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  1. This brings to mind the steambath we ran in a year ago in Central Park. Remember that one? Good luck taking down GMHLTH!
  2. atombuddy

    May (yes, May) in Review

    It was worth the wait: you had quite a month! Congratulations on all of it! And Caribbean honeymoons are a good omen, by the way--we had one 27 years ago. Second row, third from the right, by the way. I'd know that smile anywhere.
  3. As for the person who broke your heart via text: send the bugs to him.
  4. Very encouraging! And yes, the advantage of starting late is that you get to pass a lot of slow runners and feel like a speed demon.
  5. I've been focusing on shorter races myself these days. Of course, yours are faster....
  6. Pretty great for an old married lady!
  7. The suspense is killing me!
  8. Sounds like this trip was well worth your while. And I'm glad you finally got to meet some Loopsters! I've met both Gwen and Greg here in California (and Gwen again in NYC), and they are nice people. Congrats on notching another marathon.
  9. atombuddy

    Boston 2019

    Great summary, and I particularly liked the first two paragraphs. For those of us who are aging past even our second prime (if such a thing exists), it's a constant struggle to find the joy in running and racing, however we can. But it is possible, and you seem to have found it, at least in Boston in 2019. P.S. You just started Game of Thrones? You have a lot of catching up to do!
  10. Boston will (pardon the expression) break your heart just about every time you come into it with high expectations. And in one way or another, weather always seems to be working against you. But I guess that's one reason this race is so epic. Nice job battling through!
  11. Somehow, I knew that the dumb, bad, devilish runner would prevail. Congratulations!
  12. Cute baby! And cupcakes!
  13. atombuddy

    The quest.

    A long time ago I learned that weddings were all about the dress. But I always thought it was the bride's dress.
  14. atombuddy

    "Workin' On A Mystery..."

    Juliet's 5K gives me such a sense of deja vu (Surf City...2-hour barrier...you know what I'm talking about). As for you, I think you're right to shake up the routine for the time being. You've accomplished a lot in just a few years, but you still have a young family and lots of NRR pleasures to experience. I think the mojo will come back in its own time.
  15. Still awesome after all these years!
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