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  1. Happy Birthday Dr. Ed!

  2. Good Morning Loop! Last Monday (10/16/17) marked 6 months till Boston. As I wrote in my Injury update, I am a bit broken. Physically....Yes....Mentally...Never!!!! I was told on September 17th that I cannot run for at least 6 weeks because of a broken elbow. Well, I haven't really followed that advice. How could I? Running is not just something I do. Running is part of my lifestyle. I can't just bike (that is what led to this problem in the first place). I can't just get on a stationary bike (it is okay for a once a week adventure). I can work on my core and lower body; howev
  3. I couldn't imagine the time spent training for 100 miler..Proud of you Brother!!!!! You are going to accomplish this outstanding goal with smart training an an awesome attitude!
  4. Thank you for sharing....You never know who is going to catch the running bug and how it will change their lives!
  5. Dr. Ed

    Crazy but True

    Your comment about joining the military made me laugh....I understand the feeling. My littlest one (Natalee) is 5 years old and has lived in 5 different houses in three different States in her life. We should only be hear for about another 18 months and it will be time to move again. I think this is it for us and I am going to retire so I can give my kids some type of normal household living.
  6. Dr. Ed

    Finishing the Week Strong

    Love seeing the dancing Banana! I understand the feeling of leaving the kids to go run; however, I have discovered they do appreciate the dedication I have to running and actually want to join in every once in a while.
  7. Chicago is my home town....I was born in that city and I go back at least once a year. Chicago has been one of my bucket list marathons for some time now; however, it turns out it is just not meant to be for me. At least not for me this year. This all started about the first week of August when I was innocently changing weights on a barbell to do a little Les Mills Body Pump. I was bent over moving a weight bench and stayed in that position to put on the 10 lbs weights on each side of the bar. I went to stand up and nope...couldn't do it. I just couldn't stand up. I have never fel
  8. Mine are hanging in our fitness room. I still have the homemade medal hanger give to be as a secret santa loop gift...it is my favorite!!!
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