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  1. Dave

    April, 2011. Lost in Tewksbury.

    Ten years ago - who knew?
  2. Dave

    April, 2011. Lost in Tewksbury.

    Couple of days later I was in PA and got drenched in a massive t-storm, almost lost again.
  3. I’d say we were up bright and early on Saturday morning, but, while it was early (6 am), it was anything but bright. That big nasty storm that gave MeganKate and stewmanji snow, and popped tornadoes through OK and other states, crept up on Ontario while we were sleeping and it was pouring rain in Niagara Falls. Glad I was driving and not running. We drove past the river above the falls for a bit – icebergs! OMG, I don’t think I’ve seen anything that looked so cold before in my life. It took us most of the day to get to Boston, but once we reached the front end of the rain, it wasn’t a bad
  4. Dave

    The project that never ends.

    Yep. From last year's Loop virtual covid half marathon. Had to make a couple of mid-race course adjustments that day.
  5. Dave

    The project that never ends.

    Except it changes every day!
  6. No running this week. Went down to Ford Field for my second covid shot. More people than the last time I was there, but still a very smooth operation and next to no waiting. There's one spot where the new tile didn't quite lock into place properly. The guys are supposed to come this week to look at it and hopefully fix it. There are a couple of other places where if I walk around barefoot I can feel my bargain basement underlay, but I'm going to let that go. I've repaired the places in the kitchen where the half wall used to be. Those are ready for paint. Major focus
  7. Dave

    New floors! (NRR)

    Unless you count the fact that my Achilles is still being a butthead. I was going to give it some time before I escalated treatment, but as I was sitting at my office desk (dining room table) a couple of days ago, I noticed that It would give me a tweak almost every time I moved it. Not a ton, but not great and it hasn't gotten any better in the 3 weeks since I came up lame. So I pulled out the walking cast I used in 2006 for my ruptured PF and strapped it on. I'm going to use it all day until I can touch the back of my ankle without feeling pain. Then I'll try running again. And hope I don't
  8. Dave

    March Madness

    Shot put?
  9. Then I'll write about something else. (let me know if you can see the pics now) Went for my annual physical last Friday. As usual, it was a ho hum affair. Fortunately, because of covid (I think) there was no rectal prostate exam. And since I'm still active for a guy "my age", the fact that I'm not on any medications, my blood pressure and HR are optimal, and my cholesterol and other heart disease indicators are excellent, he didn't have much to say. Until the blood test results came back. The last couple of years my blood sugar numbers have been slowly rising. This time I finally hit
  10. Dave

    Tiny progress

    So OSOM for you! I'm still dreaming myself, but really happy for you.
  11. You are really running well. Time off from lots of racing has been good for you.
  12. I could stand to lose 10, plus there's this other thing, which I'm actually in the middle of writing about.
  13. Is there where I say how happy I'd feel if I were nearing my 40s?😘
  14. So these are the shenanigans you were bragging about. I know a girls' got to keep herself busy, but damn!
  15. Dave

    Things have changed

    Do we have to wear masks?
  16. Dave

    Things have changed

    Hearing from KRG should inspire all of us. Seriously, no car until now? I heard that about NYers, but didn't really believe it. You know, how some people don't believe covid isn't a real disease? Like that.
  17. Dave


    I knew who it was. And I miss those days, too. Of course, right now I miss running because my Achilles is angry with me. Damn Trojans.
  18. Dave

    Shoe Story

    I ran in the Cumulus for years. My last two have been HOKA's, but I recently bought another pair of Cumulus. Either ASICS changed this shoe or I got a real lemon. They are stiff and hard as bricks. After 60 miles on them I came up lame with a bad Achilles tendon. Coincidence? Maybe. Good luck with your shoe adventure.
  19. Dave

    Life has a way...

    As I finished up last week's post I realized that I had developed a disturbing habit of spending my time here whining about how crappy my running was. I didn't like being that guy. So I resolved to positive up my writing and focus on what was going right. After all, my paces through those 4-5 milers I was doing were well within reasonable for the shape I've been in the last few years. Surely, once the worst of winter was over and I was on the roads regularly again, I'd get some pop back in the old legs, right? More importantly, nobody wants to read about how terrible things are. That gets
  20. Dave

    St. Patrick's Day 5k RR

    Well raced.
  21. Dave

    Running of the Squirrels 5k

    Pretty even splits for a 5K. That's a win all by itself. At least the awards were held inside.
  22. I was pretty cold there for a couple of weeks, but not nearly as bad as many winters I remember. Good luck in the continuing job search - I've read it's perfectly acceptable to apply for jobs that you aren't qualified for.
  23. Going to wait until I see the doc in two weeks to start panicking. Need to review all my running since August, since that's the last time I remember having a good run. I'm probably wrong about that. Crappy runs are not news. A stretch of crappy runs isn't news, either. Six months of crappy runs may or may not signal something serious or chronic. I'd really like to find out for sure, though. Reviewing the numbers this afternoon, but heart rate seems to be stable within moderate exercise range. Cadence seems the same. Paces aren't much slower for what should be easy runs. Onl
  24. Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann - wasn't this fantastic? My biggest accomplishment for February is running more in the month that you ran in each week.😝
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