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  1. Dave

    Flashback Friday: Fort Bragg Army 10 miler (2011) Race Report

    Does Cindy hate you now?
  2. Dave

    OK, here's one theory.

    I'm such a whiner. Seven weeks since I started running again consistently. Mostly what I've done in those seven weeks is complain that it's hard and I'm slow. Beginning the first week of September: Week 1: 12 miles, 9:53 avg, LR 2 miles (9:41) Week 2: 14 miles, 9:17 avg, LR 4 miles (9:22) Week 3: 20 miles, 9:24 avg, LR 5 miles (9:25) Week 4: 20 miles, 8:55 avg, LR 5 miles (8:55) Week 5: 24 miles, 9:15 avg, LR 6 miles (9:27) Week 6: 24 miles, 9:05 avg, LR 6.5 miles (8:55) Week 7: 16 done, 8:48 avg (10 more planned, LR 6 miles) I'm looking at the numbers now, and they show a nicer picture than how I remember the last month and a half. After all, I'm coming off an almost seven month layoff, and the six weeks before that were a slow build up following a full month of post-marathon rest/recovery. Seven weeks to feel decent running again. Not so bad, really. I should feel good about where things are at this point. So I will. It's fall, the best time of the year for running. And I'm running. Yesterday I didn't feel like going. A little stress from work and worry about T-Rex (as always). I just wanted to take a nap and pretend everything was fine. But I went out anyway, because runner. And because it was 50 degrees and sunny and I know I'll appreciate it a couple of months from now when it's ten. Also, Thursday is weight day, which I hate. I skipped Tuesday because I got distracted with some early fall yard stuff when I finished running and then it was time for dinner and Mrs. Dave and I had an appointment at the temple so there was no time and I'll take just about any excuse I can think of to not do weights. Where was I? Of course my mind told me that a run when you don't feel like running is usually a good thing, so me and TYTBNW (the yet to be named watch) took off. No trouble with the knee. I'm calling Louie at about 95% most of the time now, btw. Most of my warm up miles have been between 9:30 and 10:00. This one was 9:06. Nothing worth dancing, but improvement is always nice. This is an out and back route past the high school to the Mobil station on the next corner. It drops slightly all the way out, so I figured it'd be slow coming back. 8:21, 8:23, 8:22. Did not expect that. Last week I noticed something in my mouth while I was brushing my teeth. Some discoloration and a big zit-looking thing on my upper gum. As a lad I hit my face on the edge of a school desk and chipped off a good portion of the front tooth. Ever since it's been a trouble spot. I had surgery to remove a large abscess there back in the late 80s. My dentist has been watching it on the annual x-rays forever. Anyway, I went in and he took another x-ray, which didn't show much change, but it's still there and there's another round of infection. So, I'm on antibiotics for a week and then we'll look at it again at the end of the month. Hopefully won't need surgery again. My point in mentioning this is that it could possibly be related to why even though my endurance is slowly building (about like it should), I haven't felt great. My running times included much more walking than I ever remember doing in my previous comebacks. I'd get a mile or two out and my legs would go dead and my heart rate would ratchet up. Talk about discouraging. If this infection has been enough to give me trouble, then once it's beaten down with the z-pak, maybe I'll actually feel good on the roads. Just a thought. Mrs. Dave sent me out early last Saturday. Granddaughter #1 was getting baptized, so we made a quick trip to Kentucky. The ceremony was Sunday evening, and we spent Saturday afternoon with Connor in Louisville. Ran in the dark for 6.5 miles and didn't feel half bad. Then we hit the road, had a nice weekend and came back Monday morning. My social media skills seem to be dying. I took zero pictures and posted not a thing the whole weekend. Is that bad? I still scroll through regularly and see what my peeps are up to, make a comment now and again, but mostly just give a quick "like" and move on. If it weren't for the Loop and Loopsters I might ditch FB and IG altogether. I've already left Twitter, and am not at all interested in any of the other SM apps out there. Happy Friday, everyone.
  3. Sucks when you have to let go of the prize before you get to race day. But these miles look like a finish is still happening, and that's still a win after the boot.
  4. Dave

    The Second Annual Inaugural Irma Gerd 8 Mile Classic

    Some days you just need a smile. This gave me one (sorry it was at your expense), so thanks.
  5. Dave

    Mohawk-Hudson River Marathon RR

    I'm in favor of smaller marathon medals. My rack looks like a weird sizing progression, except for a couple of outliers. That stoopid warm weather was worth at least 5 minutes. Try something in November. I can recommend Marshall.
  6. Dave

    It's a Race Report!

    Classic Bangle pics, but I see a lot of sweat, telling me that was a warm (probably humid?) race morning. Since we know what that'll do to a body, I think a good time through the boroughs is still possible, if you have some good fall weather that day.
  7. Dave

    Switching gears: The glass is HALF full…

    Pretty smart to let go of something good for something better. And Reho is a party anyway.
  8. Dave

    Distance first, then speed.

