come until July or August. First will be the new PT group, referred by both my PCP and the urologist. When I mentioned to the latter doc about my side/rib/gut pain, she thought it sounded more muscular than internal organ related, so threw in the PT consult. Then when I saw the PCP to follow up my insulin resistance (I'm protesting by not calling it "diabetes" since I'm producing plenty of insulin; cells just aren't using it), I mentioned the whole ITB/hip/back thing and he referred me to the same group for PT. In fact, the same doc, who is apparently a sub-3 hour marathoner. Only trouble is I can't get an appointment until mid-July. In the meantime, more cycling. And the more I ride this thing, the more I feel like I need an upgraded machine. Did I mention the other day how I felt like I was cruising along pretty quickly, only to be passed (with authority) by guy who looked like he was out for a Sunday stroll? The other thing I notice is that I'm averaging about what I could run back in the day. Not that I'm frustrated that I can't run as fast as I did when I was 25 (although that would be nice). Just an observation. And of course I'm not ready to make a major investment. But I should have something that at least fits my size instead of the 12 year-old son I bought it for in 1999. I should also have something that's appropriate for how and where I'm riding. Not doing any technical trails. Mostly streets and bike paths around town. Don't think I need a serious road bike, nor a mountain. So, hybrid? I've done the online research, but could use some advice. Suppose I'll throw the question into Loopville and see what the cyclists there have to say. Rode 6 miles to carpool out to a scout ranch an hour and a half from here on Saturday. Big youth conference happening next week and we were checking out the trails and camping areas we plan on using. Fair amount of walking. Then another 6 home. Took yesterday off, but plan 10 or so this afternoon. Pulled my shirt off to shower after I got home and found a little red guy with what looked like 10-12 legs crawling up my sleeve. No question it was a tick. There were nine of us going through the woods that day and I was the 4th to have picked up one the unwanted passenger. Amazon delivered a can of permethrin today, so hopefully I can get through the conference without donating any blood to his friends.
  16. Dave

    The Lucky One

    Really appreciate this right now, since I'm not able to run and just hoping to get back on the roads at least once more before I hang up the Hoka's for good.
  17. Dave


    I'm guessing there'd be more about the diamond hunting if you'd found any big ones. The word "marvelous" always makes me think of Billy Crystal.
  18. Two weeks between entries. You know what that means. Either: 1) Been running so much there's been no time to post. B) The last test run was so terrible that I've been too bummed to try putting anything into words. Yeah, so I went out for another couple. This time (Tuesday of last week - my new plan was to go Tue-Thu-Sat), it hurt so bad I decided to wait longer before trying again. Since there are times when it hurts walking up stairs or lifting, I'll wait at least until those are pain free. Then there's the related hip pain. As long as that's around, I presume the ITB will still be a problem. As a result, no running for about a week and a half now. Getting some walking in when I can. Had an appointment with the ophthalmologist on Wednesday. Walked there and back. Five miles. Yesterday I needed another PSA draw since that's been a year. Four miles. Sometimes I'll just go out walking. Had my first follow up with the internist on Friday last. He was really happy with my glucose numbers and the fact that I've lost ten pounds since January. The same ten pounds that prompted Mrs. Dave to worry that I have pancreatic cancer and I'm also seeing a urologist and having a bunch of other tests to make sure I don't. So far, they've all come back negative, which of course means it's all good. Then on Friday I took my son's old bicycle, put air in the tires, checked and adjusted the brakes, and raised the seat and handlebars. I've been thinking for awhile about switching to a bike for some of the errands that I do around town. With gas topping $5/gallon, it seemed like the right moment. So, on Saturday I biked two miles to help a family load up a moving truck, then came home, adjusted the seat a little more, and planned a trip to pick up some fabric for a little Christmas project I've been working on. Seven miles one way to Joann Fabrics. Helped that it was perfect weather for riding a bike, and I really enjoyed the speed. I must admit the speed was more pedestrian than cycling. But it's a 25 year old machine that's really sized for a 12 year old kid. And apparently Garmin doesn't pause like when you're running and I forgot to stop it a few times while I was in and out of stores. But, whatever. On the roads for about three hours, logged almost 22 miles. Failed to mention I was also using the only helmet that we had around the house, which was also 20+ years old. It seemed adequate until I took it off and the end of the day, when it sort of fell apart into two pieces. I had noticed that Walmart/Target/Meijer all had helmets for about $30, so when I made my last stop of the day for groceries at Costco (automobile this time) and saw they had some for $32, I grabbed my upgrade. Last night I Amazon-ed a pair of riding gloves. And I have four new badges in my Garmin app. Sunday after church I spent an hour and put in 12 miles. Now I'll have to decide if I'm going to spend any money on an adult bicycle. But the bottom line is, I still can't run. Seven months now. I hate that.
  19. Still sub 2 despite it all. Sounds like a beautiful day for a race. I did the BS full in 2011. Great course along the water. I remember trying my first GU that day and almost tossing my cookies.
  20. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 20

    I'm just barely over the line for the diagnosis, and am insulin resistant as opposed to not producing enough insulin, so a donut or two on occasion is fine. I'm not going to go into a coma. Frankly, it seems like there should be another term to separate it from Type 2 diabetes, but that's another rant. And don't miss my point - there seems to be no correlation to my diet/exercise with the glucose numbers. This week I had a swing from 142 (not good) to 116 (pretty good) on consecutive days with the exact same menu and activity level. Not to mention I have ZERO of the symptoms tat are supposed to accompany high glucose numbers. Still looking for answers. We've had the conversation about XT before. I have looked into borrowing a bike this year, so you can be smug about that if you like. 😜
  21. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 20

