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  1. I am a dedicated lurker and post approximately once a year. I plan on trying to post a bit more as a way to connect during this weird time in our shared history. A bit of background before my virtual race report. I had decided to run a mid March half marathon as a goal race. My running has been stagnant for the last 5 years or so, so I challenged myself to actually really train, As a mature athlete, i was gradually building up each week. I had just set out on my weekend long run in early January, when i received a text. A house was going to be for sale in the neighborhood i had be
  2. I ran my first 5K in forever this past weekend. This was the first race for my best friend's husband, and I agreed to run the race with him. He is 6'1", a fit cyclist and 12 years younger than me. I suspected I would have problems staying with him despite my lengthy running career. (turns out I was correct in that assumption) The morning dawned cold (at least for this now-Southerner) and windy! Went out a little fast--it has been so long since I have raced, that my thought was this should be uncomfortably hard. Hit the first mile in 8:25. Oops. It was indeed uncomfortable (and reminde
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