    This year's transition to fall weather has been pretty crazy. 20+ degree swings between summer and fall nearly every single day, and often on the same day. And I can really tell the difference between 60 and 80. Saturday was a perfect example. It was about 60 in the morning, humid and foggy. I don't mind so much the 60. By 2:00 in the afternoon the fog and clouds had cleared and it was 80 and humid. Yuck. But I ran in the morning, so it was all good. My week's runs were so-so. Decent when it was cool, lousy when it was hot. But at least I got all the miles in I wanted. Four on M-W-F, three on T-Th. Strength work on T-TH after the runs. Plenty of stretching. Saturday was six miles, my first at that distance since Rehoboth (first weekend in December, if anyone's keeping track). It was a decent run and I didn't die. I did get rained on a little at the beginning and a fair amount in the last mile, but at 60o, I didn't much care. It was as good a run as I've had in a long time. Had one little break half way to take a pebble out of my shoe. 24 miles total for the week. 🙌 Was able to get Mrs. Dave to approve colors for the landscaping I'm working on in the back. Now I need to get her to approve the funds for the brick and mulch. Since she spent this weekend updating the budget, she wasn't in the proper mood to have that conversation. She knows it needs to happen (especially since I've started work already), but getting her to actually releases the cash still takes some finessing. It's a minor inconvenience I put up with so I can avoid having to do the budget myself. Granddaughter #1 is being baptized this weekend (we do this at age 8 in our church), so we're headed on another trip south to Kentucky. It'll be quick, so not much time for anything other than the ceremony. Not sure when or where my weekend run will be. Guess that's all I've got. Boring, I know.
  9. Dave

    Hinson Lake 24 Race Report: Get Your Banana Ready!

    I’m with Bangle. You’re weird.
  10. Dave

    20 years

    Watching my youngest struggle, and struggling myself, I know how that regular run makes all the difference. Fast or far. We also know that doesn't matter, either. Glad you've chosen to be here with us.
  11. Dave

    Indy Women’s Half: You don’t know, until you know

    Reminds me of SFO last summer. Everyone said, "Just go for it. You might surprise yourself." What I did was suffer through a long, long morning of pain. So glad to hear this is just a short term setback.
  12. Dave

    Week 8: Aspen to Crested Butte Double!

    Between you writing about mountain hikes and runningplaces9919 climbing 14ers this summer, I'm having a serious case of western jealousy down here in the flatlands.
  13. Dave

    Feeling like a runner again.

    Now, THAT'S creepy.
  14. Dave

    Feeling like a runner again.

    Bits and pieces of the long slow road to recovery. No, I'm not 100% yet. Maybe I never will be. Worry about that later. Shoutout to DrWhiskers for suggesting I do my strength work AFTER running. Duh, Dave. I also googled how often I should to them, and it looks like a couple days a week is about right. So much better than boring my skull out every day. I pick Tuesday and Thursday for it. The other four days (M/W/F/S) will be running days, and Sunday (as always) off. Careful, meticulous even, with the after run stretches. No great improvement in how much Louie hurts and he still looks like he belongs on some other guy's leg, but every run feels OK, and if I think back over more than a few weeks, there's definite progress. Fall weather in my neighborhood has descended. Sorry for anyone still suffering. I need this. The cooler weather and my (finally!) increasing endurance gave me confidence to try another 5 miles on Saturday for my long run. After two weeks at the 3 per day plateau, I'm starting to itch for longer stuff. Here's where I go off on a tangent about the joy of floating through double digit miles for one, two or three hours, watching the leaves turn and drift across the paths and sidewalks. Not yet. The numbers need to go up slowly. But five is pretty nice if they feel good. And these certainly did. Mrs. Dave is in Seattle visiting family. I had my 9:00 am duty at the church for clean up, but nothing before, so I waited until the sun was up before starting. The news said it was 45 degrees, but I'm pretty sure it was chillier than that in the neighborhood. I almost wore long sleeves. Almost wore gloves. The first two miles I wished I had, but it wasn't terrible. Heading through the park I saw a bunch of cars off where they start the weekly ParkRun. I've thought about joining them in the years since they started doing this, but a 5K XC run, even though it's free, just never fit into my Saturday morning plans. I'm in no condition to race a 5K right now anyway. Nor am I in the mood. Just give me my five miles. Still digging the new watch. Although, I'm not convinced the VO2max and race predictor calculations are accurate. First mile slow, then ran the way I felt. I have the audible alerts off since I don't want it beeping for every phone call, text or news notice it gets, and I find I often miss the mile splits, since there's only a slight shake. Need to look into if I can have the beep for just the running. Anyway, I did catch #3 and it was 8:39. Not bad. More importantly, I was feeling pretty good, and that hasn't really happened since this whole mess started. I was worried about a crash before the end. While #5 was a little tougher, there wasn't a crash. A good five miles. And the splits were icing on the cake. 9:55, 8:39, 8:39, 8:39 and (wait for it!) 8:39. Yes I did. Not blazing fast, just perfectly consistent. Plan for this week: Add a mile to the M-W-F runs, and six on Saturday. Spent the rest of the day working on a landscaping project in the back. I'm tired of fighting the bushes on the south side of the house. But I need the shade they give in the summer. So, I'm trimming back the grass and putting in brick edging along that side, then covering it all with mulch. Pics coming. And I'm sort of thinking about Glass City next spring. At least a couple of Loopsters will be there. It's close. And I need to get Ohio off my list. Laters!
  15. Dave

    Week 7: Trip to Telluride!

    Perfectly beautiful weekend.