    2 miles. Maybe 4. My plan is to go out for a couple today, making it 2 runs for the week. Two doctor appointments on Thursday this week. First was the follow up with the ortho on this ITB/hip thing, since PT was a bust for the most part. Not that I don't appreciate the work and human contact. Built some glute strength. But he never did address the root cause and that's disappointing. The ITB is all knotted up, which is putting downward pressure on the hip, which in turn is stressing the attachment point of the gluteus medius and greater trochanter. Official diagnosis for that pain is bursitis. Let's back up to Tuesday. I worked the ITB pretty hard with the foam roller, stretched a bunch and went out to see what I could see. After an almost six month layoff, I was happy enough with a 1/4 jog, 100m walk. The good news was that it ITB was quiet the whole time. Felt the GM pulling a little bit on the run segments. Stretched after and it all seemed OK both that evening and the next day. Of course, after reporting this to the ortho and having him say there wasn't anything else he could do for me, both laces hurt all day yesterday. Today it seems OK, so I'll give it another go, assuming the weather cooperates. T-storms are in the forecast. Also need to cut the grass. I'm not officially participating in No-Mow May, but you wouldn't know it from the looks of my lawn. Think we're up to about six inches. Doc visit number two was with a gastroenterologist. Don't go to one of these if you don't have to. Been waiting on this appointment since March and it was almost delayed again to July. Anyway, this consult was for some stomach issues I've been having since last fall. Those issues, combined with my recent diabetes diagnosis and weight loss (10 pounds), makes Mrs. Dave nervous about "C". Gave some blood to check the liver (all good), going to get my digestive tract scoped on Monday, another appointment at another place next month (don't remember exactly what for) and a follow-up with the GI doc in July. Seems like since the Ragnar /ITB injury, I've just gotten all messed up everywhere. I became old in what seems like the blink of an eye. Since I've been tracking my glucose levels every morning, it's come down to a mostly reasonable amount. But it's sort of wonky and unpredictable. Don't know what that's about. Perfect example is the past two days, where I had the same dinner the night before and did no walking or running. 142 (not good) to 116 (pretty good). I'm supposed to be between 80-130 (yellow and red lines). The lowest day in the past week (99) was the morning after I ate two donuts and had a bunch of Red Robin steak fries and half a Banzai Burger for dinner. Had an interesting visitor this morning. Opened the back curtains to find this guy standing about 3 feet from the window on my patio. He wandered around the yard for a few more minutes, ate some leaves from the shrubbery, then hopped the fence and went off in the direction of the woods, having to cross two more yards and a street to get there.
  22. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 19

    Another week, another .... Nothing, really. Had final PT session on Monday and have an appointment with the ortho on Thursday coming up. Really hope he doesn't want to talk about my hip. IT'S NOT THE HIP! OK, I feel better now. Emotionally anyway. Also have an appointment (at Mrs. Dave's insistence) with a GI doc on Thursday. This is part of our quest to get to the bottom of this diabetes mystery. There are two possible outcomes from this line of inquiry. Either a) they find nothing and there's no reason for me to have insulin resistance issues, or 2) I have pancreatic cancer. Awesome. Plans for our Europe trip are going slightly better. We need to trim the itinerary a little so we aren't over-scheduled. Probably will have to skip Poland with everything happening in eastern Europe. At this point, broadly speaking, it'll be like this: Couple of days in Paris Day in Normandy Day (maybe 2) in Amsterdam Couple of days in Berlin We want to get to a few more WWII sites, but we're not in our 20's anymore, so that may be too much. Speaking of travel, my 45th HS reunion is this summer and I've been waffling heartily about going, since we can fly to Europe for less than airfare to UT is right now. EXCEPT, this morning I figured a work around that saves me half and makes it affordable. A pair of one-ways, a long layover in Las Vegas and some points I have on Southwest. Old guys like me should go to these because who knows how many we have left, right? Two baseballs games this week, both complimentary and both from work events. Monday Mrs. Dave had tickets from her work (Tigers lost). Thursday I had a work outing that including BBQ and a game (Tigers lost again). Still, an afternoon at the park is better than an afternoon at work.
  23. Dave

    Comeback 2022 - week 18

    Another week of zero progress. Plenty of strength work. Pushing a weighted sled, resistance bands, bridges, lunges. Hip flexibility stuff. PT says he's impressed with how much strength I have for someone my age. 🤣 The last two sessions he's had me run a little. Just up and down the indoor field. Felt a little pain where the ITB attaches to the rear of the hip. If I knew that's all it would do I'd keep running. But it gets progressively worse and hurts more later as things cool. He is ready to throw in the towel and send me back to the doctor. About time. This morning the pain in my side is back, too. Mrs. Dave says I'm just old. No doubt that's right, but I'm not convinced that's all it is. Bought a new printer this week. It arrived without one of the setup cartridges. When I told Amazon about it, they asked if I wanted a refund or a replacement and to keep the one I got. Told them all I needed was the one cartridge, to no avail. So I researched how to start the printer without a setup cartridge, took the refund and bought two new cartridges. Free printer! Thanks, Amazon. Still no dining room table. We were planning a trip to the UK this summer with some friends but that's fallen through. We talked about several things to do instead and have (finally) decided (probably) on a 10 day tour of World War II sites - Normandy, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and (hopefully, depending on the Ukraine situation) Warsaw/Krakow/Auschwitz. 45th HS reunion is this summer. Hoping airfare drops a little before deciding about making that trip. Happy to go, just don't know if I'm $600 happy.
  24. Dave

    racing this year

    That Father Time guy really chaps my hide. Congrats on getting back in the game.
  25. Dave

    That was April!

    Two matches this month! The Book Thief and The Glass Castle. Both heartbreakers.
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