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    5k Australia Relief Run

    Running hurt is tough. Why can't we all just get along?
  2. Dave


    I see some similarities between us, my friend. 1st marathon at 50, live in the Detroit area, 2016 Boston. Welcome to the writing end of being a Loopster. Maybe we can meet up sometime for a run.
  3. Dave

    Freedom To Fail

    There you go.
  4. Dave

    Magic Cures

    That sounds SO awkward.
  5. Dave

    Marathon Intervals

    I did not. Hmmm.
  6. Dave

    Magic Cures

    You know how you have a pain that's real and feels likely to put you on IR for a long time and really mess up your training plans? I never worried about this before I started running marathons. Running for fun means you can just stop whenever you want or whenever you don't feel like it or whenever something hurts. Then you can start again a week or two or ten later after you're all healed up. Of course, planning the months long investment into marathon training sort of makes me antsy now about missing more than a day or two. After that test run on Sammy went so poorly (20-30 yards?), I was afraid he was going to send me to another 2016 Rehoboth - under trained and in pain. I gave him another little test last Thursday and he did OK while we shuffled along at 10 minutes per mile. A day off was followed by 40 minutes on the dreadmill that was slower but also good. This week he seems to be 100%, although I've yet to do anything fast that might stress him at all. But I have run every day this week. 4, 3, 5, and 4 miles at my normal easy 9 minute pace. All signs point to him being good to go. Being as far behind schedule as I am, the new plan is to slowly but steadily ramp up the mileage until I'm about even with the training calendar. Once I get there, I'll add back in the speed work and we'll see what happens as we move towards April (or May, which is plan B). Bought new family room furniture. We'd gone out looking for a sofa for the living room, but sort of got side tracked. Married 37 years and this is the first time we've bought a set of furniture from a furniture store. That stuff is crazy expensive. We bought stuff from the outlet area, so better than it could have been. Not to mention, everything else was twice as big as would fit in our house and it's all powered now with USB and whatever else they can thing of. Signs of age, right? I'm not interested in my chair giving me a massage or plugging my laptop into it. Just give me a place to sit and watch TV, OK?
  7. Dave

    2019 Review: I am MORE

    I don't care that I watched all of this happen through the year. I makes me happy and sad and encouraged and disappointed and everything all over again. Your 2019 pile of good is way bigger than your pile of not-so-good. 🥰
  8. Dave

    A Decidedly Inauspicious Beginning

    That option's still on the table. But since this is a spring marathon, I'm less concerned about it.
  9. Dave

    Marathon Intervals

    Pretty much. I adjust it for each race depending on how much time I actually have when I start training, and of course whatever changes I need to make along the way for travel and home activities.
  10. Dave

