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  1. Even though the run wore you down at the end, it seems like a few moments of bliss when one considers the job stress you're enduring. Hang in there; we depend on people like you!
  2. Still rocking the purple, I see! Nice photo finish, even though it looks kind of lonely without the banner and the crowds and the other runners.
  3. atombuddy

    March Covid-19 Pikermi RR

    Nicely done! I'm impressed by your training runs, too.
  4. You look happy at the end, and that's worth a lot!
  5. atombuddy

    Virtual Racing

    I admire your fortitude, because PV is a tough place to run, and you left it all on the road.
  6. atombuddy


    You'd never heard of Molly Seidel? Where've you been? But that's so cool about Roger chatting up Jacob Riley's father. And I'm glad you got to go down there and partake of a great weekend!
  7. atombuddy

    Here's an Idea.

    Since I've slowed down so much, racing doesn't have the appeal it once did. But under the circumstances, I could probably go for a Virusbuster.
  8. No heart-shaped pizza for us, but we did go out to Old Town for a Valentine's Day "Paint 'n' Sip." I did a lot more sipping than Mrs. AB, but we ended up with reasonably compatible paintings. I hope you're having a good March as well; are you on the Covid-19 front lines in KC?
  9. atombuddy

    Magic Cures

    Fingers crossed for Sammy!
  10. atombuddy

    Freedom To Fail

    Wow, nice going! I've found that tempo runs are a great cure for lagging mojo and general blues, and you seem to be supplying more proof. Good luck with all your runs!
  11. atombuddy

    2019 Review: I am MORE

    Your positive outlook is going to get you far. Well, actually it already has. Here's to an awesome 2020 for you!
  12. atombuddy


    Well done! You're close to my own age, and running better than I am right now, so your example is encouraging to me. Thank you for joining in!
  13. This is way more impressive than I think you realize!
  14. atombuddy

    It is what it is

    Don't rush it. Let it heal and you'll be back out in the woods soon enough, running all those crazy trail miles. Meanwhile, enjoy parenthood--it goes by really quickly!
  15. atombuddy

    I do what I'm told

    I see you sense of humor hasn't diminished at all. We've missed you!
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