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  1. I admire your dedication to all the XT (I'm the worst) and study of the mechanics. That should keep you running long term. Best of luck.
  2. This is certainly the roughest patch we've seen in our lifetimes. Praying we can all get through it. Those daily runs sure help.
  3. Dave

    Spring is Here !!!!

    Stoopid hip. And what's the deal with getting old, anyway?
  4. I like that shirt. A lot. Way to attack those hills.
  5. Dave

    A Change of Plans

    Thank you for crossing out "unprecedented." I know it's technically correct, given the circumstances, but I'm a little tired of the repetition by now. We get it, news media and ad agencies. Congrats on upping your mileage (since that's what we're all talking about here).
  6. BTW, of all the things in CO, I miss Long's Peak the most.
  7. The Alice Network by Kate Quinn is the only one on your list I've read. Liked it much better than I thought I would. This has been such a weird "injury" - coming out of seemingly nowhere and sidelining you for so long. Suppose you couldn't have picked a better time, since everything is cancelled anyway.
  8. Dave

    Don't Drink and Blog

    Kale salad does nothing to love handles. Nothing can cure love handles. This is a battle you cannot win. Once you have them, you have them. Forever. In the afterlife you're going to have love handles. The lesson? Don't eat kale salad.
  9. By my count, that's over 9 miles for a 5k challenge. Yowza. IDK, positive messaging is important, whatever the source. And what's the alternative? Nothing? "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."? I spent a good numbers of years on the other side of the poverty line, and it makes a difference there, too.
  10. It's good you took that bag. The YP were just going to go into the recycling and the bag complicates the process. But, OMG, that's a brutal weekend schedule just to participate fully in the DDDDDCC. You did that AND the other challenges. Not sure that's what the committee had in mind when we came up with the various ideas for April. Anyway, I think you win OA BA.
  11. Dave

    virtual 5k and some more

    We've got one of those blacktop tracks in town next to the rec center, where there used to be a high school. Think they did it because there's zero upkeep required. I've seen people jogging on it, but there's a couple of schools with better surfaces closer to me so I won't. I've seen Garmin do the wonky diagonal before (once during a marathon) but not Strava. Interesting. And I also find the miles keep getting harder. Not happy about that at all.
  12. Dave

    Racing in a Costume

    No skydiving? Tyranny!
  13. Dave

    Double dog

    Sounds like a win to me. You should get that foot looked at as soon as you can, though.
  14. I forgot to age grade my 10K. 40:42. Without Sammy, that would have been a fine effort.
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