    Marathon Intervals

    Apple Pie asked me about intervals. I've run plenty of them, obviously. Like everything else in this world, intervals have become increasingly complicated. I've never had the patience or memory or even ability to focus long enough on the numbers or the science to know what they all mean. I know that stressing your system just enough will help you get stronger and faster. Do I really need to know all the rest? Maybe I'd be the next Yoshihisa Hosaka if I did. But I'm just Dave, so... I do remember a couple of things like when I stumbled on an old RW article with the Hansons Brothers, discussing intervals. They posted a few examples of some workouts they'd developed. At the time (2014) I was putting together a plan for my first serious run at BQ-ing, so I took those ideas and their Intermediate training schedule (modified to fit my life) and made what I call the Marshall Plan (homage to the former Secretary of State - look him up and treat yourself to a little history lesson), since I was going to see if this crazy idea of nearly doubling my mileage would work in Huntington, WV that fall. I figured I didn't have anything to lose. It wasn't going to be my last marathon and what I'd done before hadn't really gotten me very close. Either I'd get to Boston or I'd blow up trying. Of course it worked. Of course I use the same basic plan now every time, assuming I have time for a full 18 week schedule, not counting whatever I need to build up mileage for the start of the program, since it starts with 37 miles in Week 1. Over the 18 weeks, I divide the intervals into 4 blocks, 2 blocks of 5 weeks focusing on speed and 2 blocks of 4 weeks for strength. Speed workouts are shorter and faster and come first on the schedule. The difference between two Speed blocks (1 & 2) is simply the distances of the reps. Same with the two Strength blocks (3 & 4). How fast? Depends. Generally, Speed workouts are done at current 5K pace. Of course you need to have an idea of what that is. A recent 5K time that you're happy with is great, but if you want to use a VO2max calculator to verify the numbers, that's good, too. Whatever you use to start with, it needs to be a speed that you can maintain for the whole workout. If you're running 7:00 pace for the first few reps and run out of gas, then you're going too fast. And don't use your goal pace to determine your workout splits. Chances are you won't be ready to run that fast in the early weeks. Straining after interval paces will only discourage you, burn you out or get you injured. Just being in the neighborhood is fine. For the Strength workouts, you'll be going farther but not as fast. Plan on 10 seconds faster than goal pace. Again, though, you have to: #1, be able to finish the reps at the same pace you started; and 2#, be able to run the recovery miles next day. Those runs are supposed to be slow anyway. There's a fine line, like with everything, but in my experience, if you can blow through a recovery run at GMP or faster, then you didn't do the previous workout hard enough. OTOH, if you can't even run those 5-10 easy miles on the plan, then you went too hard. Be smart. Anyway, I'm risking going through my whole training plan and this was just supposed to be about intervals. So, here are the workouts I try to do. Normally, I'll do 400-800s on the track, but the longer stuff I'll program into my watch and do it on the roads. Don't know if that matters. SPEED BLOCK (1): 2 miles w/u, 3 x 1200 w/ 400 jogging recoveries, 2 miles c/d - 7 total 1.5 miles w/u, 20 x 400, alternating fast/easy, 1.5 miles c/d - 7.75 total 1.5 miles w/u, 6 x 800 w/ 400 jogging recoveries (Yassos), 1.5 miles c/d - 6.25 total 1.5 miles w/u, 3 x 1600 w/ 600 jogging recoveries, 1.5 miles c/d - 6 total 1.5 miles w/u, 400-800-1200-1600-1200-800-400 ladder w/ 200 jogging recoveries, 1.5 miles c/d - 7.5 total SPEED BLOCK (2): 1.5 miles w/u, 4 x 1200 w/ 400 jogging recoveries, 1.5 miles c/d - 7.75 total 1.5 miles w/u, 24 x 400, alternating fast/easy, 1.5 miles c/d - 7.75 total 1.0 miles w/u, 8 x 800 w/ 400 jogging recoveries (Yassos), 1.0 miles c/d - 7.75 total 1.5 miles w/u, 4 x 1600 w/ 600 jogging recoveries, 1.5 miles c/d - 7 total 1.5 miles w/u, 800-1200-1600-2400-1600-1200-800 ladder w/ 400 jogging recoveries, 1.5 miles c/d - 7.5 total STRENGTH BLOCK (3): 2.0 miles w/u, 4 x 2400 w/ 800 jogging recoveries, 2.0 miles c/d - 12 total 1.5 miles w/u, 10 x 800 w/ 400 jogging recoveries (Yassos), 1.5 miles c/d - 9.25 total 1.5 miles w/u, 6 x 1600 w/ 600 jogging recoveries, 1.5 miles c/d - 12 total 1.5 miles w/u, 3 x 3200 w/ 1600 jogging recoveries, 1.5 miles c/d - 11 total STRENGTH BLOCK (4): 1.5 miles w/u, 5 x 2400 w/ 600 jogging recoveries, 1.5 miles c/d - 12 total 1.5 miles w/u, 12 x 800 w/ 400 jogging recoveries (Yassos w/ the Marshall Twist*), 1.5 miles c/d - 12 total 1.5 miles w/u, 2 x 3200 w/ 1600 jogging recoveries, 1.5 miles c/d - 7.75 total 1.5 miles w/u, 2 x 2400 w/ 800 jogging recoveries, 1.5 miles c/d - 6.5 total * - The Marshall Twist: each 4th 800 done faster than the other 3.
  11. Dave

    Goals & DW Starts Running!

