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  1. Not yet.

    I'm officially running again. Not in shape yet, and I have to remind myself of that on every run. I should be faster. This should feel better. I want a long run. Right now 4 miles is long. But it's the first time over 3 miles since December 2. I feel good about that. No stops, thanks to my magic traffic light mojo - two lights, both green when I arrived at the intersection. Despite losing almost a week to a winter cold, I'm making progress. That's the main thing. I'll worry about getting fast again later. The sun was out, temps pushing 50. Don't see that every January. In the past I'd take a day like today and break out the shorts and short sleeves. But I read this week that keeping more clothes for easy runs helps for when the weather turns spring. Not to mention I'm still worrying about Gwen getting all nasty if run with cold legs. So, I'll keep the tights for now, even with the mid-winter thaw. So, for my birthday I got a new watch. I tried hard to find one that gave me the info I need and the ability to do intervals, but didn't have all the stuff I don't want - all the things that everyone else seems want lately. Heart rate, music, texts, phone alerts. I prefer not to plug in while I'm unplugging. Chose the TomTom Spark 3 (w/o HRM or music). I ran with it on Thursday. Weird going without Hal. I forgot how to switch the main info screen and had to look at my average pace the whole time. Without seeing my mileage. So I did the math while I was running and stopped when my overall time (the other stat I could see) matched what I needed for 3 miles at the average pace I was running. It syncs with a phone app or cabled to the computer. That went OK. I liked the interface at the website and it also synced with Strava. Friday I figured out how to change the screen, so that was better. But then it wouldn't sync with the phone. I tried several times, then hit the internet for troubleshooting help. Soft reset. Hard reset. Total reset. Un-pair, then re-pair with the watch. Except that it wouldn't re-pair. It couldn't find my watch. Then it found it, but the watch wouldn't pair. Three calls to and two different fixes from the TomTom help desk. Nothing. Maybe since I'm as old as I am now I have less patience with technology? Is it unreasonable to expect this to work? TT said they had a "known issue" with their latest SW update. The work around was a rollback to the previous version. Didn't work for me. The next guy said the system had crashed and I needed to call back. The last guy tried some other SW patch or something. This all took over three hours. At my age, I figure I don't have time for this. I could have a heart attack any day. I need my stuff to work. So, I sent the Spark back this morning and will stay with Hal for a little longer. He's having trouble syncing himself, which is why I've been looking for a replacement. Sometimes he acts like I do. A little slower and a little cranky. I was hoping to spend closer to $100 than to $200, but that's less likely now. Forerunner 15 only has two lines of display. I want three. Guess I'm still shopping. But I'm running. I don't need to stinking watch.
  2. Oh Hi, I Run, too ... and WILFTB

    +1 Gonzo. This would be the wisest decision of your life.
  3. Guys, I'm Blogging about running a 50 miler!!

    Never a big fan of the shepherd's pie. Probably Mom didn't have a good recipe. I am, however, a big fan of the ohio lass, who is my favorite. 50 miles!
  4. Houston, we had a problem: Chevron Houston Marathon Race Report

    I was one of those who thought the last miles were tough, just looking at the numbers of course. Just cruising in with another sub-3 is a whole different story. The marathon road is nothing if not uneven and unpredictable.
  5. Muskrat 2020

    You're the nicest.
  6. i was always more of a letterman guy

    Of course it counts.
  7. Saving more. Running less.

