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  1. Dave

    Knee update

    Coming along. My routine the last couple of weeks has been 4 miles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then 6 on Saturday. Nothing to brag about, but at least it's running. As for the knee, Ralph continues to improve, slowly. I notice him about half the time, but the pain level is mostly 1-3 on a 10 scale. I'd like to be going further and faster of course, but I don't want to wreck anything, so I'll stay with the current state for now. I only occasionally see other runners, although last Saturday there was a group of 4 (appropriately distanced, but definitely together) on my way pa
  2. I was cleaning out/painting my daughter's old bedroom and noticed that among her collection of books was the entire Unfortunate Events series. Don't know if I'd be allowed to loan them out, so I'm glad you found the full set to read. I tried reading Outlander last month, but could only get halfway through the second one. I did catch up on the three National Geographic Magazine issues I was behind, though. Now, if this knee would just behave ...
  3. Dave

    Hey, look. I'm running.

    You're so weird.😘
  4. Dave

    Hey, look. I'm running.

    A couple of weeks in now after taking a couple of weeks off, I think I can confirm my previous diagnosis of tendonitis. This is actually from an old basketball injury. In fact, my last basketball injury and the reason I retired from the sport altogether. I was semi-retired at the time and let some guys talk me into coming for a night because they needed a player to round out the team and avoid a forfeit. Took a fall and landed on my knee and was in pain for a while. Some months later I went in for an MRI and the doc called it a tendonosis. Been there ever since, although it's mostly bette
  5. Dave

    Starting up. Slowing down.

    With T-Rex getting a little more independent at school and Mrs. Dave working full time, I find myself with more free time than I've been used to over the years. Not running a ton adds even more. So I decided a couple of weeks ago to do some deep cleaning around the house, starting with the bedrooms. I imagined that I would whip through one per day after work and be done in less than a week (4 BRs). You can already see where this is going. The first room when just as planned. Removed all the furniture and wall decor, gave the carpet a good vacuum and shampoo, then put it all back. Only too
  6. Great RR, John. I promise not to turn you in for banditing.
  7. Well, there's crazy and then there's crazy. Hope you wished those guys a nice day when you chicked them.
  8. Not much running going on over here. I've decided this knee thing is tendonitis. Of course I'm no doctor, but I've seen this before. I suspect that my efforts to keep the mileage up after I tweaked the quad last month led to me favoring the left leg and putting more stress on the right. This knee actually has a tendinosis (longer term injury) from an old basketball injury. In the past, more mileage has been good for it, but not this time I guess. Did a test run a week ago and failed. Jogged about a half mile and it was nasty. So nothing since, and it's finally feeling better. I'll probably giv
  9. Dave

    It's been 6 months...

    Kudos on completing the Masters. I remember how tough you felt the coursework was. Since you got a 4.0, I guess it wasn't as hard as you thought. That, or you just worked your butt off (probably that). Good luck with the job search.
  10. Just Lemony Snicket in common this month. I'm really slacking lately.
  11. Dave

    Random Friday 5k Time Trial

    I’d call it a solid effort. Following it with 5 x 400 is quasi-masochistic. Good luck finding a race.
  12. Dave

    Hello from Idaho.

    Haven't any pictures of this adventure yet. One reason is that the scenery has been much less interesting than you might expect, due to the California wild fires. That's just crazy. But I big high pressure centered over Nevada/Utah has all the smoke swirling north and then east and it's all around us here, just west of the Tetons. Nasty stuff. Combine that with the altitude (4700 ft) and the issues I've got with both legs the last couple of weeks, this hasn't been a great stretch of training or sight-seeing. I'll go ahead with the documentation though. Feel free to go to sleep. The p
  13. Dave

    RR: The 2020 Run Thru Hell

    I first heard about the Run Thru Hell sometime in the 90's. At the time I wasn't running enough to think I should do such a crazy thing as ten hilly miles in the middle of August in Michigan. Granted, it's not Florida or Arizona, but average morning conditions include both temps and dew points in the 70s. Icky, soupy stuff for running. Anyway, I finally got up the mileage and the courage to go to Hell in 2011, the summer I was training for marathon #5 (Philly). Finished that day in what I think was a comfortable 1:26. In 2013 I ran 1:23 and then last year a 1:33 (started OK but really cra
  14. Dave

    And there went July

    No doubt it's all of the above. Covid, inactivity, summer training, no races to get ready for, and let's not forget being 61 years old. How much of which factors is anybody's guess.
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