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  1. Hello everyone !!  I was previously known as RunninCyGuy88 on the Loop, but felt Weasel fits me better !!!

    I know several of you from the couple of Loopfests I have attended, and others from my travels around the US on my quest to run a Half Marathon in every State.....Currently at 26 States, so odds are, I will be coming to your area soon !!!!

    Took the summer off to heal some nagging injuries, although I ran some 5k's with my wife at her pace.  I recently (this past week) started up my training again, to get back in Half Marathon shape for the winter. 

    1. gdionelli


      Hiya, Weasel! Unfortunately you've already been to my state - but maybe not all the surrounding ones? Hope those injuries never resurface!

      Why would you think Weasel fits you???O.o

    2. Weasel


      I thought you were in Virginia ??  Or are you in Maryland ?? 

      The nick-name Weasel was given to me many years ago by a good friend, as I work for a contractor, and he thought I was kinda weasel-ly ??  In a good humored way.....

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