    Hansons recommends starting with shorter, faster reps in the first half of your training schedule (speed), then longer and slower later to build strength. That works well for me. I also found several of their suggested workouts in an old RW article that I regularly use in my plans. For a half, I'd keep the reps at between 400s and 2400s. Repeats. Ladders. Nothing fancy. When I put together a schedule, I set down the mileage first, then overlay the intervals that will give me the miles I have planned for that day. For example, 6 miles - 1.5 w/u & c/d means I need 3 miles of speed. 8 x 400 w/ 200 recovery is just about 3 miles. You could also shorten the w/u & c/d and add a few more 400s. Next question is, "How fast?" You can get all technical and figure out VO2max and try to hit those paces, but that can get discouraging if you don't get there, and since you aren't working with a performance laboratory or professional coach, you risk using unrealistic numbers and either burning out or getting injured. Mostly I just run at what it feels like I can maintain for the planned workout. If I struggle too much at the end, then I know better next time. This all makes me think I should write a bloop about my training plan, which has developed into something pretty consistent from race to race. It's varied enough to be interesting and since I only do a couple of marathons a year, it doesn't ever feel stale to me. Not yet anyway.
  12. Dave

    A Decidedly Inauspicious Beginning

    Salisbury, MD. All flat except for two freeway overpasses.
  13. My philosophy towards marital bliss is simple. I'm a simple guy, so I figure there's no need to make being married anymore complicated than anything else. The first rule is: make sure Mrs. Dave is happy. Of course I'm not 100% on that, but there are enough hits vs. misses that she's kept me around for going on 39 years now. Things get more difficult when Rule #1 contradicts some other aspect of life. Like training for a marathon. The older I get, the more I feel like I need a full recovery from a race, then a reasonable down period of easy running before building mileage up again and then starting a training schedule. 18 weeks. Been thinking about my spring race - when and where. Ideally from last week this would be in the middle of May. I'd rather not go into May. But, since it's spring and not a serious race, I can shorten my 18 weeks to 15-16 and still be confident I can get to the starting line ready for 26.2. The other day Mrs. Dave says out of the blue, "We need to find the right weekend for your next marathon." At first I'm very excited because normally I get the eye roll (you know the one) when I talk about running marathons. Not marathoning in general - she likes that, and likes bragging to her friends that I run marathons - but specific plans for specific marathons. They cost money and upset her schedule and take my vacation time. Then she tells me that there are two weekends that, "would be good." One of them is the middle of May - that's OK (see paragraph above). The other - her preferred date - is the first weekend of April. April. 13 weeks away. An abbreviated abbreviated training window. Fine. Except last Friday, a mile into another of my easy 4 milers in weather so nice I was wearing shorts (in January!), when Sammy the Hammy decided he wasn't in the mood. This problem goes back to Thanksgiving football. Thought I'd gotten over that but apparently not. I slowed way down (not that I was going fast), and jogged another mile before giving in completely and walking back to the house. So much for the early build up. Took Saturday off and gave him a test run on Monday. 50 yards down the street and ... nope. Walked a couple of miles instead. Walked a couple more last night. Guess that'll have to do for another week. And the countdown to April keeps going. Rats. But, Mrs. Dave is happy.
  14. Dave

    Goals & DW Starts Running!

    Looks like 2020 is going to be a banner year for the Pies. I like to keep my speed work really simple. Two days a week - one tempo and one interval workout. If I'm on the track, it's mostly repeats of various distances under a mile (400s to 1200s), at a speed you can survive the workout, with jogging rest between reps. Anything longer (1600+) I'll do on the road.
  15. Dave

