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  1. Happy Birthday AlliKate!

  2. AlliKate

    I did a thing

    So glad you all got good news about your Dad! Good luck with the marathon training! Looks like a very sensible plan
  3. AlliKate

    Back in the Saddle

    That sounds so scary! I'm so glad you are ok. And I'm glad I wear a life jacket when canoeing on the Huron river around here even though a good portion of it is shallow (but then we always go out onto a lake so obviously not shallow!) Hope you have a nice run in Lansing. And I'm sick of the humidity and summer-ish weather holding on, but also not ready for winter
  4. AlliKate

    A good morning

    This was the nicest thing I have ever read
  5. Nice work on the finish! And beautiful course! I like your mantra. Don't think I've ever been in 2nd place so I don't have personal experience in that respect But I understand what you mean!
  6. Congrats on all that: becoming a grandma and the well-run half even with new priorities!
  7. Congrats on the PR! I'm so glad the back cooperated for you!!!
  8. AlliKate

    The Golden Ultra

    Nice job! Amazing that you had another gear on the 3rd day!
  9. Huge congrats on the sub-4!!! Your tearing up picture makes me practically tear up
  10. AlliKate

    From out of the Corning Fog

    I love it when people have secret goals and then totally hit them! Congrats!
  11. Congrats!!!!! I'm so happy you became a Boston qualifier after all the stuff you've been through! And pushing those last 1.5 miles that much in that much pain is so BA!
  12. Nice to hear about what's going on with you! Hope all keeps going well!
  13. AlliKate

    Checking In

    Happy birthday! And that's a lot of birthdays in one family in a row! I'm so sorry about your dad. I've been through all that and it is scary. I'll keep your family in my thoughts and wishing for good news Wednesday.
  14. Beautiful scenery. I also love that Chewie is so far in front of you in the pics, like "come on mom!" I know another dog like that I doubt any normal decent person can be offended by a baby bump!
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