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  1. Dave

    You may want to skip this one.

    I have no bicycle. Not sure the bending would help with the lingering ACL issue anyway. Hopefully I'm just a couple of weeks away now.
  2. Dave

    You may want to skip this one.

    I think I've been able to stay pretty upbeat about being on the shelf for almost six months now. Until now. Over the weekend we had all the kids and grandkids at the house. That doesn't represent a huge crowd, since there's just the four of them plus the three grands. We went to a Tigers game, spent time at the lake, played games. Should have been a great time. I'm not really saying it wasn't, but I spent too much time thinking about how my stomach looks like Carrie Underwood's right now. And it feels even bigger. Went to PT yesterday. Gave them the rundown of everything that's happened since last time I was there, wasting everyone's time so Blue Cross would approve an MRI. He worked some around the knee and taped up the ACL. It hurts today. There you go.
  3. Dave


    I appreciate that the pic you choose was of the track.
  4. Dave

    RR - Cypress Run 5K

    Yep. a few months off can take you right back to zero.
  5. Dave

    Flashback Friday: The Adventure of Chris and Erin

    Friends are OSOM.
  6. Stretching before racing? That's so weird. When will you marathoners learn that 5k's are hard without 5k training?
  7. Dave

    I'm marathon training again!

    My Rehoboth was a bust, but that wasn't the course's fault. Sad I'm going to miss you all this year (probably).
  8. Dave

    Doing stuff that scares me (some RR some not)

    Make us proud.
  9. Dave

    Summer Update

    That VT 100-100 is a favorite RR. Can't wait for the '18 version. Too early to bail on your GMP, methinks. Go on effort and wait for the fall to show where you really are.
  10. Dave

    Knee 4, Dave 1

  11. Dave

    Knee 4, Dave 1

    I had a couple of weeks there when I ran a couple of miles. Walked/jogged, really, but the distinction isn't so important right now. The point it, I felt like I was making progress. In case you're keeping score like I am, I'm into another two weeks of who knows how many with no running. After being encouraged by the doc that this was just some inflammation in the ACL, I figured the shot and another week of rest would do it. Didn't. I'd call things maybe 80% better. Most of the time it's not bad. Sometimes it's even good. Then I'll stand up from a chair and the first step is pretty excruciating. Sort of like PF of the knee. Takes quite a while before it feels OK again. So I'm going to sign up for the extra PT and I hope they can get me back the rest of the way. I'm just so afraid that this pain is a sign that there's still something damaged in there and that I'm going to do something to make it worse. I trust the Amazing Amanda, though, so if she says I need more PT and less rest, that'll be good enough for me. Finished painting, doing the laundry room last weekend. I did want to do the stairs to the basement as well, since it still has the old yellow, but I ran out of paint. Don't think I have time now until after this coming week with the kids all coming home. Mrs. Dave will probably have something else on my agenda the next two days. Anyway, that's all I got.
  12. Dave

    Things Just Got Real -Marathon Training Week 1, Day 1

    Yeah, I've done Higdon, too.
  13. Dave

    July in Review

    So many miles.
  14. Dave

    39.3 Miles of Maine Coast Birthday Fun!

    There's real joy in those smiling pictures.
  15. Dave

    A Race I Can’t Win – Me vs. Last Year Me

    Whine away. I'd like to be as fast as I was in 1980.