    I try not to get too worked up over things. Someone cuts me off in traffic, I try to imagine there's some emergency happening - late for an important business meeting, his wife's in labor - that makes him less than careful on the roads. Sometimes it works. See, when I get upset, my stomach goes all weird and I can't concentrate and my heart beats a billion times a minute. It's not good. I hate it. So, I've spent most of my life trying to stay calm. I may look like zen on the outside, but that's often a front to hide the turmoil inside. I figure if I tamp the lid on it enough, the fire will go out and I can maintain equilibrium. Sometimes it works. I have actually gotten better at it over the years. Last week I lost all but two days to a January cold. Thought I was better on Wednesday and had a good run, but the next day wasn't so great. I took too more off and finally felt 100% Friday evening, so was really looking forward to Saturday. Except then it rained/iced/snowed and things looked really nasty and dangerous by then. I thought about bagging the whole week. I'd lost most of it to the cold, so what was one more day? And the ice. Ice is bad. But every time I thought about not running, I'd feel the old stomach started to squeeze and a chorus of "Dave's a loser!" would start up in my head. I know no one would blame me for not running that day. Since renewing my "No Treadmills Ever" pledge two years ago, I've been faithful to the point of changing the subject every time Mrs. Dave has mentioned replacing the one we had and ignoring all the ads for Planet Fitness (coincidence that the business's initials are PF? I don't think so). But the physiological and emotional responses were too unpleasant. I went out for the slow three miles. It's important to run slowly on ice, and that fit right in with my current fitness anyway. I actually enjoyed that run a fair amount, except for having to stop and use my orthodontist's bathroom half way. Really how can you need to stop half way into a 3 miler? Don't get old, people. Did you know you can buy replacement shaving heads for your Norelco? $30. Or you can disassemble it and sharpen the blades with a mirror and some 3-in-1 oil. About once a year I do that. I did it Saturday morning before our weekly trip to Costco for samples and lunch. We had another couple of inches of snow yesterday. Light, fluffy stuff. When there's snow on top of ice, it either makes it a little better by giving a more adhesive surface, or it makes it much worse by covering the ice so you can't tell when you have to pay the most attention. This time it was the former, and I had another few miles on the road to renewed fitness. The wind was way down for the first time in a long time, and there were still a few snow flurries, so it was a quiet, beautiful run. Instead of the relaxing evening I had planned, I spent it with a dishwasher that wouldn't drain. There are three things to check before you should call a repairman when your dishwasher doesn't drain. First, look at the filter at the bottom of the inside. All the food you don't rinse off before washing goes there and if the pieces are bigger than the filter, they stay there and eventually get to be too much for the water to get through. There was a fair amount of stuff there, but after cleaning it out, I tried a rinse cycle and ... still no improvement. The second thing you do is make sure the drain hose isn't clogged. Anything that's gone through the filter inside goes through it, and over time you can only imagine the build up. Old little bits of food sitting in a dark, moist plastic tube for years and years. Ten years in the case of this particular appliance. Not to mention that ours (and probably yours) connects to the kitchen sink drain and sometimes that overflows into it. Anyway, there was probably a full cup of black, smelly goop in there. And no water flowing through. Had to pull the dishwasher out from under the counter, disconnect the hose at both ends, then use a snake and a bunch of hot water to clean it. Ick. The third thing, btw, is to see if you have a valve bracket that opens/closes during the drain cycle. That can be stuck closed. But, all done. And cheaper than a repairman or a new dishwasher (and don't think it wasn't considered at some point - we've never really liked this thing) because it was ... free. At any rate, back onto my planned base building regimen and only a week behind. And it looks like the weather's going to improve slightly so I'm looking forward to that, too.
  8. A surprising result (5k RR and other stuff)

    Nicely done. My fastest pikermi was at the end of a hard week with a one day taper.
  9. PRs

    You can add manual activities in Strava and GarminConnect. Maybe you can use one of those.
  10. PF PTSD

  11. A lesser man wouldn't be as patient. Eye on the prize, my friend.
  12. muskrat 2020

    Except for messing up my Rehoboth race last month, Gwen is pretty awesome.
  13. Plans derailed.

    A little, anyway. Started feeling better on Wednesday, so I went out for 3 miles. In shorts. Didn't expect that to happen until March, but it's not like it's never happened before, either. Really, we've only had one really bad stretch of a couple of weeks this winter, but everyone's freaking out about both that cold and the current thaw. It's weather, people, it changes all the time, everywhere. Then my sinuses filled up again and I couldn't sleep half the night. Finally swigged some Nyquil about midnight and was able to sleep an hour later. Woke up feeling as lousy as I had all week, although I'm never sure whether it's a Nyquil hangover or the lack of sleep or if I'm actually sicker. Whichever it was, I felt better in the afternoon, although not great. Went to the company Christmas party that had been postponed from December because of a snowstorm. It wasn't terrible. Finally about 8-9 o'clock I was almost back to normal and slept really well last night. Today's weather is rain this morning (drove through that to work), turning to ice, sleet and then snow by this afternoon with temps dropping from 52o this morning at 5 AM to 34o right now to about 20o by tonight with 2-4 inches of snow on top of the rain/ice. Not sure about getting a run in this afternoon. All this to say that week two of mileage buildup is pretty much a bust. I'll end up with maybe two runs. Meh. Finished Gormanghast last night. Great book. Need to get the 3rd of the series next, Titus Alone. Also came to the end of my latest audiobook, A Spy Among Friends. True story of a agent in MI-6. For almost 30 years (36-63) he passed intel on people and operations to the Soviets. Wild. Someday I'll have more running to talk about.