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  1. running_eng

    April in Review

    You've been getting in some great training and great race results!
  2. running_eng

    Remember Marshall?

    When I ran NYC a few years ago, I did it without speed work -- I was trying to find a way to get to a start line without getting injured. I had a decent race (I went out way to fast which made the end a little more interesting). Keep your head on straight and you should be fine.
  3. Congrats on a successful race!! I've wanted to do the half or full there but have heard about the nightmarish traffic problems (I was looking at it as a possible bailout race if the weather in Boston had turned horrible again).
  4. That's a really great result! Congrats on the record!
  5. Don’t give up! Keep going and you can outlast all your competition!
  6. This was not one of my better run races; not by long shot. I’m not really upset by that though. First the basic facts: This was my second Boston and 12th marathon finish. Finish time of 3:28:52 was my third fastest marathon and a minute faster than last year.. My PR from last fall was 3:17:53. Goal for Boston was 3:15. The weather forecasts a week or so before the race was predicting conditions very similar to last year: cold, wet, and significant headwinds. As the race got closer this started to change to warmer temperatures but still wet. The prediction for winds we
  7. running_eng

    The Tune-Up

    I missed RnR this year but that has been one of my favorite courses in the past -- except for that hill coming out of Rock Creek. Great race!
  8. running_eng

    LA Marathon Race Report

    Congrats on the BQ! You are the master of the B & B.
  9. Thanks. This was the second time using a plan based on the Hanson's advanced plan -- basically adding more miles to their plan and running the "tempo" runs a bit faster than called for. I think the biggest reason for improvement was getting more miles in (being consistent) and running the easy miles at a very easy pace (for me that was about 9:00 m/m).
  10. Congrats on the win and a great race! i did the Army 10 Miler this under similar weather conditions and it made for some really tough running even at “just” marathon pace. High humidity is not a lot of fun.
  11. Good job in finishing when you were having a bad day. I’ve done some stuff similar to the soup cup after a hard race, I’m just glad it was always something minor and that I didn’t wander into traffic or sign up for an ultra.
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