    New Year, New Me

    That's plenty of miles for the holiday month.
  16. Dave


    What I needed to check was your total. I have memory issues. 🤭
  17. Dave


    It might not be fair to say I've been putting this off for the last week. I've been off work since the 17th, just coming back today. This holiday time off may be my favorite part of working where I work. After careers in retail and transportation, it's pretty chill to have two weeks of retirement practice every Christmas. But not working has the effect of letting time sort of slip away. Before I knew it, I had so much that should have been written down that it's now at an intimidating level. I'm in danger of having the year-end and new beginning thoughts drift away. Anyway, here we go. First, the numbers. Races - 3 (Vermont City and New Hampshire, and Hell) Marathons - 2 (Vermont City and New Hampshire) States - 2 (Vermont City and New Hampshire) Mileage - 1,653 (new annual record!) What can I say? Everyone knows I'm a race hound.😆😆 Vermont started late with a t-storm and then got warm and humid. Crashed and burned to a 4:19 finish. But after ZERO marathons in 2018, I didn't care so much. New Hampshire was a hilly beast, following a brutal summer where almost every run felt like I was dying. But that day was perfect and I finished strong in 3:56, my first time under 4 hours since (believe this!) Marshall. And all those miles! I really had no clue until I went into the spreadsheet one day in December to do a quick update and make sure I was ready for the end of the year and saw that the 1,625 miles I had run was a tie for the most ever. And I still had a couple of weeks to go. Two months in NH training (Aug & Sep) were over 200 miles. Maybe I was subconsciously trying to make up for 2018 (or as I like to call it, the Year of the Meniscus). Lots of running in the first year of my 60s. Almost half of what Sara ran, so I feel pretty good about that. As for 2020, I'm hoping for about the same. No clue what marathons I'm going to run, yet. Should have an idea this week for spring. That will be a short training cycle, no pressure race just to check another state off the list. Then another run at a BQ in the fall. Haven't looked into where or when yet. Now, what's happened since I was here on the 17th? The 16th was my last run before Christmas. Flew out to Idaho Falls where Dad picked me up that night. T-Rex drove her roomie to the airport the next morning and swung by Dad's place to get me. We went to my Ironman brother's house to borrow his truck, then to her apartment to load and transfer it all to bruh's basement until April. Good to have friends in low places. After that I helped her clean the kitchen for the cleaning deposit. We had dinner with Dad and stayed to watch the finale of her favorite show, The Masked Singer. Also, BTW, T-Rex finished AND passed all her classes this semester. First time that's happened so we're all pretty excited about that. She was officially granted an Associates Degree and only needs to get one more pre-req done while she's home to get into her Medical Assisting program in the fall. HUGE accomplishment for her. Up at 4 the next morning and on the road home. There was a storm coming in, but we were out ahead of it and had perfect weather all the way back. One really long day (16 hours)(stayed the night in Council Bluffs) and a medium long day (11 hours) driving, and we made it back just a few hours after Big Mac and Big Ben (SIL) flew in for Christmas. I'd promised myself not to run when the kids were in town. Mrs. Dave gets anxious if I "abandon" her when we're entertaining. So we enjoyed them for the five days, had a great and peaceful Christmas. Ran Thursday, Friday and Saturday, then took a few more off and only ran yesterday. Now that things are normal again, I can get back into more regular mileage and start building for whatever that spring marathon turns out to be. Spent the last two days mounting the new TV (Xmas) over the mantel. Not an easy job since it's all brick. A full brick interior wall. Sometimes I wonder what possessed builders in the 60s.
  18. No clue. Deciding about spring this week with Mrs. Dave, so progress.
  19. Dave

    2019 Running Recap

    I'm happy to have been here to see all of this. What a great year.
  20. I had one resolution for 2020 - to be more positive and happy. Then Amazon Prime dropped their free Doctor Who. So, I'm done.
  21. Houston is a great course to run fast if the weather's good. Best of luck.
  22. Dave

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, AP. A bad workplace makes almost everything else bad, even the good stuff. Here's to another triple-digit running year.
  23. Dave

    You Are Enough

    I never do New Year's resolutions. Every day is another opportunity to try being better. Someone somewhere is probably making money off of the whole NYR thing.
  24. Sounds like 2019 was a good one for you.
  25. Dave

    I disappeared again...

    I do enjoy your pictures.
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