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  1. I am a dedicated lurker and post approximately once a year. I plan on trying to post a bit more as a way to connect during this weird time in our shared history. A bit of background before my virtual race report. I had decided to run a mid March half marathon as a goal race. My running has been stagnant for the last 5 years or so, so I challenged myself to actually really train, As a mature athlete, i was gradually building up each week. I had just set out on my weekend long run in early January, when i received a text. A house was going to be for sale in the neighborhood i had been watching for 2 years! And it was next door to one of the guys i cycle with in the summer when it gets too hot to run much! I got multiple texts over the next half hour and decided to bag it. Came home and showered and then Mom and I went and knocked on the door of the house in question (i know-weird creeper, but it was me and my mother, who is a cute little old lady, so we could not have been more non-threatening). The homeowner invited us in and gave us a tour of their lovely home. It was gorgeous and while slightly larger than i had planned checked all the boxes, plus some i didn't even have. I made an offer that week, and it hit the market the following weekend with a "Sold" sign. My focus immediately changed, as my house was not ready to show/sell. All my free time was first spent decluttering and getting rid of stuff (it is mind-boggling how much stuff you accumulate in 13 years) then cleaning then staging my house for sale. It all worked out as I sold my house the second day to the first person who saw it for essentially full asking price. Then i had to pack and move. We moved the 3rd of March, and closed on the old house on March 10th. I was very very fortunate to get everything done just before the COVID 19 stuff got really real. I barely ran at all during this time due to all of the above. I decided to slog through the half and likely set a non-trail PW, and then the race was canceled. So-i basically started from zero in mid March after i got all my stuff moved. Went back to my plan of gradual increases in training, and have been averaging 4 runs per week while dodging all the people on the local Rail trail/bike path. I also entered a virtual race put on by Vacation Races that would benefit the park system and had a fun shirt (because i certainly need more race shirts-haha). I picked a nice hilly route even though most of my training is flat, because why not? Saturday looked to be the cooler of the two days so i set out for my 10K which would be my longest run in an embarrassingly long time. So here goes: Mile 1-9:47--Oops-that was a little fast considering this would be long for me and the bigger hills were still to come. this was all on subdivision streets so no problems social distancing for this mile Mile 2-9:58--better for pace and only saw one other runner who i passed and never saw again Mile 3-10:12--i was starting to feel a little warm and was working a bit too hard considering the upcoming hills Mile 4--10:57--this would be the first of the two hilly miles. Sadly is had to take a walk break on the longest, steepest hill of this mile--getting real concerned about the next mile Mile 5--10.54--walked again on the steep uphil and one other, but managed to keep it under 11 minutes per mile, so i will call this a win Mile 6--10:10--back to the lovely, flat (and crowded) bike path--i really must incorporate hill work into my training! last .2--9:41 pace. Was really glad to be done. Final time 1:04:27 for 6.26 miles for 10:18 average pace. Now i have a starting point to work from for whenever we get back to group races. Obligatory picture of fun race shirt
  2. I ran my first 5K in forever this past weekend. This was the first race for my best friend's husband, and I agreed to run the race with him. He is 6'1", a fit cyclist and 12 years younger than me. I suspected I would have problems staying with him despite my lengthy running career. (turns out I was correct in that assumption) The morning dawned cold (at least for this now-Southerner) and windy! Went out a little fast--it has been so long since I have raced, that my thought was this should be uncomfortably hard. Hit the first mile in 8:25. Oops. It was indeed uncomfortable (and reminded my why i prefer longer races). We continued with some rolling hills and I started falling off a bit, hitting mile 2 in 8:48. The last mile was more uphill and into the friggin wind, 8:54 despite me trying to kick. Final turn toward the finish was 7:48 pace. Garmin had my 5K at 26:52 which was good for second in the female 50-54 age group. He finished about 30 seconds ahead of me and seemed happy with the day's performance. My recent training has not been as consistent as I would like--there have been some family illness that prevented me from consistent training, and I took two months off last summer to focus on cycling so I could prepar to ride in the MS 150. My current plan is to be more consistent (of course, isn't that everyone's intent?). I have a half marathon next weekend that I am woefully unprepared for--my longest training run recently was 7 miles, i plan to get a 9 or 10 miler in this weekend and then JFR 13 miles with 3000 of my closest friends in however long it takes. What could go wrong? After this, the next race on the schedule is the Yellowstone half in June--which is at elevation with a large hill at the midpoint. Again, this will be a race with 3000 of my closest friends, but I want to have a better base for this one than my local nearly sea level. Then maybe a goal race this fall.
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