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  1. Dave

    Thelma & Louise 13.1 RR

    Way to spring the HUGE!! surprise on us at the very end. As if the epic PR pikermi in the desert wasn't cool enough.
  2. Dave

    It's time.

    Time for my weekly update on Louie's lack of progress. Saw the doc last Wednesday (maybe it was Thursday - whatever). He was pleased with the level of swelling (not much) and the way the incision sites looked (good). He was surprised when I answered his question about the amount of pain I was in compared to before the operation, "Not much different." He recovered quickly, but it didn't leave me with a warm fuzzy. Either the operation as a bust or my pain before was less than what he imagined it was. He said to begin stretching and strengthening as long as it's tolerable, and in a couple of weeks I should be able to start some walking/jogging. I'm hoping that the pain I'm still having is residual from the surgery and not a sign that something more needs to be done.
  3. Dave


    I haven't figured out how to save a post without publishing it yet, either. I also haven't figured out how to not come back too quickly from injury.
  4. Dave

    Ten years down

    A festival dedicated to beating fish with a mallet. New Jersey is a strange place.
  5. Dave

    I’ll Happily Take This PW

    These are excellent charts.
  6. Dave

    Under the knife.

    Getting a knee operation isn't a big deal anymore. The worst part of this was getting approval for the MRI. We've been through that story already. I was the doc's second surgery scheduled last Wednesday. Mrs. Dave brought me in at 7:30. Paperwork, blah blah blah. In 2018, why do I still have to fill out the same information on twelve different forms? On paper! Whatever happened to carbon copies? Where's the computer/database/cloud efficiency? Anyway. Can someone tell me why I need to be buck naked for them to make two half-inch incisions in my left knee? Or why they need to shave my leg from ankle to upper thigh? The last thing I remember was making fun of the anesthesiologist for failing to get the IV in my left hand. The nurse took over and then I was ready. The next thing I knew, Mrs. Dave was with me in recovery and I was getting dressed to go home. They gave me a bottle of NORCO (Hydrocodone/paracetamol), but I never used any of it. The worst post-op pain I had was in my throat from the tube they stuck down it in case I had trouble with the anesthetic (which I didn't), and Tylenol took enough of the edge off that to let me sleep. On Thursday I worked from home and Friday was back at the office. The hardest part of that was walking from the parking lot to my desk (two round trips since there was a lunch off site for a colleague who's leaving). I was ready to sit around the house after that. Small amount of fraying in the joint, zero arthritis, and a small tear in the medial meniscus (didn't show up on the MRI). Minimal swelling around the knee, and the two incision sites are healing up nicely. Until yesterday I had this weird squishy noise when I bent or extended Louie fully. You could hear it across the room. Squish, squish, gurgle gurgle. It takes weight just fine. There's a little pain/stiffness at the back after sitting with the knee bent for more than a few minutes. I'll ask about that on Thursday at my follow-up appointment. That's also when I should get a date for my first tentative steps at walking/jogging. Maybe this weekend, maybe the weekend after. Of course, we're already talking about the next marathon. I don't see anything sooner than December, and until I actually get back on the roads I'm trying not to think about 2018 at all. Trying hard. One of the stitches came out yesterday morning. One of the knots was undone after my shower. I grabbed the end and the whole thread just pulled out. There was always going to be a little scar there, so nbd. So, my assessment of arthroscopic knee surgery - so far - is, "ho hum."
  7. Dave

    The Bridge Challenge

    Everybody wins. How often does that happen?
  8. Dave

    Piling Up the Hay in the Barn

    I'm here thinking back to the HPS who couldn't break 2 hours to save her life just a couple of years ago. Look at you now.
  9. Dave

    San Diego RnR Half RR

    Half of running is 90% mental. You need to find a cooler race. (temperature-wise)
  10. Dave

    Marathon Goals by Billy Joel

    Of course you can.
  11. Dave

    Goodbye, Mom.

    No running here. I'm going to celebrate National Running Day on Wednesday by getting my knee scoped. Last Tuesday I reviewed the MRI with the doc. He showed me the areas where there was significant "fraying" around the meniscus. Said it was an easy job for him to go clean it out. It's an outpatient procedure, and if I'm careful with the recovery, I should be back to running in 4-6 weeks. This is good news, but it does mean that 2018 will be marathon-less for me. That's disappointing, but best not to push things right away, and to fit one in before January I'd have to push pretty hard. Nope. The last time all of my brothers, our sister and I were gathered in one place was 1984, when our younger brother was killed in a snowmobile accident. I'm the geographic outlier, so I guess it's mostly my fault. Although the two oldest don't get along. It happens. This past week we joined for another sad occasion, the passing of our mother. She was 82 years old. Back in 1953 she was swept off her feet by a young Air Force mechanic and together they started a journey that carried them away to nearly every state in the US, eventually bringing along seven sons and two daughters (one of each taken away too soon). It wasn't an easy life thanks to boys being boys, and having battles of her own with depression and anxiety to deal with. But she was old school. Always there. Always loving. Always cooking, cleaning, supporting, teaching. Mostly unrecognized by her self-absorbed children. She never complained. Her approach to life was to do your best, regardless of who did or didn't notice. The last 20+ years of her life she had severe rheumatoid arthritis. The pain in her hips made it painful to walk. The pain in her hands made it painful to play her beloved piano. She still served three separate 18 month church missions (Louisiana, Kenya, Martin's Cove, WY) with Dad, despite the pain. We laid her to rest beside her son Jim at the north end of the Teton Valley in Idaho. They'll have a great view.
  12. Dave

    Hitting My Stride: May in Review

    Good luck at Grandma's!
  13. Dave

    Training Plan Week 1 of ? -Whatever I Want, Whenever I Want

    Speedy guy's on his way.
  14. No bloop this week, but I will note that I reviewed the MRI (which was finally approved) with the doc this morning. Easy to see (even for me) the damage. It's a quick and simple fix and I should be back on the road in July.

    1. hopb4running


      Glad there's an identified way forward and that there is a road awaiting you in the near future.

  15. Dave

    My Favorite Race of the Year!*

    And nobody looks better doing it.