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  1. Sounds really painful. I'm going in for my (finally) final appointment to have my tooth implant placed. This has been a full year and a half getting done, including 12 months of having a gap where my #8 (front right) tooth belonged. And I agree - dental should be part of medical coverage. The job also sounds painful. Reminds me of working in retail.
  2. I see a pattern in your reading, but that's probably just a coincidence.
  3. Dave

    Just because I promised.

    Forgot to mention that I was leaving town last week. Not my idea. Mrs. Dave and T-Rex were worried about her getting the semester started and wanted me on hand just in case. I'm conflicted. While the work from home gig makes it 100% seamless to transfer from my dining room to my Dad's basement in Idaho, I prefer my own set up. The bathroom is a few steps closer and I have a much better view at the trees through the window. Worse was probably that the old TV serves as my second monitor. I worked Friday with just the laptop and I was less of a fan than I even thought I'd be. Fortunately the
  4. Dave

    The Shoes!

    ARGH!!! I knew where this was going and I'm still upset. Good luck with the replacement replacements.
  5. Please clarify: the ones on the right with the evil eyes and sharp teeth - is that the front or the back?
  6. As a rule, I try not to judge, but I'm likely to make an exception in this case.🤢
  7. Dave

    Going to do my part.

    That one came courtesy of Mark Remy.
  8. Dave

    Going to do my part.

    As much as I love working from home, there was a part of me that struggled through 2020, like many. Covid-19 sucked, but I got over it, mostly. I still seem to be having some issues. Running is harder than it should be. I just got back from what was supposed to be an easy 5 miler that just didn't feel easy. And like always, I can't tell if it's that or just that I'm about to turn 62 and the pages are turning. By the end of the year, I was done with half of the country. Between the election and the pandemic, I'm convinced that 50% of Americans are either ignorant beyond reason or purp
  9. Dave

    December is always slow

    News shoes are always worth mentioning. Let's hear it for 2021 goals!
  10. Dave


    For my implant (a full 18 month process so far), I had a choice of either local anesthesia or full sedation. Seriously. There was no choice. May I ask why Hungarian?
  11. Dave

    A December to Remember

    Seems I just can't get in synch with the Sara reading list lately. I love how positive you've stayed in 2020.
  12. Dave

    The return of Pluck?

    I'd like that. I miss "seeing" you.
  13. Congrats on that Masters. And the half.
  14. Exactly ZERO book matches for November. Best wishes for all of us in 2021.
  15. I've been having the same thoughts, Cliff. I'd keep checking in to see if anyone had posted, but haven't been able to push myself to write anything myself. I'm no prophet, but this really does seem like the end. This is much more than a seasonal dip. Covid? No races, no group runs. No doubt the pandemic isn't helping. Looks like the days of our community blogging site are over. It was inevitable, really, without someone (myself included) to generate interesting content and - even more important - find a regular infusion of new blood. There's nothing like new runners to keep things going.
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